The 31st Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference, Sept. 2-6, 2009, Hilton Minneapolis, MN, USA


31st Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference
September, 2-6, 2009, Hilton Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Saturday September 5, 2009

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SaPL1 Plenary Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon D Add to My Program 
Plenary Lecture III  
Chair: Pan, XiaochuanUniv. of Chicago
08:30-09:30, Paper SaPL1.1 Add to My Program
Biological Engineering & Systems Biology – New Opportunities for Engineers in Biotech/Pharma Industry
Lauffenburger, DouglasMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
SaKN4L Keynote Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon A Add to My Program 
Theme Keynote IV  
Chair: Wheeler, BruceUniv. of Florida
09:40-11:10, Paper SaKN4L.1 Add to My Program
Molecular Imaging with PET, a Revolution in Biological Research and Practice of Medicine
Alavi, AbassUniv. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
SaA01 Oral Session, Conrad B Add to My Program 
Biomedical Modelling  
Chair: Ming, DongTianjin Univ
Co-Chair: Beard, Daniel A.Medical Coll. of Wisconsin
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA01.1 Add to My Program
Forecasting Intracranial Pressure Elevation Using Pulse Waveform Morphology
Hamilton, RobertUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Xu, PengUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Vespa, PaulUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Bergsneider, MarvinUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Hu, XiaoUniv. of California, Los Angeles
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA01.2 Add to My Program
Enhanced EMG Signal Processing for Simultaneous and Proportional Myoelectric Control
Nielsen, Johnny Luther GredalAalborg Univ
Holmgaard, SteffenAalborg Univ
Jiang, NingAalborg Univ
Farina, DarioAalborg Univ
parker, philipUniv. of New Brunswick
Englehart, KevinUniv. of New Brunswick
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA01.3 Add to My Program
A Fuzzy Logic Model for Hand Posture Control Using Human Cortical Activty Recorded by Micro-ECoG Electrodes
vinjamuri, ramanaUniv. of Pittsburgh
Weber, DouglasUniv. of Pittsburgh
Degenhart, AlanUniv. of Pittsburgh
Collinger, JenniferUniv. of Pittsburgh
Sudre, GustavoCarnegie Melon Univ
Adelson, P. DavidChildren's Neuroscience Inst. Phoenix Children's Hospital
Holder, DeborahUniv. of Pittsburgh
Boninger, MichaelUniv. of Pittsburgh
Schwartz, AndrewUniv. of Pittsburgh
Crammond, DonaldUniv. of Pittsburgh
Tyler-Kabara, ElizabethUniv. of Pittsburgh
Wang, WeiUniv. of Pittsburgh
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA01.4 Add to My Program
Data Mining of Patients on Weaning Trials from Mechanical Ventilation Using Cluster Analysis and Neural Networks
Arizmendi, CarlosTech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Romero, EnriqueTech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Alquezar, RenéTech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Caminal, PereTech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Diaz, IvanHospital De La Santa Creu I Sant Pau
Benito, SalvadorHospital De La Santa Creu I Sant Pau
Giraldo, BeatrizUniv. Poiltècnica De Catalunya
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA01.5 Add to My Program
Electroencephalograph (EEG) Signal Processing Method of Motor Imaginary Potential for Attention Level Classification (I)
Ming, DongTianjin Univ
QI, HongzhiTianjin Univ
Cheng, LonglongTianjin Univ
Wan, Bai-kunTianjin Univ
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA01.6 Add to My Program
RBF Kernel Based Support Vector Regression to Estimate the Blood Volume and Heart Rate Responses During Hemodialysis
Javed, FaizanUniv. of New South Wales
Chan, Gregory S HThe Univ. of New South Wales
Savkin, AndreyUniv. of New South Wales
Middleton, Paul MacConachieUniv. of New South Wales
Malouf, PhilipPrince of Wales Hospital, Sydney
Elizabeth, SteelPrince of Wales Hospital Sydney
Mackie, JamesPrince of Wales Hospital, Sydney
Lovell, Nigel HUniv. of New South Wales
SaA02 Oral Session, Conrad C Add to My Program 
Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Biomedical Signals  
Chair: Westwick, DavidUniv. of Calgary
Co-Chair: Kearney, Robert EdwardMcGill Univ
Organizer: Westwick, DavidUniv. of Calgary
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA02.1 Add to My Program
Monitoring Cardiac Output and Left Atrial Pressure by Analysis of the Right Ventricular Pressure Waveform Based on Missing Output Identification (I)
Xu, DaMichigan State Univ
Olivier, BariMichigan State Univ
Mukkamala, RamakrishnaMichigan State Univ
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA02.2 Add to My Program
Nonlinear, Data-Driven Modeling of Cardiorespiratory Control Mechanisms (I)
Mitsis, Georgios D.Univ. of Cyprus
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA02.3 Add to My Program
Identification of Hammerstein Systems Using Subspace Methods with Applications to Ankle Joint Stiffness (I)
Zhao, YongMcGill Univ
Kearney, Robert EdwardMcGill Univ
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA02.4 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Modeling and Identification of Stretch Reflex Dynamics Using Support Vector Machines (I)
Westwick, DavidUniv. of Calgary
Al Dhaifallah, MujahedUniv. of Calgary
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA02.5 Add to My Program
Multistate Lempel-Ziv Index Interpretation As a Measure of Amplitude and Complexity Changes
Sarlabous, LeonardoUniv. Pol. De Catalunya (UPC), Inst. for Bioeng
Torres, AbelUniv. Pol. De Catalunya (UPC), Inst. for Bioeng
Fiz Fernandez, José AntonioNavarra Hospital
Gea, JoaquimIMIM Hospital Del Mar, UPF, CIBERES
Galdiz, Juan BautistaHospital Cruces
Jané, RaimonUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA02.6 Add to My Program
Detection of Chaos in Human Fatigue Mechanomyography Signals
Xie, Hong-BoThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ
Zheng, YongpingThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ
Guo, Jing-YiThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ
SaA03 Oral Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon B Add to My Program 
MR Cardiovascular Imaging  
Chair: Ji, Jim XiuquanTexas A&M Univ
Co-Chair: Wang, YiCornell Univ
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA03.1 Add to My Program
Real-Time Cardiac MRI Using Prior Spatial-Spectral Information
Brinegar, CorneliusUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Zhang, HaosenPittsburgh NMR Center for Biomedical Res
Wu, Yijen L.Carnegie Mellon Univ
Foley, LesleyCarnegie Mellon Univ
Hitchens, T. KevinCarnegie Mellon Univ
Ye, QingCarnegie Mellon Univ
Pocci, DarrenUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lam, FanUniv. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Ho, ChienCarnegie Mellon Univ
Liang, Zhi-PeiUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA03.2 Add to My Program
A MRI Myocardial Perfusion Analysis Tool
Née, GuillaumeGreyc CNRS 6072 - Univ. De Caen - Ensicaen
Jehan-Besson, StéphanieLab. LIMOS
Brun, LucGreyc CNRS 6072 - Univ. De Caen - Ensicaen
Revenu, MarinetteGreyc CNRS 6072 - Univ. De Caen - Ensicaen
Hamon, MichèleCHU Caen
Hamon, MartialCHU Caen
Perrin, MurielGE
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA03.3 Add to My Program
An Image Processing Algorithm for the In-Vivo Quantification and Visualization of Septum Motion in Type III B - Aortic Dissections with Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Karmonik, ChristofThe Methodist Hospital Neurological Inst
Bismuth, JeanThe Methodist Hospital DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center
Davies, MarkThe Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center
Younes, HoussamThe Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center
Lumsden, AlanThe Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA03.4 Add to My Program
MR Investigation of the Coupling between Myocardial Fiber Architecture and Cardiac Contraction
Wu, YinShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Wu, Ed X.The Univ. of Hong Kong
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA03.5 Add to My Program
Segmentation and Length Measurement of the Abdominal Blood Vessels in 3D MRI Images
Babin, DaniloGhent Univ
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA03.6 Add to My Program
An Automated Quantification of the Transmural Myocardial Infarct Extent Using Cardiac DE-MR Images
EL-Berbari, RachaINSERM
Kachenoura, NadjiaINSERM
Herment, AlainINSERM
Mousseaux, ElieHEGP
Bloch, IsabelleTélécom ParisTech - CNRS UMR 5141 LTCI
SaA04 Oral Session, Duluth Room Add to My Program 
Ultrasound Imaging I  
Chair: Konofagou, ElisaColumbia Univ
Co-Chair: Laine, AndrewColumbia Univ
Organizer: Konofagou, ElisaColumbia Univ
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA04.1 Add to My Program
Key Parameters for Precise Lateral Displacement Estimation in Ultrasound Elastography (I)
Luo, JianwenColumbia Univ
Konofagou, ElisaColumbia Univ
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA04.2 Add to My Program
Measurement of Tissue Mechanical Properties with Shear Wave Dispersion Ultrasound Vibrometry (SDUV) (I)
Greenleaf, JamesMayo Clinic
Urban, MatthewMayo Clinic Coll. of Medicine
Chen, ShigaoMayo Clinic Coll. of Medicine
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA04.3 Add to My Program
Vibro-Acoustography Imaging Applications for the Prostate (I)
Fatemi, MostafaMayo Clinic
Mitri, Farid G.Mayo Clinic
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA04.4 Add to My Program
Screening of Thyroid Nodules by Ultrasound Elastography Using Diastolic Strain Variation (I)
Luo, SiUniv. of Washington
Kim, Eung-HunUniv. of Washington
Dighe, ManjiriUniv. of Washington
Kim, YongminUniv. of Washington
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA04.5 Add to My Program
Ultrasonic Viscoelasticity Imaging of Nonpalpable Breast Lesions (I)
Qiu, YupengUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Insana, Michael F.Univ. of Illinois
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA04.6 Add to My Program
In Vitro Renal Cortex Elasticity and Viscosity Measurements with Shearwave Dispersion Ultrasound Vibrometry (SDUV) on Swine Kidney
Amador, CarolinaMayo Clinic Coll. of Medicine
Urban, MatthewMayo Clinic Coll. of Medicine
Warner, LizetteMayo Clinic
Greenleaf, JamesMayo Clinic
SaA05 Oral Session, Marquette V Add to My Program 
Neuroimaging I  
Chair: Roth, BradleyOakland Univ
Co-Chair: Joy, Michael L.G.Univ. of Toronto
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA05.1 Add to My Program
Magnetic Resonance Electric Property Imaging of Brain Tissues
Zhang, XiaotongUniv. of Minnesota
Zhu, ShananZhejiang Univ
He, BinUniv. of Minnesota
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA05.2 Add to My Program
Functional MRI of Postnatal Visual Development in Normal Rat Superior Colliculi
Chan, Kevin C.The Univ. of Hong Kong
Xing, KaiThe Univ. of Hong Kong
Cheung, Matthew M.The Univ. of Hong Kong
Zhou, Iris YuwenThe Univ. of Hong Kong
Wu, Ed X.The Univ. of Hong Kong
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA05.3 Add to My Program
Extended Time-Frequency Granger Causality for Evaluation of Functional Network Connectivity in Event-Related FMRI Data
Havlicek, MartinBrno Univ. of Tech
Jan, JiriBrno Univ. of Tech
Calhoun, VinceThe Mind Res. Network/Univ. of New Mexico
Brazdil, MilanMasaryk Univ. Brno
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA05.4 Add to My Program
A Bayesian Spatio - Temporal Approach for the Analysis of Fmri Data with Non - Stationary Noise
Oikonomou, VangelisUniv. of Ioannina
Tripoliti, EvanthiaUniv. of Ioannina
Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.Univ. of Ioannina
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA05.5 Add to My Program
Effect on BOLD Sensitivity Due to Susceptibility-Induced Echo Time Shift in Spiral-In Based Functional MRI
Zhuo, YueUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sutton, Bradley P.Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
SaA06 Oral Session, Conrad A Add to My Program 
Sensor Technology  
Chair: Yao, GangUniv. of Missouri
Co-Chair: Wang, LeiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA06.1 Add to My Program
Accelerometer Based Measurement for the Mapping of Neck Surface Vibrations During Vocalized Speech
Nolan, MarkDublin Inst. of Tech
Madden, BrianDublin Inst. of Tech
Burke, EdwardDublin Inst. of Tech
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA06.2 Add to My Program
Intervention of Cardiomyocyte Death Based on the Impedance-Sensing Technique of Monitoring Cell Adhesion
Qiu, YilingBoston Univ
Liao, RonglihBrigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Zhang, XinBoston Univ
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA06.3 Add to My Program
Validation of Human Skin Models in the MHz Region
Huclova, SonjaETH Zurich
Froehlich, JuergETH Zurich
Falco, LisaSolianis Monitoring AG
Dewarrat, FrançoisSolianis Monitoring AG
Talary, Mark S.Solianis Monitoring AG
Vahldieck, RuedigerETH Zurich
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA06.4 Add to My Program
Monitoring Change of Body Fluids During Physical Exercise Using Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
Beckmann, LisaRWTH Aachen Univ
Hahne, SebastianRWTH Aachen Univ
Medrano, GuillermoAachen Univ
Kim, SaimRWTH Aachen Univ
Walter, MarianRWTH Aachen Univ
Leonhardt, SteffenRWTH Aachen Univ
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA06.5 Add to My Program
A Sensing Tube with an Integrated Piezoelectric Flow Sensor for Liver Transplantation
Jung, WooseokUniv. of Cincinnati
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA06.6 Add to My Program
An Low-Offset Analogue Front-End IC for Multi-Channel Physiological Signal Acquisition
ZHANG, JinyongShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Wang, LeiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
