The 31st Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference, Sept. 2-6, 2009, Hilton Minneapolis, MN, USA


31st Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference
September, 2-6, 2009, Hilton Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

EMBC'09 Keyword Index

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Academia-Industry interactionThA08.2
Acoustic, mechanical, and thermal sensors and systemsFrA06.1, FrA06.2, FrA06.4, FrBPo05.2, FrBPo05.3, FrBPo05.10, FrE05.6, FrE06.5, FrE07.1, SaA06.1, SaBPo05.2, SaDPo06.4, SaDPo06.5, SuA02.6, ThA06.1, ThBPo06.1, ThBPo06.2, ThBPo06.3, ThBPo06.4, ThBPo06.5, ThBPo06.11, ThBPo06.13, ThBPo06.16, ThC06.2, ThC09.3, ThC17.2, ThE06.1, ThE06.2, ThE06.3, ThE06.5
ActinSaBPo10.13, SuB12.6
Adaptive filteringFrBPo01.3, FrBPo01.17, FrDPo02.3, FrE02.6, FrE10.4, SaDPo02.2, SaDPo02.3, SaDPo02.4, SaDPo02.5, SaDPo02.6, SaDPo02.7, SuB01.1, SuB01.2, SuB01.3, SuB01.4, SuB01.5, SuB01.6, ThBPo01.9, ThBPo01.15, ThDPo01.16, ThDPo01.22, ThE17.5
Advances in clinical applications of biological network studiesFrBPo06.8, SaBPo06.4, SaE08.2, SaE08.3, SaE08.5, SaE08.6
Advances in theory of biological network studiesFrE08.3, SaBPo06.1, SaBPo06.4, SaE08.2, SaE08.6
Algorithms and computational tools for proteomicsFrA08.1, FrA08.3, FrA08.5, FrDPo07.8, SaBPo06.16, SuA08.5, SuA08.6, SuB08.4
Algorithms and tools for gene expression profilingFrDPo07.6, FrE08.2, SaC08.1, SaC08.3, SaC08.6, SuB02.5
Algorithms and tools for genome analysisFrDPo07.1, FrDPo07.2, FrDPo07.3, FrDPo07.4, FrDPo07.5, SaC08.6, SuA08.1, SuA08.3, SuA08.6, SuB02.5, SuB08.6
Algorithms and tools for lipidomicsSuA08.3
Algorithms and tools for metabolomicsSaC08.5, SuA08.2, SuA08.4
Algorithms and tools for physiomeFrA08.6, FrBPo06.3, FrBPo06.4, FrC09.6, FrDPo08.1, FrDPo08.2, SaA08.3, SaDPo07.1
Alzheimer's diseaseFrA11.6, SaBPo08.7
Application of biomechanics to tissue engineeringFrC12.6, FrE12.5, FrE12.6, SaDPo11.7, ThE12.1, ThE12.6
Applied neuro-prostheses (e.g. visual, auditory, balance, etc.)FrDPo11.1, SaA11.3, SuA10.2, SuA16.1, ThBPo04.10, ThDPo05.3, ThDPo06.1, ThE11.3
Arterial impedanceFrA09.5, ThBPo06.21, ThC09.4
Artificial heartsFrA09.4
Artificial muscleSuA12.1, SuA12.3, SuA12.4, SuA12.5, SuA12.6
Artificial neural circuits and networksSuB10.1, ThA04.3, ThDPo04.1, ThDPo05.5, ThDPo06.12
Assistive and cognitive roboticsFrC13.2, SaA13.4, SaA13.5, SaBPo09.5, SaBPo09.12, SaBPo09.13, SaDPo12.4
Atrial arrhythmiasFrC09.4, SaA09.1, ThDPo08.18
Atrial fibrillationFrDPo10.3, SaA09.1, ThDPo08.18, ThDPo08.20
Autonomic nervous systemFrBPo07.8, FrE09.6, SaA09.3, SaC09.1, SaE09.6, ThDPo08.5, ThDPo08.10, ThDPo08.23, ThDPo08.27, ThDPo08.28, ThE09.4, ThE09.5, ThE09.6
Bio-MEMS for cell mechanicsSaDPo11.13, ThC12.5
Biocompatibility of BiomaterialsFrA12.6, FrE12.4
Biocompatibility of implantable sensorsFrE07.2, SaBPo05.3, SaE07.3, SaE07.4, SuA06.1
Bioelectric sensing methodsFrA06.3, FrBPo05.8, FrDPo05.1, FrDPo05.2, FrDPo05.3, FrDPo05.4, FrDPo05.5, FrDPo05.7, FrDPo05.8, FrDPo05.9, FrDPo05.10, FrDPo05.11, FrDPo05.12, FrDPo05.13, FrDPo06.2, FrE10.5, SaA06.2, SaA06.3, SaBPo05.4, SaC07.3, SaDPo06.3, SaDPo06.5, SuA06.5, ThBPo06.3, ThBPo06.12, ThC06.1, ThC06.2, ThC06.4, ThC06.6, ThDPo03.5
Biolelectric sensorsFrA06.3, FrA06.4, FrA06.5, FrA06.6, FrDPo05.1, FrDPo05.2, FrDPo05.3, FrDPo05.5, FrDPo05.9, FrDPo05.10, FrDPo05.11, FrDPo05.12, FrDPo05.13, FrDPo06.5, FrE06.6, FrE10.5, SaA06.3, SaA06.6, SaBPo04.5, SaC06.4, SaC06.6, SaDPo06.6, SaE07.3, SuB06.1, ThBPo06.6, ThBPo06.7, ThC06.1, ThC06.2, ThC06.5, ThC06.6, ThC17.2, ThDPo03.5
Biological and chemical sensorsFrBPo05.5, FrBPo05.6, FrBPo05.7, FrDPo05.7, FrDPo05.12, FrE05.5, FrE07.1, FrE07.3, FrE07.4, FrE07.5, FrE07.6, SaA06.2, SaBPo05.1, SaC07.1, SaC07.2, SaDPo06.2, SaE06.3, ThA06.6, ThBPo06.12, ThBPo06.18, ThC06.3, ThC06.5, ThDPo03.3
Biological and medical data managementFrBPo06.7, FrE08.6, SaDPo07.2, SaDPo07.3, SuB08.5
Biological and medical data miningFrBPo06.7, FrDPo07.2, SaBPo06.13, SaC08.6, SaDPo07.3, SaDPo07.5, SaE08.5, SuB08.1, SuB08.3, SuB08.5, SuB08.6
Biological and medical data visualizationFrDPo07.2, FrDPo07.5, FrE08.6, SaDPo07.2, SaDPo07.4
Biological neural circuits and networksFrA10.1, FrBPo08.1, FrC10.3, SaDPo09.1
Biologically inspired locomotionSaDPo12.1, SaDPo12.5, SaDPo12.7, SuB13.3, SuB13.6, ThE13.4
Biomaterial effects on stem cell differentiationSaDPo11.10, ThC12.3, ThE12.5
Biomedical image managementSaC15.3, ThE15.1, ThE15.4, ThE15.5
Biomedical modeling and simulationFrA02.4, FrBPo01.3, FrBPo01.11, FrBPo01.17, FrBPo01.23, FrBPo01.24, FrBPo01.30, FrBPo01.47, FrBPo02.6, FrC01.1, FrC01.2, FrC02.1, FrC02.2, FrDPo01.2, FrDPo01.14, FrDPo04.40, FrE01.2, FrE01.4, FrE01.5, FrE02.2, SaA01.1, SaA01.3, SaA02.3, SaBPo01.3, SaBPo01.6, SaBPo01.8, SaBPo01.10, SaBPo01.18, SaBPo01.22, SaC01.6, SaC02.1, SaC02.2, SaC02.3, SaC02.4, SaC02.5, SaC02.6, SaDPo01.4, SaDPo02.5, SaDPo02.6, SaDPo02.7, SaE01.1, SaE01.2, SuA01.1, SuA01.3, SuA01.6, SuA02.2, SuB01.2, SuB01.4, SuB05.1, SuB05.2, SuB05.3, SuB05.4, ThBPo01.4, ThBPo01.5, ThBPo01.16, ThBPo01.17, ThC01.3, ThC02.4, ThC09.3, ThDPo01.1, ThDPo01.2, ThDPo01.3, ThDPo01.4, ThDPo01.5, ThDPo01.6, ThDPo01.7, ThDPo01.9, ThDPo01.11, ThDPo01.12, ThDPo01.13, ThDPo01.14, ThDPo01.16, ThDPo01.19, ThDPo01.21, ThDPo01.22, ThDPo01.24, ThDPo01.25, ThDPo01.28, ThDPo01.31, ThDPo01.33, ThDPo01.34, ThE01.3, ThE01.4, ThE17.5
