30th Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference
August 20-24, 2008, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Last updated on October 6, 2008. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

EMBC'08 Keyword Index

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Adaptive filtering

FrAT4.4, FrBPo14.1, SaAT1.1, SaDPo04.9, SaET1.1, SaET1.6, ThAT3.1, ThAT3.2, ThAT3.3, ThAT3.4, ThAT3.5, ThBPo01.1, ThBPo01.2, ThBPo01.3, ThBPo01.4, ThBPo01.5, ThBPo01.6, ThCT2.3, ThCT6.1, ThDPo02.11

Algorithms and tools for analyzing the interactome of protein-protein interactions


Algorithms and tools for expression profiling

FrBPo08.8, SuAT11.1, SuAT11.2, SuAT11.3, SuAT11.5

Algorithms and tools for genome analysis

FrBPo08.1, FrBPo08.2, SaAT11.2, SaAT11.3, SaAT11.4, SaBPo08.7, SuAT11.4, ThDPo08.7, ThDPo08.12, ThPL2.1

Algorithms and tools for translational medicine

FrBPo08.3, FrBPo08.8, SaET11.4, SaET11.5, ThBPo09.7, ThPL1.1

Algorithms and tools for translational research

FrBPo08.5, FrBPo08.6, FrBPo08.7, FrBPo08.8, FrBPo08.9, SaCT11.4, SaET11.3, SaET11.4, ThBPo09.7, ThPL2.1

Algorithms for proteomics

SaAT11.1, SaAT11.5, SaBPo08.4, ThDPo08.8, ThDPo08.10

Alzheimer's disease

FrCT10.1, ThET9.2

Ambulatory monitoring systems

FrBPo06.8, FrBPo07.10, FrBPo07.13, FrBPo07.19, FrET5.4, SaAT6.2, SaAT6.4, SaDPo08.15, SaET3.3, SuAT8.2, SuBT8.1, SuBT8.2, SuBT8.3, SuBT8.5, ThBPo08.2, ThBPo08.4, ThBPo08.5, ThCT7.2, ThCT9.3, ThCT9.4, ThCT9.6, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.2, ThDPo07.3, ThDPo07.4, ThDPo07.7, ThDPo07.12, ThDPo07.13, ThET6.1, ThET6.2, ThET6.3, ThET6.4, ThET6.5, ThET6.6

Application of biomechanics to tissue engineering

FrET12.3, FrET12.6

Applied neuro-prostheses (e.g. visual, auditory, balance, etc.)

FrCT7.2, FrCT7.4, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.2, SaBPo11.3, SaBPo11.4, SaBPo11.5, SuAT4.5, SuAT4.6, ThAT10.4, ThBPo12.2, ThBPo12.5, ThBPo12.7, ThET10.2, ThET10.3, ThET10.4, ThET10.5, ThET10.6

Arterial impedance

FrBPo09.6, ThDPo09.4, ThDPo09.8, ThDPo09.10, ThDPo09.13

Atrial arrhythmias

FrPL2.1, ThAT8.3, ThAT8.4, ThBPo10.4, ThBPo10.6, ThET8.2, ThET8.5




FrET12.2, ThCT12.5, ThET12.3, ThET12.5

Biological and biochemical sensors

FrAT2.5, FrBPo06.7, FrBPo06.13, FrDPo10.1, FrDPo10.15, SaDPo07.1, SaDPo07.8, SuAT5.2, SuAT9.2, SuBT2.1, SuBT2.2, SuBT2.3, SuBT2.4, SuBT2.5, SuBT2.6, ThAT2.5, ThAT7.2, ThAT7.6

Biological systems networks

FrBPo08.4, SaBPo08.1, SaBPo08.2, ThBPo11.2


FrET12.2, FrET12.4, FrET12.6, ThCT12.3, ThCT12.6, ThET12.1, ThET12.2, ThET12.6

Biomedical modeling and simulation

FrAT4.1, FrBPo01.4, FrBPo14.12, FrCT3.1, FrDPo01.1, FrDPo02.5, FrDPo02.11, FrET9.5, SaBPo01.2, SaBPo03.3, SaCT1.6, SaDPo03.5, SaDPo04.2, SaDPo04.8, SaET9.2, SaET9.3, SuBT5.1, SuBT5.2, ThAT9.4, ThBPo02.1, ThBPo02.2, ThBPo02.3, ThBPo02.5, ThBPo02.7, ThBPo02.8, ThBPo02.9, ThBPo02.10, ThBPo02.11, ThBPo02.12, ThBPo02.13, ThBPo02.14, ThBPo02.16, ThBPo02.18, ThBPo02.19, ThBPo02.20, ThBPo02.21, ThBPo06.1, ThCT2.1, ThCT2.2, ThCT2.4, ThDPo01.1, ThDPo01.4, ThDPo02.8, ThDPo02.10, ThET3.1, ThET4.2

Biomedical signal classification

FrAT3.4, FrAT3.6, FrBPo01.1, FrBPo01.2, FrBPo01.3, FrBPo01.4, FrBPo01.5, FrBPo14.2, FrBPo14.8, FrBPo14.13, FrBPo15.1, FrBPo15.2, FrBPo15.3, FrBPo15.4, FrBPo15.5, FrCT2.6, FrCT3.2, FrCT3.3, FrDPo01.1, FrDPo02.4, SaAT1.1, SaAT1.2, SaBPo01.1, SaBPo01.4, SaBPo02.2, SaBPo02.3, SaBPo03.2, SaBPo03.4, SaBPo03.6, SaDPo01.4, SaDPo02.3, SaDPo03.1, SaDPo03.4, SaDPo03.5, SaDPo03.6, SaDPo04.4, SaDPo04.7, SaDPo04.9, SaDPo04.12, SaDPo04.14, SaET1.3, SaET2.6, SuAT1.1, SuAT1.2, SuAT1.3, SuAT1.4, SuAT1.5, SuAT1.6, SuBT1.1, ThAT13.4, ThAT13.5, ThAT9.3, ThAT9.5, ThAT9.6, ThBPo02.10, ThBPo02.15, ThBPo02.20, ThBPo02.22, ThBT13.1, ThCT6.1, ThCT6.2, ThCT6.3, ThCT6.4, ThCT6.5, ThCT6.7, ThDPo01.6, ThDPo02.1, ThDPo02.3, ThDPo02.4, ThDPo02.5, ThDPo02.6, ThDPo02.7, ThDPo02.8, ThDPo02.9, ThDPo02.10, ThDPo02.11, ThDPo02.12, ThDPo02.13, ThDPo02.14, ThDPo02.15, ThDPo02.16, ThDPo02.17, ThDPo02.18, ThDPo02.20, ThDPo02.21, ThDPo02.22, ThDPo02.23, ThDPo02.24, ThET3.4, ThET3.6, ThET4.1, ThET4.3, ThET4.4, ThET4.5




FrBPo11.5, SaDPo13.7, ThCT1.5, ThET1.3


FrCT12.6, SaDPo07.9

Bispectrum and bicoherence

FrET9.1, SaBPo01.1

Blind source separation

FrAT3.1, FrAT3.2, FrAT3.3, FrAT3.4, FrAT3.5, FrAT3.6, FrBPo15.1, FrET1.1, FrET1.2, FrET1.3, FrET1.4, SaCT1.2, SaCT1.4, SaDPo01.1, SaDPo01.4, SaDPo01.5, SaET1.1, SaET1.4, ThDPo02.12, ThDPo02.22

Blood flow

FrBPo09.7, ThCT8.4, ThDPo09.1, ThDPo09.2, ThDPo09.3, ThDPo09.4, ThDPo09.5, ThDPo09.8, ThDPo09.11, ThDPo09.12, ThDPo09.13

Blood flow and gas transport models

FrBPo09.6, SuAT5.6, ThDPo09.5

Body interfaces

FrBPo07.18, FrCT6.2, FrDPo10.2, FrDPo10.13, FrDPo10.17, SaDPo07.10, SuAT9.3, SuBT4.2, SuBT4.3, SuBT4.4, ThBPo08.9, ThCT7.5

Body sensor networks and telemetric systems

FrBPo07.7, FrBPo07.11, FrBPo07.17, FrBPo07.19, FrET5.1, FrET5.2, FrET5.3, FrET5.4, FrET5.5, FrET5.6, SaAT6.4, SaDPo08.3, SaDPo08.8, SuBT8.2, SuBT8.3, ThBPo08.2, ThCT7.2, ThDPo06.3, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.3, ThDPo07.4, ThET6.4



Cardiac ablation

ThAT12.4, ThAT12.5, ThAT12.6

Cardiac cell model

SaAT7.6, ThAT8.1, ThAT8.3, ThAT8.6, ThBPo10.4, ThCT8.1

Cardiac image analysis

FrDPo03.6, FrDPo09.5, FrET4.2, FrET4.3, FrET4.4, FrET4.5, FrET4.6, SaBPo07.2, SaDPo05.5, SaET4.3, ThAT11.2, ThBT13.3

Cardiac mechanics

ThBPo10.5, ThCT8.1, ThCT8.2, ThCT8.3, ThCT8.5, ThDPo09.2, ThDPo09.6

Cardiorespiratory control in sleep and sleep apnea


Cardiovascular and respiratory models

FrBPo09.1, FrBPo09.4, SuAT5.6, ThAT8.5, ThCT8.1, ThDPo09.11, ThDPo09.15, ThET8.1, ThET8.3

Cardiovascular diagnostic devices

SaBPo07.4, SuAT10.1, SuAT10.2, ThAT1.5, ThBPo13.1, ThBPo13.2, ThBPo13.3

Cardiovascular flow and hemodynamics

FrAT8.2, FrAT8.4, FrBPo09.6, FrBPo09.7, ThCT8.3, ThCT8.4, ThCT8.5, ThCT8.6, ThDPo09.1, ThDPo09.2, ThDPo09.6, ThDPo09.7, ThDPo09.9, ThDPo09.14


FrAT11.4, ThAT1.5, ThAT12.4

Cell activation

ThAT8.1, ThAT8.2, ThBPo10.1

Cell shape and mobility imaging

FrBPo04.3, FrBPo04.5, ThBPo03.4, ThDPo04.1

Cell-biomaterial interactions

ThCT12.3, ThET12.3, ThET12.5

Cell-material interfaces

FrET12.5, ThET12.3, ThET12.4, ThET12.5

Cellular biomechanics

ThCT12.1, ThCT12.2, ThCT12.4, ThCT12.5

Central mechanisms

FrBPo10.9, SaBPo10.14, SaBPo11.24, SaCT7.2, SaDPo12.8, SaET7.1, SaET7.2, SaET7.4, SaPL1.1, SuAT4.1, ThET7.6, ThET9.3