YU, LiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
YANG, YabeiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Zhang, Yuan-TingThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Li, BinSouth China Univ. of Tech
SaA07 Minisymposium, Marquette VII Add to My Program 
Minisymposium: Frontier of Nano Magnetic Materials, Devices and Systems in
Biomedical Applications
Chair: Wang, JianpingUniv. of Minnesota
Co-Chair: Neuman, MichaelMichigan Tech. Univ
Organizer: Neuman, MichaelMichigan Tech. Univ
Organizer: Wang, Jian-PingUniv. of Minnesota
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA07.1 Add to My Program
Plasmonic Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedicine (I)
Lim, JitKangCarnegie Mellon Univ
Tilton, Robert D.Carnegie Mellon Univ
Majetich, SaraCarnegie Mellon Univ
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA07.3 Add to My Program
Microfabricated Multispectral MRI Agents: A Brief Overview (I)
Zabow, GaryNIST
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA07.5 Add to My Program
High-Magnetic-Moment Nanoparticles for Biomedicine (I)
Jing, YingUniv. of Minnesota
He, ShihaiUniv. of Minnesota
Kline, TimothyUniv. of Minnesota
Xu, YunhaoSeagate Tech
Wang, Jian-PingUniv. of Minnesota
SaA08 Oral Session, Marquette VIII Add to My Program 
Algorithm for Physiome and Physiological Modeling  
Chair: Hunter, PeterUniv. of Auckland
Co-Chair: Beard, Daniel A.Medical Coll. of Wisconsin
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA08.1 Add to My Program
Creatine and Phosphate Pools Are Maintained at Energetically Optimal Levels in the Heart During Hypertrophic Remodeling and Heart Failure (I)
Beard, Daniel A.Medical Coll. of Wisconsin
Wu, FanMedical Coll. of Wisconsin
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA08.2 Add to My Program
Functional Requirements of a Mathematical Model of the Heart
Palladino, JosephTrinity Coll
Noordergraaf, AbrahamUniv. of Pennsylvania
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA08.3 Add to My Program
Modelling Heart Beat Initiation and Propagation Using the MML Framework (I)
Chang, DavidUniv. of New South Wales
Dokos, SocratesUniv. of New South Wales
Lovell, Nigel HUniv. of New South Wales
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA08.4 Add to My Program
A Univariate Model of Calcium Release in the Dyadic Cleft of Cardiac Myocytes
Fan, JunjieUniv. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Yu, ZeyunUniv. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA08.5 Add to My Program
Spontaneous Termination of Atrial Fibrillation: Study of the Effect of Atrial Geometry in a Biophysical Model
Uldry, LaurentSwiss Federal Inst. of Tech. Lausanne (EPFL)
Virag, NathalieMedtronic Europe
Jacquemet, VincentDuke Univ
Vesin, Jean-MarcEPFL
Kappenberger, LukasUniv. Hospital CHUV
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA08.6 Add to My Program
Skin-Electrode Circuit Model for Use in Optimizing Energy Transfer in Volume Conduction Systems
Hackworth, Steven A.Univ. of Pittsburgh
Sun, MinguiUniv. of Pittsburgh
Sclabassi, RobertUniv. of Pittsburgh
SaA09 Oral Session, Marquette II Add to My Program 
Cardiac Electrophysiology  
Chair: Fei, LuUniv. of Minnesota
Co-Chair: Patwardhan, AbhijitUniv. of Kentucky
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA09.1 Add to My Program
A Morphologically Realistic Shell Model of Atrial Propagation and Ablation
Al Abed, AmrUniv. of New South Wales
Dokos, SocratesUniv. of New South Wales
Lovell, Nigel HUniv. of New South Wales
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA09.2 Add to My Program
A New Approach to Measure the Contribution of Restitution to Repolarization Alternans
Agarwal, AnujUniv. of Kentucky
Patwardhan, AbhijitUniv. of Kentucky
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA09.3 Add to My Program
Variability of Action Potential Duration in Pharmacologically Induced Long QT Syndrome Type 1
Ring, CarolineDuke Univ
Idriss, Salim F.Duke Univ. Medical Center
Neu, Wanda KrassowskaDuke Univ
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA09.4 Add to My Program
A Novel Near-Infrared Voltage-Sensitive Dye Reveals the Action Potential Wavefront Orientation at Increased Depths of Cardiac Tissue
Walton, Richard DavidUniv. of Leeds
Mitrea, Bogdan GSUNY Upstate Medical Univ
Pertsov, Arkady M.SUNY Upstate Medical Univ
Bernus, OlivierUniv. of Leeds
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA09.5 Add to My Program
Enhanced Susceptibility to Alternans in a Rabbit Model of Chronic Myocardial Infarction
Lou, QingWashington Univ. in St. Louis
Efimov, IgorWashington Univ. in St. Louis
SaA10 Oral Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon C Add to My Program 
Brain-Computer Interface  
Chair: Yuan, HanUniv. of Minnesota
Co-Chair: Guan, CuntaiInst. for Infocomm Res
Organizer: Yuan, HanUniv. of Minnesota
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA10.1 Add to My Program
Adaptive Active Auditory Brain Computer Interface (I)
Hong, BoTsinghua Univ
Lou, BinTsinghua Univ
Guo, JingTsinghua Univ
Gao, ShangkaiTsinghua Univ
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA10.2 Add to My Program
Cortical Decoding of Individual Finger and Wrist Kinematics for an Upper-Limb Neuroprosthesis (I)
Aggarwal, VikramJohns Hopkins Univ
Tenore, FrancescoJohns Hopkins Univ
Acharya, SoumyadiptaJohns Hopkins Univ
Schieber, MarcUniv. of Rochester
Thakor, NitishJohns Hopkins Univ
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA10.3 Add to My Program
Cortical Imaging of Sensorimotor Rhythms for BCI Applications (I)
Yuan, HanUniv. of Minnesota
He, BinUniv. of Minnesota
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA10.4 Add to My Program
Comparison of Designs towards a Subject-Independent Brain-Computer Interface Based on Motor Imagery (I)
Lotte, FabienInsitute for Infocomm Res
Guan, CuntaiInst. for Infocomm Res
Ang, Kai KengInst. for Infocomm Res
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA10.5 Add to My Program
EEG-Based Online Two-Dimensional Cursor Control (I)
Huang, DandanVirginia Commonwealth Univ
Lin, PeterNational Inst. of Neurological Disorders, NationalInstitutes
Fei, Ding-YuVirginia Commonwealth Univ
Chen, XuedongHuazhong Univ
Bai, OuVirginia Commonwealth Univ
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA10.6 Add to My Program
Learning to Use a Brain-Machine Interface: Model, Simulation and Analysis
Jimenez, JessicaUniv. of California Berkeley
Héliot, RodolpheUC Berkeley
Carmena, Jose M.Univ. of California, Berkeley
SaA11 Oral Session, Marquette I Add to My Program 
Neural Prostheses I  
Chair: Weiland, JamesUniv. of Southern California
Co-Chair: Greger, BradleyUniv. of Utah
Organizer: Weiland, JamesUniv. of Southern California
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA11.1 Add to My Program
Sparse Generalized Laguerre-Volterra Model of Neural Population Dynamics (I)
Song, DongUniv. of Southern California
Chan, Rosa H. M.Univ. of Southern California
Marmarelis, VasilisUniv. of Southern California
Hampson, RobertWake Forest Univ
Deadwyler, SamWake Forest Univ
Berger, TheodoreUniv. of Southern California
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA11.2 Add to My Program
Nonstationary Modeling of Neural Population Dynamics (I)
Chan, Rosa H. M.Univ. of Southern California
Song, DongUniv. of Southern California
Berger, TheodoreUniv. of Southern California
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA11.3 Add to My Program
Microfluidic Neurotransmiter-Based Neural Interfaces for Retinal Prosthesis (I)
Iezzi, RaymondMayo Clinic
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA11.4 Add to My Program
Preliminary Results from the ArgusTM II Epiretinal Prosthesis Feasibility Study (I)
Humayun, MarkUniv. of Southern California
Dorn, JessySecond Sight Medical Products
Humayun, MarkUSC / Doheny Eye Inst
Caspi, AviSecond Sight
Filley, EugeneRetina Foundation of the Southwest
Dagnelie, GislinJohns Hopkins Univ
Salzmann, JoelGeneva Univ. Hospitals
Santos, ArturoUniv. De Guadalajara
Duncan, JacqueUCSF
da Cruz, LyndonMoorfields Eye Hospital
Mohand Said, SaddekCentre Hospitalier Univ. Des XV XX
Eliott, DeanUniv. of Southern California Keck School of Medicine
Greenberg, RobertSecond Sight Medical Products, Inc
McMahon, Matthew J.Second Sight Medical Products Inc
Ahuja, AshishSecond Sight Medical Products
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA11.5 Add to My Program
Biomimetic Image Processing for Retinal Prosthesis – Simulated Vision Experiments (I)
Parikh, NehaUniv. of Southern California
McIntosh, BenUniv. of Southern California
Tanguay, ArmandUniv. of Southern California
Humayun, MarkUniv. of Southern California
Weiland, JamesUniv. of Southern California
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA11.6 Add to My Program
Multi-Scale Recordings for Neuroprosthetic Control of Finger Movements
Baker, JustinUniv. of Utah
Bishop, WilliamJohns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Kellis, SpencerUniv. of Utah
Levy, ToddJohns Hopkins Univ
House, PaulUniv. of Utah
Greger, BradleyUniv. of Utah
SaA12 Minisymposium, Marquette VI Add to My Program 
Minisymposium: Bionanotechnology  
Chair: Bischof, JohnUniv. of Minnesota
Co-Chair: Wagner, Carston R.Univ. of Minnesota
Organizer: Bischof, JohnUniv. of Minnesota
Organizer: Wagner, Carston R.Univ. of Minnesota
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA12.1 Add to My Program
Biomedical Nanotechnology for Molecular Imaging, Diagnostics, and Targeted Therapy (I)
Nie, ShumingEmory Univ
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA12.3 Add to My Program
Imaging Nanoparticle Stability and Activation in Vivo (I)
Ferrara, KatherineUC Davis
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA12.5 Add to My Program
Satellite Nanoscope and Cellular BioASICs for Quantitative Biomedicine (I)
Lee, LukeUC Berkeley
SaA13 Oral Session, Conrad D Add to My Program 
Human-Robot Interaction II  
Chair: Micera, SilvestroScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Co-Chair: Millán, José del R.Swiss Federal Inst. of Tech. Lausanne
Organizer: Millán, José del R.Swiss Federal Inst. of Tech. Lausanne
Organizer: Carmena, Jose M.Univ. of California, Berkeley
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA13.1 Add to My Program
On the Control of a Robot Hand by Extracting Neural Signals from the PNS: Preliminary Results from a Human Implantation (I)
Micera, SilvestroScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Rigosa, JacopoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Carpaneto, JacopoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Citi, LucaInst. for Advanced Studies on Biorobotic Engineering
Raspopovic, StanisaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Guglielmelli, EugenioCampus Bio-Medico Univ
Benvenuto, AntonellaCampus Biomedico Univ
Rossini, LucaUniv. Campus Biomedico of Rome
Di Pino, GiovanniCampus Biomedico Univ
Cavallo, GiuseppeCampus Bio-Medico Univ
Carrozza, Maria ChiaraScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Dario, PaoloScuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Rossini, Paolo MariaCampus Biomedico Univ
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA13.2 Add to My Program
Startle Stimuli Reduce the Internal Model Control in Discrete Movements
Wright, ZacharyUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
MacKinnon, ColumNorthwestern Univ
Rogers, MarkUniv. of Maryland School of Medicine
Patton, James (Jim)Rehab Inst. of Chicago & U. of Illinois at Chicago
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA13.3 Add to My Program
Inclusion Detection with Haptic-Palpation System for Medical Telediagnosis
Kim, JungsikKorea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
An, BummoKorea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Kim, YeongjinKorea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Kim, JungKorea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA13.4 Add to My Program
Flexion-Extension Motion Assistance Using an Upper Limb Motion-Assist Robot Based on Trajectory Estimation of Reaching Movement
Yano, KenichiGifu Univ
Hashimura, JojiGifu Univ
Aoki, TakaakiGifu Univ
Nishimoto, YutakaGifu Univ. School of Medicine
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA13.5 Add to My Program
An Assisted Navigation Training Framework Based on Judgment Theory Using Sparse and Discrete Human-Machine Interfaces
Lopes, AnaUniv. of Coimbra
Nunes, UrbanoUniv. of Coimbra
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA13.6 Add to My Program
Functional Reorganization of Upper-Body Movements for Wheelchair Control
casadio, mauraNorthwestern Univ
Pressman, AssafRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Danziger, ZacharyNorthwestern Univ
Hsiang-Yi, TsengRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
fishbach, alonRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Mussa-Ivaldi, FerdinandoRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
SaA14 Oral Session, Marquette III Add to My Program 
Internally Applied Therapeutic Devices I  
Chair: Hettrick, DougMedtronic, Inc
Co-Chair: Patterson, Robert P.Univ. of Minnesota
Organizer: Hettrick, DougMedtronic, Inc
Organizer: Patterson, Robert P.Univ. of Minnesota
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA14.1 Add to My Program
Human Feasibility Study of Hemodynamic Monitoring Via Continuous Intrathoracic Impedance Monitoring (I)
Hettrick, DougMedtronic, Inc
Schwartzman, DavidUniv. of Pittsburgh
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA14.2 Add to My Program
Implantable Functional Gastrointestinal Neurostimulation (I)
Jurkov, AlexanderUniv. of Calgary
Arriagada, AlvaroUniv. of Calgary
Mintchev, MartinUniv. of Calgary
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA14.3 Add to My Program
Modeling Current Pathways for Therapeutic Electrical Applications (I)
Patterson, Robert P.Univ. of Minnesota
Yang, FeiUniv. of Minnesota