Biomedical signal classificationFrA01.6, FrBPo01.1, FrBPo01.4, FrBPo01.5, FrBPo01.6, FrBPo01.7, FrBPo01.8, FrBPo01.9, FrBPo01.10, FrBPo01.11, FrBPo01.13, FrBPo01.14, FrBPo01.16, FrBPo01.18, FrBPo01.19, FrBPo01.20, FrBPo01.21, FrBPo01.22, FrBPo01.23, FrBPo01.25, FrBPo01.26, FrBPo01.27, FrBPo01.28, FrBPo01.29, FrBPo01.30, FrBPo01.31, FrBPo01.32, FrBPo01.33, FrBPo01.34, FrBPo01.35, FrBPo01.36, FrBPo01.37, FrBPo01.38, FrBPo01.39, FrBPo01.40, FrBPo01.41, FrBPo01.42, FrBPo01.43, FrBPo01.44, FrBPo01.45, FrBPo01.46, FrBPo01.47, FrBPo01.48, FrBPo01.50, FrC01.2, FrC01.4, FrC02.1, FrC02.3, FrC02.4, FrDPo01.3, FrDPo01.6, FrDPo01.15, FrDPo02.1, FrDPo02.3, FrDPo02.4, FrDPo02.5, FrDPo02.6, FrE01.3, FrE01.4, FrE01.5, FrE02.2, FrE02.5, SaA01.2, SaBPo01.1, SaBPo01.2, SaBPo01.4, SaBPo01.8, SaBPo01.9, SaBPo01.24, SaC01.4, SaC12.1, SaC12.3, SaC12.5, SaDPo01.2, SaDPo01.5, SaDPo01.6, SaDPo02.1, SaE01.4, SaE02.1, SaE02.3, SuA01.2, SuA01.3, SuA01.4, SuA01.5, SuA01.6, SuB02.4, SuB05.1, SuB05.5, SuB05.6, ThA01.3, ThA01.4, ThA01.5, ThA02.2, ThA02.4, ThA02.5, ThA02.6, ThA17.2, ThA17.3, ThBPo01.2, ThBPo01.8, ThBPo01.10, ThBPo01.11, ThBPo01.13, ThBPo01.20, ThBPo01.21, ThBPo01.23, ThC01.4, ThC01.5, ThC02.1, ThC02.4, ThC02.5, ThC02.6, ThDPo01.13, ThDPo01.15, ThDPo01.16, ThDPo01.17, ThDPo01.18, ThDPo01.19, ThDPo01.20, ThDPo01.21, ThDPo01.23, ThDPo01.30, ThDPo01.32, ThE02.1, ThE02.2, ThE02.3, ThE02.4, ThE02.5, ThE02.6, ThE18.6
BiomimeticsSaBPo09.1, SaDPo11.11, SaDPo11.16, SaDPo12.1, SuB13.1, SuB13.2, SuB13.3, SuB13.4, SuB13.5, SuB13.6
BioNano TechnologyFrBPo05.2, FrBPo05.9, FrBPo05.10, FrBPo05.11, FrBPo05.12, FrE05.2, FrE05.3, FrE05.6, FrE07.5, SaA07.5, SaC07.5, SaC07.6, SaE06.4, SuA06.6, ThE06.4
Bispectrum and bicoherenceSaC12.2
Blind source separationFrBPo01.15, FrC02.5, FrE02.1, FrE02.3, FrE02.6, ThBPo01.6, ThC02.1, ThE01.3, ThE17.3
Blood flowFrA09.4, FrBPo07.5, FrBPo07.7, FrBPo07.8, FrDPo09.1, FrDPo10.5, ThA09.1, ThA09.4, ThA09.5, ThC09.1, ThDPo08.13
Blood flow modelsFrA09.2, FrA09.3, FrA09.4, FrA09.5, FrBPo07.5, FrDPo10.5, ThDPo08.13
Blood pressure variabilitySaE09.4, SuA09.4, ThDPo08.26, ThDPo08.27, ThDPo08.28
Body sensor networkFrA15.1, FrA15.2, FrA15.3, FrA15.4, FrA15.5, FrA15.6, SaA06.4, SaBPo11.6, SaBPo11.7, SaBPo11.8, SaBPo11.9, SaBPo11.18, SaBPo11.19, SaDPo13.8, SaDPo14.1, SaE15.1, SaE15.4, SuA15.1, SuA15.3, SuA15.4, SuA15.5, ThA15.3, ThA15.6, ThBPo05.1, ThBPo05.2, ThBPo05.3, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.7
Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsFrC06.1, FrC06.2, FrC06.3, FrC06.5, FrC06.6, FrDPo06.2, FrDPo06.3, FrDPo06.4, FrDPo06.6, FrE05.1, SaBPo04.1, SaBPo04.5, SaBPo04.7, SaBPo04.10, SaBPo04.11, SaBPo04.13, SaBPo05.6, SaC06.1, SaC06.2, SaC06.3, SaC06.5, SaE07.2, ThBPo06.2, ThBPo06.14
Brain machine interfaceFrA13.1, FrC13.1, FrC13.3, FrC13.4, FrC13.5, FrC13.6, SaA13.1, SaA13.6, ThC17.4, ThE13.4
Brain-machine interfaceFrBPo08.1, FrBPo08.5, SaA10.1, SaA10.2, SaA10.4, SaA10.5, SaA10.6, SaA11.6, SaBPo08.2, SaBPo08.10, SaC10.1, SaC10.2, SaC10.3, SaC10.4, SaC10.6, SaC11.2, SaC11.4, SaC11.5, SaDPo10.7, SaE10.1, SaE10.2, SaE10.3, SaE10.4, SaE10.5, SaE10.6, SaE11.3, SuB11.2, ThA10.6, ThA17.5, ThBPo03.1, ThBPo03.2, ThBPo03.3, ThBPo03.4, ThBPo03.5, ThBPo03.7, ThBPo03.8, ThBPo03.9, ThBPo03.10, ThBPo03.11, ThBPo03.13, ThBPo03.14, ThBPo03.15, ThBPo03.16, ThBPo03.17, ThBPo03.18, ThBPo03.19, ThBPo03.20, ThBPo03.21, ThBPo03.22, ThBPo03.23, ThBPo04.3, ThDPo06.4, ThDPo06.6, ThDPo06.7, ThDPo06.11, ThDPo06.15, ThE10.2, ThE10.3, ThE10.6, ThE17.2
Cardiac ablationFrC14.1, ThA14.3
Cardiac cell activationFrE09.4, SaA09.2, SaA09.4, ThDPo08.6
Cardiac cell modelFrDPo10.1, FrDPo10.3, FrDPo10.6, SaA09.4
Cardiac image analysisFrA03.4, FrC03.6, FrC07.5, FrDPo04.13, FrDPo04.14, FrDPo04.15, FrDPo04.16, FrDPo04.17, FrDPo04.19, FrDPo04.20, SaA03.2, SaA03.3, SaA03.4, SaA03.6, ThBPo02.6, ThBPo02.18, ThBPo02.19, ThE03.1, ThE03.5
Cardiac mechanicsFrBPo07.6, FrBPo07.14, FrBPo07.15, FrBPo07.16, FrBPo07.17, FrBPo07.18, FrBPo07.19, ThA09.1, ThA09.6, ThE09.1
Cardiopulmonary modelsFrBPo07.7, ThA09.3
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - in the ICU and EMT settingsSuA09.2, SuA09.3
Cardiovascular and lung diseases in apneaSaC09.6
Cardiovascular diagnostic devicesFrBPo10.1, FrBPo10.3, FrBPo10.7, FrBPo10.8, FrBPo10.9, FrBPo10.10, SaE14.1, SaE14.3, SaE14.5, SuA09.1, SuA14.5, ThBPo07.22, ThBPo07.27
Cardiovascular flow and hemodynamicsFrA09.1, FrA09.2, FrA09.3, FrA09.5, FrA09.6, FrBPo07.1, FrBPo07.3, FrBPo07.4, FrDPo10.4, FrDPo10.5, ThC09.1, ThC09.4, ThDPo08.13, ThDPo08.14, ThDPo08.15, ThE09.1, ThE09.5
Cardiovascular mechanicsFrBPo07.1, FrBPo07.2, FrBPo07.3, FrBPo07.4, FrBPo07.5, FrBPo07.6, FrBPo07.8, FrBPo07.16, FrBPo07.17, ThA09.1, ThA09.2, ThC09.2, ThC09.4, ThC09.6, ThDPo08.14, ThDPo08.15, ThE09.6
Cardiovascular signal processingFrC09.4, FrC09.5, SaC09.6, SaE09.4, SaE09.6, SuA09.4, SuA09.6, ThBPo06.21, ThC09.3, ThDPo08.1, ThDPo08.2, ThDPo08.3, ThDPo08.4, ThDPo08.6, ThDPo08.7, ThDPo08.8, ThDPo08.12, ThDPo08.16, ThDPo08.17, ThDPo08.19, ThDPo08.20, ThDPo08.22, ThDPo08.25, ThDPo08.26, ThDPo08.29
Career developmentSaDPo05.6, ThA08.1, ThA08.2, ThA08.3, ThA08.5
CatheterizationFrBPo10.7, FrBPo10.10, SaE14.3
Cell contractionFrC12.4, ThC12.5
Cell interactions with biological or biomimetic materialsFrE12.1, SaE12.2, ThC12.1, ThC12.2
Cell motilityFrC12.1, FrC12.5, FrC12.6, SaE12.4, ThE12.6
Cell TransplantationSaDPo11.8
Cell-biomaterial interactionsFrA12.2, FrE12.4, SaDPo11.10, ThC12.1, ThC12.2, ThC12.3
Cell-cell mechanical interactionsFrC12.4
Cell-material interfacesFrE12.4, SuA12.6
Cell-matrix mechanical interactionsFrC12.1, FrC12.5, FrC12.6, SaDPo11.13
Cellular force transductionFrC12.1, FrC12.5
Cellular TherapiesSaA12.5, SaDPo11.3, SaE12.2
Central mechanisms in neuromuscular systemsFrBPo09.1, FrC10.3, FrDPo11.2, SaBPo08.1, SaBPo13.1, SaBPo13.2, SaC10.3, SaDPo08.1, SaDPo08.5, SuB16.3, ThDPo05.3
Central sleep apneaFrDPo09.2, FrDPo09.3, SaBPo01.16, SuB09.1, SuB09.2, SuB09.3, SuB09.4
Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseFrBPo07.10, FrBPo07.11, FrBPo07.12, FrDPo09.4
Clinical evaluationFrA13.1, FrA13.3, FrA13.6, SaBPo09.2, SaDPo11.11, SaDPo12.3, SuA13.5