Clinical applications of wearable technology

FrBPo07.5, FrBPo07.18, SaAT6.1, SaAT6.2, SaDPo08.5, SaDPo08.16, SaET3.1, SaET3.4, SaET3.6, SuBT8.1, ThCT9.6, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.5, ThDPo07.6, ThDPo07.7, ThDPo07.8, ThDPo07.10, ThDPo07.11, ThET6.6

Clinical engineering

FrAT1.1, FrAT11.3, FrAT7.6, FrBPo12.1, FrCT9.1, FrCT9.2, FrCT9.3, FrCT9.6, FrDPo12.3, FrDPo13.2, FrDPo13.4, FrDPo13.5, FrDPo13.6, FrET6.2, SaBPo08.3, SaBPo10.2, SaBPo14.4, SaBPo14.5, SaBPo14.6, SaBPo14.7, SaBPo14.9, SaCT6.1, SaCT6.2, SaCT6.4, SaCT6.5, SaDPo13.2, SaDPo13.6, SaDPo13.7, SaDPo13.8, SaDPo13.9, SaDPo13.10, SaET4.5, SuAT5.4, SuBT5.3, SuBT5.4, SuBT5.5, ThAT10.1, ThAT12.2, ThBPo13.4, ThBPo13.5, ThBPo13.6, ThBPo14.1, ThBPo14.2, ThBPo14.4, ThBPo14.6, ThBPo14.9, ThCT5.2

Clinical evaluation

FrET6.1, FrET6.5, SaBPo12.4

Clinical laboratory measurements


Clinical testing/clinical Trials


Clnical laboratory measurements

FrAT1.1, FrBPo11.4, FrCT1.3, FrCT9.2, FrCT9.6, FrET6.2, SaBPo10.2, SaBPo14.9, SaDPo12.1, SaDPo13.3, SaDPo13.10, SuAT10.5, SuAT5.3, SuAT5.4, ThAT1.1, ThBPo13.6, ThBPo14.1, ThCT5.2, ThET1.1

Closed loop systems

FrBPo07.12, ThAT7.5

Closed-loop identification


Cognitive rehabilitation

FrPL1.1, SaBPo11.6, SaBPo11.8, SaBPo11.13

Combination of sensing and actuation

FrDPo10.10, FrET3.3, SaDPo07.6, SaDPo08.10, SuBT2.3, SuBT4.1, ThAT7.1, ThAT7.5, ThCT7.1

Communication and minimum power consumption

FrDPo10.1, FrDPo10.12, FrDPo10.17, FrET3.6, FrET5.3, SaDPo08.14, ThCT7.6

Complexity in cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory signals

FrAT8.3, FrAT8.6, FrBPo09.5, FrCT8.1, FrCT8.2, FrCT8.4, FrCT8.6, FrDPo11.1, FrDPo11.3, ThET8.6

Computational modeling

FrBPo10.9, SaAT7.1, SaAT7.2, SaAT7.3, SaBPo11.7, SaBPo11.19, SaCT7.1, SaCT7.5, SaDPo12.2, SaET7.2, SaET7.4, SaET7.5, SaPL1.1, SuAT4.1, SuAT4.3

Computational tools for proteomics

SaAT11.1, SaAT11.5, SaAT11.6, SaBPo08.4, ThDPo08.7, ThDPo08.8, ThDPo08.9

Computer-aided decision making (clinical and operational)

FrAT12.5, FrCT11.1, FrCT11.3, FrCT11.5, FrCT11.6, SaAT12.1, SaAT12.2, SaAT12.3, SaAT12.4, SaAT12.5, SaBPo13.1, SaBPo13.2, SaBPo13.3, SaBPo13.6, SaCT12.6, SaDPo14.1, SaDPo14.4, SuAT5.1, SuBT7.4, ThBPo15.1, ThBPo15.9, ThCT11.1, ThCT11.2, ThCT11.3, ThCT11.4, ThDPo13.10

Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRI

FrDPo06.2, FrET4.1, SaBPo04.1, SuBT9.1, SuBT9.2, ThCT3.1, ThCT3.2, ThCT3.3, ThCT3.5, ThCT3.6, ThDPo04.6

Contrast-enhanced X-ray imaging

FrBPo04.7, FrCT4.1, FrCT4.2, FrDPo04.3, SaBPo07.2, ThAT11.1

CT cardiac imaging

SaBPo07.2, SuBT3.6



Data fusion

FrBPo01.2, SaDPo04.12, ThAT13.4, ThBPo02.17, ThBPo02.22, ThDPo02.24

Data integration methods and strategies

FrBPo05.8, FrBPo08.3, FrBPo08.4, SaAT11.5, SaBPo08.2, SaCT11.1, SuAT11.4, SuAT11.6, SuBT11.2, ThDPo08.4, ThPL1.1

DC stimulation

FrCT7.5, SaBPo11.7

Decision support in brain diseases

FrDPo14.3, SaCT12.6, ThBPo15.15

Decision support in cancer

SaDPo14.1, SaDPo14.2, SaDPo14.4, SaDPo14.5

Decision support methods and tools

FrBPo08.9, SaAT11.3, SaAT11.6, SaCT11.1, SaCT11.2, SaCT11.3, SaCT11.4, ThPL1.1

Decision Support Systems



FrAT9.2, SaAT9.3, SaAT9.6, SaBPo10.11, SaBPo10.12, SaCT5.1, SaCT5.5, SaCT5.6, SaDPo10.10, SaDPo10.18, SaET5.1, SaET5.2, SaET5.4, SaET5.6, ThAT13.3, ThAT4.4, ThBPo12.3, ThBPo12.4, ThBPo12.5, ThBPo12.8, ThBPo12.14, ThCT10.1, ThCT10.2, ThET7.3, ThET7.4, ThET7.5

Defibrillation and cardioversion

FrPL2.1, ThBPo10.5, ThET8.5



Deformable image registration

FrBPo05.2, FrDPo08.4, FrET4.3, FrET4.6, SaAT3.2, SaBPo04.11, SaBPo05.1, SaBPo05.3, SaBPo05.4, SaBPo05.5, SaBPo05.6, SaBPo05.7, SaBPo05.8, SaBPo05.9, SaBPo05.10, SuAT6.3, ThAT6.5, ThBPo07.1, ThCT13.2, ThCT3.1

Design & development of robotics for human-robot interactions

FrAT6.6, FrDPo12.6, FrET6.3, FrET6.4, SaBPo12.4, ThAT5.4

Device classification

FrDPo13.5, SaBPo14.1, SaDPo12.1, SaDPo13.9

Diagnostic & evaluation techniques

FrAT7.1, FrAT7.3, FrCT10.4, FrCT7.6, FrET11.1, FrET11.4, FrET11.5, FrPL1.1, SaBPo10.3, SaBPo10.5, SaBPo10.6, SaBPo10.7, SaBPo10.8, SaBPo10.9, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.6, SaBPo11.20, SaCT10.3, SaCT7.4, SaDPo10.7, SaDPo10.8, SaDPo10.21, ThET7.6, ThET9.1, ThET9.2, ThET9.5



Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imaging

FrAT10.1, SaBPo04.16, SuAT3.1, SuAT3.2, SuAT3.3, SuAT3.4, SuAT3.6, SuBT3.1, SuBT3.5, ThAT6.3, ThBPo06.2, ThET5.6

Directionality and causality

FrDPo01.2, FrET9.2, FrET9.3, SaBPo01.2

Disease progression

SaCT7.3, SaDPo12.10

Doppler ultrasonic imaging

FrBPo04.11, FrBPo12.6, FrDPo03.2, FrDPo03.4, FrDPo03.6, SuAT6.6

Drug delivery through external devices

FrBPo11.4, SuBT5.3, SuBT5.4, SuBT5.5, ThBPo14.4

Drug delivery through internal devices

FrAT11.5, FrBPo11.2, FrBPo11.6, SaCT4.2

Drug design and high-throughput screening

SaBPo08.6, SaDPo09.8

Dual photon microscopy



SaCT9.1, SaCT9.2, SaCT9.3, SaCT9.5, ThCT5.1, ThCT5.5



EEG and source localization

SaAT9.1, SaAT9.2, SaAT9.3, SaAT9.4, SaAT9.5, SaBPo09.1, SaBPo09.2, SaBPo09.3, SaBPo09.5, SaBPo09.6, SaBPo10.11, SaBPo11.4, SaBPo11.7, SaBPo11.11, SaCT5.6, SaDPo10.10, SaET5.3, ThBPo12.3, ThBPo12.12

EEG cardiac imaging


EEG neuroimaging

FrCT5.3, SaBPo06.1, SaBPo06.2, SaBPo06.3, SaBPo06.4, SaBPo06.5, SaBPo06.6, SaCT2.2, SaCT8.2, SaCT8.3, SaCT8.4


FrET11.1, SaBPo10.13, SaCT5.3, SaDPo10.7, SaDPo10.8, SaDPo10.9, SaDPo10.13, SaDPo10.20, SaDPo10.21, ThAT4.5

EHealth services and portals

FrCT11.4, FrDPo14.2, FrDPo14.5, SaAT12.6, SaBPo13.4, SaDPo15.9, SaET6.1, SaET6.4, SuBT7.1, ThBPo15.2, ThBPo15.7, ThDPo12.1, ThDPo12.3, ThDPo12.4, ThDPo13.8, ThDPo13.11, ThET11.1, ThET11.4

Elastography Imaging

FrDPo03.3, FrDPo03.4, FrDPo09.4, SuAT6.1, SuAT6.2, SuAT6.3, SuAT6.4, SuAT6.5, SuAT6.6

Electrical impedance imaging techniques

FrCT5.2, SaAT3.1, SuBT6.1, SuBT6.2, SuBT6.3, SuBT6.4, SuBT6.5, ThBPo06.6, ThDPo03.2, ThDPo03.3, ThDPo03.4, ThDPo03.5, ThDPo03.6, ThDPo03.8, ThDPo03.9

Electrical source imaging techniques

FrCT5.3, SaAT3.1, SaBPo06.1, SaCT8.1, SaCT8.3, SaCT8.4, SaCT8.5, SaCT8.6, ThDPo03.4