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA14.4 Add to My Program
Medium Voltage Therapy for Preventing and Treating Asystole and PEA in ICDs (I)
Gilman, ByronGalvani, Ltd
Brewer, JamesGalvani, Ltd
Kroll, KaiOncoStim, Inc
Kroll, MarkUniv. of Minnesota
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA14.5 Add to My Program
Chronic Baroreflex Activation by the Rheos® System: An Overview of Results from European and North American Feasibility Studies (I)
Lovett, EricCVRx
Schafer, JillCVRx, Inc
Kaufman, ChristopherCVRx, Inc
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA14.6 Add to My Program
Vagus Nerve Stimulation: A Proven Therapy for Treatment of Epilepsy Strives to Improve Efficacy and Expand Applications (I)
Terry, ReeseCyberonics, Inc
SaA15 Oral Session, Marquette IX Add to My Program 
Health Information Integration  
Chair: Jovanov, EmilUniv. of Alabama in Huntsville
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA15.1 Add to My Program
Standard-Compliant Real-Time Transmission of ECGs: Harmonization of ISO/IEEE 11073-PHD and SCP-ECG
Trigo, JesusUniv. of Zaragoza
Chiarugi, FrancoFoundation for Res. and Tech. - Hellas (FORTH)
Alesanco, AlvaroUniv. of Zaragoza
Martinez-Espronceda, MiguelPublic Univ. of Navarra
Chronaki, CatherineFoundation for Res. & Tech. Hellas
Escayola, JavierUniv. of Zaragoza
Martinez Ruiz, IgnacioUniv. of Zaragoza
Garcia Moros, JoseUniv. of Zaragoza
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA15.2 Add to My Program
Integration Proposal through Standard-Based Design of an End-To-End Platform for P-Health Environments
Martinez Ruiz, IgnacioUniv. of Zaragoza
Trigo, JesusUniv. of Zaragoza
Martinez-Espronceda, MiguelPublic Univ. of Navarra
Escayola, JavierUniv. of Zaragoza
Muñoz, PIliUniv. of Zaragoza (UZ)
Serrano, LuisPublic Univ. of Navarra
Garcia Moros, JoseUniv. of Zaragoza
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA15.3 Add to My Program
D-ATM, a Working Example of Health Care Interoperability: From Dirt Path to Gravel Road
DeClaris, John-WilliamHephaistus
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA15.4 Add to My Program
Integrating Health Information Technology into Clinical Guidelines
MacDougall, Candice ElizabethUniv. of Ontario Inst. of Tech
McGregor, CarolynUniv. of Ontario Inst. of Tech
Percival, JenniferUniv. of Ontario Inst. of Tech
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA15.5 Add to My Program
Telemetry-Based Vital Sign Monitoring for Ambulatory Hospital Patients
Orphanidou, ChristinaUniv. of Oxford
Clifton, DavidUniv. of Oxford
Khan, ShahabUniv. of Oxford
Smith, MarcOxford BioSignals
Feldmar, JacquesOxford Biosignals
Tarassenko, LionelUniv. of Oxford
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA15.6 Add to My Program
Biomedical Data Integration – Capturing Similarities While Preserving Disparities
Bianchi, StefanoSofteco Sismat S.p.A., Via
Burla, AnnaIBM Res. Lab in Haifa
Conti, CostanzaIMS-Istituto Di Management Sanitario SRL
Farkash, ArielIBM Res. Lab in Haifa
Kent, CarmelIBM Res. Lab in Haifa
Maman, YonatanIBM Res. Lab in Haifa
Shabo (Shvo), AmnonIBM Res. Lab in Haifa
SaA17 Special Session, Directors Row 4 Add to My Program 
SS 5. Negotiating Your First Bioengineering Job: Academia, Private Sector
or Government
Chair: Linte, Cristian A.Robarts Res. Inst
SaA18 Special Session, Marquette IV Add to My Program 
S 4. Clinical Data: From Medical Institutions to Industrial Research – IP
Protection Approaches
Chair: Chbat, NicolasPhilips Res. North America
SaBPo01 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Biomedical Signal Processing  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.1 Add to My Program
A Probabilistic Framework for Learning Robust Common Spatial Patterns
Wu, WeiMasschusetts Inst. of Tech
Chen, ZheHarvard Medical School/MIT
Gao, ShangkaiTsinghua Univ
Brown, Emery NMGH-Harvard Medical School-MIT
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.2 Add to My Program
Multiparameter Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Signal for the Investigation of High Risk Fetuses
Ferrario, ManuelaPol. Di Milano
Magenes, GiovanniUniv. of Pavia
Campanile, MartaUniv. Federico II Di Napoli
Carbone, Imma FlorianaUniv. Federico II Di Napoli
Di Lieto, AndreaUniv. Federico II Di Napoli
Signorini, Maria G.Pol. Di Milano
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.3 Add to My Program
Adaptive Rule Based Fetal QRS Complex Detection Using Hilbert Transform
Ulusar, Umit DenizUniv. of Arkansas at Little Rock
Govindan, RathinaswamyUAMS
Wilson, JamesUniv. of Arkansas at Little Rock
Lowery, CurtisUniv. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Preissl, HubertUniv. of Tübingen
Eswaran, HariUniv. of Arkansas for Medical Sci
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.4 Add to My Program
Multivariate Analysis of Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Signal Using Principal Component Analysis
Al-Zubi, NayelUniv. of Liverpool
Momani, LinaUniv. of Liverpool
Alkharabsheh, Abdel RahmanUniv. of Liverpool
Al-Nuaimy, WaleedUniv. of Liverpool
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.5 Add to My Program
Auditory MEG Responses to Removal of a Tpone in C Major Scale Measured in a Pair of Reciprocal Oddball Schemes
Nemoto, IkuTokyo Denki Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.6 Add to My Program
Energy-Efficient Multihypothesis Activity-Detection for Health-Monitoring Applications
Thatte, GautamUniv. of Southern California
Li, MingUniv. of Southern California
Emken, AdarUniv. of Southern California
Mitra, UrbashiUniv. of Southern California
Narayanan, ShrikanthUniv. of Southern California
Annavaram, MuraliUniv. of Southern California
Spruijt-Metz, DonnaUniv. of Southern California
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.7 Add to My Program
Detection of Cardiac Activity Using a 5.8 GHz Radio Frequency Sensor
Vasu, VishaliniQueen's Univ. Belfast
Fox, NiallBiancaMed
Brabetz, ThorstenQueen's Univ. Belfast
Heneghan, ConorBiancaMed
Wren, MichaelNovaUCD
Sezer, SakirQueen's Univ. Belfast
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.8 Add to My Program
Correntropy-Based Analysis of Respiratory Patterns in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
Garde, AinaraUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
Sornmo, LeifLund Univ
Jané, RaimonUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
Giraldo, BeatrizUniv. Poiltècnica De Catalunya
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.9 Add to My Program
Rules Extraction in SVM and Neural Network Classifiers of Atrial Fibrillation Patients with Matched Wavelets As a Feature Generator
Kostka, Pawel StanislawSilesian Univ. of Tech
Tkacz, EwarystSilesian Univ. of Tech. Inst. of Electron
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.10 Add to My Program
Neonatal Heart Rate Prediction
AbdelRahman, YumnaMcMaster Univ
Jeremic, AleksandarMcMaster Univ
Tan, KennethMcMaster Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.11 Add to My Program
Normalized Power Transmission between ABP and ICP in TBI
Shahsavari, SimaChalmers Univ. of Tech
Hallén, TobiasSahlgrenska Univ. Hospital
McKelvey, TomasChalmers Univ. of Tech
Eriksson-Ritzén, CatherineSahlgrenska Univ. Hospital
Rydenhag, BertilSahlgrenska Univ. Hospital
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.12 Add to My Program
Full Dimensional Computer Simulations to Study Pulsatile Blood Flow in Vessels, Aortic Arch and Bifurcated Veins: Investigation of Blood Viscosity and Turbulent Effects
Sultanov, RenatSt. Cloud State Univ
Guster, DennisSt. Cloud State Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.13 Add to My Program
Long Term Cardiovascular Risk Models’Combination - a New Approach
Paredes, SimãoInst. Superior De Engenharia De Coimbra
Rocha, TeresaInst. Superior De Eng De Coimbra
Carvalho, PauloUniv. of Coimbra
Henriques, JorgeUniv. of Coimbra
Harris, MatthewPhilips Res
Morais, JoãoHospital De Santo André, Leiria
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.14 Add to My Program
Multiresolution Entropy Measure for Neuronal Multiunit Activity
Choi, Young-SeokJohns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
Koenig, MatthewJohns Hopkins School of Medicine
Jia, XiaofengJohns Hopkins School of Medicine
Thakor, NitishJohns Hopkins Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.15 Add to My Program
Estimation of Brain State Changes Associated with Behavior, Stimulation and Epilepsy
Stamoulis, CatherineHarvard Medical School
Praeg, ElkeBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Bashir, ShahidBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Chang, BernardHarvard Medical School
Pascual-Leone, AlvaroHarvard Medical School
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.16 Add to My Program
Sleep Apnea Detection Based on Spectral Analysis of Three ECG - Derived Respiratory Signals
Correa, LorenaUniv. Nacional De San Juan
Laciar, EricUniv. Nacional De San Juan
Mut, VicenteUniv. Nacional De San Juan
Torres, AbelUniv. Pol. De Catalunya (UPC), Inst. for Bioeng
Jané, RaimonUniv. Pol. De Catalunya
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.17 Add to My Program
Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification Using Wavelets and Hidden Markov Models - a Comparative Approach
Reis Gomes, Pedro Miguel Pinto Lusiada Univ
Soares, FilomenaUniv. of Minho
Correia, HiginoUniv. of Minho
Lima, Carlos Manuel Gregorio SantosUniv. of Minho
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.18 Add to My Program
A New Approach to Revealing Functional Residues from Analysis of Protein Primary Structure
Vojisavljevic, VukRMIT Univ
Pirogova, ElenaRMIT Univ
Davidovic, DragomirVinca Inst. of Nuclear Sciences
Cosic, IrenaRMIT Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.19 Add to My Program
Independent Component Analysis Using Clustering on Motor Imaginary EEG (I)
QI, HongzhiTianjin Univ
Ming, DongTianjin Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.20 Add to My Program
Inferring Effective Connectivity in the Brain from EEG Time Series Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Mutlu, Ali YenerMichigan State Univ
Aviyente, SelinMichigan State Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.21 Add to My Program
Regression-Based Analysis of Synchronization in Multichannel EEG in Epilepsy
Graef, AndreasAIT Austrian Inst. of Tech. GmbH
Hartmann, ManfredAIT Austrian Inst. of Tech. GmbH
Deistler, ManfredVienna Univ. of Tech
Kluge, TilmannAustrian Inst. of Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.22 Add to My Program
Evaluating OPTISAS, a Visual Method to Analyse Sleep Apnea Syndromes
Ugon, AdrienHopital Tenon
Philippe, CaroleHopital Tenon
Ganascia, Jean-GabrielPierre Et Marie Curie Univ
Rakotonanahary, DominiqueTenon Hospital
Amiel, HélèneTenon Hospital
Boire, Jean YvesFaculty of Medicine
Levy, PierreUniv. of Paris
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.23 Add to My Program
An Automatic Calibration Procedure for Remote Eye-Gaze Tracking Systems
Model, DmitriUniv. of Toronto
Guestrin, Elias DanielUniv. of Toronto
Eizenman, MosheUniv. of Toronto
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.24 Add to My Program
Fusion of Electromyographic Signals with Proprioceptive Sensor Data in Myoelectric Pattern Recognition for Control of Active Transfemoral Leg Prostheses
Delis, AlbertoUniv. De Brasilia
Carvalho, Joao Luiz Azevedo deUniv. of Brasília
Borges, Geovany AraujoUniv. of Brasilia
Rodrigues, Suélia de SiqueiraUnB-Gama Faculty, Univ. of Brasília
dos Santos, IcaroUniv. of Brasilia
da Rocha, Adson F.Univ. of Brasilia
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo01.25 Add to My Program
Predicting Defibrillation Outcome Based on Phase of Ventricular Activity During ICD Implantation
Suzuki, GoUniv. of Calgary
Leon, JoshDalhousie Univ
Kimber, ShaneUniv. of Alberta Hospital
Vigmond, EdwardUniv. of Calgary
SaBPo02 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Photo-Acoustic and Magneto-Acoustic Imaging  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo02.1 Add to My Program
Phantom Study with Combined Photoacoustic and Magneto-Acoustic Imaging Technique
Qu, MinUniv. of Texas at Austin
Mallidi, SrivalleeshaUniv. of Texas at Austin
Mehrmohammadi, MohammadUniv. of Texas at Austin
Ma, Li LeoUniv. of Texas at Austin
Johnston, KeithUniv. of Texas at Austin
Sokolov, KonstantinThe UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Emelianov, StanislavUniv. of Texas at Austin
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo02.2 Add to My Program
On the Possibility to Detect Lipid in Atherosclerotic Plaques Using Intravascular Photoacoustic Imaging
Wang, BoUniv. of Texas at Austin
Su, JimmyUniv. of Texas at Austin
Amirian, JamesUniv. of Texas Medical School at Houston
Litovsky, Silvio HectorUniv. of Alabama Birmingham
Smalling, RichardUniv. of Texas Medical School at Houston
Emelianov, StanislavUniv. of Texas at Austin
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo02.3 Add to My Program
Pulsed Magneto-Acoustic Imaging
Mehrmohammadi, MohammadUniv. of Texas at Austin
Oh, JunghwanPukyong National Univ
aglyamov, salavatUniv. of Texas at Austin
Andrei, KarpioukUniv. of Texas at Austin
Emelianov, StanislavUniv. of Texas at Austin
SaBPo03 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Neuroimaging II  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo03.1 Add to My Program
Manganese-Enhanced MRI of Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injuries Using Mn-DPDP
Yang, JianXi'an Jiaotong Univ
Wu, Ed X.The Univ. of Hong Kong
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo03.2 Add to My Program
Development of NTU Standard Chinese Brain Template: Morphologic and Functional Comparison with MNI Template Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Jao, TunNational Taiwan Univ
Chang, Chun-YuanNational Taiwan Univ
Lee, Chia-WeiNational Taiwan Univ
Chen, Der-YowNational Taiwan Univ
Wu, EdzerNational Taiwan Univ