Clinical laboratory measurementsFrBPo10.1, FrBPo10.6, FrBPo10.8, SaBPo01.23, SaBPo11.14, SaE14.2, SaE14.3, SuA14.1, SuA14.3, SuA14.5, SuB14.5, ThBPo05.4, ThBPo07.5, ThBPo07.7, ThBPo07.9, ThBPo07.13, ThBPo07.15, ThBPo07.17, ThBPo07.20, ThBPo07.21, ThBPo07.23, ThC14.4, ThC14.6, ThE14.3
Clinical neurophysiology -- EEGFrA10.3, SaBPo08.2, SaBPo08.6, SaBPo08.12, SaDPo09.2, SuA11.6, ThA11.6, ThBPo03.1, ThBPo03.23, ThC10.4, ThE11.1, ThE11.2
Clinical neurophysiology -- EMGSaDPo08.4, SuA16.4, ThBPo04.6
Clinical neurophysiology -- Evoked potentiaFrBPo08.10, FrDPo11.7, SaA10.1, SaBPo08.8, SaE11.6, SuA10.1, ThBPo04.18, ThDPo05.12, ThE11.1, ThE11.2, ThE11.3, ThE11.4, ThE11.5
Clinical testing/clinical trialsSuB07.1
Clinical trialsSaA14.5, SuA09.1, ThBPo07.2, ThBPo07.3, ThBPo07.12, ThBPo07.20, ThBPo07.21, ThBPo07.22, ThBPo07.29, ThE14.2, ThE14.4
Closed-loop identificationFrDPo01.14, SaA02.3, SaC02.1, SaC02.2, SuB05.3
Cognitive rehabilitationFrC10.6, ThDPo05.9
CoherenceFrA01.2, FrA01.3, FrA01.4, FrA01.6, SaBPo01.21, SaE02.5, ThE18.1
Combination productsThA12.1, ThA12.3, ThA12.5, ThA12.6
Complexity in cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory signalsThDPo08.16
Complexity in cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory signalsThDPo08.1, ThDPo08.17, ThDPo08.18
Computational modeling of neuromuscular systemsFrE11.6, SaBPo07.1, SaBPo07.2, SaBPo07.3, SaBPo07.4, SaBPo07.5, SaE11.2, SaE11.5, SaE11.6, SuA10.1, ThBPo04.7, ThDPo05.7
Computational studies of macromolecular nanomachinesFrA08.3, FrA08.5, SaBPo06.3
Computer-aided decision making (clinical and operational)FrC15.1, FrC15.2, FrC15.3, FrC15.4, FrC15.5, SaC15.2, SaC15.5, SaDPo02.10, SaDPo13.10, SaDPo13.11, SaDPo13.14, SaDPo14.1, SaDPo14.2, SaDPo14.3, SaDPo14.4, SaDPo14.6, SaDPo14.7, SaDPo14.8, SaDPo14.9, SaDPo14.10, SaDPo14.11, SuB15.3, ThE15.6, ThE18.2
Continuous monitoringFrBPo10.23, SaBPo11.2, SuA14.2, SuA14.3, SuA14.5, ThBPo05.4, ThBPo07.2, ThBPo07.9, ThBPo07.10, ThBPo07.12, ThBPo07.23, ThBPo07.25, ThBPo07.26, ThBPo07.27, ThBPo07.32, ThC14.2, ThC14.3, ThC14.4, ThC14.5, ThC14.6, ThE14.3, ThE17.4
Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIFrE03.2, SaA03.2, SaA03.6, SaA05.1, SaA05.2, SaBPo03.1, SaBPo03.5, SaC18.1, SaDPo04.8
Contrast-enhanced X-ray imagingFrDPo03.3, FrDPo04.25, SuA05.4
CytoskeletonFrE13.1, SaDPo11.15, SuB12.6
Data fusionFrBPo01.8, FrBPo01.28, FrDPo02.1, FrDPo02.6, SaBPo01.13, SaBPo01.22, SaC02.5, SuA02.4, SuA02.5, SuB02.4, SuB05.5, ThA02.2, ThDPo01.34
Data fusion methods for data miningSaBPo01.13, SuA02.4, SuA02.5, SuB02.2, SuB02.3
Data mining, knowledge discovery, and personalized decision supportFrC15.2, FrC15.3, FrC15.4, FrC15.5, FrC15.6, SaBPo11.3, SaBPo11.17, SaC15.1, SaC15.2, SaC15.3, SaC15.4, SaC15.5, SaC15.6, SaDPo13.6, SaDPo13.14, SaDPo13.27, SaDPo13.30, SaDPo14.1, SaDPo14.3, SaDPo14.4, SaDPo14.7, SaDPo14.8, SaDPo14.10, SaDPo14.11, SaDPo14.12, ThC15.3, ThE15.6, ThE18.2
DC stimulationSaE11.1, ThBPo04.8, ThBPo04.13, ThBPo04.16, ThDPo06.2
Decellularized ScaffoldsFrA12.3, FrE12.6, SaE12.6
Decision support in brain diseasesThC15.3, ThE18.2
Decision support in cancerSaC15.4
Defibrillation and cardioversionFrDPo10.2, FrDPo10.6
DefibrillatorsFrBPo10.2, FrBPo10.4, FrC05.4, SaA14.4
Deformable image registrationFrBPo02.3, FrDPo03.1, FrDPo03.8, FrDPo04.19, FrDPo04.32, SaDPo04.11, SaDPo04.12, SaDPo04.13, SaDPo04.14, SuB03.4, ThA05.1, ThA05.2, ThA05.4, ThA05.5, ThC03.6
Design & development of robotics for human-robot interactionsFrA13.2, FrA13.4, FrC13.2, SaA13.4, SaA13.5, SaBPo09.1, SaBPo09.6, SaBPo09.12, SaC13.4, SaDPo12.2
Design and developmentSaDPo05.1, SuB07.4, ThE08.4
Design controlsFrBPo10.14, SaC14.1, SaC14.2, ThA14.3, ThBPo07.10, ThBPo07.30, ThE14.1
Detection of neuronal activationFrBPo08.2, FrBPo08.7, FrBPo08.8, FrC11.3, FrDPo11.11, SaA10.5, SaBPo08.1, SaBPo08.4, SaBPo08.8, SaBPo08.9, SaC11.3, SaE10.3, SaE10.4, SuA11.4, SuA11.6, ThA04.3, ThBPo03.4, ThBPo03.17, ThDPo04.4, ThDPo06.3, ThDPo06.4, ThE11.1
Deterministic chaosSaA02.6, ThBPo01.1
Diagnostic & evaluation techniques for neurological disordersFrA11.6, FrBPo09.5, FrDPo11.8, SaBPo08.7, SaBPo13.1, SaBPo13.3, ThA11.1, ThA11.2, ThA11.3, ThA11.4, ThA11.5, ThBPo03.12, ThC10.4, ThC10.5, ThE11.4
DialysisSaC14.4, ThC14.1
Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingFrBPo03.1, FrBPo03.2, FrBPo03.3, FrBPo03.4, FrBPo03.5, FrBPo03.6, SaA03.4, SaC18.5, SuA03.1, SuB03.3
Directionality and causalityFrA01.2, FrA01.5, SaBPo01.20, SaBPo01.21, SaE01.6, ThE01.4, ThE18.3
Doppler ultrasonic imagingFrA03.3, FrA03.4, FrA03.5, FrA03.6, ThBPo02.15, ThBPo02.16
Drug deliveryFrA12.1, FrA12.2, FrA12.5, SaDPo11.6, ThA12.1, ThA12.3, ThA12.4, ThA12.5, ThA12.6, ThC12.1
Drug delivery through external devicesFrBPo10.13, FrBPo10.19, ThA14.5, ThA14.6
Drug delivery through internal devicesFrBPo10.20, FrBPo10.21, FrE14.3, ThA14.6
Drug design and high-throughput screeningFrA08.1, FrA08.2, FrA08.4, SaBPo06.3, SaBPo06.15
Drug-material interactionsThA12.4, ThA12.6
Dual photon microscopyFrE04.4, SaE03.3
DynamicsSaBPo12.6, SaBPo12.8, SaBPo12.11, SaBPo12.12, SaE13.1, SaE13.4, SaE13.5
EchocardiographyFrBPo07.14, FrDPo10.4, ThC09.1, ThC09.2
EEG neuroimagingFrA01.1, FrA04.6, FrBPo08.4, SaC05.3, ThA04.1, ThA04.2, ThA04.4, ThA04.5, ThE04.1
EEG Neuroimaging applicationsFrBPo08.1, FrBPo08.6, FrBPo08.10, FrDPo11.1, FrE10.5, SaA10.3, SaA10.4, SaBPo08.7, SaBPo13.4, SaDPo08.3, SaE10.5, ThBPo03.14, ThBPo03.16
Effects of topography, chemistry, and adhesive ligandsSaDPo11.13
EHealth, mHealth services and portalsFrA15.4, FrA15.5, FrA15.6, FrC15.3, SaA15.3, SaBPo06.2, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.3, SaBPo11.4, SaBPo11.7, SaBPo11.9, SaBPo11.10, SaBPo11.19, SaBPo11.20, SaBPo11.23, SaDPo13.12, SaE09.5, SaE15.4, SaE15.5, SuA15.2, ThA15.3, ThA15.4, ThA15.5, ThBPo05.7, ThC15.1, ThC15.2, ThC15.3, ThC15.4, ThC15.5, ThC15.6, ThDPo07.8, ThDPo07.9, ThDPo07.10, ThDPo08.11