Electronic patient record systems

FrCT11.4, FrET8.2, SaAT12.4, SaBPo13.4, SaBPo13.9, SaCT12.4, SuBT7.4, ThBPo15.1, ThBPo15.3, ThBPo15.14, ThBPo15.15, ThCT11.2, ThDPo11.1, ThDPo11.3, ThDPo12.1, ThDPo12.2, ThDPo12.3, ThDPo12.4, ThDPo12.5, ThDPo13.1, ThDPo13.2, ThDPo13.5, ThDPo13.6, ThDPo14.1, ThDPo14.8, ThET11.1

Emerging concepts for low power chemo/bio-sensing

FrBPo06.7, SuBT2.5, ThAT7.6

EMG models

SaAT7.5, SaDPo11.4, ThAT10.6

EMG processing & applications

FrCT7.3, FrET11.2, FrET11.3, SaAT7.5, SaCT7.6, SaDPo10.14, SaDPo11.1, SaDPo11.2, SaDPo11.3, SaDPo11.4, SaDPo11.5, SaDPo12.6, SaET7.6, ThAT10.2, ThAT10.3, ThAT10.4, ThAT10.5, ThCT10.2, ThCT10.4

Empirical mode decomposition

SaAT1.1, SaAT1.2, SaAT1.3, SaAT1.4, SaAT1.5, SaAT1.6, SaBPo01.3, SaBPo02.1, SaBPo02.2, SaBPo02.3, SaBPo02.4, ThAT13.5

Enabling technologies for diagnosis

FrBPo06.2, FrBPo06.3, FrBPo06.4, FrDPo10.4, FrDPo10.5, FrET5.1, SaAT2.1, SaDPo07.8, SaDPo07.11, SaDPo08.1, SaDPo08.2, SaDPo08.3, SaDPo08.4, SaDPo08.5, SaDPo08.6, SaDPo08.8, SaDPo08.10, SaDPo08.11, SaDPo08.14, SaDPo08.15, SaDPo08.16, SaDPo08.17, SaET6.6, SuAT5.2, SuAT8.1, SuAT8.2, SuBT2.4, SuBT8.1, ThBPo08.13, ThCT9.3, ThCT9.6, ThDPo06.1, ThDPo06.4, ThDPo07.11, ThDPo07.13, ThET6.5

Enabling technologies for therapy

SaAT2.3, SaCT3.4, SaDPo07.6, SaDPo07.7, SaDPo07.8, SaDPo08.7, SaDPo08.12, SaDPo08.13, SuAT8.4, SuAT8.5, SuAT8.6

Endoscopic devices

FrAT1.1, FrAT1.3, FrAT1.5, FrAT11.2, FrAT11.3, FrBPo11.1, FrBPo11.3, SaAT4.1, SuAT5.4

Enterprise resource optimization

SaAT12.6, ThDPo13.2, ThDPo13.3, ThDPo13.4


FrCT12.5, SaPL2.1


FrCT7.5, FrET2.3, SaAT9.4, SaBPo10.1, SaCT10.1, SaCT10.3


FrCT12.6, SaAT13.1, SaCT13.1

Evoked potentials

FrBPo10.3, SaBPo09.2, SaBPo09.5, SaBPo09.6, SaBPo10.4, SaBPo10.7, SaBPo10.8, SaBPo10.9, SaBPo11.12, SaCT5.2, SaDPo10.9, SaDPo10.19, SaDPo10.20, ThAT4.5, ThBPo12.14, ThET9.2

Evolution of networks


Executive information systems

SaAT12.6, ThDPo13.4, ThET11.5

Extended/Unscented Kalman Filter

ThCT2.5, ThDPo01.5



Fast algorithms

FrAT5.6, FrDPo09.6, FrET10.2, SuAT6.3, ThAT6.2, ThBPo05.3, ThBPo05.4, ThDPo03.9

Field potentials

ThAT8.2, ThDPo09.9

Functional cardiac tissue engineering

FrET12.4, FrET12.5

Functional electrical stimulation (FES)

FrCT7.1, FrCT7.2, FrCT7.3, FrCT7.4, SaAT7.1, SaBPo11.2, SaBPo11.8, SuAT4.6, ThET10.2

Functional image analysis

FrAT5.5, FrDPo09.2, FrDPo09.3, SaBPo04.8, SaBPo04.15, SaBPo07.6, SaCT2.1, SaCT2.3, SaCT2.5, SaCT2.6, SaDPo06.1, SaDPo06.2, SaDPo06.3, SaDPo06.4, SaDPo06.5, SaDPo06.6, SaET10.3, SaET4.1, SaET8.2, SuBT3.5, ThAT11.2, ThAT6.5, ThCT3.1, ThCT3.4, ThCT4.5

Fuzzy systems

SaDPo02.3, SaET2.4, ThDPo02.13, ThDPo02.23



Gas transport models

SuAT5.6, ThDPo09.5

Genetic algorithms

FrET9.6, SaCT1.3

Genetic imaging

FrAT5.4, FrDPo04.6, FrDPo09.4, ThDPo05.1



Haptic interfaces and explorations

FrAT6.2, FrAT6.3, FrDPo12.5, FrET6.3, ThAT5.4

Haptics in robotic surgery

FrAT6.1, FrAT6.2, FrAT6.3, FrDPo12.4, FrDPo12.5

Hardware and control developments

FrET6.4, FrET6.5, FrET6.6, SaBPo12.5

Health technology management and assessment

FrAT7.6, FrCT9.2, FrCT9.5, FrCT9.6, FrDPo13.1, FrDPo13.2, FrDPo13.5, FrDPo13.6, SaCT6.1, SaCT6.2, SaCT6.3, SaCT6.4, SaCT6.5, SaDPo13.1, SaDPo13.5, SaDPo13.6, SaDPo13.8, SuAT2.1, ThAT10.1, ThBPo13.6, ThBPo14.1, ThCT5.2

Heart and circulatory support devices

ThBPo14.2, ThBPo14.3

Heart assist devices

ThDPo09.7, ThDPo09.14


FrBPo12.1, FrBPo12.2, FrBPo12.3, FrBPo12.4, FrBPo12.5, SaAT4.3, SaAT4.4, SaAT4.5, SaCT4.1

High-frequency ultrasound technology

FrBPo03.1, FrBPo03.2, FrBPo03.3, FrBPo03.4, FrBPo03.5, FrBPo03.6, FrBPo12.1, FrBPo12.6, FrDPo09.3, SaET4.4, ThAT6.2, ThBPo06.3, ThDPo04.3

HRV and blood pressure monitoring

FrAT8.4, FrAT8.5, FrCT8.1, FrCT8.5, ThBT13.2

HRV and respiratory variability in sleep apnea

FrDPo11.2, FrET8.1, FrET8.3, FrET8.4

Human performance (sensory-motor, cognitive, driving, ADL)

FrAT7.1, FrAT7.2, FrAT7.3, FrCT10.2, FrCT10.3, FrCT10.5, FrDPo14.8, FrET7.4, FrET7.6, SaBPo09.4, SaBPo10.5, SaBPo10.6, SaBPo10.12, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.8, SaBPo11.9, SaBPo11.16, SaBPo11.20, SaBPo11.23, SaCT5.4, SaCT7.4, SaCT7.6, SaDPo12.3, SaDPo12.7, SaET5.3, SaET7.3, SaET7.5, ThAT13.2, ThCT10.2



Image classification

FrAT5.1, FrAT5.2, FrAT5.3, FrAT5.4, FrAT5.5, FrAT5.6, FrBPo04.2, FrBPo04.9, FrBPo05.7, FrBPo05.9, FrDPo04.5, FrDPo04.6, FrDPo05.2, FrDPo06.4, FrDPo06.5, FrDPo06.6, FrDPo07.4, FrDPo07.12, FrDPo07.13, FrDPo07.14, FrDPo08.2, FrDPo08.3, FrDPo08.5, FrDPo09.6, FrET10.2, FrET10.3, FrET10.4, FrET10.6, SaBPo04.6, SaBPo04.7, SaBPo04.8, SaBPo04.10, SaBPo04.12, SaBPo07.1, SaBPo07.13, SaBPo07.14, SaBPo07.15, SaBPo07.16, SaBPo07.17, SaCT2.1, SaCT2.3, SaDPo05.1, SaDPo05.3, SaDPo05.4, SaDPo05.5, SaDPo05.6, SaDPo06.1, SaDPo06.2, SaDPo06.3, SaDPo06.6, SaET10.1, SaET10.2, SaET10.3, SaET10.5, SaET10.6, SuAT3.4, SuAT3.5, SuAT6.5, ThBPo03.6, ThBPo04.5, ThBPo05.2, ThBPo07.2, ThCT13.5, ThDPo04.2, ThDPo05.1, ThDPo05.2, ThDPo05.3, ThDPo05.6

Image communication

ThBPo04.1, ThBPo04.4, ThBPo04.7, ThBPo04.8, ThBPo04.9

Image compression

ThBPo04.4, ThBPo04.5, ThBPo04.7, ThBPo04.8

Image denoising

FrBPo04.3, FrBPo04.6, FrBPo04.11, FrBPo12.8, FrDPo05.3, FrDPo05.6, FrET4.4, SaBPo04.4, SaBPo05.3, SaBPo06.4, SaBPo07.17, SaET10.1, ThAT6.3, ThBPo05.4, ThBPo05.6, ThCT3.5

Image enhancement

FrAT10.4, FrBPo04.1, FrBPo04.4, FrBPo04.6, FrBPo04.7, FrBPo04.8, FrBPo04.9, FrBPo04.10, FrBPo04.11, FrBPo04.12, FrBPo05.7, FrBPo12.8, FrDPo04.4, FrDPo05.6, FrDPo06.1, FrDPo06.5, FrDPo08.2, FrDPo08.3, SaAT3.5, SaAT8.4, SaBPo04.4, SaBPo07.6, SaBPo07.7, SaDPo06.1, SaDPo06.2, SaDPo06.3, SaET10.1, SaET10.2, ThCT13.5, ThDPo05.2

Image guided surgery

FrDPo12.1, FrDPo12.2, FrDPo12.11, SaBPo12.1, SuAT7.1, SuAT7.4, SuAT7.5, ThAT5.1, ThAT5.2, ThAT5.3, ThAT5.5, ThAT5.6

Image retrieval

FrBPo04.2, FrDPo04.5, FrDPo06.4, SaBPo04.10, SaET10.6, ThBPo04.1, ThBPo04.2, ThBPo04.3, ThBPo04.5, ThBPo04.6, ThDPo05.3