Wu, ChangweiNational Taiwan Univ
Tsou, Chi-HsuanNational Taiwan Univ
Ho, Chien ChangNational Taiwan Univ
Chen, Jyh-HorngNational Taiwan Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo03.3 Add to My Program
Accurate Activation Map Detection Using Bootstrap Resampling of Single Fmri Data
Darki, FahimehTehran Univ. of Medical Sciences
Oghabian, Mohammad AliMedical Sciences, Tehran Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo03.4 Add to My Program
A Hybrid Approach for Compressive Neural Activity Detection with Functional MR Images
Li, ChuanThe Univ. of Alabama
hao, qiThe Univ. of Alabama
guo, weihongCase Western Res. Univ
Hu, FeiThe Univ. of Alabama
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo03.5 Add to My Program
Parameter Estimation in Arterial Spin Labeling MRI: Comparing the Four Phase Model and the Buxton Model with Fourier Transform
Pham, VincentTexas A&M Univ
Xiaoping, ZhuUniv. of Manchester
Li, Ka-LohUniv. of California
Ji, Jim XiuquanTexas A&M Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo03.6 Add to My Program
On Clustering Fmri Using Potts and Mixture Regression Models
Xia, JingUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Liang, FengUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wang, Yongmei MichelleUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo03.7 Add to My Program
The Relationship between Conductivity Uncertainties and EEG Source Localization Accuracy
Wang, GangUniv. of Minnesota
Yang, LinUniv. of Minnesota
Worrell, Gregory A.Mayo Clinic
He, BinUniv. of Minnesota
SaBPo04 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Wearable Technologies II  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.1 Add to My Program
I-NET: Interactive Neuro-Educational Technology to Accelerate Skill Learning
Raphael, GibyAdvanced Brain Monitoring Inc
Berka, ChrisAdvanced Brain Monitoring
Popovic, DjordjeAdvanced Brain Monitoring Inc
Chung, Gregory K.W.KUcla / Cresst
Nagashima, SamUcla / Cresst
Behneman, AdrienneAdvanced Brain Monitoring Inc
Davis, GeneAdvanced Brain Monitoring Inc
Johnson, RobinAdvanced Brain Monitoring
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.2 Add to My Program
Radar Cross Section of Human Cardiopulmonary Activity for Recumbent Subject
Kiriazi, JohnUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa
Boric-Lubecke, OlgaUniv. of Hawaii Manoa
Lubecke, VictorUniv. of Hawaii Manoa
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.3 Add to My Program
Non-Contact Respiratory Rate Measurement Validation for Hospitalized Patients
Droitcour, AmyStanford Univ
Park, Byung-KwonUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa
Yamada, ShuheiUniv. of Hawaii, Manoa
Vergara, AlexanderUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa
Seto, ToddUniv. of Hawaii
Shing, TommyKai Sensors
El Hourani, CharlesKai Sensors
Yuen, AndreaKai Sensors
Boric-Lubecke, OlgaUniv. of Hawaii Manoa
Lubecke, VictorUniv. of Hawaii Manoa
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.4 Add to My Program
Textile Electrodes in Electrical Bioimpedance Measurements – a Comparison with Conventional Ag/AgCl Electrodes
Márquez Ruiz, Juan CarlosChalmers Univ. of Tech
Seoane, FernandoUniv. Coll. of Borås
Välimäki, ElinaUniv. of Borås
Lindecrantz, KajUniv. Coll. of Borås
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.5 Add to My Program
LifeShirt® Acquisition System to Monitor ECG from Ambulatory Swine and the Implementation of an Arrhythmia Detection Algorithm
Kyle, AaronIndiana Univ. School of Medicine
Rogers, PamelaIndiana Univ. School of Medicine
Han, SeongwookIndiana Univ. School of Medicine
Chen, Peng-ShengIndiana Univ. School of Medicine
March, KeithIndiana Univ. School of Medicine
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.6 Add to My Program
A Study on Band-Pass Filtering for Calculating Foot Displacements from Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors
Charry, EdgarThe Univ. of Melbourne
Lai, Tze Huei, DanielVictoria Univ
Begg, RezaulVictoria Univ
Palaniswami, MarimuthuThe Univ. of Melbourne
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.7 Add to My Program
BioLogger: A Wireless Physiological Sensing and Logging System with Applications in Poultry Science
Hu, ShengMichigan Tech. Univ
Tan, JindongMichigan Tech. Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.8 Add to My Program
Microwave Non-Invasive Sensing of Respiratory Tidal Volume
Massagram, WansureeNaresuan Univ
Lubecke, VictorUniv. of Hawaii Manoa
Boric-Lubecke, OlgaUniv. of Hawaii Manoa
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.9 Add to My Program
Verification of a Non-Contact Vital Sign Monitoring System Using an Infant Simulator
Yan, YanUniv. of Florida
Li, ChangzhiUniv. of Florida
Yu, XiaogangUniv. of Florida
Weiss, Michael D.Univ. of Florida
Lin, JenshanUniv
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.10 Add to My Program
A Low-Power Noncoherent BPSK Demodulator and Clock Recovery Circuit for High-Data-Rate Biomedical Applications
Asgarian, FarzadK.N.Toosi Univ. of Tech
Sodagar, Amir M.Univ. of Michigan
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.11 Add to My Program
A Wearable Respiration Monitoring System Based on Digital Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography
Wu, DanShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Wang, LeiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Zhang, Yuan-TingThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Huang, BangyuShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Wang, BoShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Lin, ShaojieShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Xu, Xiao-WenCentral South Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.12 Add to My Program
Performance Assessment Techniques for Doppler Radar Physiological Sensors
Hafner, NoahUniv. of Hawaii
Lubecke, VictorUniv. of Hawaii Manoa
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo04.13 Add to My Program
A Wearable, Low-Power, Health-Monitoring Instrumentation Based on a Programmable System-On-Chip
Massot, BertrandINSA Lyon
Gehin, ClaudineINSA Lyon
Nocua Cifuentes, RonaldUniv. Joseph Fourier
Dittmar, AndreINSA Lyon
McAdams, EricUniv. of Ulster
SaBPo05 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Implantable Technologies  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo05.1 Add to My Program
Wireless Instantaneous Neurotransmitter Concentration Sensing System (WINCS) for Intraoperative Neurochemical Monitoring
Kimble, ChristopherMayo Clinic
Johnson, DavidMayo Clinic
Winter, BruceMayo Clinic
Whitlock, SidneyMayo Foundation
Kressin, KenMayo Clinic
Horne, AprilMayo Clinic
Robinson, JustinMayo Clinic
Bledsoe, JonathanMayo Clinic
Tye, SusannahMayo Clinic
Chang, Su-YouneMayo Clinic
Agnesi, FilippoMayo Clinic
Griessenauer, ChristophMayo Clinic
Covey, DanielMayo Clinic
Shon, Young-MinMayo Clinic
Bennet, Kevin EMayo Clinic
Garris, PaulMayo Clinic
Lee, KendallMayo Clinic
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo05.2 Add to My Program
Energetic Analysis for Self-Powered Cochlear Implants
Accoto, DinoScuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Calvano, MartaUniv. Campus Bio-Medico Rome
Campolo, DomenicoCampus Bio-Medico Univ
Salvinelli, FabrizioUniv. CAMPUS Bio-Medico
Guglielmelli, EugenioCampus Bio-Medico Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo05.3 Add to My Program
Design and Fabrication of a Low Cost Implantable Bladder Pressure Monitor
Axisa, FabriceIMEC
Jourand, PhilippeKatholieke Univ. Leuven
Lippens, EviGhent Univ
Rymarczyk-Machal, MonikaGhent Univ
De Smet, NeleUgent
Schacht, EtienneGhent Univ
Vanfleteren, JanIMEC / Ghent Univ
Puers, RobertCatholic Univ. of Leuven
cornelissen, riaGent Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo05.4 Add to My Program
Implantable Bioimpedance Monitor Using ZigBee
Bogonez Franco, PacoTech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Bragos, RamonTech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Bayes-Genis, AntoniHospital De La Santa Creu I Sant Pau
Rosell, JavierTech. Univ. of Catalonia
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo05.5 Add to My Program
A Wireless Batteryless in Vivo EKG and Core Body Temperature Sensing Microsystem with 60 Hz Suppression Technique for Untethered Genetically Engineered Mice Real-Time Monitoring
Chaimanonart, NattaponCase Western Res. Univ
Young, DarrinCase Western Res. Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo05.6 Add to My Program
Energy-Quality System Design for In-Body Communication
Zhang, YuweiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Li, YeShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Qiao, DengyuShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Zhang, Yuan-TingThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo05.7 Add to My Program
In Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing and the Application of Elastic Interconnection Technology for Short-Term Implantable Electronics
Brosteaux, DominiqueGhent Univ
Lippens, EviGhent Univ
cornelissen, riaGent Univ
Schacht, EtienneGhent Univ
Carta, RiccardoCatholic Univ. of Leuven (K.U.Leuven)
Jourand, PhilippeKatholieke Univ. Leuven
Puers, RobertCatholic Univ. of Leuven
Axisa, FabriceIMEC
Vervust, ThomasUGent
Bossuyt, FrederickTFCG IMEC Ghent
Vanfleteren, JanIMEC / Ghent Univ
SaBPo06 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Biomedical Modeling and Simulation  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.1 Add to My Program
Combining Boolean Method with Delay Times for Determining Behaviors of Biological Networks
Lyu, SuPingMedtronic, Inc
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.2 Add to My Program
E-Health in China, Our Practice and Exploration
Junping, ZhaoPLA General Hospital of China
Zhenjiang, ZhangPLA General Hospital of China
Huayuan, GuoPLA General Hospital of China
Yi, LiPLA General Hospital of China
Wanguo, XuePLA General Hospital of China
Yunqi, ChenPLA General Hospital of China
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.3 Add to My Program
Study on the Binding Mode of the Integrase with DNA Via Steered Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Wang, Cun XinBeijing Univ. of Tech
Liu, MingBeijing Univ. of Tech
Li, PingBeijing Univ. of Tech
Cong, Xiao JingBeijing Univ. of Tech
Tan, Jian JunBeijing Univ. of Tech
Chen, Wei ZuBeijing Univ. of Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.4 Add to My Program
Identification of Critical Molecules Via Fault Diagnosis Engineering
Abdi, AliNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Tahoori, MehdiNortheastern Univ
Emamian, EffatATNT
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.5 Add to My Program
A Preliminary Study on Estimation of Energy Expenditure at Different Locations of Acceleration Sensor During Submaximal Exercise
Kim, TaekyunYonsei Univ
Kim, YonghyunYonsei Univ
Yoon, HyungroYonsei Univ
Shin, TaeminYonsei Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.6 Add to My Program
Metamorphism in Potential Function While Maintaining Upright Posture During Exposure to a Three-Dimensional Movie on a Head-Mounted Display
Takada, HirokiGifu Univ. of Medical Science
Fujikake, KazuhiroNagoya Univ
Miyao, MasaruNagoya Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.7 Add to My Program
Gaussian Process Modelling of Blood Glucose Response to Free-Living Physical Activity Data in People with Type 1 Diabetes
Valletta, John JosephUniv. of Southampton
Chipperfield, Andrew JohnUniv. of Southampton
Byrne, ChristopherUniv. of Southampton
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.8 Add to My Program
A Three-State Non-Linear Model of Vascular Nitric Oxide Transport
Abatay, HasanUniv. of Oxford
Payne, Stephen JohnUniv. of Oxford
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.9 Add to My Program
A Two Phase Model of Oxygen Transport in Cerebral Tissue
SU, SHEN-WEIUniv. of Oxford
Payne, Stephen JohnUniv. of Oxford
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.10 Add to My Program
Optimized Numerical Pharmacokinetics Model for Optical Molecular Probes Based on Diffusion Coefficients in Matrigel Measured Using Fluorescence Imaging
Ciocan, EugeniaLassel Coll
Ciocan, RazvanNewport Corp
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.11 Add to My Program
Volume Conductor Effects on Simulated Magnetogastrograms
Qiao, WenlianThe Univ. of Auckland
Komuro, RieThe Univ. of Auckland
Pullan, AndrewUniv. of Auckland
Cheng, Leo KThe Univ. of Auckland
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.12 Add to My Program
A Method of Biological Pathway Similarity Search Using High Performance Computing
Jiang, KeyuanPurdue Univ. Calumet
Huang, YingmengPurdue Univ. Calumet
Robertson, JosephPurdue Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.13 Add to My Program
Toward Automatic Behavioral Screen: A Computational Model for Analyzing Caenorhabditis Elegans Locomotion
Zhou, BaitaoKorea Aerospace Univ
Baek, JoongHwanKorea Aerospace Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.14 Add to My Program
Classification of Hyperactivated Spermatozoa Using a Robust Minimum Bounding Square Ratio Algorithm
Kaula, NorbertUniv. of Denver
Andrews, AnnelieseUniv. of Denver
Durso, CatherineUniv. of Denver
Dixon, ChristopherNew York Medical Coll
Graham, JamesColorado State Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.15 Add to My Program
A Pipeline for Automated Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data: Preliminary Results on Lymphoma Sub-Type Diagnosis
Bashashati, AliBritish Columbia Cancer Res. Center
Lo, KennethUniv. of British Columbia
Gottardo, RaphaelClinical Res. Inst. of Montreal (IRCM)
Gascoyne, RandyBritish Columbia Cancer Agency
Weng, AndrewBritish Columbia Cancer Res. Center
Brinkman, RyanBritish Columbia Cancer Res. Center
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo06.16 Add to My Program
On-Line Hierarchy of General Linear Models for Selecting and Ranking the Best Predicted Protein Structures