Elastography ImagingFrA03.1, FrBPo04.2, SaA04.1, SaA04.2, SaA04.3, SaA04.4, SaA04.5, SaA04.6, ThE05.5
Electrical fields at the cell and protein scaleSaDPo11.3, SaE12.1, SaE12.2, SaE12.3, SaE12.5, ThA17.1, ThE12.1
Electrical Fields in Tissue Repair and RegenerationFrE12.3, SaDPo11.12, SaE12.4
Electrical impedance imaging techniquesFrA04.1, FrA04.2, FrA04.3, FrA04.5, FrC03.1, FrC03.2, FrC03.3, FrC03.4, FrC03.5, FrC03.6, SaA05.1, SaDPo04.21
Electrical source imaging techniquesFrA04.3, FrA04.4, FrBPo02.7, FrBPo04.1, FrBPo08.4, FrE04.5, SaBPo03.7, SaC05.3, SaDPo03.2, SaDPo04.21, ThA04.5, ThA04.6, ThDPo08.9, ThE04.1, ThE04.2, ThE04.3, ThE04.4, ThE04.5, ThE04.6
Electronic health recordsSaA15.1, SaA15.2, SaA15.6, SaBPo11.16, ThDPo07.6
Electroporation and its ApplicationsSaDPo11.4, SaE12.1, SaE12.3, ThA17.1
Emerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliverySaBPo11.3, SaBPo11.15, SaC15.3, SaDPo13.7, SaDPo14.2, SaDPo14.7, SaDPo14.12, SuA15.1, ThBPo05.6, ThBPo07.33, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.5, ThDPo07.11, ThDPo07.13, ThDPo07.19, ThDPo08.11, ThE15.6
EMG model, processing & applicationsFrA11.1, FrBPo09.2, FrBPo09.3, FrBPo09.4, FrBPo09.7, FrBPo09.8, FrBPo09.9, FrBPo09.10, FrBPo09.11, FrBPo09.12, FrBPo09.13, FrBPo09.15, FrDPo11.2, FrDPo11.10, SaBPo07.3, SuA10.5, SuA16.2, SuA16.4, SuA16.5, SuB10.6, ThE17.1
Empirical mode decompositionFrA02.1, FrA02.3, FrA02.4, FrA02.5, FrBPo01.29, FrBPo01.46, FrDPo01.12, FrKN2L.1, FrKN2L.2, FrKN3L.1, FrKN3L.2, FrPL1.1, SaKN4L.1, SaKN5L.1, SaKN5L.2, SaPL1.1, ThA02.3, ThBPL1.1, ThBPo01.1, ThBPo01.3, ThBPo01.4, ThBPo01.5, ThDPo01.10, ThDPo01.32, ThKN1L.1, ThKN1L.2, ThPL1.1
Endoscopic devicesFrE14.6, ThBPo07.16
Enterprise resource optimizationFrC15.6, ThBPo07.33, ThDPo07.13, ThDPo07.14, ThE15.4
EpilepsyFrA10.5, FrBPo08.6, FrC10.5, SaC10.4, SaE11.3, ThA11.6, ThBPo04.20, ThE10.1
ErgonomicsSaC14.4, SaC14.5, SuA14.4, ThBPo07.6
Fail-safe systemsSuB14.1, SuB14.4, ThBPo07.32
Failure effects analysisSuB14.1, SuB14.2, ThC09.5
Fast algorithmsFrA04.5, FrBPo02.5, FrDPo04.10, FrE04.6, SaDPo03.2, SaE05.1, ThBPo02.14, ThDPo02.7
Field potentialsFrC09.2, FrC09.4, FrDPo10.1, FrDPo10.6
Functional cardiac tissue engineeringFrE12.3, SaDPo11.8
Functional electrical stimulation (FES)FrBPo09.13, FrC10.1, SaC11.1, SuA10.2, SuA10.3, SuA10.4, SuA10.5, SuA10.6, ThA10.2, ThA10.4, ThBPo04.1, ThBPo04.2, ThBPo04.4, ThBPo04.7, ThBPo04.9, ThBPo04.11, ThBPo04.14, ThBPo04.15, ThBPo04.19, ThDPo05.11, ThDPo06.1, ThDPo06.8, ThDPo06.9
Functional image analysisFrBPo04.1, FrDPo03.16, FrDPo04.32, FrDPo04.42, FrE04.2, SaA03.3, SaA05.3, SaA05.5, SaBPo03.3, SaBPo03.4, SaBPo03.5, SaC05.1, SaC05.2, SaC05.6, SaDPo04.13, SaDPo04.18, SaDPo04.21, SaDPo11.14, SuA05.3, SuA07.2, SuB03.1, SuB03.5, ThA03.1, ThBPo02.13, ThC05.2, ThC05.4
Functional neural tissue engineeringThE12.4
Fuzzy systemsFrBPo01.40, FrBPo01.42, SaA01.3, SaC12.1, ThBPo01.2, ThDPo01.8, ThE01.1, ThE02.6
Gas transport modelsFrBPo07.9
Genetic algorithmsFrBPo01.42, ThC01.1
Haptic interfaces and explorationsSaA13.2, SaA13.3, SaDPo12.2
Haptics in robotic surgerySaBPo10.5, SaBPo10.12, SuA13.3, ThC13.4
Hardware and control developmentsSaBPo09.2, SaBPo09.3, SaBPo09.12, SaC13.1, SaDPo11.16, SaDPo12.1, SaDPo12.3, SaDPo12.4, SaDPo12.6, SaDPo12.7, SuA13.5, SuB13.3, ThE13.4
Health information netwroks and architecturesFrA15.2, FrA15.3, FrE15.2, SaA15.1, SaA15.2, SaA15.3, SaBPo06.2, SaBPo11.20, SaBPo11.22, SaBPo11.24, SaDPo13.24, SaDPo14.2, ThBPo05.1, ThBPo05.2, ThBPo05.5, ThDPo07.1, ThDPo07.2, ThDPo07.3, ThDPo07.4, ThDPo07.5, ThDPo07.6, ThDPo07.11, ThDPo07.15, ThDPo07.16, ThDPo07.17
Healthcare information systemsFrA15.1, FrA15.2, FrA15.5, FrC15.1, FrC15.6, SaA06.4, SaA15.4, SaA15.5, SaBPo06.2, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.11, SaBPo11.12, SaBPo11.13, SaBPo11.15, SaBPo11.16, SaC15.2, SaDPo13.5, SaDPo13.6, SaDPo13.12, SaDPo14.6, SaDPo14.14, SuA15.4, SuA15.6, ThA15.1, ThA15.2, ThA15.6, ThBPo05.3, ThBPo05.5, ThC17.3, ThDPo07.3, ThDPo07.4, ThDPo07.5, ThDPo07.8, ThDPo07.10, ThDPo07.15, ThDPo07.20, ThE15.5
Heart and circulatory support devicesFrBPo10.3, FrBPo10.11, FrBPo10.12, FrBPo10.23, FrC14.1, SaA14.4, ThE14.4
Heart Rate VariabilityFrE09.6, SaE09.6, ThDPo08.4, ThDPo08.10, ThDPo08.17, ThDPo08.19, ThDPo08.21, ThDPo08.23, ThDPo08.24, ThDPo08.25, ThDPo08.27, ThDPo08.28
Heart-brain connectionsThDPo08.23, ThE09.2, ThE09.3, ThE09.4, ThE09.5, ThE09.6
HIFUFrBPo10.13, FrC14.4, FrE14.1
High-frequency ultrasound technologyFrA03.2, FrA03.5, FrBPo04.2, SaBPo02.1, SaE04.6, SaE05.3, ThBPo02.5, ThC09.6, ThE03.3, ThE05.1, ThE05.3, ThE05.4
HistorySaE16.1, SaE16.3, SaE16.5, ThC08.1, ThC08.3, ThC08.4, ThC08.5, ThC08.6
HRV and blood pressure monitoringSaE09.2, SaE09.3, SuA09.4, ThBPo06.21, ThDPo08.19, ThDPo08.21, ThDPo08.26
HRV and respiratory variability in sleep apneaFrDPo09.2, SaBPo01.16, SuB09.3, SuB09.5
Human factors of complex systemsSaC14.3, SuA14.2, ThBPo07.11
Human performance (sensory-motor, cognitive, driving, ADL)FrDPo11.3, FrDPo11.4, FrDPo11.5, FrDPo11.6, FrDPo11.7, FrDPo11.8, FrDPo11.10, SaA10.5, SaBPo07.5, SaBPo13.1, SaBPo13.6, SaDPo08.2, SaDPo10.2, SuA16.3, SuB16.6, ThBPo03.2, ThBPo03.9, ThBPo03.10, ThBPo03.11, ThBPo04.14, ThDPo05.6, ThDPo05.8, ThDPo05.9
Hybrid organic synthetic biomaterials for actuationFrE12.2, SuA12.4, SuA12.5, SuA12.6
Hybrid organic synthetic biomaterials for sensingSuA12.4
Image classificationFrBPo03.6, FrDPo03.2, FrDPo03.6, FrDPo03.7, FrDPo03.18, FrDPo04.1, FrDPo04.4, FrDPo04.5, FrDPo04.7, FrDPo04.18, FrDPo04.21, FrDPo04.26, FrDPo04.28, FrDPo04.33, FrDPo04.35, FrDPo04.37, FrDPo04.38, FrDPo04.44, FrDPo04.45, SaBPo03.6, SaC03.1, SaC05.2, SaC05.6, SaC18.2, SaDPo04.1, SaDPo04.5, SaDPo04.7, SuA03.1, SuA05.1, SuA05.2, SuA05.3, SuA05.4, SuA05.5, SuA05.6, SuA07.1, SuA07.2, SuA07.3, SuA07.4, ThBPo02.6, ThBPo02.9, ThBPo02.10, ThBPo02.12, ThC05.3, ThC05.4, ThDPo02.14