Image security and forensics

ThBPo04.7, ThBPo04.9

Image segmentation

FrAT5.1, FrBPo04.9, FrBPo05.3, FrBPo05.5, FrBPo05.6, FrBPo05.7, FrBPo05.9, FrDPo03.1, FrDPo03.5, FrDPo04.1, FrDPo04.2, FrDPo04.4, FrDPo05.4, FrDPo06.1, FrDPo06.2, FrDPo06.3, FrDPo06.5, FrDPo06.6, FrDPo07.1, FrDPo07.2, FrDPo07.3, FrDPo07.4, FrDPo07.5, FrDPo07.6, FrDPo07.7, FrDPo07.8, FrDPo07.10, FrDPo07.11, FrDPo07.12, FrDPo07.13, FrDPo07.14, FrDPo08.2, FrDPo08.3, FrDPo08.4, FrDPo08.5, FrDPo08.6, FrDPo08.7, FrDPo09.1, FrDPo09.2, FrDPo09.3, FrDPo09.5, FrDPo09.6, FrET10.2, FrET10.3, FrET10.4, FrET10.5, FrET10.6, FrET4.2, FrET4.6, SaBPo04.2, SaBPo04.3, SaBPo04.4, SaBPo04.5, SaBPo04.6, SaBPo04.7, SaBPo04.8, SaBPo04.11, SaBPo04.12, SaBPo05.7, SaBPo06.2, SaBPo07.1, SaBPo07.8, SaBPo07.13, SaBPo07.14, SaBPo07.16, SaBPo07.17, SaDPo05.3, SaDPo05.6, SaDPo06.5, SaET10.2, SaET10.3, SaET10.4, SaET10.5, SuAT3.3, SuAT6.5, ThAT11.3, ThAT11.4, ThAT11.5, ThAT6.6, ThBPo03.3, ThBPo03.4, ThBPo03.6, ThBPo04.10, ThBPo05.2, ThBPo05.6, ThBPo07.3, ThBPo07.4, ThBPo07.5, ThBPo07.6, ThCT13.5, ThCT4.1, ThCT4.2, ThCT4.3, ThCT4.4, ThCT4.5, ThCT4.6, ThCT4.7, ThDPo04.2, ThDPo04.3, ThDPo04.4, ThDPo04.5, ThDPo04.6, ThDPo05.5

Image-less navigation


Implantable micro-nano systems

FrAT2.4, FrCT6.2, FrDPo10.1, FrDPo10.2, FrDPo10.3, FrDPo10.9, FrDPo10.10, FrDPo10.11, FrDPo10.12, FrDPo10.13, FrDPo10.14, FrDPo10.16, FrDPo10.17, FrET3.5, FrET3.6, SaDPo08.14, SuAT9.5, SuBT4.1, SuBT4.2, SuBT4.3, SuBT4.4, SuBT4.5, SuBT4.6, ThAT2.1, ThAT2.3, ThAT7.6, ThCT7.6

Independent component analysis

FrAT3.3, FrAT3.5, FrAT3.6, FrBPo15.1, FrDPo02.12, FrET1.1, FrET1.2, FrET1.3, FrET1.4, FrET10.1, SaAT1.3, SaAT1.6, SaBPo01.5, SaCT1.2, SaCT1.4, SaDPo01.1, SaDPo01.2, SaDPo01.3, SaDPo01.4, SaDPo01.5, SaDPo04.14, SaET1.1, SaET1.2, SaET1.3, SaET1.4, SaET1.5, SaET1.6, ThAT9.2, ThDPo02.9, ThDPo02.22

Information theory

FrBPo10.5, SaDPo10.1, SaDPo10.3, SaDPo10.6, ThAT4.3

Infra-red imaging

FrBPo04.1, SaAT8.5, SaBPo07.5, SaBPo07.12, ThAT6.5, ThAT6.6, ThDPo05.4

Integrated systems for multiparametric diagnosis

FrAT2.1, SaDPo07.2, SaDPo08.2, SaDPo08.6, SaDPo08.7, SaDPo08.8, SaDPo08.9, SuBT2.2, ThAT2.5, ThBPo08.6, ThBPo08.8, ThBPo08.11, ThCT9.5

Integrated systems for therapy

FrAT2.1, FrBPo07.4, SaDPo07.2, SaDPo07.5, SaDPo08.12, SuAT8.3, SuAT8.4, SuAT8.5

Integrating the healthcare enterprise

SaBPo13.1, SaBPo13.2, SaBPo13.3, SaDPo15.10, ThCT11.2, ThDPo09.16, ThDPo11.1, ThDPo12.2, ThDPo12.3, ThDPo13.4, ThDPo13.5, ThDPo13.6, ThDPo13.7, ThET11.3, ThET11.5

Integrating wearable and communication technologies

FrBPo07.14, FrBPo07.19, SaAT6.6, SaCT3.1, SaCT3.2, SaCT3.5, SaDPo07.5, ThBPo08.1, ThBPo08.14, ThDPo06.6

Integrating wireless and e-textile

FrBPo07.14, SaAT6.5, SaET3.4, ThBPo08.1, ThDPo07.3, ThDPo07.5

Integration of flexible materials with textile

ThBPo08.10, ThDPo07.9

Integration of new materials for actuation functions

FrDPo10.5, FrET3.2, ThCT7.5

Intellectual property

FrCT12.3, SaPL2.1, SuBT10.1, ThDPo15.5, ThDPo15.6, ThDPo15.9

Internal/external funding

SaPL2.1, ThDPo15.5, ThDPo15.6


FrCT12.1, FrCT12.3


FrCT11.4, SaBPo13.3, ThDPo12.1, ThDPo12.2, ThDPo12.4, ThDPo12.5, ThDPo13.1, ThDPo13.2, ThDPo13.5, ThDPo13.6, ThDPo13.7, ThDPo13.8, ThDPo13.9, ThET11.2, ThET11.3

Interstitial thermal therapy

FrBPo12.5, SaAT4.1, SaAT4.3, SaAT4.4, SaBPo14.4, SaBPo14.8, SaBPo14.9, ThAT12.1, ThAT12.3

Interventional MRI

FrAT10.6, SaAT3.5, SaET8.5, ThCT13.4

Intra-operative matching

FrDPo12.2, FrDPo12.11, ThAT5.1, ThAT5.2, ThAT5.3

Intracortical stimulation

FrCT7.4, SaBPo11.5

Inverse solutions


Ion channels

ThAT8.1, ThAT8.6, ThBPo10.4

IT services for disease and wellness management

FrAT12.2, FrDPo14.1, FrDPo14.2, SaAT12.1, SaAT12.3, SaBPo13.4, SaBPo13.5, SaDPo14.3, SaDPo15.7, SaET6.2, SuBT7.1, SuBT7.2, ThBPo15.1, ThBPo15.3, ThBPo15.4, ThBPo15.11, ThBPo15.12, ThBPo15.13, ThDPo13.10, ThDPo13.11

Iterative image reconstruction

FrBPo03.5, FrBPo04.5, FrBPo05.6, FrCT5.1, FrCT5.2, FrCT5.4, FrCT5.5, FrCT5.6, FrDPo05.1, SaCT8.5, ThAT6.1, ThBPo05.3, ThBPo05.4, ThBPo06.3, ThBPo06.6, ThCT13.1



Joint biomechanics

SaCT9.2, SaCT9.4, SaCT9.5, SaCT9.6, ThCT5.1, ThCT5.3, ThCT5.4, ThCT5.5, ThCT5.6



Kalman filter

FrCT2.1, FrCT2.2, FrET9.3, ThAT3.1, ThAT3.4, ThAT9.1, ThBPo02.4



Learning and adaption

FrAT7.4, SaAT7.2, SaDPo12.3, SaDPo12.4, SaET7.1, SaET7.2, SaET7.3, ThAT13.2, ThBPo12.6, ThBPo12.7, ThBPo12.11

Liquid handling, calibration, sampling, analysis

FrBPo06.13, FrCT6.3, FrDPo10.4


FrDPo14.8, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.10, SaBPo11.19, SaCT7.1, SaCT7.3, SaDPo12.2, SaDPo12.5, SaDPo12.10, ThET9.4, ThET9.6

Lung compliance

FrBPo09.2, FrBPo09.4



Markov models

SaBPo01.4, SuBT1.3, ThAT3.2, ThAT9.1, ThAT9.2, ThAT9.3, ThBPo02.15, ThET4.2

Mechanics of locomotion

SaCT9.2, SaCT9.3, SaCT9.4, SaCT9.5, ThCT5.1, ThCT5.3

Mechanisms of impairments

FrET11.2, FrET11.3, SaAT7.4, SaBPo10.1, SaBPo10.10, ThET10.3

Medical devices

FrCT12.6, ThDPo15.4, ThDPo15.8, ThDPo15.9

MEG neuroimaging


MEMs methods for guided growth


Metabolic, molecular and cellular engineering

FrET12.1, ThCT12.6





Microarray analysis and gene signatures

SaAT11.2, SaBPo08.7, SuAT11.1, SuAT11.2, SuAT11.3, SuAT11.4, SuAT11.5, ThPL2.1

Microfabrication technologies

FrAT2.3, FrBPo07.15, FrCT6.4, FrDPo10.5, FrDPo10.6, FrDPo10.16, FrET3.1, FrET3.2, SuBT4.5, SuBT4.6

Microfluidic for diagnostics

FrAT2.3, FrCT6.4, FrET3.4, SaDPo07.3, ThAT2.5

Microfluidic techniques, methods and systems

FrAT2.3, FrCT6.1, FrCT6.3, FrCT6.4, FrCT6.5, FrCT6.6, FrDPo10.7, FrET3.4


FrAT5.2, FrBPo03.3, FrBPo03.6, FrBPo04.3, FrDPo05.5, FrDPo07.6, FrDPo07.12, FrDPo09.1, SaBPo07.13, SaBPo07.16, ThAT11.6, ThCT3.2, ThDPo04.1, ThDPo05.1

Miniaturisation, integration, packaging, biocompatibility

FrAT2.4, FrDPo10.2, FrDPo10.3, FrDPo10.8, FrDPo10.9, FrDPo10.11, FrDPo10.12, FrDPo10.13, FrDPo10.14, FrDPo10.16, FrET3.1, FrET3.3, FrET3.6, SaDPo07.1, SuAT9.4, SuBT4.2, SuBT4.4, SuBT4.5, SuBT4.6, SuBT8.6, ThAT2.1, ThCT7.6