Girgis, Hani ZakariaThe Johns Hopkins Univ
Corso, Jason J.SUNY at Buffalo
fischer, danielUniv. Buffalo
SaBPo07 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Computational Modeling of Neuromuscular Systems  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo07.1 Add to My Program
Simulation and Classification of the Efferent Activity in Brachial Nerves
Zhou, RuiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech. Chinese Acad. Ofsicience
Jiang, NingAalborg Univ
Englehart, KevinUniv. of New Brunswick
parker, philipUniv. of New Brunswick
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo07.2 Add to My Program
A Hybrid Extended Least Squares Method (HybELS) for Vestibulo Ocular Reflex Identification
Ghoreyshi, AtiyehMcGill Univ
Galiana, Henrietta L.McGill Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo07.3 Add to My Program
Optimization of Input Parameters of an EMG-Force Model in Constant and Sinusoidal Force Contractions
Cao, HuaUniv. De Tech. De Compi¨¨gne
Boudaoud, SofianeUniv. of Tech. of Compiègne (UTC)
MARIN, FrédéricUniv. De Tech. De Compiègne
Marque, CatherineUniv. of Tech. of Compiegne
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo07.4 Add to My Program
A Toolchain to Simulate and Investigate Selective Stimulation Strategies for FES
Laforet, JeremyUniv. Montpellier 2
Guiraud, DavidINRIA
Clerc, MaureenEnpc, Ens, Inria
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo07.5 Add to My Program
Exploring the Role of Sensor Noise in Movement Variability
Shi, YingArizona State Univ
Buneo, ChristopherArizona State Univ
SaBPo08 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Neural Signal Processing II  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.1 Add to My Program
Estimating Transition Point of Anesthetic-Induced Loss of Consciousness in Mice by Detecting Motion in Response to Forced Movement
Choi, Jee HyunKorea Inst. of ScienceandTechnology, Univ. And
Hwang, EunjinPohang Univ. of Science & Tech
Kim, SeunghwanPohang Univ. of Science and Tech. (POSTECH)
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.2 Add to My Program
Spatio-Spectral Feature Selection Based on Robust Mutual Information Estimate for Brain Computer Interfaces
Zhang, HaihongInst. for Infocomm Res
Guan, CuntaiInst. for Infocomm Res
Wang, ChuanchuInst. for Infocomm Res
Ang, Kai KengInst. for Infocomm Res
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.3 Add to My Program
Using Microstate Intensity for the Analysis of Spontaneous EEG: Tracking Changes from Alert to the Fatigue State
Thuraisingham, Ranjit ArulnayagamUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Tran, YvonneUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Craig, AshleyUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Wijesuriya, Nirupama SamanmalieUniv. of Tech. Sydney (UTS)
Nguyen, Hung T.Univ. of Tech. Sydney
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.4 Add to My Program
Surface EMG Signal Decomposition Using Empirically Sustainable BioSignal Separation Principles
Nawab, Syed HamidBoston Univ
De Luca, Carlo J.Boston Univ
Chang, Shey-SheenBoston Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.5 Add to My Program
Information Theoretical Assessment of Neural Spiking Activity with Temperature Modulation
Madhok, JaiJohns Hopkins School of Medicine
Jia, XiaofengJohns Hopkins School of Medicine
Choi, Young-SeokJohns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
Zhang, DandanTsinghua Univ
Thakor, NitishJohns Hopkins Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.6 Add to My Program
Effect of Remifentanil on the Nonlinear Electroencephalographic Entropy Parameters in Propofol Anesthesia
Kortelainen, Jukka JohannesUniv. of Oulu
Koskinen, MiikaHelsinki Univ. of Tech
Mustola, Seppo TapaniSouth Karelia Central Hospital
Seppänen, TapioUniv. of Oulu
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.7 Add to My Program
Research for the Characteristics of Alzheimer’s Disease Using EEG
Ueda, TaishiTokyo Inst. of Tech
Yagi, TohruTokyo Inst. of Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.8 Add to My Program
A Modification to the Group Delay and Simulated Annealing Technique for Characterization of Peripheral Nerve Fiber Size Distributions for Non-Deterministic Sampled Data
Szlavik, RobertCalifornia Pol. State Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.9 Add to My Program
A Regularized Point Process Generalized Linear Model for Assessing the Functional Connectivity in the Cat Motor Cortex
Chen, ZheHarvard Medical School/MIT
Putrino, DavidMassachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Ba, DembaMIT
Ghosh, SoumyaUniv. of Western Australia
Barbieri, RiccardoMGH-Harvard Medical School-MIT
Brown, Emery NMGH-Harvard Medical School-MIT
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.10 Add to My Program
Decoding Three-Dimensional Hand Kinematics from Electroencephalographic Signals
Bradberry, TrentUniv. of Maryland
Gentili, RodolpheUniv. of Maryland
Contreras-Vidal, JoséUniv. of Maryland
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.11 Add to My Program
Correlation of Sleep EEG Frequency Bands and Heart Rate Variability
Abdullah, HaslaileRMIT Univ
Holland, GerardSt. Luke’s Hospital
Cosic, IrenaRMIT Univ
Cvetkovic, DeanRMIT Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo08.12 Add to My Program
Emotion-Induced Higher Wavelet Entropy in the EEG with Depression During a Cognitive Task (I)
wei, lingShanghai Univ
Li, YingJieShanghai Univ
Ye, jipingShanghai Univ
Yang, XiaoliPurdue Univ. Calumet
Wang, JijunShanghai Mental Health Center, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. Scho
SaBPo09 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Rehabilitation Robotics  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.1 Add to My Program
Bio-Inspired Controller for a Dexterous Prosthetic Hand Based on Principal Components Analysis
Matrone, GiuliaUniv. of Pavia
Cipriani, ChristianScuola Superiore Sant'anna
Secco, Emanuele LindoEucentre
Carrozza, Maria ChiaraScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Magenes, GiovanniUniv. of Pavia
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.2 Add to My Program
Design and Development of a Hand Robotic Rehabilitation Device for Post Stroke Patients
Rashedi, EhsanSharif Univ. of Tech
Mirbagheri, AlirezaRes. Center for Science and Tech. in Medicine
Taheri, BehzadSharif Univ. of Tech
Vossoughi, GholamrezaSharif Univ. of Tech
Farahmand, FarzamSharif Univ. of Tech
Parnianpour, MohammadSharif Univ. of Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.3 Add to My Program
A Bio-Robotic Leg Orthosis for Rehabilitation and Mobility Enhancement
Horst, Robert W.Tibion Corp
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.4 Add to My Program
An Artificial Gastrocnemius for a Transitibial Prosthesis
Endo, KenMIT
Swart, EricHarvard
Herr, HughMIT
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.5 Add to My Program
Development of Single Leg Version of HAL for Hemiplegia
Kawamoto, HiroakiUniv. of Tsukuba
Hayashi, TomohiroUniv. of Tsukuba
Sakurai, TakeruUniv. of Tsukuba
Eguchi, KiyoshiUniv. of Tsukuba
Sankai, YoshiyukiUniv. of Tsukuba
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.6 Add to My Program
Control Strategy for a Myoelectric Hand: Measuring Acceptable Time Delay in Human Intention Discrimination
Nakamura, TatsuhiroThe Univ. of Tokyo
Kita, KahoriThe Univ. of Tokyo
Kato, RyuThe Univ. of Tokyo
Matsushita, KojiroThe Univ. of Tokyo
Yokoi, HiroshiUniv. of Tokyo
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.7 Add to My Program
Development of Prosthetic Arm with Pneumatic Prosthetic Hand and Tendon-Driven Wrist
Takeda, HiroyukiDoshisha Univ
Tsujiuchi, NobutakaDoshisha Univ
Koizumi, TakayukiDoshisha Univ
Kan, HirotoDoshisha Univ
Hirano, MasanoriSQUSE Inc
Nakamura, YoichiroSQUSE Inc
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.8 Add to My Program
Automatic Actuator Control by Leg Load Signal of Active AFO for Achilles Tendon Rupture
Yoshizawa, NobuyukiNippon Inst. of Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.9 Add to My Program
A Hybrid Adaptive Control Strategy for a Smart Prosthetic Hand
Chen, Cheng-HungIdaho State Univ
Naidu, D SubbaramIdaho State Univ
Perez, AlbaIdaho State Univ
Schoen, Marco P.Idaho State Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.10 Add to My Program
Effects of Dielectric Values of Human Body on Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Following 800 MHz Radio Frequency Exposure to Ingestible Wireless Device
Xu, LishengThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Meng, Max Q.-H.The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Li, BaopuThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.11 Add to My Program
Robot-Assited Light Dose Evaluation for Endoscopically Guided Photodynamic Therapy: A Preliminary Study
Dongwen, ZhangShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech. ChineseAcademyOf Scie
Wang, LeiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Gu, JiaShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech. ChineseAcademyOf Scie
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.12 Add to My Program
Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair System Using Stereoscopic Cameras
Nguyen, Jordan SonUniv. of Tehcnology, Sydney
Nguyen, Thanh HaiUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Nguyen, Hung T.Univ. of Tech. Sydney
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo09.13 Add to My Program
Applications of Simple Robots to Encourage Social Receptiveness of Adolescents with Autism
Costa, SandraUniv. of Minho
Resende, JorgeUniv. of Minho
Soares, FilomenaUniv. of Minho
Ferreira, Manuel JoaoUniv. of Minho
Santos, CristinaUniv. of Minho
Moreira, FatimaAPPACDM
SaBPo10 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Robotic and Image-Guided Surgery II  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.1 Add to My Program
Robotic Patch-Stabilizer Using Wire Driven Mechanism for Minimally Invasive Fetal Surgery
Zhang, BoWASEDA Univ
Kobayashi, YoWaseda Univ
Chiba, ToshioNational Center for Child Health and Development
Fujie, Masakatsu G.Waseda Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.2 Add to My Program
Autonomous Avoidance Based on Motion Delay of Master Slave Surgical Robot
Inoue, ShintaroWaseda Univ
Toyoda, KazutakaWaseda Univ
Kobayashi, YoWaseda Univ
Fujie, Masakatsu G.Waseda Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.3 Add to My Program
Model Based Stabilization of Soft Tissue Targets in Needle Insertion Procedures
Smolen, JerzyMcMaster Univ
Patriciu, AlexandruMcMaster Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.4 Add to My Program
The Study of Fiducial Localization Error of Image in Point-Based Registration
Liu, WenboTsinghua Univ
Ding, HuiTsinghua Univ
Han, HongyanTsinghua Univ
Xue, QinghuaC249, School of Medicine Tsinghua Univ
Sun, ZhaohuiTsinghua Univ
Wang, GuangzhiTsinghua Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.5 Add to My Program
A High Performance Graphic and Haptic Curvilinear Capsulorrhexis Simulation System
Liang, ShunUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Banerjee, P. PatUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Edward, DeepakSumma
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.6 Add to My Program
Minimally Invasive Localization of Light Source in Tissue with an Equidistant Measurement
zheng, zhenIBHE, Siat
Wang, LeiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech
Gu, JiaShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech. Chinese Acad. of Sc
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.7 Add to My Program
Modeling the Temperature Dependence of Thermophysical Properties: Study on the Effect of Temperature Dependence for RFA
Watanabe, HirokiWaseda Univ
Kobayashi, YoWaseda Univ
Fujie, Masakatsu G.Waseda Univ
Hashizume, MakotoKyushu Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.8 Add to My Program
Operability Evaluation Using an Simulation System for Gripping Motion in Robotic Tele-Surgery
Kawamura, KazuyaWaseda Univ
Kobayashi, YoWaseda Univ
Fujie, Masakatsu G.Waseda Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.9 Add to My Program
Ultrasound Guided Robotic Biopsy Using Augmented Reality and Human-Robot Cooperative Control
Freschi, CinziaUniv. of Pisa
Troia, ElenaUniv. of Pisa
Ferrari, VincenzoUniv. Di Pisa
Megali, GiuseppeUniv. of Pisa
Pietrabissa, AndreaUniv. of Pisa
Mosca, FrancoUniv. of Pisa
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.10 Add to My Program
A Novel Non-Model-Based 6-DOF Electromagnetic Tracking Method Using Non-Iterative Algorithm
Ge, XinFudan Univ
Lai, DakunUniv. of Minnesota
Wu, XiaomeiFudan Univ
Fang, ZuxiangFudan Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.11 Add to My Program
MRI-Compatible Micromanipulator, Positioning Repeatability Tests and Kinematic Calibration
koseki, yoshihikoAIST
Tanikawa, TamioNatl Inst. of Adv Industrial Science
Chinzei, KiyoyukiNational Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.12 Add to My Program
Soft-Tissue Modeling and Image-Guided Control of Steerable Needles
Sadati, NasserThe Univ. of British Columbia
Torabi, MeysamSharif Univ. of Tech
Vaziri, RezaSharif Univ. of Tech
Dehestani-Ardekani, rezaSharif Univ. of Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo10.13 Add to My Program
Development of a Robotic Endoscope That Locomotes in the Colon with Flexible Helical Fins
Shikanai, MasakiWaseda Univ
Murai, NatsukiWaseda Univ
Takanishi, AtsuoWaseda Univ
Itoh, KazukoWaseda Univ
Ishii, HiroyukiWaseda Univ
Hashizume, MakotoKyushu Univ
Tanoue, KazuoKyusyu Univ
Ieiri, SatoshiKyusyu Univ
Konishi, KozoKyusyu Univ
SaBPo11 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.1 Add to My Program
Technical and Compliance Considerations for Mobile-Health Self Monitoring of Glucose and Blood Pressure for Patients with Diabetes
Istepanian, RobertKingston Univ. London
Sungoor, AlaKingston Univ. London
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.2 Add to My Program