Image compressionFrDPo04.36, SaBPo03.4, SaDPo04.22
Image denoisingFrDPo03.5, FrDPo03.12, FrDPo04.20, FrDPo04.23, FrDPo04.27, FrDPo04.44, ThBPo02.18, ThBPo02.19, ThBPo02.21, ThC03.1, ThDPo02.8, ThDPo02.13
Image enhancementFrDPo04.2, FrDPo04.3, FrDPo04.12, FrDPo04.18, FrDPo04.19, FrDPo04.20, FrDPo04.22, FrDPo04.23, FrDPo04.24, FrDPo04.25, FrDPo04.38, FrDPo04.41, FrDPo04.43, SuA07.3, SuB03.4, ThBPo02.3, ThBPo02.4, ThBPo02.18, ThBPo02.20, ThE05.1
Image guided surgerySaBPo10.4, SaBPo10.6, SaBPo10.9, SaBPo10.10, SaBPo10.11, SaC13.1, SaC13.2, SaC13.3, SaDPo12.6, ThC13.3, ThC13.5, ThC13.6
Image retrievalFrBPo02.3, FrC07.4, FrDPo04.34, FrDPo04.38, FrDPo04.43, SuA03.5
Image security and forensicsFrDPo04.31
Image segmentationFrA04.6, FrDPo03.2, FrDPo03.6, FrDPo03.7, FrDPo03.9, FrDPo03.11, FrDPo03.12, FrDPo03.13, FrDPo03.14, FrDPo03.15, FrDPo03.16, FrDPo03.17, FrDPo04.1, FrDPo04.4, FrDPo04.7, FrDPo04.8, FrDPo04.9, FrDPo04.10, FrDPo04.11, FrDPo04.12, FrDPo04.13, FrDPo04.17, FrDPo04.18, FrDPo04.21, FrDPo04.22, FrDPo04.26, FrDPo04.27, FrDPo04.28, FrDPo04.29, FrDPo04.33, FrDPo04.43, FrDPo04.45, SaA03.2, SaA03.3, SaA03.5, SaA03.6, SaC03.1, SaC03.2, SaC18.2, SaC18.3, SaC18.4, SaDPo03.8, SaDPo04.1, SaDPo04.2, SaDPo04.3, SaDPo04.4, SaDPo04.5, SaDPo04.6, SaDPo04.7, SaDPo04.8, SaDPo04.9, SaDPo04.10, SaDPo04.12, SaDPo04.14, SaDPo04.17, SaE05.1, SaE05.2, SaE05.3, SaE05.4, SaE05.5, SaE05.6, SuA05.1, SuA05.2, SuA05.3, SuA05.4, SuA07.1, SuA07.2, SuA07.3, SuA07.4, SuA07.6, SuB03.5, ThBPo02.19, ThBPo02.20, ThBPo02.21, ThC03.2, ThC03.5, ThC05.1, ThC05.3, ThC05.4, ThC05.5, ThDPo02.1, ThDPo02.7, ThDPo02.9, ThDPo02.10, ThDPo02.11, ThDPo02.13, ThDPo02.18, ThE03.5
Image visualizationFrDPo03.12, FrDPo04.16, FrDPo04.22, FrDPo04.41, FrDPo04.42, FrE03.4, FrE04.4, SaC18.4, SaDPo03.6, SaDPo03.7, SaDPo03.8, SaDPo04.4, SaDPo04.16, SuB03.4, ThBPo02.1, ThBPo02.5, ThDPo02.8
Image-less navigationSaBPo10.6, SaBPo10.10
Implantable systemsFrC06.4, FrDPo05.9, FrDPo05.11, FrDPo06.1, FrE05.4, FrE06.1, FrE07.2, FrE10.4, FrE10.6, SaA06.5, SaA06.6, SaBPo05.2, SaBPo05.3, SaBPo05.4, SaBPo05.5, SaBPo05.6, SaC06.4, SaC06.6, SaC07.4, SaDPo06.1, SaDPo06.6, SaE07.1, SaE07.2, SaE07.3, SaE07.4, SaE07.5, SaE07.6, SuA06.1, SuA06.4, SuA06.6, ThA06.5, ThBPo06.6, ThC06.4, ThC06.6, ThC17.5
Independent component analysisFrBPo01.15, FrC02.6, FrE02.1, FrE02.3, FrE02.4, FrE02.5, FrE02.6, ThA01.4, ThA02.1, ThBPo01.6, ThBPo01.7, ThBPo01.9, ThBPo01.10, ThBPo01.11, ThBPo01.14, ThE17.3
Infra-red imagingSaC03.3, SaC03.6, SaE03.1, SaE03.2, SuA03.4, ThBPo02.9, ThDPo02.5, ThDPo02.6, ThDPo02.16
InnovationThA08.1, ThA08.4, ThA08.5
Instruction and learningSaDPo05.1, SaDPo05.2, SaDPo05.3, SaDPo05.4, SaDPo05.5, SaDPo05.6, ThE08.3, ThE08.5, ThE08.6
Instrumentation of cell-substrate and cell-cell interactionsFrE12.3
Integrating the healthcare enterpriseSaA15.6, SaDPo14.14, ThA15.2, ThDPo07.13, ThDPo07.16
Integration of flexible materials with textileFrE06.4
Intellectual propertyThA08.1, ThA08.4, ThA08.5
InternationalizationSuB07.3, SuB07.6, ThE08.6
InteroperabilitySaA15.1, SaA15.2, SaA15.3, SaA15.6, ThDPo07.3, ThDPo07.6, ThE15.2, ThE15.3
Interstitial thermal therapyFrBPo10.13, FrBPo10.16, FrC14.6, FrE14.2, FrE14.3, FrE14.4, FrE14.6, SuB14.3
Interventional MRIFrBPo02.7, SaC18.1
Intra-operative matchingSaBPo10.4, SaC13.2, ThA13.2
Intracortical stimulationFrA10.5, SaA11.3, SaE11.1, SaE11.2, SaE11.3, SuB11.1, SuB11.2, SuB11.3, ThA10.6, ThBPo04.9, ThE10.1
Inverse problemsFrBPo07.20, FrC09.1, FrC09.2, FrDPo10.1, ThDPo08.29
Ion channels in cardiac cellsFrDPo10.3
IT services for disease and wellness managementFrA15.6, SaBPo11.17, SaDPo13.4, SaDPo13.30, SaDPo14.6, SaE15.5, ThA15.4, ThA15.5, ThC15.1, ThC15.4, ThC15.5, ThDPo07.9
Iterative image reconstructionFrA04.4, FrA04.5, FrBPo02.2, FrDPo04.36, SaDPo03.1, SaDPo03.4, SaDPo03.5, SaDPo04.16, SaE04.3, ThA03.5
Joint biomechanicsSaBPo12.2, SaBPo12.3, SaBPo12.4, SaBPo12.7, SaBPo12.8, SaE13.3, SaE13.4, SuB12.2, SuB12.3, SuB12.4
Kalman filterSaBPo01.24, SaDPo01.3, SaDPo02.8, ThA01.1, ThDPo01.2
Knowledge representation in bioinformatics and systems biologyFrBPo06.2, FrBPo06.7, FrE08.6, SaBPo06.13, SuB08.1, SuB08.2, SuB08.4
Lab on a chipFrBPo05.5, FrE07.4, SaC07.2, SaE06.3, SaE06.4, SuA06.3, SuB06.3, SuB06.4, SuB06.5, ThC07.2, ThC07.4, ThC07.6
Learning and adaption in neuromuscular systemsFrDPo11.3, FrDPo11.5, SaDPo08.1, SaDPo08.2, SaDPo08.3, SaDPo08.4, SaDPo08.5, SuB16.4, ThDPo05.7
Learning from the customerSaC14.3, ThBPo07.35
Least squares SVMsFrBPo01.4, FrBPo01.6, FrBPo01.23, FrBPo01.34, FrBPo01.44, FrDPo02.5, SaA02.4, SaBPo01.9, SaC12.3, SuA01.5, SuB02.4, ThC02.3, ThDPo01.11, ThE18.6
LocomotionFrA11.3, FrDPo11.2, FrDPo11.8, FrDPo11.9, SaBPo13.2, SaDPo10.6, SuB10.5, SuB16.2, SuB16.3
Low power chemo/bio-sensing techniquesSaA06.1, ThBPo06.13, ThBPo06.14
Low power, wireless sensing methodsFrBPo05.4, FrC06.1, FrC06.3, FrC06.5, FrDPo05.13, FrDPo06.4, FrDPo06.5, FrDPo06.6, FrE06.1, SaBPo04.1, SaBPo04.2, SaBPo04.3, SaBPo04.7, SaBPo04.8, SaBPo04.9, SaBPo05.5, SaBPo05.6, SaC06.1, SaC06.2, SaC06.3, SaC06.4, SaC06.5, SaC06.6, SaE07.1, ThBPo06.9, ThC17.5
Lung complianceFrBPo07.9, SaC09.5, ThA09.3, ThA09.4
Magnetic sensorsFrA06.6, FrBPo05.8, SaA07.1, SaA07.3, SaC07.1, SaC07.2, SaC07.4, SaC07.5, ThBPo06.11
Major advance in bio- micro- and nano- technology and applicationsFrDPo06.7, SaBPo05.7, SaDPo11.1, ThA07.1, ThA07.3, ThA07.6, ThDPo06.17, ThDPo07.18, ThE07.4, ThE07.6
Major advance in biomaterials and tissue engineeringSaBPo01.12, SaBPo05.7, SaDPo11.1, ThBPo06.20
Major advance in computational and systems biologySaBPo01.12, ThBPo03.6, ThDPo01.35
Major advance in functional, molecular, cellular imagingFrC07.1, FrC07.2, FrC07.3, ThA07.3, ThA07.4, ThA07.5, ThDPo01.35, ThE07.1, ThE07.3, ThE07.4, ThE07.5, ThE07.6