Miniaturisation, smartness and low power consumption

FrBPo07.13, FrBPo07.17, FrCT6.2, FrDPo10.10, FrET5.5, FrET5.6, SaDPo07.4, SaDPo08.11, SuBT4.1, SuBT8.4, ThBPo08.5, ThCT9.2

Miniaturisation, smartness, portability for diagnostics

FrBPo06.9, FrBPo06.14, FrBPo07.11, SaDPo07.3, SaDPo07.4, SaDPo08.5, SaDPo08.6, SaET3.3, SuAT8.1, SuBT2.6, SuBT8.5

Miniaturisation, smartness, portability for therapy

FrBPo07.12, FrCT6.1, SuAT8.3, ThCT7.2

Minimally invasive cardiovascular interventions

ThBPo10.2, ThBPo10.3, ThDPo09.3, ThET8.2


FrDPo12.6, FrDPo12.7, ThCT5.4, ThCT5.6

Modeling and simulation in bio-robotics

FrDPo12.1, SaBPo12.1, SaBPo12.5, SaCT9.3, ThCT5.3, ThCT5.5

Modeling of biological networks

FrBPo08.1, SaBPo08.8, SaCT11.4, SaCT11.5, SaCT11.6, SaDPo09.8, SuAT11.3, SuBT11.5, SuBT11.6, ThBPo09.3, ThBPo11.2, ThDPo08.6

Models and simulations of biological systems

FrBPo08.1, FrBPo08.7, FrBPo08.10, SaBPo08.5, SaBPo08.8, SaCT11.1, SaCT11.2, SaDPo09.1, SaDPo09.2, SaDPo09.3, SaDPo09.4, SaDPo09.5, SaDPo09.6, SaDPo09.7, SaDPo09.8, SaET11.1, SaET11.2, SaET11.3, SaET11.4, SaET11.5, SaET11.6, SuBT11.1, SuBT11.2, SuBT11.3, SuBT11.5, SuBT11.6, ThBPo09.1, ThBPo09.2, ThBPo09.3, ThBPo09.4, ThBPo09.5, ThBPo09.7, ThBPo11.1, ThBPo11.2, ThDPo08.6, ThDPo08.11, ThDPo08.12

Motion cancellation in surgical robotics

FrAT6.5, FrAT6.6, FrDPo12.8, FrDPo12.9, SuAT7.1

MR angiographic imaging

FrDPo09.2, ThCT3.6

MR breast imaging

FrAT10.6, FrDPo06.2, ThCT13.4, ThCT3.5

MR cardiac imaging

FrET4.1, FrET4.2, FrET4.3, FrET4.4, ThAT11.3, ThET5.3

MR cellular imaging


MR molecular imaging

SaBPo04.1, ThBPo03.1, ThBPo03.2, ThCT3.6

MR Neuroimaging

FrAT10.6, FrBPo04.12, SaBPo04.1, SaBPo04.2, SaBPo04.5, SaBPo04.10, SaBPo04.11, SaBPo04.12, SaBPo04.14, SaBPo04.15, SaBPo04.16, SaBPo05.4, SaBPo06.5, SaCT2.1, SaCT2.2, SaCT2.3, SaCT2.4, SaCT2.5, SaCT2.6, SuAT3.1, SuAT3.4, SuAT3.5, ThAT6.3, ThAT6.4, ThBPo03.1, ThBPo05.1, ThCT13.4, ThCT3.2, ThCT3.3, ThDPo04.4

MR spectroscopic imaging


MR-specific image reconstruction

FrDPo05.6, FrET4.5, SaBPo07.9, ThAT6.1, ThCT13.1, ThET5.1, ThET5.4, ThET5.5, ThET5.6

Multimodal image fusion

SaBPo05.1, SaBPo05.8, SaBPo05.10, SaBPo07.6, SaBPo07.7, SaET4.1, SuAT3.5, SuBT9.2, ThAT6.4, ThBPo04.3, ThBPo05.1

Multimodal imaging

FrET2.2, SaAT9.1, SaBPo09.1, SaBPo09.4

Multimodal molecular imaging

SaBPo05.8, ThBPo06.4

Multimodal neuroimaging

SaBPo04.13, SaCT2.2, SaCT2.4, SuAT3.2

Multiscale methods of analysis

FrBPo05.5, FrDPo05.2, FrDPo05.4, FrDPo06.6, FrDPo07.4, FrDPo07.7, SaAT3.1, SaDPo06.4, SuAT3.1, ThAT11.6, ThDPo05.2, ThDPo05.6

Multivariate signal processing

FrAT3.2, FrBPo02.9, FrBPo14.11, FrCT2.3, FrCT2.4, FrCT2.6, FrDPo01.2, FrDPo01.3, FrDPo01.4, FrET9.4, SaAT1.3, SaBPo03.4, SaCT1.5, SaDPo01.1, ThAT9.2, ThAT9.3, ThBPo02.6, ThCT6.3

Muscle structure and function

SaAT7.1, SaAT7.2, SaAT7.3, SaAT7.5, SaDPo11.1, SaDPo11.6, SaDPo12.6, SaET7.6

Muscular stimulation

FrBPo11.4, SaDPo13.4, SuAT10.3, SuAT10.6, SuAT5.5, ThBPo14.3, ThBPo14.8



Nano and micro-technologies for measurement

FrBPo06.11, FrBPo07.15, FrBPo07.16, FrCT6.5, FrDPo10.7, FrDPo10.8, FrDPo10.15, FrET3.3, FrET3.4, SuAT9.1, SuBT2.3, SuBT2.6, ThCT7.4


ThCT12.3, ThET12.1

Nanoparticles and drug delivery


Near infra-red spectroscopy

FrDPo08.1, SaBPo07.5, ThDPo05.4

Neural circuits

FrAT9.1, FrAT9.5, FrBPo10.1, FrBPo10.2, FrBPo10.3, FrBPo10.4, FrBPo10.5, FrBPo10.6, FrBPo10.7, FrBPo10.8, FrET7.1, SaDPo10.4, SaET5.1, SuAT4.1, SuAT4.2, SuAT4.3, SuAT4.4, ThCT10.5, ThET10.1, ThET2.5, ThET7.3

Neural coding

FrBPo10.1, FrBPo10.4, FrBPo10.6, FrBPo10.7, SaAT5.1, SaAT5.3, SaAT9.3, SaCT5.5, SaDPo10.1, SaDPo10.3, SaDPo10.4, SaDPo10.6, SaDPo12.4, SaET5.2, SaET5.4, SaET5.5, SuPL1.1, ThAT13.3, ThAT4.2, ThAT4.3, ThCT10.4, ThET7.6

Neural control

FrAT9.3, FrAT9.4, FrAT9.6, FrBPo10.2, FrBPo10.8, FrET2.1, SaAT9.2, SaAT9.6, SaCT5.1, SaCT5.2, SaCT5.3, SaCT5.4, SaCT5.5, SaCT5.6, SaDPo10.11, SaDPo12.7, SaET5.3, SaET5.4, SaET5.5, SaET5.6, SuAT4.3, SuPL1.1, ThAT10.6, ThAT4.2, ThBPo12.2, ThBPo12.4, ThBPo12.6, ThBPo12.7, ThBPo12.8, ThBPo12.9, ThBPo12.10, ThBPo12.11, ThBPo12.12, ThBPo12.13, ThCT10.1, ThCT10.3, ThCT10.4, ThCT10.6, ThET7.5

Neural feedback

SaBPo11.10, SaBPo11.11, SaET7.3, ThAT13.2, ThET7.1

Neural networks and Support Vector Machines

FrBPo15.1, FrBPo15.2, FrBPo15.4, FrDPo01.2, FrDPo02.12, SaBPo01.4, SaBPo03.6, SaDPo01.3, SaDPo02.2, SaDPo02.3, SaET2.1, SaET2.3, SaET2.5, SuAT1.1, SuAT1.2, ThAT9.6, ThBPo01.3, ThDPo02.1, ThDPo02.15, ThDPo02.16, ThDPo02.20, ThET4.1

Neural stimulation (e.g. deep brain stimulation)

FrCT1.5, SuAT10.4, SuAT10.5, ThBPo14.8, ThCT1.1, ThET1.5


FrCT7.1, FrCT7.2, FrCT7.3, FrCT7.5, SaBPo11.5, SaBPo11.12

Neuromuscular disease

FrET11.4, SaBPo11.1, SaCT7.5

Neuron modeling

FrBPo10.1, FrBPo10.2, FrBPo10.4, FrBPo10.5, FrBPo10.6, FrBPo10.7, FrBPo10.8, SaAT5.5, SaDPo10.1, SaDPo10.11, SaDPo10.16, SaPL1.1, SuAT4.2, SuAT4.4, SuAT4.5, SuAT4.6, ThET10.5, ThET2.1, ThET2.3, ThET7.4

Neuropsychiatric disorders

FrET11.1, FrET11.6, SaBPo10.3

New transducer technologies and methods

FrBPo06.5, FrBPo06.8, FrBPo06.9, FrBPo06.14, SaDPo07.1, SuAT9.5, SuBT2.1, ThAT7.1, ThAT7.2, ThAT7.4, ThBPo08.6, ThBPo08.10, ThDPo07.12

Non-linear cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory relations

FrAT8.3, FrAT8.6, FrBPo09.5, FrCT8.1, FrCT8.2, FrCT8.4, FrCT8.6, FrDPo11.1, FrDPo11.3, FrPL2.1, ThDPo09.11

Nonlinear analysis

FrBPo02.1, FrBPo02.2, FrBPo02.3, FrBPo02.4, FrBPo02.6, FrBPo02.7, FrBPo02.8, FrBPo02.9, FrBPo02.10, FrBPo02.11, FrBPo02.12, FrBPo02.14, FrBPo14.1, FrBPo14.2, FrBPo14.5, FrDPo02.7, SaBPo03.1, SaDPo03.3, SaET2.2, SaET9.4, SuAT1.1, SuBT1.3, SuBT5.1, ThAT9.4, ThBT13.1, ThCT2.5, ThDPo01.1, ThDPo01.2, ThDPo01.5, ThDPo02.5, ThET3.1, ThET3.2, ThET3.3, ThET3.4, ThET3.6, ThET4.6

Nonlinear coupling

FrBPo02.1, FrBPo02.4, FrCT2.5, FrDPo02.7, SaBPo03.5

Nonlinear dynamics

FrBPo02.1, FrBPo02.3, FrBPo02.4, FrBPo02.5, FrBPo02.6, FrBPo02.7, FrBPo02.8, FrBPo02.10, FrBPo02.11, FrBPo02.12, FrCT2.3, FrDPo02.8, SuBT5.1, ThBPo02.1, ThBPo02.4, ThBPo02.9