Wireless Physiological Monitoring System for Psychiatric Patients
Rademeyer, AndreStellenbosch Univ
Blanckenberg, MikeStellenbosch Univ
Scheffer, CornieStellenbosch Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.3 Add to My Program
Lessons Learned from Building the Imed Intelligent Medical Search Engine
Luo, GangIBM
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.4 Add to My Program
Robust and Efficient Ultrasound Video Coding in Noisy Channels Using H.264
Panayides, AndreasUniv. of Cyprus
Pattichis, MariosUniv. of New Mexico,
Pattichis, ConstantinosUniv. of Cyprus
Loizou, ChristosIntercollege
Pantziaris, MariosThe Cyprus Inst. of Neurology and Genetics
Pitsillides, AndreasUniv. of Cyprus
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.5 Add to My Program
Design of a Context-Aware Model to Enhance Medication Adherence
Lim, MyungeunETRI
Choi, JaehunElectronics and Telecom. Res. Inst
Bang, SunLeeElectronics & Telecom Res. Inst
kim, dae heeETRI
Park, Soo-JunElectr & Telecomm Res. Inst
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.6 Add to My Program
Defog – a Real Time System for Detection and Unfreezing of Gait of Parkinson’s Patients
Jovanov, EmilUniv. of Alabama in Huntsville
Wang, EmilyRush Univ. Medical Center
Verhagen, LeoRush Univ
Fredrickson, MatthewUniv. of Alabama in Huntsville
Fratangelo, Robert C.The Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.7 Add to My Program
Footpaths: Fusion of Mobile OuTdoor Personal Advisor for Walking Route and Health Fitness
Waluyo, Agustinus BorgyInst. for Infocomm Res
Pek, IsaacInst. for Infocomm Res
Yeoh, Wee SoonInst. for Infocomm Res
Kok, Tian ShiangInst. for Infocomms Res
Chen, XiangInst. for Infocomm Res
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.8 Add to My Program
Long-Distance Monitoring of Physiological and Environmental Parameters for Emergency Operators
Magenes, GiovanniUniv. of Pavia
Curone, DavideUniv. Degli Studi Di Pavia
Lanati, MatteoEUCENTRE
Secco, Emanuele LindoEucentre
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.9 Add to My Program
Assessing the Feasibility of Classifying Toe-Walking Severity in Children with Cerebral Palsy Using a Sensorized Shoe
Chiara, MancinelliHarvard Medical School
Patel, ShyamalHarvard Medical School
Lynn, DemingHarvard Medical School
Schmid, MaurizioUniv. Roma TRE
Patritti, BenHarvard Medical School
Jeffrey, ChuSimbex
Jonathan, BeckwithSimbex
Greenwald, RichardSimbex
Healey, JenniferIntel
Bonato, PaoloHarvard Medical School
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.10 Add to My Program
Rich Internet Application System for Patient-Centric Healthcare Data Management Using Handheld Devices
Constantinescu, LiviuUniv. of Sydney
Pradana, RamanandhaUniv. of Sydney
Kim, JinmanUniv. of Sydney
Gong, PengThe Univ. of Sydney
Fulham, MichaelRoyal Prince Alfred Hospital
Feng, DaganThe Univ. of Sydney
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.11 Add to My Program
A Reliable Wireless Monitoring of Periodic Vital Signals Using a Novel Joint Source-Channel Coding
Watanabe, KatsuhiroMeiji Univ
Takizawa, KenichiNICT
Ikegami, TetsushiMeiji Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.12 Add to My Program
Automated Discrimination Method for Measuring the Thickness of Muscular and Subcutaneous Fat Layers Based on Tissue Elasticity
Inoue, MasahiroSaga Univ
Fukuda, OsamuNational Inst. of AIST
Tsubai, MasayoshiNational Inst. of (AIST)
Muraki, SatoshiKyushu Univ
Okumura, HiroshiSaga Univ
Arai, KoheiSaga Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.13 Add to My Program
A Wireless Breathing-Training Support System for Kinesitherapy
Tawa, HirokiHiroshima Inst. of Tech
Yonezawa, YoshiharuHiroshima Inst. of Tech
Maki, HiromichiHiroshima Inst. of Tech
Ogawa, HidekuniHiroshima Inst. of Tech
Ninomiya, IshioHiroshima International Univ
Sata, KojiShakaihoken Shimonoseki Kousei Hospital
Hamada, ShingoShakaihoken Shimonoseki Kousei Hospital
Caldwell, MortonCaldwell Biomedical Electronics
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.14 Add to My Program
Smart Phones Are Useful for Food Intake and Physical Activity Questionnaires
Wohlers, EricaDevicix, LLC
Sirard, JohnUniv. of Minnesota
Barden, CharlesDevicix LLC
Moon, JonDevicix, LLC
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.15 Add to My Program
Off-The-Shelf Mobile Handset Environments for Deploying Accelerometer Based Gait and Activity Analysis Algorithms
Hynes, MartinNUIG
Wang, HanNUIG
Kilmartin, LiamNUIG
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.16 Add to My Program
A Remote Monitor of Bed Patient Cardiac Vibration, Respiration and Movement
Mukai, KojiHiroshima Inst. of Tech
Yonezawa, YoshiharuHiroshima Inst. of Tech
Ogawa, HidekuniHiroshima Inst. of Tech
Maki, HiromichiHiroshima Inst. of Tech
Caldwell, MortonCaldwell Biomedical Electronics
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.17 Add to My Program
Time-Series Data Analysis of Blood-Sugar Level of a Diabetic in Relationship to Lifestyle Events
Takeuchi, HiroshiTakasaki Univ. of Health and Welfare
Kodama, NaokiTakasaki Univ. of Health and Welfare
Tsurumi, KatsunoriTakasaki Univ. of Health and Welfare
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.18 Add to My Program
Mobile Health Monitoring Systems
Bhatia, DineshThe Univ. of Texas at Dallas
Walker, WilliamUniv. of Texas at Dallas
Aroul, Antoine Lourdes PraveenUniv. of Texas at Dallas
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.19 Add to My Program
Automatic Fall Detection Using Wearable Biomedical Signal Measurement Terminal
Lee, Tae SooChungbuk National Univ
Nguyen, Thuy TrangChungbuk National Unviersity
Cho, Myeong-ChanChungbuk National Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.20 Add to My Program
Implementation of a Real-Time Multi-Channel Gateway Server in Ubiquitous Integrated Biotelemetry System for Emergency Care (UIBSEC
Cheon, GyeongwooInterdisciplinary Program, Bioengineering Major, Graduate
Shin, Il HyungSeoul National Univ
Jung, Min YangSeoul National Univ
Kim, Hee ChanSeoul National Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.21 Add to My Program
Experience of a Real-Time Tele-EEG Service
Lasierra Beamonte, NeliaUniv. of Zaragoza
Alesanco, AlvaroUniv. of Zaragoza
Campos López, CarmenSan Pedro Hospital (Logroño)
Caudevilla, EvaCalahorra Hospital Foundation
Fernández Navajas, JuliánAragon Inst. for Engineering Res. (I3A), Univ. of Z
Garcia Moros, JoseUniv. of Zaragoza
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.22 Add to My Program
Design of a Web Services Based System for Remote Hearing Diagnosis
Yao, JianchuEast Carolina Univ
Givens, GreggEast Carolina Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.23 Add to My Program
A Framework for Wireless Monitoring of Mental Health Conditions
Varshney, UpkarGeorgia State Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo11.24 Add to My Program
Custom Active RFId Solution for Children Tracking and Identifying in a Resuscitation Ward
Iadanza, ErnestoUniv. Degli Studi Di Firenze
Dori, FabrizioUniv. Di Firenze
SaBPo12 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Biomechanical Modeling and Simulation II  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.1 Add to My Program
Four-Dimensional Quantitative Analysis of the Gait of Mutant Mice Using Coarse-Grained Motion Capture
Oota, SatoshiRIKEN Bioresource Center
Mekada, KazuyukiRIKEN Bioresource Center
Fujita, YoshihikoNAC Image Tech. Inc
Humphries, JulianThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Fukami-Kobayashi, KaoruRIKEN Bioresource Center
Obata, YuichiRIKEN Bioresource Center
Rowe, TimothyThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Yoshiki, AtsushiRIKEN Bioresource Center
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.2 Add to My Program
Biomechanical Analysis of Subjective Pinching Effort Based on Tendon-Skeletal Model
Kurita, YuichiNara Inst. of Science & Tech
Onoue, TakehiroNara Inst. of Science and Tech
Ikeda, AtsutoshiNara Inst. of Science and Tech
Ogasawara, TsukasaNara Inst. of Science and Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.3 Add to My Program
Biomechanical Study of the Subsequent Injury Induced by MCL Rapture
Yao, JieBeihang Univ
Fan, YuboBeijing Univ. of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Zhang, MingThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.4 Add to My Program
Development of a Patient-Specific Femoral Component for Unicompartmental Knee Replacement
Van Den Heever, DawieStellenbosch Univ
Scheffer, CornieStellenbosch Univ
Erasmus, PJStellenbosch Medi-Clinic
Dillon, EdwinStellenbosch Medi-Clinic
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.5 Add to My Program
Characterization of Postural Stability in a Simulated Environment of an Earthquake Using In-Shoe Plantar Pressure Measurement
Abu-Faraj, ZiadAmerican Univ. of Science & Tech
Abou-Assi, FadiAmerican Univ. of Science and Tech
Jaber, RawadAmerican Univ. of Science and Tech
Khalifeh, HassanAmerican Univ. of Science and Tech
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.6 Add to My Program
Monitoring the Segment Parameters During Long Term Physical Training from Motion Capture Data
Venture, GentianeTokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech
Ayusawa, KoUniv. of Tokyo
Kulic, DanaUniv. of Waterloo
Nakamura, YoshihikoUniv. of Tokyo
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.7 Add to My Program
Sensitivity of the Anthropometrical and Geometrical Parameters of the Bones and Muscles on a Musculoskeletal Model of the Lower Limbs
DAO, Tien-TuanUniv. De Tech. De Compiègne
MARIN, FrédéricUniv. De Tech. De Compiègne
HO BA THO, Marie-ChristineUniv. De Tech. De Compiègne
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.8 Add to My Program
Tension and Motion Measurement for Extended Trochanteric Osteotomy with Different Fixation Methods
Zhu, ZhonglinTsinghua Univ
Ding, HuiTsinghua Univ
Dang, XiaoTsinghua Univ
Shao, HongyiThe 4th Medical Coll. of Peiking Univ
Zhou, YixinBeijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital the 4th Medical Coll. Ofpeking Un
Wang, GuangzhiTsinghua Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.9 Add to My Program
The in Vivo Mechanical Properties of Muscular Bulk Tissue
Aritan, SerdarHacettepe Univ
Oyadiji, OlutundeUniv. of Manchester
Bartlett, RogerUniv. of Otago
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.10 Add to My Program
A Biomechanical Model of the Female Reproductive System and the Fetus for the Realization of a Childbirth Virtual Simulator
Buttin, RomainUniv. Lyon 1
Shariat, BehzadUniv. Lyon 1
Redarce, TanneguyInst. National Des Sciences Appliquées (INSA De Lyon)
Zara, FlorenceLIRIS - Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon 1
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.11 Add to My Program
Biomechanical Model to Assess Injury Reduction During Impact
Meyer, AndrewMarquette Univ
Fritz, JessicaMarquette Univ
Harris, GeraldMarquette Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.12 Add to My Program
Finite Element Analysis of Forearm Crutches During Gait in Children with Myelomeningocele
Slavens, BrookeMarquette Univ
Guan, YaboMedical Coll. of Wisconsin
Harris, GeraldMarquette Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo12.13 Add to My Program
Modeling of Friction Force Based on Relative Velocity between Liver Tissue and Needle for Needle Insertion Simulation
Kobayashi, YoWaseda Univ
Sato, TakahiroWaseda Univ
Fujie, Masakatsu G.Waseda Univ
SaBPo13 Poster Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon E, F, G Add to My Program 
Diagnostic & Evaluation Techniques for Neurological Disorders II  
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo13.1 Add to My Program
New Methodology for Identifying Hierarchical Relationships among Performance Measures: Concepts and Demonstration in Parkinson’s Disease
Kondraske, GeorgeUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Stewart, R. MalcolmTexas Health Presbyterian Dallas
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo13.2 Add to My Program
Wireless Accelerometer Reflex Quantification System Characterizing Response and Latency
LeMoyne, RobertUCLA
Coroian, CristianUCLA
Mastroianni, TimothyCognition Engineering
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo13.3 Add to My Program
Changes of Calf Muscle-Tendon Properties Due to Stretching and Active Movement of Children with Cerebral Palsy – a Pilot Study
Zhao, HengRehabiliation Inst. of Chicago, Northwestern Univ
WU, YI-NINGRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Liu, JieNorthwestern Univ. Huazhong Agricultural Univ
Ren, YupengRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Gaebler-Spira, DeborahNorthwestern Univ
Zhang, LiqunNorthwestern Univ
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo13.4 Add to My Program
Field Deployable EEG Monitor for Nerve Agent Casualties
McDonnall, DanielRipple, LLC
Hiatt, ScottRipple LLC
Yatsenko, DimitriUniv. of Utah
Guillory, Kenneth ShaneRipple LLC
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo13.5 Add to My Program
Preliminary Trial of Symmetry-Based Resistance in Individuals with Post-Stroke Hemiparesis
Simon, AnnRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Ferris, DanielUniv. of Michigan
Kelly, BrianUniv. of Michigan
11:10-12:30, Paper SaBPo13.6 Add to My Program
A New Method for Refl Ex Threshold Estimation in Spastic Muscles
Chardon, MatthieuRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Suresh, NinaRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Rymer, William ZevNorthwest. & Rehab Inst. of Chicago
SaKN5L Keynote Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon A Add to My Program 
Theme Keynote V  
Chair: Clark, John W.Rice Univ
13:30-14:15, Paper SaKN5L.1 Add to My Program
Towards a Completely Biological Living Heart Valve Replacement
Tranquillo, RobertUniv. of Minnesota
14:15-15:00, Paper SaKN5L.2 Add to My Program
The VPH/Physiome Project: A Role for EMBS?