Major advance in medical devicesFrBPo10.18, FrBPo10.24, FrC07.1, SaBPo01.12, SaBPo05.7, SaDPo11.1, SaDPo11.2, ThA07.1, ThA07.4, ThA07.5, ThA07.6, ThBPo03.6, ThBPo06.8, ThBPo06.19, ThBPo06.20, ThDPo01.35, ThDPo03.12, ThE07.4, ThE07.5
Major advance in neural engineeringFrDPo06.7, ThBPo03.6, ThDPo06.17
Markov modelsFrA02.6, FrBPo01.1, FrDPo01.12, FrE01.4, SaBPo01.20, SaC12.5, SuA02.2, SuB05.5, ThA17.4
Mechanical regulatory mechanism during tissue regenerationFrE13.2
Mechanical stimuliThE12.6
Mechanics of locomotion and balanceSaBPo12.1, SaBPo12.5, SaBPo12.7, SaBPo12.12, SaE13.3, SuB12.2, SuB12.4, ThE13.3
Mechanisms for neurological disordersFrBPo08.7, FrE11.5, SaDPo09.2, ThC10.1, ThC10.3, ThDPo05.1, ThDPo05.10, ThDPo05.12
MechanotransductionFrC12.3, FrC12.4
Medical devicesSaDPo11.6, SaDPo11.7, ThA12.1, ThA12.3, ThA12.4, ThA12.5
Medical ontologies developmentFrBPo06.2, SaDPo07.2, SuB08.1, SuB08.2, SuB08.3, SuB08.4
MEG neuroimagingSaC05.3, ThE04.2, ThE04.3, ThE04.6
MEG Neuroimaging applicationsFrBPo08.2, ThBPo03.2
MEMs technology for guided neural growthThC17.1, ThE10.4
Michine learning and controlFrC13.5, SaA13.6, SaDPo11.11
Micro- and Nano- technologyFrBPo05.3, FrBPo05.4, FrBPo05.5, FrBPo05.7, FrBPo05.9, FrBPo05.11, FrDPo05.8, FrE05.3, FrE05.5, FrE06.4, SaA07.1, SaA07.5, SaBPo04.6, SaBPo05.2, SaC07.6, SaDPo06.2, SaDPo06.3, SaE06.2, SaE06.5, SaE07.1, SaE07.6, SuA02.6, SuA06.5, ThBPo06.18, ThC07.4, ThC07.5, ThC17.5, ThDPo03.7
Micro- Nano- sensorsFrBPo05.1, FrBPo05.6, FrBPo05.7, FrBPo05.11, FrDPo05.5, FrE05.1, FrE05.4, FrE05.5, FrE06.6, SaA06.2, SaA06.6, SaA07.3, SaBPo04.6, SaE06.5, SaE07.5, SuA06.5, ThBPo06.15, ThC06.3, ThDPo03.3
Micro-bioroboticsSaBPo10.11, SaDPo12.5, SaDPo12.7, SuA13.1, SuA13.2
Micro-CTFrDPo03.1, FrDPo03.2, SaDPo04.6, SaDPo04.17, ThC03.1, ThC03.5
Microarray analysis and gene signaturesFrDPo07.6, FrDPo07.7, SaC08.1, SaC08.3, SuB02.5
Microfabrication technologiesFrA06.5, FrBPo05.1, FrBPo05.2, FrE06.2, FrE06.4, SaDPo06.1, SaDPo06.2, SaDPo06.3, SaE07.5, SuA02.6, SuA06.3, SuA06.4, SuA06.6, SuB06.1, SuB06.2, SuB06.4, ThBPo06.6, ThBPo06.10, ThC07.2
Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsFrE07.3, FrE07.4, SaC07.1, SaDPo06.4, SaE06.3, SaE06.4, SuA06.4, SuB06.2, SuB06.3, SuB06.4, SuB06.5, ThC07.1, ThC07.2, ThC07.3, ThC07.4, ThC07.5, ThC07.6
MicromechanicsSaE13.1, SuA13.2
Minimally invasive cardiovascular interventionsSuA09.5, ThC09.5
Model identification and parameter estimationFrBPo06.1, FrBPo06.6, FrC08.1, FrC08.2, FrC08.3, FrC08.4, FrC08.5, FrE08.4, SaA08.6, SaBPo06.6, SaBPo06.7, SaBPo06.8, SaBPo06.11
ModelingFrA13.6, FrC13.4, FrC13.6, SaA13.3, SaA13.5, SaBPo09.9, SaBPo10.7, SaBPo12.6, SaBPo12.10, SaBPo12.13, ThC17.4, ThE13.5
Modeling and simulationFrE13.1, FrE13.2, FrE13.3, FrE13.5, SaBPo09.4, SaBPo09.9, SaBPo12.1, SaBPo12.2, SaBPo12.3, SaBPo12.4, SaBPo12.6, SaBPo12.7, SaBPo12.8, SaBPo12.9, SaBPo12.10, SaBPo12.11, SaBPo12.12, SaDPo12.3, SaE13.1, SaE13.2, SaE13.3, SaE13.4, SaE13.5, SuB12.1, SuB12.2, SuB12.3, SuB12.4, SuB12.5
Modeling and simulation of the cellFrA08.6, FrBPo06.8, FrBPo06.10, FrC08.6, FrDPo07.8, FrDPo08.1, FrDPo08.3, FrDPo08.8, FrDPo08.9, SaA08.4, SaBPo06.10
Modeling of biological networksFrA08.4, FrBPo06.6, FrC08.5, FrC08.6, FrC09.3, FrDPo08.6, FrE08.3, SaA08.2, SaBPo06.1, SaBPo06.4, SaC08.1, SaC08.2, SaC08.4, SaE08.4
Modeling of gene regulatory networksFrC08.5, FrC08.6, SaBPo06.1, SaC08.4, SaC08.5, SaE08.1, SuB08.6
Modeling of metabolic networksFrE08.4, SaA08.1, SaC08.4, SaC08.5
Modeling of proteomic networksSaC08.2
Molecular motorsSuA12.1
Motion cancellation in surgical roboticsSaBPo09.11, SaC13.1, SaC13.3, SaC13.6, ThA13.2
MR angiographic imagingFrE03.4
MR breast imagingFrBPo04.2
MR molecular imagingSaBPo03.1, ThA03.5
MR NeuroimagingFrBPo02.7, FrBPo03.4, FrE03.5, SaA05.2, SaA05.3, SaA05.4, SaBPo03.1, SaBPo03.2, SaBPo03.3, SaBPo03.4, SaBPo03.6, SaC05.1, SaC05.2, SaC05.4, SaC05.5, SaC05.6, SaDPo04.1, SaDPo04.12, SuB03.1, ThA03.3, ThA05.2
MR Neuroimaging applicationsThC10.2, ThC11.1
MR spectroscopic imagingFrBPo02.5, SuA03.6
MR-specific image reconstructionFrBPo02.1, FrBPo02.4, FrBPo03.1, FrC03.2, FrDPo04.6, FrDPo04.27, FrE03.1, SaA05.3, SaA05.5, SaBPo03.2, SaDPo03.1, SuA03.3, SuA03.6, SuB03.3, ThA03.5
MRIFrBPo07.18, FrDPo09.1, ThA09.6
Multimodal image fusionFrDPo03.4, SaDPo03.4, SaDPo04.13, SaDPo04.14, SaDPo04.16, SaDPo04.19, SuA03.4, SuB03.2, ThA05.4
Multimodal molecular imagingSaBPo02.1, SaBPo02.3, SaDPo04.17, SaE04.6, SuA03.4
Multimodal neuroimagingSuB03.2, ThE04.2, ThE04.4, ThE04.6
Multimodal neuroimaging applicationsFrBPo08.3
Multiscale analysisFrDPo04.13, FrDPo04.29, FrDPo04.30, SaC18.2, SuA05.1, SuA05.5, SuA05.6, ThBPo02.6, ThBPo02.10, ThBPo02.12, ThBPo02.21, ThC05.1, ThC05.5
Multiscale biomechanicsFrE13.1, FrE13.2, FrE13.3, FrE13.4, FrE13.5, SaBPo12.1, SaBPo12.9
Multiscale modelingFrBPo06.1, FrBPo06.2, FrBPo06.3, FrBPo06.4, FrBPo06.5, FrBPo06.6, FrBPo06.10, FrBPo06.11, FrC09.3, FrC09.6, FrDPo07.8, FrDPo08.3, FrDPo08.5, SaA08.1, SaA08.2, SaA08.3, SaBPo06.8, SaBPo06.9, SaDPo07.1, SaE08.4
Multivariate signal processingFrA01.5, FrBPo01.5, FrBPo01.7, FrBPo01.36, FrC01.3, SaA01.5, SaBPo01.1, SaBPo01.2, SaBPo01.3, SaBPo01.4, SaBPo01.5, SaBPo01.6, SaBPo01.21, SaBPo01.22, SaC02.1, SaC02.2, SaC02.6, SaC12.4, SaE01.6, SaE02.4, SuA01.2, SuA01.5, ThA01.3, ThA02.2, ThC01.1, ThDPo01.24, ThE01.3, ThE01.4, ThE02.6, ThE18.3, ThE18.6
Muscle structure and functionFrBPo09.3, FrBPo09.5, FrBPo09.8, FrDPo05.6, FrDPo11.10, SaBPo07.3, SaDPo08.1, ThDPo05.7
Muscular stimulationFrBPo10.12, FrC05.2, FrC05.3, FrC05.4, FrC05.5, SuB14.4, ThBPo07.5, ThBPo07.10, ThE14.2, ThE14.3, ThE14.5
Mutual informationThE18.3
Nano-bioroboticsSaDPo11.16, SuB13.6
NanomaterialsFrA12.1, FrA12.2, FrA12.4, FrA12.5, FrE12.1, SaA12.1, SaA12.3, SaA12.5, SaDPo11.6, SaDPo11.10