Nonlinear synchronization

FrCT2.4, FrCT2.5

Nonlinear system identification

FrBPo02.13, FrBPo02.15, FrET10.1, SaBPo01.1, ThBPo02.5, ThBPo02.11, ThDPo01.2, ThDPo02.18

Nonstationary processing

FrAT4.1, FrAT4.2, FrAT4.3, FrAT4.4, FrAT4.5, FrAT4.6, FrBPo14.5, FrBPo14.7, FrBPo14.14, FrCT2.5, FrCT3.5, FrDPo01.1, SaAT1.5, SaBPo01.3, SaBPo02.1, SaDPo04.6, SuAT1.5, SuBT1.2, SuBT1.4, ThAT9.1, ThAT9.5, ThBPo02.1, ThBPo02.8, ThCT6.2, ThET3.5

Novel applications of bioinformatics algorithms

SaBPo08.5, SaBPo08.7, SaCT11.2, SaCT11.3, SaCT11.6, SaDPo09.5, SuAT11.1, SuAT11.5, SuBT11.4, ThBPo09.6, ThDPo08.2, ThDPo08.4

Novel approaches to BME education

FrAT13.1, FrCT12.1, FrCT12.2, FrCT12.4, FrCT13.1, FrET13.1, SaET13.1, ThDPo15.1, ThDPo15.3, ThDPo15.4

Novel technologies and tools for bioinformatics

FrBPo08.4, FrBPo08.9, FrBPo08.10, SaAT11.3, SaAT11.4, SaAT11.6, SaBPo08.2, SaBPo08.6, SaDPo09.5, SaET11.5, SuAT11.2, SuAT11.6, SuBT11.4, ThDPo08.1, ThDPo08.2, ThDPo08.3, ThDPo08.4, ThDPo08.5, ThDPo08.6, ThDPo08.10, ThDPo08.11, ThDPo08.12



Obstructive sleep apnea

FrET8.1, FrET8.3, FrET8.5, FrET8.6

Optical and fluorescence microscopy

FrBPo05.2, FrDPo08.1, FrDPo09.1, SaBPo07.3, SaBPo07.11, ThAT11.6, ThBPo03.5, ThBPo03.6

Optical and photonic sensors and systems

FrBPo06.1, FrBPo06.2, FrBPo06.10, FrET3.5, FrET5.1, SaAT6.5, SaDPo08.4, SuAT8.1, SuAT9.1, SuAT9.2, SuAT9.3, SuAT9.4, SuAT9.5, SuAT9.6

Optical cellular imaging

FrBPo04.5, FrDPo07.6, ThBPo03.5, ThDPo04.1

Optical Coherence Tomographhy (OCT)

FrDPo05.3, SaBPo07.10

Optical imaging

FrBPo03.4, FrDPo05.3, FrDPo06.4, FrET10.6, SaAT8.1, SaAT8.2, SaAT8.3, SaAT8.4, SaAT8.5, SaAT8.6, SaBPo04.6, SaBPo07.5, SaBPo07.10, ThBPo06.5, ThDPo05.3, ThDPo05.4, ThDPo05.5

Optical molecular imaging

FrAT5.1, FrDPo07.7, SaAT8.5, ThBPo03.5, ThBPo06.5

Other computer-assisted surgery

FrAT6.4, FrDPo12.11, SaCT9.1, SuAT7.2, SuAT7.4, ThAT5.2, ThAT5.3, ThAT5.6


FrAT11.5, ThBPo13.1




ThBT13.5, ThET8.1, ThET8.3, ThET8.4

Pacemakers, defibrillators

SaBPo14.10, SuAT10.1, SuAT10.2, SuAT10.3, ThAT1.3

Parallel MRI

FrAT10.4, FrAT10.5, SuBT3.4, ThBPo05.5, ThET5.2, ThET5.3, ThET5.4, ThET5.5, ThET5.6

Parametric image reconstruction

FrBPo03.6, FrBPo05.1, FrDPo03.1, SuBT9.3, ThET5.4

Parametric spectral estimation

FrAT4.4, FrBPo14.6, FrBPo14.13, FrCT2.6, FrDPo01.3, FrET9.2, SaBPo03.5, SaDPo03.2, ThDPo01.6, ThDPo02.21

Parkinson's disease

SaAT7.4, SaDPo11.3, ThET9.1, ThET9.3, ThET9.4, ThET9.5, ThET9.6

Particle filter


Particle swarm optimization


Pathophysiology of autonomic control

FrAT8.1, FrAT8.3, FrAT8.4, FrAT8.5, FrAT8.6, ThBT13.2, ThET8.6

Pattern recognition

FrBPo02.3, FrBPo14.8, FrBPo15.1, FrBPo15.5, FrDPo02.2, SaDPo02.2, SaDPo02.4, SaDPo02.5, SaDPo03.6, SaDPo04.11, SaET1.3, SaET2.1, SaET2.2, SaET2.3, SaET2.4, SaET2.5, SaET2.6, SaET9.4, SuAT1.3, SuAT1.4, ThCT6.1, ThCT6.3, ThCT6.7, ThDPo02.1, ThDPo02.4, ThDPo02.11, ThDPo02.12, ThDPo02.15, ThDPo02.16, ThDPo02.18, ThDPo02.24, ThET3.5, ThET4.1, ThET4.6



Performance evaluation

FrAT5.6, FrBPo03.4, FrBPo03.5, FrCT4.4, FrCT4.6, FrCT5.5, SaBPo07.3, SuBT3.2, SuBT6.4, SuBT9.1, SuBT9.3, ThBPo07.1, ThCT13.2, ThCT3.3, ThDPo03.5, ThET5.1

Peripheral mechanisms

SaAT7.4, SaBPo10.14, SaBPo11.24, SaCT7.2, SaDPo12.6, SaDPo12.7, SaDPo12.8, SaET7.4, SaET7.5, ThET9.1

Personal health record systems

FrAT12.3, FrCT11.6, FrDPo13.3, FrDPo14.2, FrET8.2, SaAT12.4, SaAT12.5, SaBPo13.8, SaCT12.4, SaDPo15.1, SaDPo15.4, SaDPo15.5, SaDPo15.9, SaDPo15.10, SuBT7.1, SuBT7.3, ThBPo15.6, ThBPo15.10, ThBPo15.13, ThDPo10.2, ThDPo10.5, ThDPo11.1, ThDPo12.5, ThDPo13.9, ThDPo14.1, ThDPo14.2, ThDPo14.3, ThDPo14.4, ThDPo14.5, ThDPo14.7, ThET11.4, ThET11.5

Phase locking estimation


Physical, acoustic, thermal, mechanical sensors and systems

FrBPo06.3, FrBPo06.4, FrBPo06.5, FrBPo06.6, FrBPo06.11, FrBPo06.12, FrBPo06.14, FrBPo06.15, FrBPo07.3, FrCT6.1, FrDPo10.7, SaDPo08.3, SaDPo08.7, SuAT5.2, SuAT9.2, SuBT2.1, ThAT7.1, ThAT7.3, ThAT7.4, ThBPo08.8

Physiological modeling

FrBPo02.11, FrBPo02.13, FrBPo14.6, FrCT3.1, FrDPo01.4, FrDPo02.11, SaBPo03.3, SaDPo03.2, SaDPo03.3, SaDPo03.5, SaDPo04.2, SaDPo04.5, SaET9.1, SuAT1.4, SuBT5.2, ThBPo02.3, ThBPo02.8, ThBPo02.9, ThBPo02.16, ThBPo02.20, ThBPo06.1, ThCT2.2, ThCT2.3, ThCT2.4, ThCT2.5, ThDPo01.1, ThDPo01.2, ThDPo01.4, ThDPo01.5, ThDPo01.6, ThDPo01.7, ThDPo02.5, ThET3.1, ThET4.2

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

ThBPo04.1, ThBPo04.4, ThBPo04.9

Planning and execution

FrAT6.4, FrDPo12.8, FrDPo12.12, SuAT7.2, SuAT7.5, ThAT5.5

Postural & balance


Posture & balance

FrBPo10.9, FrDPo14.8, SaBPo10.6, SaBPo10.8, SaBPo11.1, SaCT7.2, SaCT7.3, SaCT7.4, SaCT7.5, SaCT7.6, SaDPo12.2, SaDPo12.3, SaDPo12.10, ThET9.4



Principal component analysis

FrAT3.2, FrAT3.3, FrBPo15.3, FrET1.3, FrET1.4, FrET9.6, SaCT1.1, SaCT1.2, SaCT1.3, SaCT1.4, SaCT1.5, SaCT1.6, SaDPo01.2, SaDPo01.3, SaDPo02.2, SaDPo03.4, SaET1.2, ThBPo01.1, ThBPo02.6, ThBPo02.21, ThET3.6

Prosthetic devices (internal)

FrBPo11.3, FrDPo12.3, ThET1.5

Prosthetics & orthotics

FrAT9.6, FrET7.1, FrET7.2, SaBPo10.10, SaBPo11.3, SaBPo11.13, SaBPo11.19, SaBPo11.24, SaDPo10.18, SaDPo11.2, SuPL1.1, ThAT10.2, ThAT10.5

Protein mechanics


Protein signatures and molecular markers


Pulmonary biomechanics

FrBPo09.2, FrBPo09.4

Pulse sequence

FrET4.5, SaBPo04.16, SuBT3.1, SuBT3.3, SuBT3.4, SuBT6.5, ThCT13.3

Pulse wave velocity

ThDPo09.3, ThDPo09.4, ThDPo09.10, ThDPo09.12, ThDPo09.13, ThDPo09.15



Quality and health information systems

FrCT9.5, FrDPo13.2, SaDPo13.1, SaDPo13.3, SaDPo13.5, SaDPo13.6, SaET4.5, ThAT10.1, ThBPo13.4



Radial-basis function networks

FrBPo01.3, SaDPo03.4

Recurrent networks


Region-of-interest imaging

FrCT4.1, SuBT9.1, ThBPo04.6, ThDPo03.9

Regularized image reconstructon

FrCT4.4, FrCT4.6, FrCT5.1, FrCT5.2, FrCT5.3, FrCT5.4, FrDPo05.1, SaBPo06.1, SaCT8.5, SuBT6.4, ThAT6.1, ThBPo05.1, ThBPo05.2, ThBPo06.3, ThBPo06.6, ThCT13.1

