(jointly with) Biomedical and Health Informatics Body Sensor Networks 4-7 March, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA
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Last updated on March 11, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday March 6, 2018

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TuK1T1 Treasure Island ABC
Keynote Speaker - Adam Seiver: Physiological Life Support—New Tools for
Regular Session
Chair: Atallah, LouisPhilips Res. North America
TuK1T2 Treasure Island AB
Keynote Speaker - John Glasner: The Next Generation of Healthcare
Information Technology
Regular Session
Chair: Wong, StephenHouston Methodist Res. Inst
TuNT1 Treasure Island ABC
Featured Session: What's Wrong with the EHR and How to Fix It - Mark
Braunstein, Jame J. Cimino, Dean F. Sittig & W. Ed Hammond
Regular Session
Chair: Braunstein, MarkGeorgia Inst. of Tech
TuNT2 Treasure Island F
NSF-NIH Smart and Connected Health Aspiring PI Workshop Regular Session
Chair: Nilsen, WendyNational Science Foudnation
TuAT1 Antilles CD
BSN Session # 3 - Physlological Monitoring Using BSN Regular Session
Chair: Caulfield, BrianUCD
Co-Chair: Prioleau, TemiloluwaRice Univ
11:10-11:25, Paper TuAT1.1 
An Ergonomic Wearable Core Body Temperature Sensor
Atallah, LouisPhilips Res. North America
Ciuhu, CalinaPhilips Res
Bongers, EdwinPhilips Res
Paulussen, IgorPhilips Res
Noordergraaf, Gerrit JanSt Elizabeth Hospital
Blom, ToonPhilips Res
Wang, ChaoPhilips Res
11:25-11:40, Paper TuAT1.2 
Motion Artifact Mitigation for Wearable Pulse Oximetry
Williamson, JamesMIT Lincoln Lab
Patel, TejashMIT Lincoln Labs
Singh, NinoshkaMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Siegel, AndrewMIT Lincoln Lab
Telfer, BrianMIT Lincoln Lab
Trebicka, RayMIT Lincoln Lab
Welsh, BrendonMIT Lincoln Lab
Hoyt, ReedUS Army Res. Inst. of Environmental Medicine
11:40-11:55, Paper TuAT1.3 
Toward Closed-Loop Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation Using Peripheral Cardiovascular Physiological Biomarkers: A Proof-Of-Concept Study
Gurel, Nil ZeynepGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Shandhi, Md. Mobashir HasanGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Bremner, DouglasEmory Univ
Vaccarino, ViolaEmory Univ
Ladd, StacyEmory Univ
Shallenberger, LucyEmory Univ
Shah, AmitDept of Medicine, Emory Univ. School of Medicine, Atlanta,
Inan, OmerGeorgia Inst. of Tech
11:55-12:10, Paper TuAT1.4 
Non-Invasive Bladder Volume Sensing for Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction Management
Fong, DanielUniv. of California, Davis
Velazquez Alcantar, AlejandroUniv. of California, Davis
Gupta, PrashantUniv. of California, Davis
Kurzrock, EricUniv. of California, Davis
Ghiasi, SoheilUniv. of California, Davis
12:10-12:25, Paper TuAT1.5 
Tomographic Probe for Perfusion Analysis in Deep Layer Tissue
Berthelot, MelissaImperial Coll. London
Lo, BennyImperial Coll. London
Yang, Guang-ZhongImperial Coll. London
12:25-12:40, Paper TuAT1.6 
Exploring Electrodermal Activity in Water-Immersed Subjects
Posada-Quintero, Hugo FernandoUniv. of Connecticut
Chon, KiUniv. of Connecticut
TuAT2 Treasure Island F
NSF Sponsored Travel Awardee Workshop Regular Session
Chair: Mortazavi, BobakTexas A&M Univ
Co-Chair: Jafari, RoozbehTexas A&M Univ
TuLunch_Break Treasure Island ABC
Lunch - Industry Showcase Breaks
Chair: Penders, JulienBloomlife
Co-Chair: Zarar, ShuaybMicrosoft Res
TuBT1 Antilles CD
BSN Session # 4 - Wellness and Sports Applications Regular Session
Chair: Amft, OliverFriedrich-Alexander Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
Co-Chair: Yapici, Murat KayaSabanci Univ
14:15-14:30, Paper TuBT1.1 
Impact of Different Pre-Sleep Phone Use Patterns on Sleep Quality
Vhaduri, SudipUniv. of Notre Dame
Poellabauer, ChristianUniv. of Notre Dame
14:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1.2 
Promoting Relaxation Using Virtual Reality, Olfactory Interfaces and Wearable EEG
Amores Fernandez, JudithMIT
Richer, RobertFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany
Zhao, NanMIT Media Lab
Eskofier, Bjoern MFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Maes, PattieMIT Media Lab
14:45-15:00, Paper TuBT1.3 
Unobtrusive and Wearable Landing Momentum Estimation in Ski Jumping with Inertial-Magnetic Sensors
Groh, Benjamin H.Friedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
Fritz, JulianDepartment of Sports Science and Kinesiology, Univ. of Salz
Deininger, MartinOtto-Von-Guericke-Univ. Magdeburg (OvGU), Inst. of Spo
Schwameder, HermannDepartment of Sports Science and Kinesiology, Univ. of Salz
Eskofier, Bjoern MFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
15:00-15:15, Paper TuBT1.4 
Kinematic Parameter Evaluation for the Purpose of a Wearable Running Shoe Recommendation
Zrenner, MarkusFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Ullrich, MartinFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Zobel, PascalFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Jensen, UlfAdidas AG
Laser, FelixAdidas AG
Groh, Benjamin H.Friedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
Dümler, BurkhardAdidas AG
Eskofier, Bjoern MFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
15:15-15:30, Paper TuBT1.5 
Food Volume Estimation for Quantifying Dietary Intake with a Wearable Camera
Gao, AnqiImperial Coll. London
Lo, Po WenThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Lo, BennyImperial Coll. London
15:30-15:45, Paper TuBT1.6 
A Personalized Sensor Support Tool for the Training of Mindful Walking
Pryss, RüdigerUlm Univ
Reichert, ManfredUlm Univ. Inst. of Databases and Information Systems
John, DennisFOM Univ. of Applied Sciences
Frank, JulianUlm Univ. Inst. of Databases and Information Systems
Schlee, WinfriedUniv. Hospital Regensburg
Probst, ThomasDonau Univ. Krems
TuPM_Coffee_Break Treasure Island Foyer
Coffee Break III Breaks
TuK2T1 Treasure Island ABC
Keynote Speaker - Chris Van Hoof: Hyperpersonalized Sensing and Analytics:
Contributions to a Future World without Chronic Disease
Regular Session
Chair: Penders, JulienBloomlife
TuK2T2 Treasure Island AB
Keynote Speaker - Desney Tan: Observations from a Technologist on the
Frontlines of Healthcare
Regular Session
Chair: Zarar, ShuaybMicrosoft Res
TuRF Treasure Island ABC
Rapid Fire Session 2 Regular Session
Chair: Pavel, MishaNortheastern Univ
Co-Chair: Sun, YeMichigan Tech. Univ
TuPO Caribbean ABC
Poster Session # 2 and BSN Innovative Health Technology Demonstrations Poster Session
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.1 
Novel Sensor for Rehabilitation of Chronic Neck Pain Patients
Gislason, Magnus KjartanReykjavik Univ
Gargiulo, PaoloReykjavik Univ
Kristjansson, EythorUniv. of Iceland
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.2 
Tuning Deep Brain Stimulation Parameters: An Adaptive and Individualized Approach
Heidari Kapourchali, MasoumehInst. for Intelligent Systems, and Department of Electrical
Banerjee, BonnyInst. for Intelligent Systems, and Department of Electrical
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.3 
Smart Occupational Health: A Machine Learning Approach to Ergonomic Hazard Identification Using Body-Mounted Sensors
Nath, NipunTexas A&M Univ
Behzadan, AmirTexas A&M Univ
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.4 
Sparse Representation Models of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Time-Series
Chaspari, TheodoraTexas A&M Univ
Mortazavi, BobakTexas A&M Univ
Prioleau, TemiloluwaRice Univ
Sabharwal, AshutoshRice Univ
Gutierrez-Osuna, RicardoTexas A&M Univ
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.5 