NanoparticlesFrBPo05.9, FrE05.6, SaA07.1, SaA07.3, SaA07.5, SaC07.5, SaC07.6, SaE06.2, ThBPo06.11
Near infra-red spectroscopyFrC07.6, FrE04.2, SaBPo02.2, SaE03.4, SaE04.5, ThDPo02.5, ThDPo02.15, ThDPo02.16
Neural cellular engineeringSuB11.4, ThC10.1
Neural codingSaBPo08.9, SaC10.3, SaE11.1, SuA11.1, SuA11.3, SuA11.4, ThDPo04.2, ThDPo05.1, ThDPo06.5
Neural controlFrBPo09.1, FrC11.1, FrE11.6, SaA10.2, SaA10.3, SaA10.6, SaBPo07.1, SaBPo08.10, SaC10.2, SaDPo08.3, SaE10.4, SaE10.6, ThBPo03.1, ThBPo03.15, ThBPo03.21, ThBPo04.3, ThDPo04.3, ThDPo04.4, ThDPo04.6
Neural decodersFrBPo08.5, FrE10.2, SaA10.2, SaA11.6, SaBPo08.10, SaC10.2, SaC10.6, SaE10.3, ThBPo03.18, ThBPo03.20, ThE17.2
Neural feedbackFrBPo09.14, SaBPo13.6, ThA10.1, ThBPo03.20, ThDPo04.6
Neural informaticsFrC11.3, FrDPo11.11, FrE11.5, SuA11.5, ThA10.3, ThDPo05.2
Neural microsystemFrC11.6, FrE10.6, SaC11.1, SaC11.2, SaC11.3, SaC11.4, SaC11.5, ThBPo03.5, ThC17.1, ThDPo06.6, ThDPo06.7, ThDPo06.11, ThDPo06.12, ThDPo06.13, ThDPo06.14, ThDPo06.15, ThDPo06.16, ThE10.3, ThE10.4, ThE10.6
Neural prosthesesFrA10.1, FrA10.5, FrBPo08.9, FrC10.2, FrC11.4, FrE10.2, FrE10.4, SaA11.1, SaA11.2, SaA11.3, SaA11.4, SaA11.5, SaBPo07.1, SaBPo07.4, SaC10.4, SaC10.5, SaC10.6, SaC11.2, SaC11.4, SaE11.4, SuA10.5, SuA16.2, SuB11.1, SuB11.2, SuB11.3, SuB11.4, SuB11.5, ThA10.1, ThA10.2, ThA10.3, ThA10.4, ThA10.5, ThA10.6, ThA17.5, ThBPo03.8, ThBPo03.9, ThBPo03.18, ThBPo04.1, ThBPo04.2, ThBPo04.3, ThBPo04.4, ThBPo04.5, ThBPo04.9, ThBPo04.10, ThBPo04.11, ThBPo04.15, ThDPo04.3, ThDPo05.2, ThDPo05.3, ThDPo05.4, ThDPo05.5, ThDPo06.1, ThDPo06.6, ThDPo06.7, ThDPo06.8, ThDPo06.9, ThDPo06.12, ThDPo06.14, ThDPo06.16, ThE10.2, ThE10.3, ThE10.5, ThE10.6
Neural regenerationSaDPo09.1, SaDPo09.3, ThDPo06.10
Neural regeneration, functional electrical stimulation(FES),neural controlSaDPo09.4
Neural signal processingFrBPo08.2, FrBPo08.5, FrBPo08.7, FrBPo08.8, FrBPo08.9, FrC11.1, FrC11.3, FrC11.5, FrDPo11.11, FrE10.1, FrE10.2, SaA10.1, SaA10.4, SaA11.1, SaA11.2, SaA11.6, SaBPo08.1, SaBPo08.2, SaBPo08.3, SaBPo08.4, SaBPo08.5, SaBPo08.6, SaBPo08.9, SaC10.1, SaC11.3, SaC11.5, SaDPo09.2, SaE10.6, SuA11.1, SuA11.3, SuA11.4, SuA11.6, ThA17.5, ThBPo03.3, ThBPo03.4
Neural Signal ProcessingThBPo03.13
Neural signal processingThBPo03.14, ThBPo03.16, ThBPo03.17, ThBPo03.19, ThBPo03.21, ThBPo03.22, ThBPo04.18, ThDPo04.2, ThDPo04.4, ThDPo04.5, ThDPo06.3, ThDPo06.4, ThE10.2, ThE11.2, ThE11.4, ThE17.2
Neural stimulation (e.g. deep brain stimulation)FrBPo10.4, SaA14.2, SaA14.5, SaA14.6, SuB14.2, ThBPo07.1, ThE14.6
Neural traumaFrE10.3, SaBPo13.2, ThC10.1, ThC10.2, ThC10.3, ThC10.6
Neural-robotic interfacesFrC13.1, FrC13.4, FrC13.5, FrC13.6, SaA13.1, SaA13.2, ThC17.4
NeuromodulationFrA10.1, FrC10.1, FrC10.2, SaE11.2, SaE11.4, SuA10.2, ThA10.4, ThA10.5, ThBPo04.1, ThBPo04.2, ThBPo04.11, ThBPo04.12, ThBPo04.15, ThBPo04.16, ThBPo04.19, ThDPo06.8, ThDPo06.9, ThE10.1
Neuromuscular diseaseSaBPo08.8, SuB16.1, ThA11.3, ThA11.4, ThBPo04.6
Neuron modelingFrC11.1, FrC11.4, FrC11.5, FrC11.6, FrE11.1, FrE11.3, FrE11.4, FrE11.5, FrE11.6, SaA11.1, SaA11.2, SuA11.3, SuA11.5, ThBPo04.4, ThBPo04.16, ThDPo04.1, ThDPo04.2, ThDPo04.3, ThDPo05.4, ThDPo06.16
Neuropsychiatric disordersFrDPo11.7, ThA11.1
New biomaterialsFrA12.4, FrA12.5, FrA12.6, FrE12.2, SaDPo11.9, ThE12.2, ThE12.4, ThE12.5
Non-lethal Electronic Weapon TechnologiesSaE12.1
Non-linear cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory relationsFrE09.5, FrE09.6, SaC09.6, SaE09.1, ThDPo08.8, ThDPo08.16
Nonlinear analysisFrA02.1, FrA02.6, FrBPo01.6, FrDPo01.1, FrDPo01.2, FrDPo01.7, FrDPo01.9, FrDPo01.10, FrDPo01.11, FrDPo01.13, FrDPo01.15, FrDPo04.40, SaBPo01.2, SaBPo01.25, SaC02.3, SaE01.4, SaE01.5, SaE02.1, SaE02.2, SaE02.3, ThA02.3, ThA17.4, ThBPo01.4, ThBPo01.11, ThBPo01.12, ThC02.2, ThDPo01.6, ThDPo01.12, ThE18.4
Nonlinear couplingFrA01.4, FrDPo01.8, FrDPo01.13, SaC01.5, SaE02.4, ThE18.1
Nonlinear dynamicsFrA02.6, FrBPo01.49, FrC02.6, FrDPo01.1, FrDPo01.2, FrDPo01.3, FrDPo01.4, FrDPo01.5, FrDPo01.6, FrDPo01.7, FrDPo01.8, FrDPo01.10, FrDPo01.12, FrDPo01.15, SaBPo01.15, SaC01.1, SaE02.1, SaE02.5, ThA17.4, ThC02.2, ThDPo01.1, ThDPo01.2, ThE01.2
Nonlinear synchronizationFrA01.4, FrA01.6, FrDPo01.8, SaC01.5, SaE02.4, SaE02.5, ThBPo01.21, ThDPo01.33, ThE01.2, ThE18.1
Nonlinear system identificationFrBPo01.20, FrDPo01.14, SaA01.5, SaA02.1, SaA02.2, SaA02.3, SaA02.4, SaC02.3, SaE01.2, SuA01.1, ThE18.5
Nonstationary processingFrA02.3, FrA02.5, FrBPo01.2, FrBPo01.15, FrBPo01.34, FrBPo01.39, FrC01.4, FrC02.1, FrDPo01.4, SaBPo01.14, SaBPo01.15, SaBPo01.18, SaC12.6, SaDPo01.3, SaDPo02.8, SaE01.3, SuB01.1, ThA01.1, ThA01.5, ThA02.5, ThBPo01.1, ThBPo01.17, ThBPo01.25, ThBPo01.26, ThDPo01.7, ThE01.1, ThE01.2, ThE06.6, ThE18.4
Nonstationary processingWaveletsMarkov modelsSaBPo01.17
Novel applications of bioinformatics algorithmsFrDPo08.4, FrE08.2, FrE08.3, FrE08.5, SaBPo06.6, SaBPo06.12, SaBPo06.14, SaBPo06.15, SaC08.2, SaDPo07.5, SaDPo07.6
Novel approaches to BME educationSaDPo05.2, SaDPo05.3, SaDPo05.5, SaDPo05.6, ThA08.3, ThE08.1, ThE08.3, ThE08.4, ThE08.5
Novel methods in biomaterial-cell interactionsThC12.2
Novel technologies and tools for bioinformaticsFrA08.4, FrC08.1, FrDPo07.5, FrDPo08.4, FrE08.1, FrE08.2, FrE08.5, SaBPo06.12, SaBPo06.13, SaBPo06.15, SaC08.3, SaDPo07.5, SaDPo07.6, SaE08.5, SuA08.4, SuA08.6, SuB08.5
Obstructive sleep apneaFrDPo09.3, SaBPo01.16, SuB09.1, SuB09.2, SuB09.3, SuB09.4, SuB09.5
Optical and fluorescence microscopyFrDPo04.2, FrDPo04.5, FrDPo04.10, SaC03.4, SaC03.5, SaC03.6, SaDPo04.5, SaDPo11.14, SaE03.1, SaE03.3, SuA07.4, SuB03.5, ThC05.1, ThC05.2, ThDPo02.3, ThDPo02.7, ThDPo02.8, ThDPo02.9, ThDPo02.17, ThDPo02.18