Regulatory issues

FrBPo11.5, SaDPo13.8, SaDPo13.9, ThBPo13.5

Remote diagnostics and care

FrAT12.3, FrBPo13.4, FrCT11.2, FrCT11.3, FrCT11.5, FrCT11.6, FrDPo14.3, SaBPo13.1, SaBPo13.5, SaCT12.1, SaCT12.3, SaCT12.6, SaDPo14.3, SaDPo14.4, SaET6.1, SaET6.4, SaET6.5, SuBT7.2, SuBT7.4, SuBT7.5, ThBPo15.1, ThBPo15.4, ThBPo15.5, ThBPo15.7, ThBPo15.8, ThBPo15.9, ThBPo15.10, ThBPo15.11, ThBPo15.14, ThBPo15.15, ThDPo10.3, ThDPo10.5, ThDPo13.1, ThDPo13.3, ThDPo13.8, ThDPo14.6, ThDPo14.7, ThET11.3

Remote surgery systems / Telesurgery

FrDPo12.4, FrDPo12.5, SuAT7.3

RF and microwave ablation

SaBPo14.4, SaBPo14.6, SaBPo14.7, SaBPo14.8, ThAT12.1, ThAT12.2, ThAT12.3, ThAT12.4, ThAT12.5, ThAT12.6, ThBPo13.3

RF coil technology

FrAT10.1, FrAT10.2, FrAT10.3, FrAT10.4, FrAT10.5, ThBPo05.5, ThET5.1

RFID and supply chain optimization

SaET6.3, ThDPo11.2, ThDPo11.3

Rigid-body image registration

FrBPo05.2, FrBPo05.6, SaAT3.2, SaAT3.3, SaAT3.4, SaAT8.4, SaBPo05.3, SaBPo07.3, SaET8.1, SaET8.2, SaET8.3, SaET8.4, SaET8.5, SaET8.6, ThBPo05.3

Robotic design of prosthetics and orthotics

FrET6.4, SaBPo12.3, SaBPo12.5


FrAT7.1, FrAT7.2, FrAT7.3, FrAT7.4, FrET7.3, FrET7.4, FrET7.5, FrET7.6, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.13, SaBPo11.14, SaBPo11.15, SaBPo11.16, SaBPo11.17, SaBPo11.21, SaBPo11.23, SaCT5.4, SaDPo10.17, ThAT10.2, ThAT10.5, ThBPo12.6



Safety and efficacy

FrAT7.5, FrCT9.3, FrCT9.4, FrCT9.5, FrDPo13.1, FrDPo13.4, FrDPo13.6, FrDPo13.7, SaBPo08.3, SaBPo14.7, SaBPo14.10, SaCT6.2, SaDPo13.3, SaDPo13.4, SuAT10.4, SuAT10.5, SuAT2.1, SuBT5.4, SuBT5.5, ThAT12.2, ThBPo13.5, ThBPo14.4, ThET1.5

Scaffold design


Semantic interoperability


Sensor technologies and systems enabling smart homes

FrBPo07.1, FrBPo07.2, FrBPo07.3, FrBPo07.5, SaAT6.6, SaCT3.3, SaET3.2, ThCT9.2, ThDPo07.2, ThET6.3

Sensor-based systems for monitoring

FrBPo06.10, FrBPo07.1, FrBPo07.6, FrDPo10.3, FrDPo10.14, FrDPo10.15, FrET5.2, FrET5.3, FrET5.4, FrET5.5, SaAT2.5, SaAT6.1, SaAT6.6, SaCT3.3, SaDPo07.2, SaDPo07.5, SaDPo07.6, SaDPo07.10, SaDPo08.15, SaET3.2, SaET3.4, SaET3.5, SuAT9.3, SuBT2.4, ThBPo08.1, ThBPo08.2, ThBPo08.3, ThBPo08.4, ThBPo08.5, ThBPo08.6, ThBPo08.7, ThBPo08.8, ThBPo08.9, ThBPo08.10, ThBPo08.11, ThBPo08.12, ThBPo08.13, ThCT7.1, ThCT9.1, ThCT9.3, ThCT9.4, ThDPo06.1, ThDPo06.4, ThDPo06.6, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.4, ThDPo07.6, ThDPo07.10, ThET6.1, ThET6.4, ThET6.5

Sensors and systems enabling e-health, m-health and p-health

FrAT2.5, FrBPo06.9, FrBPo07.1, FrBPo07.2, FrBPo07.4, FrBPo07.5, FrET5.2, SaAT6.1, SaAT6.2, SaCT3.4, SaCT3.5, SaCT3.6, SaET3.1, SaET3.2, SaET3.3, SaET3.6, SuAT9.1, SuBT8.6, ThAT7.2, ThCT9.1, ThDPo07.2, ThDPo07.6, ThDPo07.10, ThDPo07.12, ThDPo07.13, ThET6.6

Sensory enhancement technologies

FrCT10.5, SaBPo11.23, SaCT10.5

Signal processing

FrAT9.2, FrAT9.5, FrBPo10.3, FrCT10.2, FrCT10.3, FrCT10.5, FrET11.6, FrET7.5, SaAT9.2, SaAT9.4, SaAT9.5, SaAT9.6, SaBPo09.2, SaBPo09.3, SaBPo10.3, SaBPo11.4, SaBPo11.11, SaCT10.1, SaCT10.3, SaCT10.5, SaCT5.1, SaCT5.3, SaDPo10.2, SaDPo10.3, SaDPo10.4, SaDPo10.5, SaDPo10.6, SaDPo10.7, SaDPo10.8, SaDPo10.9, SaDPo10.10, SaDPo10.11, SaDPo10.12, SaDPo10.13, SaDPo10.14, SaDPo10.15, SaDPo10.16, SaDPo10.17, SaDPo10.18, SaDPo10.19, SaDPo10.20, SaDPo10.21, SaDPo11.1, SaDPo11.2, SaDPo12.4, SaET5.1, SaET5.2, SaET5.5, SaET5.6, SuAT4.4, ThAT10.3, ThAT10.4, ThAT10.6, ThAT13.3, ThAT4.1, ThAT4.2, ThAT4.3, ThAT4.4, ThAT4.5, ThAT4.6, ThBPo12.3, ThBPo12.8, ThBPo12.10, ThBPo12.12, ThBPo12.14, ThCT10.1, ThCT10.3, ThCT10.5, ThCT10.6, ThET7.1, ThET7.3, ThET7.4, ThET9.6

Signals and systems

FrAT3.1, FrAT3.4, FrAT3.5, FrAT4.5, FrAT4.6, FrBPo01.4, FrBPo02.2, FrBPo02.5, FrBPo02.7, FrBPo02.15, FrBPo14.1, FrBPo14.2, FrBPo14.3, FrBPo14.4, FrBPo14.5, FrBPo14.11, FrBPo15.1, FrBPo15.2, FrBPo15.5, FrCT2.1, FrCT2.3, FrCT3.6, FrDPo01.4, FrDPo02.6, FrDPo02.8, FrDPo02.10, FrET9.1, SaBPo02.4, SaBPo03.1, SaBPo03.2, SaBPo03.3, SaBPo03.4, SaBPo03.5, SaBPo03.6, SaCT1.6, SaDPo02.4, SaDPo03.2, SaDPo03.3, SaDPo04.1, SaDPo04.2, SaDPo04.3, SaDPo04.4, SaDPo04.5, SaDPo04.6, SaDPo04.7, SaDPo04.8, SaDPo04.9, SaDPo04.11, SaDPo04.13, SaDPo04.14, SaET1.2, SaET1.6, SaET2.4, SaET2.6, SaET9.1, SaET9.2, SaET9.3, SaET9.4, SuAT1.3, SuBT1.1, SuBT5.2, ThAT3.2, ThAT9.4, ThBPo01.3, ThBPo01.4, ThBPo02.2, ThBPo02.4, ThBPo02.5, ThBPo02.7, ThBPo02.12, ThBPo02.13, ThBPo02.16, ThBPo02.17, ThBPo02.18, ThCT2.3, ThCT2.4, ThCT6.4, ThCT6.5, ThDPo01.4, ThDPo02.17, ThDPo02.19, ThET3.2, ThET4.5

Smart fabrics, interactive textile

FrAT2.5, FrBPo07.2, SaAT6.3, SaAT6.5, SaET3.5, ThDPo07.8, ThDPo07.9

Smart materials

FrBPo06.13, SuBT4.3

Smartness, ubiquity and low power consumption

FrBPo07.4, FrBPo07.6, FrBPo07.7, FrBPo07.8, FrBPo07.9, FrBPo07.12, SaDPo08.10, SuBT8.3, SuBT8.5, ThBPo08.12, ThDPo06.3, ThDPo06.5, ThDPo07.8


FrCT12.5, SaAT13.1, ThDPo15.5, ThDPo15.6




FrET11.2, FrET11.3, FrET7.4, SaBPo10.4, SaBPo10.5, SaBPo10.10, SaBPo10.11, SaBPo10.12, SaBPo11.6, SaBPo11.16, SaDPo12.8, ThAT10.3

Structural bioinformatics

FrBPo05.8, SaBPo08.6, ThDPo08.7, ThDPo08.8, ThDPo08.9, ThDPo08.10

Supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias

ThAT8.2, ThAT8.5, ThAT8.6, ThBPo10.1, ThBPo10.3, ThBPo10.6, ThBPo10.7, ThBT13.5, ThCT8.4, ThET8.3, ThET8.4, ThET8.5

Surgical robotics

FrAT6.1, FrAT6.3, FrAT6.4, FrAT6.5, FrAT6.6, FrDPo12.4, FrDPo12.8, FrDPo12.9, FrDPo12.10, FrDPo12.12, FrET6.1, SuAT7.1, SuAT7.2, SuAT7.3, SuAT7.4, SuAT7.5, SuAT7.6

Systems and services for ambulatory care

FrAT12.4, FrBPo13.3, FrCT11.2, FrDPo14.7, SaBPo13.7, SaDPo15.3, SaDPo15.6, SaDPo15.8, SaET6.1, SaET6.3, ThBPo15.2, ThBPo15.6, ThDPo10.2, ThDPo10.6, ThDPo15.7, ThET11.6