Hunter, PeterUniv. of Auckland
SaC01 Oral Session, Conrad B Add to My Program 
Biomedical Modelling and Simulation III  
Chair: Magenes, GiovanniUniv. of Pavia
Co-Chair: Sun, MinguiUniv. of Pittsburgh
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC01.1 Add to My Program
Implicit Wiener Series Analysis of Epileptic Seizure Recordings
Barbero, ÁlvaroUniv. Autónoma De Madrid
Franz, Matthias O.HTWG Konstanz
van Drongelen, WimThe Univ. of Chicago
Dorronsoro, José R.Univ. Autónoma De Madrid
Schölkopf, BernhardMPI for Biological Cybernetics
Grosse-Wentrup, MoritzMax Planck Inst. for Biological Cybernetics
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC01.2 Add to My Program
Identification of Small World Topologies in Neural Functional Connections Quantified by Phase Synchrony Measures
Bolanos, MarcosMichigan State Univ
Bernat, EdwardUniv. of Minnesota
Aviyente, SelinMichigan State Univ
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC01.3 Add to My Program
Quantizing and Characterizing the Variance of Hand Postures in a Novel Transformation Task
vinjamuri, ramanaUniv. of Pittsburgh
Sun, MinguiUniv. of Pittsburgh
Weber, DouglasUniv. of Pittsburgh
Wang, WeiUniv. of Pittsburgh
Crammond, DonaldUniv. of Pittsburgh
Mao, Zhi-HongUniv. of Pittsburgh
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC01.4 Add to My Program
EEG Dynamics During Music Appreciation
Lin, Yuan-PinNational Taiwan Univ
Jung, Tzyy-PingUniv. of California San Diego
Chen, Jyh-HorngNational Taiwan Univ
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC01.5 Add to My Program
The Mechanism of Synchronization of Chemical Coupled Neurons
Chen, Yingyuan Tianjin Univ
Wang, JiangTianjin Univ
Che, YanqiuTianjin Univ
wei, xileTianjin Univ
Dong, FengTianjin Univ
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC01.6 Add to My Program
Automated Detection of Asynchrony in Patient-Ventilator Interaction
Mulqueeny, Qestra CamilleUniv. of New South Wales
Redmond, Stephen JamesUniv. of New South Wales
Tassaux, DidierGeneva Univ. Hospital
Vignaux, LaurenceUniv. Hospital
Jolliet, PhilippeUniv. Hospital
Ceriana, PieroFondazione Maugeri
Nava, StefanoFondazione S.Maugeri
Schindhelm, KlausUniv. of New South Wales
Lovell, Nigel HUniv. of New South Wales
SaC02 Oral Session, Conrad C Add to My Program 
Biomedical Modelling and Simulation II  
Chair: Mukkamala, RamakrishnaMichigan State Univ
Co-Chair: Barbieri, RiccardoMGH-Harvard Medical School-MIT
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC02.1 Add to My Program
Dynamic Control of Maximal Ventricular Elastance in Conscious Dogs before and after Pacing-Induced Heart Failure
Chen, XiaoxiaoMichigan State Univ
Mukkamala, RamakrishnaMichigan State Univ
Sala-Mercado, JavierWayne State Univ. School of Medicine
Hammond, RobertWayne State Univ. School of Medicine
Ichinose, MasashiWayne State Univ. School of Medicine
Soltani, SoroorMichigan State Univ
O'Leary, DonalWayne State Univ. School of Medicine
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC02.2 Add to My Program
Identification of Vascular Responses to Exercise and Orthostatic Stress in Bed Rest-Induced Cardiovascular Deconditioning
Aletti, FedericoPol. Di Milano
Ferrario, ManuelaPol. Di Milano
Tam, EnricoUniv. Degli Studi Di Bologna
Cautero, MichelaUniv. Degli Studi Di Verona
Cerutti, SergioPol. Di Milano
Capelli, CarloUniv. Di Verona
Baselli, GiuseppePol. Di Milano
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC02.3 Add to My Program
Linear and Nonlinear Quantification of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia During Propofol General Anesthesia
Chen, ZheHarvard Medical School/MIT
Purdon, Patrick LMassachussetts General Hospital
Pierce, EricMGH / Harvard Medical School
Harrell, Priscilla GraceMGH-Harvard Medical School
Walsh, JohnMassachusetts General Hospital
Salazar, Andres F.Massachussets General Hospital
Tavares, CasieMassachusetts General Hospital
Brown, Emery NMGH-Harvard Medical School-MIT
Barbieri, RiccardoMGH-Harvard Medical School-MIT
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC02.4 Add to My Program
Low-Complexity Autoregressive Modeling of the Fast and Slow QT Adaptation to Heart Rate Changes
Cabasson, AlineUniv. of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Meste, OlivierUNSA-CNRS
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC02.5 Add to My Program
Novel Methods for Estimating the Ballistocardiogram Signal Using a Simultaneously Acquired Electrocardiogram
Inan, OmerStanford Univ
Etemadi, MozziyarStanford Univ
Wiard, Richard M.Stanford Univ
Kovacs, Gregory T.A.Stanford Univ
Giovangrandi, LaurentStanford Univ
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC02.6 Add to My Program
Subclinical Atherosclerosis Modeling: Integration of Coronary Artery Calcium Score to Framingham Equation
Pessana, FrancoFICEN, Favaloro Univ
Armentano, RicardoFavaloro Univ
Chironi, GillesHôpital Européen Georges Pompidou
Megnien, Jean LouisHôpital Européen Georges Pompidou
Mousseaux, ElieHEGP
Simon, AlainHôpital Européen Georges Pompidou
SaC03 Oral Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon B Add to My Program 
Biomedical Optical Imaging I  
Chair: Dhawan, AtamNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Co-Chair: Bai, JingTsinghua Univ
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC03.1 Add to My Program
Multispectral Optical Imaging of Skin-Lesions for Detection of Malignant Melanomas
Dhawan, AtamNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
D'Alessandro, BrianNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Patwardhan, SachinWashington Univ
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC03.2 Add to My Program
Model-Based Approach for Tracking Embryogenesis in Caenorhabditis Elegans Fluorescence Microscopy Data
Dzyubachyk, OlehErasmus MC - Univ. Medical Center Rotterdam
Jelier, RobCentre for Genomic Regulation
Lenher, BenCentre for Genomic Regulation
Niessen, WiroErasmus MC, Univ. Medical Center Rotterdam
Meijering, ErikErasmus MC - Univ. Medical Center Rotterdam
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC03.3 Add to My Program
Improved Infrared Thermography Based Image Construction for Biomedical Applications Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method
Venkatappa, UmadeviIndian Inst. of Tech. Madras
Suresh, SanthoshIIT Madras
Serugudi Venkataraman, RaghavanIndian Inst. of Tech. Madras
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC03.4 Add to My Program
Macroscopic Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging in Turbid Media Using Angular Filter Arrays
Najiminaini, MohamadrezaSimon Fraser Univ
Vasefi, FartashSIMON FRASER Univ
Kaminska, BozenaSIMON FRASER Univ
Chapman, Glenn H.SIMON FRASER Univ
Carson, Jeffrey J.L.Univ. of Western Ontario
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC03.5 Add to My Program
Design and Characterization of a Miniaturized Epi-Illuminated Microscope
Murari, KartikeyaJohns Hopkins Univ
Greenwald, ElliotJohns Hopkins Univ
Etienne-Cummings, RalphJohns Hopkins Univ
Cauwenberghs, GertUniv. of California San Diego
Thakor, NitishJohns Hopkins Univ
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC03.6 Add to My Program
Investigation on DOT Guided FMT: Whether the FMT Image Quality Is Robust to the Priori DOT Information?
Wang, DaifaTsinghua Univ
Bai, JingTsinghua Univ
SaC05 Oral Session, Marquette V Add to My Program 
Functional Biomedical Imaging  
Chair: Park, Hae-JeongYonsei Univ
Co-Chair: LaConte, StephenBaylor Coll. of Medicine
Organizer: Park, Hae-JeongYonsei Univ
Organizer: LaConte, StephenBaylor Coll. of Medicine
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC05.1 Add to My Program
Neurofeedback of Two Motor Functions Using Supervised Learning-Based Real-Time Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (I)
Papageorgiou, DorinaBaylor Coll. of Medicine
Curtis, WilliamCase Western Res. Univ
McHenry, MonicaUniv. of Houston
LaConte, StephenBaylor Coll. of Medicine
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC05.2 Add to My Program
Support Vector Machine Classification of Complex Fmri Data (I)
Peltier, Scott JamesUniv. of Michigan
Lisinski, Jonathan, MaximilianBaylor Coll. of Medicine
Noll, Douglas C.Univ. of Michigan
LaConte, StephenBaylor Coll. of Medicine
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC05.3 Add to My Program
EEG-Based Real-Time Dynamic Neuroimaging (I)
Im, Chang-HwanYonsei Univ
Hwang, Han-JeongYonsei Univ
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC05.4 Add to My Program
Real-Time Functional MRI for Patient Monitoring During a Language Task (I)
Park, Hae-JeongYonsei Univ
Park, BumheeYonsei Univ
Kim, Dae-JinYonsei Univ
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC05.5 Add to My Program
Toward Functional Neurobehavioral Assessment of Mood and Anxiety (I)
Lindsey, LaRaunBaylor Coll. of Medicine
King-Casas, BrooksBaylor Coll. of Medicine
Brovko, JulieBaylor Coll. of Medicine
Chiu, PearlBaylor Coll. of Medicine
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC05.6 Add to My Program
Fmri Activation Pattern Recognition: A Novel Application of PCA in Language Network of Pediatric Localization Related Epilepsy
You, XiaozhenFlorida International Univ
Guillen, MagnoFlorida International Univ
Bernal, ByronMiami Children's Hospital
Gaillard, WilliamChildren's National Medical Center
Adjouadi, MalekFlorida International Univ
SaC06 Oral Session, Conrad A Add to My Program 
Wireless Sensors  
Chair: Sonkusale, SameerTufts Univ
Co-Chair: Towe, BruceArizona Sate Univ
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC06.1 Add to My Program
Near-Field Wireless Magnetic Link for an Ingestible Cattle Health Monitoring Pill
Hoskins, SethKansas State Univ
Sobering, TimothyKansas State Univ
Andresen, DanielKansas State Univ
Warren, SteveKansas State Univ
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC06.2 Add to My Program
Ambulatory Device for Urinary Incontinence Detection in Females
Dan, WangUniv. of Minnesota
Gerry, TimmUniv. of Minnesota
Erdman, ArthurUniv. of Minnesota
Tewfik, AhmedUniv. of Minnesota
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC06.3 Add to My Program
An Integrated Circuit for Wireless Ambulatory Arrhythmia Monitoring Systems
Kim, HyejungKAIST
Yazicioglu, Refet FiratIMEC
Torfs, TomIMEC
Merken, PatrickIMEC
Van Hoof, ChrisIMEC
Yoo, Hoi-JunKAIST
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC06.4 Add to My Program
A Small, Light-Weight, Low-Power, Multichannel Wireless Neural Recording Microsystem
Borna, AmirGraduate Student Res. Assistant
Marzullo, TimothyUniv. of Michigan
Gage, Gregory J.Univ. of Michigan
Najafi, KhalilUniv. of Michigan
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC06.5 Add to My Program
An Accuracy Aware Low Power Wireless EEG Unit with Information Content Based Adaptive Data Compression
Tolbert, JeremyGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Kabali, PratikGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Brar, simeranjitGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Mukhopadhyay, SaibalGeorgia Inst. of Tech
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC06.6 Add to My Program
Wireless Ultrasound-Powered Biotelemetry for Implants
Towe, BruceArizona Sate Univ
Larson, PatrickArizona State Univ
Gulick, DanielArizona State Univ
SaC07 Oral Session, Marquette VII Add to My Program 
Magnetic Sensors  
Chair: Wang, Jian-PingUniv. of Minnesota
Co-Chair: Ong, Keat GheeMichigan Tech. Univ
Organizer: Wang, Jian-PingUniv. of Minnesota
Organizer: Ong, Keat GheeMichigan Tech. Univ
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC07.1 Add to My Program
Evolution of a Magnetic-Based Biomolecular Detection System (I)
Tamanaha, CyNaval Res. Lab
Mulvaney, Shawn P.Naval Res. Lab
Rife, JackNaval Res. Lab
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC07.2 Add to My Program
Microfluidic Package Design for Magnetoresistive Biosensors (I)
Tondra, MarkDiagnostic Biosensors, LLC
Bardell, RonMicroplumbers Microsciences LLC
Datta, ProyagLouisiana State Univ
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC07.3 Add to My Program
Biomarkers Identification and Detection Based on GMR Sensor and Sub 13 Nm Magnetic Nanoparticles (I)
Li, YuanpengUniv. of Minnesota
Jing, YingUniv. of Minnesota
Yao, XiaofengUniv. of Minnesota
Srinivasan, BalasubramanianUniv. of Minnesota
Xing, ChengguoUniv. of Minnesota
Wang, Jian-PingUniv. of Minnesota
Xu, YunhaoSeagate Tech
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC07.4 Add to My Program
Wireless, Magnetic-Based Sensors for Biomedical Applications (I)
Ong, Keat GheeMichigan Tech. Univ
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC07.5 Add to My Program
Respiration Triggered Magnetic Drug Targeting in the Lungs
Dahmani, ChihebeddineTech. Univ. of Munich
Goetz, StefanTU Muenchen
Weyh, ThomasTU Muenchen
Renner, RiittaTU Muenchen
Rosenecker, MichaelaLudwig-Maximilians-Univ
Rudolph, CarstenLudwig-Maximilians-Univ
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC07.6 Add to My Program
Intracellular Patterning of Internalized Magnetic Fluorescent Nanoparticles
Tseng, PeterUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Di Carlo, DinoUCLA
Judy, JackUCLA
SaC08 Oral Session, Marquette VIII Add to My Program 
Current Progress in Modeling Regulatory, Metabolic, and Proteomic Networks  
Chair: Crampin, EdmundUniv. of Auckland
Co-Chair: Papin, JasonUniv. of Virginia
Organizer: Crampin, EdmundUniv. of Auckland
Organizer: Papin, JasonUniv. of Virginia
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC08.1 Add to My Program
The Inferelator 2.0: A Scalable Framework for Reconstruction of Dynamic Regulatory Network Models (I)
Madar, AvivNew York Univ
Greenfield, AlexNYU
Ostrer, HarryNew York Univ. Langone Medical Center
Vanden-Eijnden, EricNew York Univ
Bonneau, RichardNew York Univ
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC08.2 Add to My Program
A Multipathway Phosphoproteomic Signaling Network Model of Idiosyncratic Drug and Inflammatory Cytokine-Induced Toxicity in Human Hepatocytes (I)
Cosgrove, BenjaminStanford Univ
Alexopoulos, LeonidasHarvard Medical School
Saez-Rodriguez, JulioHarvard Medical School
Griffith, Linda G.MIT
Lauffenburger, DouglasMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC08.3 Add to My Program
Relative Expression Analysis for Identifying Perturbed Pathways (I)
Eddy, JamesUniv. of Illinois
Geman, DonaldClark Hall 302A
Price, NathanUniv. of Illinois
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC08.4 Add to My Program
Descriptive and Predictive Applications of Constraint-Based Metabolic Models (I)
Reed, JenniferUniv. of Wisconsin Madison
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC08.5 Add to My Program
A Scalable Systems Analysis Approach for Regulated Metabolic Networks (I)
Jensen, PaulUniv. of Virginia
Papin, JasonUniv. of Virginia
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC08.6 Add to My Program
Discovering Genetic Polymorphism Associated with Gene Expression Levels across the Whole Genome
Antoniades, AthosUniv. of Cyprus
Pattichis, ConstantinosUniv. of Cyprus
Kalvari, IoannaUniv. of Cyprus
Jones, NeilGlaxosmithkline
Matthews, PaulGlaxo Smith Kline
Domenici, EnricoGSK Medicines Res. Centre
Muglia, PierandreaGlaxoSmithKline