Monitoring Thermal Responses of Cyclists Using Helmets Equipped with Wearable Technology
Youssef, AliKU Leuven
Colon, JeroenKU Leuven
De Bruyne, GuidoUniv. of Antwerp
Aerts, Jean-MarieKU Leuven
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.6 
Objective Assessment of Functional Mobility Using the TUG Test
Greene, Barry R.Kinesis Health Tech
Caulfield, BrianUCD
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.7 
A Tensor Based Missing Samples Recovery for Human Movement Acquisition
Heidari Kapourchali, MasoumehInst. for Intelligent Systems, and Department of Electrical
Banerjee, BonnyInst. for Intelligent Systems, and Department of Electrical
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.8 
Real-Life Detection of Interpersonal Conflict in Couples through the Use of Wearable and Mobile Technology
Gujral, AdityaTexas A&M Univ
Chaspari, TheodoraTexas A&M Univ
Timmons, AdelaUniv. of Southern California
Sohyun C., HanUniv. of Southern California
Margolin, GaylaUniv. of Southern California
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.9 
Measurement of Modified Toy Ride-On Car Use: The GBG Data Logger
Shryack, KristenNorthern Arizona Univ
Muscarella, FarrenNorthern Arizona Healthcare
Logan, SamOregon State Univ
Winfree, KyleNorthern Arizona Univ
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.10 
Objective Assessment of Dynamic Balance Control Using the Quantified ‘Y’ Balance Test
Johnston, WilliamUniv. Coll. Dublin, Insight Centre
O'Reilly, MartinInsight Centre for Data Analytics, Univ. Coll. Dublin
Greene, Barry R.Kinesis Health Tech
Caulfield, BrianUCD
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.11 
Utilizing Context Information for Ubiquitous Computation
Huo, ZepengTexas A&M Univ
Jafari, RoozbehTexas A&M Univ
Mortazavi, BobakTexas A&M Univ
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.12 
A Priority-Based Strategy for TDMA Protocol
Oliveira, Sergio Ricardo de JesusUniv. Federal De Uberlândia
Soares, AlcimarFederal Univ. of Uberlandia
Thomaz, Ricardo de LimaFederal Univ. of Uberlândia
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.13 
Towards a Wearable Ultrasonic Device for Real-Time and Non-Invasive Estimation of Bladder Volume
Dehghanzadeh, ParisaCase Western Res. Univ
Roman, AlexCase Western Res. Univ
Majerus, SteveAPT Center, Cleveland VAMC
Mandal, SoumyajitCase Western Res. Univ
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.14 
Smart Sensory Skin (S3) Technology for Comfort-Enhanced Health Monitoring Technology
Holland, JamesFlorida Pol. Univ
Sargolzaei, SamanUniv. of California Los Angeles
Horton, MelbaFlorida Pol. Univ
Sargolzaei, ArmanFlorida Pol. Univ
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.15 
WearWare: A Data Analysis Toolkit for Wearable Devices
Barrett, CaitlinNorthern Arizona Univ
Winfree, KyleNorthern Arizona Univ
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.16 
I2C-Enabled Batteryless Sensors on Double-Layered Conductive Fabric
Noda, AkihitoNanzan Univ
Shinoda, HiroyukiThe Univ. of Tokyo
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.17 
Wearable Wellness Motivator for Supporting Permanent Life-Style Change
Vehkaoja, AnttiTampere Univ. of Tech
Verho, JarmoTampere Univ. of Tech
Peltokangas, MikkoTampere Univ. of Tech
Rantaniva, TeppoHealth Care Success Ltd
Jeyhani, ValaTampere Univ. of Tech
Råglund, JariHealth Care Success Ltd
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.18 
Wearable, Real-Time Gait Analysis and Tactile Biofeedback System for Biomechanical Gait Optimization and Retraining
McKinney, ZachUCLA
Singh, RahulFarus, LLC
Wyatt, Marilynn PUCLA
Grundfest, Warren S.UCLA
19:30-20:30, Paper TuPO.19 
Body Sensor System for Health Support Based on Machine Learning
Sugimoto, ChikaYokohama National Univ




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