Systems and services for assisted living

FrAT12.1, FrAT12.5, FrBPo13.1, FrBPo13.2, FrBPo13.3, FrBPo13.4, FrDPo14.1, FrDPo14.4, FrDPo14.5, FrDPo14.6, SaAT12.3, SaBPo13.8, SaCT12.1, SaCT12.2, SaCT12.3, SaCT12.4, SaDPo15.2, SaDPo15.3, SaDPo15.4, SaDPo15.6, SaDPo15.7, SaDPo15.8, SaET6.2, SuBT7.5, ThAT13.1, ThBPo15.2, ThBPo15.8, ThBPo15.12, ThDPo10.4, ThDPo14.4, ThDPo14.8, ThDPo15.7, ThET11.2

Systems and services for home care

FrAT12.2, FrAT12.3, FrAT12.4, FrAT12.5, FrBPo13.2, FrBPo13.3, FrBPo13.4, FrDPo14.1, FrDPo14.3, FrDPo14.5, FrDPo14.6, FrDPo14.7, SaAT12.5, SaBPo13.7, SaBPo13.8, SaCT12.2, SaCT12.3, SaCT12.5, SaDPo15.6, SaDPo15.7, SaDPo15.8, SaDPo15.9, SaDPo15.10, SaET6.2, SaET6.4, SuBT7.2, SuBT7.3, SuBT7.5, ThAT13.1, ThBPo15.12, ThDPo10.3, ThDPo13.9, ThDPo13.10, ThDPo14.1, ThDPo14.2, ThDPo14.3, ThDPo14.7, ThDPo15.7, ThET11.6



Tactile displays and perception

FrAT6.1, FrET6.3, SaBPo12.2

Teaching commercialization

SaDPo07.9, ThDPo15.3

Teaching design

FrCT12.2, FrCT12.3, FrCT12.4, ThDPo15.2, ThDPo15.3, ThDPo15.4, ThDPo15.9

Technologies and systems for in vitro bioanalysis

FrBPo07.15, FrBPo07.16, FrDPo10.11, FrET3.2, SaDPo07.3, SaDPo08.13, SuBT2.5, ThAT2.1, ThCT7.3, ThCT7.4

Technology in catheterization

ThBPo10.2, ThDPo09.6, ThET8.2


FrAT9.5, FrAT9.6, SaBPo11.1



Textile sensors and actuators

SaAT6.3, SaET3.5, ThBPo08.14, ThCT7.1, ThDPo07.9

Therapeutic devices

FrAT1.6, FrAT11.1, FrAT11.4, FrAT11.5, FrAT7.5, FrAT7.6, FrBPo11.2, FrBPo11.3, FrBPo11.5, FrBPo12.1, FrCT1.1, FrDPo12.3, FrDPo13.4, SaAT4.1, SaAT4.2, SaAT4.3, SaAT4.4, SaBPo10.2, SaBPo14.1, SaBPo14.2, SaBPo14.3, SaBPo14.6, SaBPo14.8, SaCT4.1, SaCT6.4, SaDPo12.1, SaDPo13.4, SuAT10.2, SuBT5.3, ThAT12.1, ThAT12.6, ThBPo13.3, ThBPo14.3, ThBPo14.5, ThBPo14.6, ThBPo14.7, ThBPo14.8, ThBPo14.11, ThCT1.3, ThET1.3

Therapeutic robotics

FrET6.5, SaBPo12.4

Therapeutic Ultrasound

SaCT4.3, SaCT4.4, SaCT4.5, SaDPo05.2, ThAT6.2


FrAT4.1, FrAT4.2, FrAT4.3, FrAT4.5, FrBPo02.5, FrBPo02.6, FrBPo14.6, FrBPo14.7, FrBPo14.8, FrBPo14.9, FrBPo14.10, FrBPo14.11, FrBPo14.12, FrBPo14.13, FrBPo14.14, FrCT2.1, FrCT3.1, FrCT3.2, FrCT3.3, FrCT3.6, FrDPo01.3, FrDPo02.2, FrDPo02.3, FrET9.3, SaAT1.4, SaAT1.5, SaBPo03.2, SaCT1.5, SaDPo03.6, SaDPo04.6, SaDPo04.7, SaDPo04.10, SaET9.5, SuBT1.1, SuBT1.2, SuBT1.3, SuBT1.4, SuBT1.5, SuBT1.6, ThBPo01.1, ThBPo02.3, ThBT13.1, ThCT2.1, ThCT2.6, ThCT6.2, ThCT6.6, ThDPo02.6, ThDPo02.7, ThDPo02.10, ThET3.2, ThET3.4, ThET3.5, ThET4.5, ThET4.6

Time-frequency, time-scale analysis of cardiovascular variability

FrAT8.1, FrAT8.5, FrCT8.3, FrCT8.4, FrCT8.6, ThBT13.2, ThET8.6

Time-frequency, time-scale analysis of respiratory variability



FrBPo14.3, FrBPo14.4, FrCT3.4, FrCT3.5, FrDPo02.3, SaBPo02.4, SaDPo04.1, SaET2.1, SaET9.5, ThBPo01.4, ThBPo02.2, ThDPo01.7

Tissue engineering

FrET12.2, FrET12.3, FrET12.4, FrET12.5, FrET12.6

Tissue-electrode interface

FrAT9.2, FrAT9.3, SaBPo10.4, SaBPo11.2, SaDPo10.16, ThET10.2, ThET2.5

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

SaBPo11.18, SaBPo11.22

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Traumatic brain injury

FrET11.5, SaBPo10.13, SaBPo11.10

Treatment methodologies

FrCT7.1, FrPL1.1, SaBPo10.7, SaBPo10.14, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.17, ThET10.5



Ultrasonic interventional imaging

FrDPo03.1, FrDPo03.4, FrDPo03.5, FrDPo04.1, SaBPo05.5, SaET4.2, SaET4.4, SaET4.6, SuAT6.4

Ultrasonic prenatal imaging


Ultrasound cardiac imaging

FrBPo12.6, FrDPo03.2, FrDPo03.6, SaDPo05.5, SaET4.3, ThAT11.4, ThAT11.5, ThBPo05.6, ThBT13.3

Ultrasound molecular imaging






Ventricle assisted devices

ThCT8.6, ThDPo09.7, ThDPo09.14

Ventricular assist devices


Ventricular elastance

ThCT8.3, ThCT8.5, ThCT8.6

Ventricular models

SaAT7.6, ThAT8.5, ThBT13.5, ThDPo09.9, ThET8.4

Virtual reality in bio-robotics

FrDPo12.7, ThAT5.4

Virtual reality in neural engineering

FrET7.6, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.20, SaCT10.5, ThBPo12.2, ThBPo12.5, ThET7.1, ThET9.3

Virtualized reality for robotic surgery

FrAT6.2, FrDPo12.7, FrDPo12.9, ThAT5.5

Volterra Wiener models

FrBPo02.10, FrBPo02.13, FrBPo02.15




FrBPo01.3, FrBPo15.4, FrCT2.4, FrCT3.2, FrCT3.3, FrCT3.4, FrCT3.5, FrDPo02.1, FrDPo02.2, FrDPo02.3, FrDPo02.4, FrDPo02.5, FrDPo02.6, FrDPo02.7, FrDPo02.8, FrDPo02.9, FrDPo02.10, FrDPo02.11, FrDPo02.12, FrET10.1, SaAT1.2, SaAT1.4, SaDPo02.4, SaDPo04.11, SaET2.5, ThAT13.5, ThBPo02.10, ThBPo02.22, ThCT6.5, ThCT6.7, ThDPo02.2, ThDPo02.6, ThDPo02.8, ThDPo02.13, ThDPo02.14, ThDPo02.20, ThDPo02.23, ThET7.2

Wearable and portable communicative systems

FrBPo07.3, FrBPo07.8, FrBPo07.9, FrBPo07.10, FrBPo07.11, FrBPo07.14, FrBPo07.17, FrBPo07.18, FrET3.5, FrET5.6, SaAT6.3, SaCT3.2, SaCT3.5, SuBT8.4, SuBT8.6, ThBPo08.11, ThBPo08.12, ThBPo08.14, ThCT9.2, ThDPo06.5, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.5, ThDPo07.7, ThET6.1

Wireless non-implantable biomedical sensors

FrBPo07.6, FrBPo07.7, FrBPo07.8, FrBPo07.9, FrBPo07.10, SaAT6.4, SaCT3.3, SaCT3.4, SaDPo07.10, SaDPo08.2, SaDPo08.11, SaDPo08.16, SaET3.1, SaET3.6, SuBT2.2, SuBT8.2, SuBT8.4, ThBPo08.7, ThCT9.1, ThCT9.5, ThDPo06.1, ThDPo06.3, ThDPo06.4, ThDPo06.5, ThDPo06.6, ThDPo07.11

Wireless/ubiquitous medical devices

FrAT12.2, FrAT12.4, FrCT11.2, FrCT11.3, FrDPo14.7, FrET8.2, SaBPo13.5, SaBPo13.7, SaCT12.1, SaCT12.2, SaCT12.5, SaDPo15.1, SaET6.3, SaET6.5, ThAT13.1, ThBPo15.1, ThBPo15.3, ThBPo15.4, ThBPo15.5, ThBPo15.6, ThBPo15.7, ThBPo15.8, ThBPo15.10, ThBPo15.11, ThBPo15.13, ThBPo15.14, ThDPo06.2, ThDPo09.16, ThDPo10.1, ThDPo10.2, ThDPo10.3, ThDPo10.5, ThDPo10.6, ThDPo11.2, ThDPo11.3, ThDPo13.3, ThDPo14.2, ThDPo14.3, ThDPo14.4, ThDPo14.6, ThDPo14.8, ThDPo14.9, ThET11.1, ThET11.2, ThET11.4, ThET11.6



X-ray CT

FrCT4.3, FrCT4.4, FrCT4.5, FrCT4.6, FrCT5.1, FrCT5.6, FrDPo04.3, FrDPo04.4, FrDPo07.10, FrDPo08.6, FrDPo08.7, SaAT3.3, SaAT3.4, SaBPo05.10, SaET8.3, SaET8.6, ThAT11.1, ThBPo07.3, ThBPo07.6, ThCT4.2

X-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

FrAT5.5, FrBPo04.4, FrBPo04.7, FrCT4.2, FrCT5.5, FrDPo06.1, SaAT3.2, SaAT3.3, SaAT3.4, SaAT3.6, SaBPo05.2, SaBPo05.6, SaDPo05.3, SaDPo05.6, ThBPo04.6, ThBPo04.8, ThBPo04.10, ThBPo07.2, ThBT13.4, ThCT4.2, ThCT4.3