SaC09 Oral Session, Marquette II Add to My Program 
Cardiovascular Pulmonary Regulation (Neurohumoral, HRV)  
Chair: Chbat, NicolasPhilips Res. North America
Co-Chair: Poon, Chi-SangMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Organizer: Chbat, NicolasPhilips Res. North America
Organizer: Hoffmann, Klaus-PeterFraunhofer Inst
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC09.1 Add to My Program
Modeling Cerebral Blood Flow and Regulation (I)
Aoi, MikioNorth Carolina State Univ
Gremaud, PierreNorth Carolina State Univ
Tran, HienDepartment of Mathematics, North Carolina State Univ
Novak, VeraBeth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School
Olufsen, MetteNorth Carolina State Univ
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC09.2 Add to My Program
A Comprehensive Cardiopulmonary Simulation Model for the Analysis of Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure (I)
Chbat, NicolasPhilips Res. North America
Giannessi, MassimoUniv. of Bologna
Albanese, AntonioUniv. of Bologna
Ursino, MauroUniv. of Bologna
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC09.3 Add to My Program
Electrode Structures for Acquisition and Neural Stimulation Controlling the Cardiovascular System (I)
Steltenkamp, SiegfriedFraunhofer Inst. - IBMT
Becher, KaiFraunhofer IBMT
Doerge, ThomasFraunhofer Inst. for Biomedical Engineering
Ruff, RomanFraunhofer Inst. Für Biomedizinische Tech
Hoffmann, Klaus-PeterFraunhofer Inst
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC09.4 Add to My Program
One-Dimensional Modelling of Pulse Wave Propagation in Human Airway Bifurcations in Space-Time Variables
Clavica, FrancescoBrunel Univ
Alastruey, JordiImperial Coll. London
Sherwin, SpencerImperial Coll. London
Khir, AshrafBrunel Univ
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC09.5 Add to My Program
Induced Respiratory System Modeling by High Frequency Chest Compression Using Lumped System Identification Method
Lee, JongwonUniv. OF MINNESOTA
Lee, Yong WanUniv. of Minnesota
O'Clock, GeorgeUniv. of Minnesota
Zhu, XiaomingUniv. of Minnesota
Parhi, KeshabUniv. of Minnesota
Warwick, Warren J.Univ. of Minnesota
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC09.6 Add to My Program
Pulse Rate Analysis in Case of Central Sleep Apnea: A New Algorithm for Cardiac Rate Estimation
NGUYEN, Quang-VinhÉcole Nationale Supérieure Des Sciences Appliquées Et De Tech
LE PAGE, RonanÉcole Nationale Supérieure Des Sciences Appliquées Et De Tech
GOUJON, Jean-MarcÉcole Nationale Supérieure Des Sciences Appliquées Et De Tech
GUYADER, PatrickÉcole Nationale Supérieure Des Sciences Appliquées Et De Tech
BILLON, MichelÉcole Nationale Supérieure Des Sciences Appliquées Et De Tech
SaC10 Oral Session, Grand Ballroom - Salon C Add to My Program 
Brain-Machine Interface I  
Chair: Moran, DanielWashington Univ. in St. Louis
Co-Chair: Carmena, Jose M.Univ. of California, Berkeley
Organizer: Moran, DanielWashington Univ. in St. Louis
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC10.1 Add to My Program
An Implantable Bi-Directional Brain-Machine Interface System for Chronic Neuroprosthesis Research (I)
Stanslaski, ScottMedtronic
cong, pengMedtronic
Carlson, DavidMedtronic
santa, wesleyMedtronic
Jensen, RandyMedtronic
Molnar, GregMedtronic
Marks, WilliamUniv. Ca Sf Sch of Med
Shafquat, AfsahMedtronic
Denison, TimothyMedtronic
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC10.2 Add to My Program
Effective Brain-Computer Interfacing Using BCI2000 (I)
Schalk, GerwinWadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC10.3 Add to My Program
Ipsilateral Directional Encoding of Joystick Movements in Human Cortex (I)
Sharma, MohitWashington Univ
Gaona, CharlesWashington Univ
roland, jarodWashington Univ
Anderson, NicholasWashington Univ
freudenberg, ZacharyWashington Univ
Leuthardt, EricWashington Univ. in St. Louis
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC10.4 Add to My Program
Flexible Thin Film Electrode Arrays for Minimally-Invasive Neurological Monitoring (I)
Kim, JiwanUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Richner, TomUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Thongpang, SanittaUniv. of Wisconsin Madison
Sillay, KarlUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Niemann, DavidUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Ahmed, AzamUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Krugner-Higby, LisaUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Williams, JustinUniv. of Wisconsin
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC10.5 Add to My Program
Evaluation of Micro-Electrocorticographic Electrodes for Electrostimulation (I)
Wilks, SethPurdue Univ
Koivuniemi, AndrewPurdue Univ
Thongpang, SanittaUniv. of Wisconsin Madison
Williams, JustinUniv. of Wisconsin
Otto, KevinPurdue Univ
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC10.6 Add to My Program
Neural Adaptation of Epidural Electrocorticographic (EECoG) Signals During Closed-Loop Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Tasks (I)
Rouse, AdamWashington Univ
Moran, DanielWashington Univ. in St. Louis
SaC11 Oral Session, Marquette I Add to My Program 
Neural Microsystems I  
Chair: Wolf, PatrickDuke Univ
Co-Chair: Ghovanloo, MaysamGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Organizer: Wolf, PatrickDuke Univ
Organizer: Ghovanloo, MaysamGeorgia Inst. of Tech
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC11.1 Add to My Program
Recent Advances in Charge Balancing for Functional Electrical Stimulation (I)
Sooksood, KriangkraiUniv. of Ulm
Stieglitz, ThomasUniv. of Freiburg
Ortmanns, MauritsUniv. of Ulm
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC11.2 Add to My Program
An Optical Microsystem for Wireless Neural Recording (I)
ziaie, babakPurdue Univ
Wei, PinghungPurdue Univ
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC11.3 Add to My Program
A System-Level View of Optimizing High-Channel-Count Wireless Biosignal Telemetry (I)
Chandler, Rodney JamesUCLA
Gibson, SarahUCLA
Kakare, VaihbavUCLA
Farshchi, ShahinUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Markovic, DejanUCLA
Judy, JackUCLA
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC11.4 Add to My Program
Wireless, High-Bandwidth Recordings from Non-Human Primate Motor Cortex Using a Scalable 16-Ch Implantable Microsystem (I)
Borton, DavidBrown Univ
Song, Yoon-KyuBrown Univ
Patterson, WilliamBrown Univ
Bull, ChristopherBrown Univ
Park, SunmeeBrown Univ
Laiwalla, FarahBrown Univ
Donoghue, JohnBrown Univ
Nurmikko, ArtoBrown Univ
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC11.5 Add to My Program
Design of Advanced Neuroscience Platform (I)
Liu, WentaiUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
Chae, Moo SungUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
Yang, ZhiUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
Kim, HyunchulUniv. of California Santa Cruz
SaC12 Oral Session, Marquette VI Add to My Program 
Biomedical Signal Classification IV  
Chair: Behbehani, KhosrowUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Co-Chair: Signorini, Maria G.Pol. Di Milano
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC12.1 Add to My Program
A Continuous Evaluation of the Awake Sleep State Using Fuzzy Reasoning
Álvarez-Estévez, DiegoUniv. of a Coruña
Fernandez-Pastoriza, Jose MariaUniv. of a Coruña
Moret-Bonillo, VicenteA Coruña Univ
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC12.2 Add to My Program
A New Measure to Quantify Sleepiness Using Higher Order Statistical Analysis of EEG
Abeyratne, Udantha RUniv. of Queensland
Swarnkar, VinayakUniv. of Queensland
Hukins, CraigPrince Alexandra Hospital
Duce, BrettPrincess Alexandra Hospital
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC12.3 Add to My Program
A Classification Algorithm Based on Spectral Features from Nocturnal Oximetry and Support Vector Machines to Assist in the Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Marcos, J. VictorUniv. of Valladolid, CIF: Q4718001C
Hornero, RobertoUniv. of Valladolid
Álvarez, DanielUniv. of Valladolid
del Campo, FélixHospital Del Río Hortega
Zamarrón, CarlosHospital Clínico Univ
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC12.4 Add to My Program
Normal Probability Testing of Snore Signals for Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Ghaemmaghami, HoumanThe Univ. of Queensland
Abeyratne, Udantha RUniv. of Queensland
Hukins, CraigPrince Alexandra Hospital
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC12.5 Add to My Program
Automatic Detection of Sleep Macrostructure Based on Bed Sensors
Mendez, Martin OswaldoPol. Di Milano
Matteucci, MatteoPol. Di Milano
Cerutti, SergioPol. Di Milano
Bianchi, Anna MariaPol. Di Milano
Kortelainen, Juha MattiVTT
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC12.6 Add to My Program
Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in ECG Recordings Using Time-Frequency Distributions and Dynamic Features
Quiceno-Manrique, Andrés FelipeUniv. Nacional De Colombia, Sede Manizales
Alonso-Hernández, Jesús BernardinoUniv. De Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
Travieso-González, CarlosUniv. De Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
Ferrer-Ballester, Miguel ÁngelUniv. De Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
Castellanos-Dominguez, GermánUniv. Nacional De Colombia
SaC13 Oral Session, Conrad D Add to My Program 
Robotic and Image-Guided Surgery I  
Chair: Riviere, CameronCarnegie Mellon Univ
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC13.1 Add to My Program
Patient Motion Tracking in the Presence of Measurement Errors
Haidegger, TamasBudapest Univ. of Tech. and Ec. of Control
Benyo, ZoltanBudapest Univ. of Tech. & Ec
Kazanzides, PeterJohns Hopkins Univ
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC13.2 Add to My Program
Catheter Localization in the Left Atrium Using an Outdated Anatomic Reference for Guidance
Koolwal, AdityaStanford Univ
Barbagli, FedericoStanford Univ
Carlson, ChristopherHansen Medical, Inc
Liang, DavidStanford Univ
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC13.3 Add to My Program
Comparison of Visual Tracking Algorithms on in Vivo Sequences for Robot-Assisted Flexible Endoscopic Surgery
Masson, NorbertUniv. of Strasbourg
Nageotte, FlorentUniv. of Strasbourg
Zanne, PhilippeUniv. of Strasbourg
Marescaux, jacquesIRCAD
de Mathelin, MichelUniv. of Strasbourg
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC13.4 Add to My Program
Design of a Telemanipulated System for Transluminal Surgery
Bardou, BerengereUniv. of Strasbourg
Nageotte, FlorentUniv. of Strasbourg
Zanne, PhilippeUniv. of Strasbourg
de Mathelin, MichelUniv. of Strasbourg
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC13.5 Add to My Program
Hybrid Attitude Estimation for Laparoscopic Surgical Tools: A Preliminary Study
REN, HongliangThe Johns Hopkins Univ
Kazanzides, PeterJohns Hopkins Univ
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC13.6 Add to My Program
Active Guidance for Laser Retinal Surgery with a Handheld Instrument
Becker, BrianCarnegie Mellon Univ
RoblesValdivieso, CristinaCarnegie Mellon Univ
Biswas, JoydeepCarnegie Mellon Univ
Lobes, Louis A.Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Riviere, CameronCarnegie Mellon Univ
SaC14 Oral Session, Marquette III Add to My Program 
Medical Device Design and Human Factors  
Chair: Privitera, Mary BethUniv. of Cincinnati
Co-Chair: Hitchcock, RobertUniv. of Utah
Organizer: Privitera, Mary BethUniv. of Cincinnati
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC14.1 Add to My Program
Medical Device Development (I)
Panescu, DorinNewCardio, Inc
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC14.2 Add to My Program
Interconnections of Basic Science Research and Product Development in Medical Device Design (I)
Privitera, Mary BethUniv. of Cincinnati
johnson, jeffreyUniv. of Cincinnati
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC14.3 Add to My Program
Opportunity Is Hidden in Plain Sight (I)
Johnson, RoyceKinetic Concepts, Inc
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC14.4 Add to My Program
Towards Sustainable Design for Single-Use Medical Devices (I)
Hanson, Jacob JosephUniv. of Utah
Hitchcock, RobertUniv. of Utah
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC14.5 Add to My Program
Applied Ergonomics: Determining User Needs in Medical Device Design (I)
Privitera, Mary BethUniv. of Cincinnati
Murray, DaleUniv. of Cincinnati
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC14.6 Add to My Program
Medical Device Design Process (I)
Gilman, ByronGalvani, Ltd
Brewer, JamesGalvani, Ltd
Kroll, MarkUniv. of Minnesota
SaC15 Oral Session, Marquette IX Add to My Program 
Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Personalized Decision Support  
Chair: Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.Univ. of Ioannina
Co-Chair: Summers, RonaldLoughborough Univ
Organizer: Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.Univ. of Ioannina
Organizer: van Gils, MarkVTT Tech. Res. Centre of Finland
13:30-13:45, Paper SaC15.1 Add to My Program
Semantic Subgroup Discovery: Using Ontologies in Microarray Data Analysis (I)
Lavrac, NadaJozef Stefan Inst
Kralj Novak, PetraJozef Stefan Inst
Mozetic, IgorJozef Stefan Inst
Podpecan, VidJozef Stefan Inst
Motaln, HelenaNational Inst. of Biology
Petek, MarkoNational Inst. of Biology
Gruden, KristinaNational Inst. of Biology
13:45-14:00, Paper SaC15.2 Add to My Program
Neighborhood Graph and Learning Discriminative Distance Functions for Clinical Decision Support (I)
Tsymbal, AlexeySiemens AG
Huber, MartinSiemens AG
Zhou, Shaohua KevinSiemens Corp. Res
14:00-14:15, Paper SaC15.3 Add to My Program
Innovation for Personalization: A Healthcare Case Study (I)
Summers, RonaldLoughborough Univ
Hu, SijungLoughborough Univ
Echiadis, AngelosLoughborough Univ
Azorin Peris, VicenteLoughborough Univ
Chouliaras, VassiliosLoughborough Univ
14:15-14:30, Paper SaC15.4 Add to My Program
A Semantically Aware Platform for the Authoring and Secure Enactment of Bioinformatics Workflows (I)
Tsiknakis, ManolisICS-FORTH
Sfakianakis, SteliosFoundation for Res. and Tech. Hellas
Zacharioudakis, GeorgeFoundation for Res. and Tech. Hellas
Koumakis, LefterisFoundation for Res. and Tech. Hellas
Kanterakis, AlexandrosFoundation for Res. and Tech. Hellas
Potamias, GeorgeFoundation for Res. and Tech. - Hellas
Kafetzopoulos, DimitrisFORTH
14:30-14:45, Paper SaC15.5 Add to My Program
Methods and Tools for Mining Multivariate Temporal Data in Clinical and Biomedical Applications (I)
Bellazzi, RiccardoUniv. of Pavia
Sacchi, LuciaUniv. of Pavia
Stefano, ConcaroUniv. of Pavia
14:45-15:00, Paper SaC15.6 Add to My Program
Data Mining for Blood Glucose Prediction and Knowledge Discovery in Diabetic Patients: The METABO Diabetes Modeling and Management System (I)
Georga, EleniUniv. of Ioannina
Protopappas, VasiliosUniv. of Patras
Guillen, AlejandraCRDM in Medtronic Spain
Fico, GiuseppeTech. Univ. of Madrid
Ardigo, DiegoUniv. of Parma
Arredondo, María TeresaTech. Univ. of Madrid
Exarchos, Themis P.Unit of Medical Tech. & Intelligent Info
Polyzos, DemosthenesUniv. of Patras
Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.Univ. of Ioannina