Optical and photonic sensors and systemsFrBPo05.6, FrDPo05.7, FrE05.4, FrE07.1, FrE07.5, SaDPo06.4, SaDPo06.5, SaDPo06.6, SaDPo06.7, SaE06.1, ThA06.1, ThA06.2, ThA06.3, ThA06.4, ThA06.5, ThA06.6, ThBPo06.4, ThBPo06.10, ThBPo06.13, ThBPo06.16, ThBPo06.17, ThBPo06.18, ThC06.1, ThC06.3, ThC07.6, ThDPo03.1, ThDPo03.2, ThDPo03.3, ThDPo03.4, ThDPo03.5, ThDPo03.6, ThDPo03.7, ThDPo03.8, ThDPo03.9, ThDPo03.10, ThDPo03.11, ThE06.5
Optical Coherence Tomographhy (OCT)FrDPo04.14, FrE04.1, FrE04.6, SaDPo03.6, ThDPo02.3, ThDPo02.12, ThDPo02.13
Optical imagingFrC07.4, FrC07.5, FrC07.6, FrDPo04.7, FrDPo04.28, FrDPo04.29, FrDPo04.39, FrE04.3, FrE04.4, FrE04.5, SaC03.1, SaC03.4, SaC03.5, SaC03.6, SaC18.3, SaE03.1, SaE03.2, SaE03.3, SaE03.5, SaE04.1, SaE04.3, SaE04.4, SaE04.5, SaE04.6, SuA07.5, ThA05.2, ThDPo02.1, ThDPo02.2, ThDPo02.3, ThDPo02.4, ThDPo02.5, ThDPo02.10, ThDPo02.11, ThDPo02.12, ThDPo02.14, ThDPo02.16
Optical molecular imagingFrDPo04.2, SaC03.2, SaDPo11.14, SaE03.4, SaE04.4, ThDPo02.1, ThDPo02.2
Optical neuroimagingFrE04.2, FrE04.3
Optical neuroimaging applicationsThBPo03.22
Other computer-assisted surgerySaBPo09.13, SaBPo10.3, SuB12.3, ThA13.4, ThC13.1, ThC13.2, ThC13.5
OximetryFrBPo10.19, SaE14.1, SaE14.2, SaE14.5, ThBPo07.24
PacemakersFrBPo07.4, FrDPo10.2, ThE09.4
Pacemakers, defibrillatorsFrBPo10.3, FrBPo10.5, FrC05.6, SaA14.1, SaA14.3, SaA14.4
PACSThDPo07.9, ThE15.1, ThE15.3, ThE15.5
Parallel MRIFrBPo02.4, FrE03.1, FrE03.3, FrE03.6, SuB03.3, ThC05.6
Parametric image reconstructionFrC07.4, FrDPo04.41, SaBPo03.2, SuA03.1, SuA03.5, ThE05.4
Parametric spectral estimationFrBPo01.37, FrDPo01.3, FrE01.3, SaBPo01.8, SaDPo02.8, ThA01.1, ThBPo01.12, ThDPo01.9, ThDPo01.28, ThDPo01.31, ThE01.1
Parkinson's diseaseFrC10.1, FrC10.3, FrC10.4, FrE11.3, FrE11.4, SaC10.1, SaE11.4, SaE11.5, ThA11.2, ThA11.5, ThDPo05.6
Particle filterSaDPo02.7, SaDPo02.9
Particle swarm optimizationSaA01.1
Pattern recognition methods for data miningFrBPo01.4, FrBPo01.10, FrBPo01.14, FrBPo01.16, FrBPo01.20, FrBPo01.27, FrBPo01.41, FrC01.3, FrC02.3, FrC02.6, FrDPo02.1, FrDPo02.2, FrDPo02.3, FrDPo02.4, FrDPo02.5, SaA01.1, SaA01.4, SaBPo01.1, SaC01.6, SuA02.1, SuA02.3, SuA02.4, SuA02.5, SuB02.1, SuB02.2, ThA02.1, ThA17.3, ThBPo01.8
PerceptronsFrBPo01.18, FrBPo01.29, FrBPo01.31, FrBPo01.40, FrBPo01.50, SaA01.2, SaA01.4, SaBPo01.24, ThA17.2, ThDPo01.13, ThE02.3
Performance evaluationFrBPo04.4, FrC03.4, FrDPo04.4, FrDPo04.23, FrDPo04.24, FrDPo04.39, FrDPo04.42, FrE04.6, SaC03.3, SaDPo03.3, SaDPo04.9, SaDPo04.22, SaE05.1, SuA03.2, SuA03.3, ThBPo02.4, ThBPo02.14
Periodic breathingSuB09.1
Peripheral mechanisms in neuromuscular systemsFrBPo09.1, FrBPo09.5, FrBPo09.6, FrDPo05.6, FrDPo11.12, SaBPo07.4, SaBPo07.5, SuA10.4, SuA11.5, SuB16.1, SuB16.4, ThBPo04.12, ThC11.1, ThC11.2
Personal health record systemsFrC15.1, SaBPo11.7, SaBPo11.10, SaBPo11.11, SaBPo11.12, SaBPo11.17, SaDPo13.8, ThBPo05.6, ThC15.1, ThDPo08.11
Pervasive and grid computing for healthcare applicationsFrA15.4, SaDPo13.30, SuA15.5, ThA15.4, ThDPo07.7
Phase locking estimationSaBPo01.25, SaC01.2, SaC01.5, ThA02.1
Physiological modelingFrA08.6, FrBPo06.3, FrBPo06.4, FrBPo06.5, FrBPo06.8, FrBPo06.9, FrBPo06.10, FrBPo06.11, FrC08.1, FrC08.2, FrC08.4, FrC09.6, FrDPo08.1, FrDPo08.2, FrDPo08.3, FrDPo08.5, FrDPo08.6, FrDPo08.7, FrE08.4, SaA08.1, SaA08.2, SaA08.3, SaA08.5, SaA08.6, SaBPo06.5, SaBPo06.6, SaBPo06.7, SaBPo06.8, SaBPo06.9, SaE08.4, ThC09.5, ThC09.6
Planning and executionSaBPo10.3, SaBPo10.9, ThA13.4, ThC13.1
PlethysmographySaE14.1, SaE14.2, ThBPo07.12, ThBPo07.27
Posture & balanceFrDPo11.4, FrDPo11.9, SaBPo07.2, SaDPo08.5, SuA16.1, SuB16.2, SuB16.3, SuB16.4, SuB16.5, ThA11.5, ThC11.3
Pre-excitation of cardiac arrhythmiasSaA09.2, SaE03.6
Principal component analysisFrBPo01.2, FrBPo01.14, FrC02.3, FrDPo02.2, FrE02.1, SaBPo01.4, SaC01.3, SaC01.4, SaDPo01.1, SaDPo01.2, SaDPo01.4, SaDPo01.5, SaDPo01.6, ThC02.4, ThE17.3
Product development processFrBPo10.14, FrC05.1, FrE14.3, SaBPo11.14, SaC14.1, SaC14.2, SaC14.3, SaC14.6, SaDPo14.5, SaE14.4, SuB07.5, SuB14.5, ThA14.1, ThBPo05.4, ThBPo07.1, ThBPo07.7, ThBPo07.23, ThBPo07.28, ThBPo07.30, ThBPo07.34, ThBPo07.35, ThC14.3
Profesional responsibilityThA08.2
Prosthetic devicesFrBPo10.11, ThBPo07.1, ThBPo07.4
Prosthetics & orthoticsFrA11.1, FrA11.2, FrA11.5, FrBPo09.11, FrBPo09.13, FrBPo09.14, SuA10.3, SuA10.6, SuA16.2, SuA16.3, SuA16.4, SuA16.5, SuB10.6, SuB16.6, ThA10.3, ThBPo04.14, ThC11.2, ThDPo05.2, ThDPo05.6, ThDPo05.8
Protein signatures and molecular markersSuA08.4
Psychophysics of human-robot interactionsFrC13.3, SaA13.2
Pulmonary mechanicsFrBPo07.9, FrBPo07.10, FrBPo07.11, FrBPo07.12, FrBPo07.13, FrDPo09.4, SaC09.4, SaDPo14.13, ThA09.3, ThA09.4, ThA09.5
Pulse sequenceFrA04.1, FrBPo02.1, FrBPo02.5, FrC03.1, FrC03.2, FrE03.3, FrE03.4, FrE03.6, SaA05.5, SaDPo03.1, SuA03.3
Pulse transit timeSaE09.4, SuA09.6, ThDPo08.10, ThDPo08.12
Pulse wave velocityFrBPo07.1, FrBPo07.3, SaC09.4, ThDPo08.12, ThDPo08.14, ThDPo08.15
Radial-basis function networksFrBPo01.10, SaA01.6, SaC01.4, SaC01.6, SaDPo01.5, SuA01.3, ThBPo01.16
Recurrent networksSaA01.4
Redundant systemsThBPo07.11
Regenerative MedicineSaDPo11.9, SaDPo11.12, SaE12.6
Region-of-interest imagingFrBPo04.3, FrDPo03.3, FrDPo04.34, SaDPo04.3, SaDPo04.6
Regularized image reconstructonFrA04.4, FrBPo02.2, FrC03.4, FrDPo04.39, SaA03.1, SaDPo03.4, SaDPo03.5, SuA03.5, SuA03.6, ThBPo02.1, ThC05.6, ThE05.1
RegulatorySaC14.1, SaC14.2
Regulatory issuesSuB07.2
Remote diagnostics and careFrC15.4, FrE15.4, SaBPo11.4, SaBPo11.10, SaBPo11.18, SaBPo11.21, SaBPo11.22, SaBPo11.23, SaDPo02.10, SaDPo13.1, SaDPo13.7, SaDPo13.12, SaDPo13.28, SaDPo14.8, SaE09.5, SaE15.5, SuA15.3, SuB15.6, ThA15.3, ThA15.5, ThA15.6, ThBPo05.3, ThBPo05.6, ThBPo05.7, ThC15.4, ThC15.5, ThDPo07.2, ThDPo07.8, ThDPo07.21
Remote surgery systems / TelesurgerySaA13.3, SaBPo10.2, SaBPo10.8, SaC13.4, SaC13.5, SuA13.1, SuA13.3, ThA13.3, ThA13.5, ThC13.3, ThC13.6
Respiratory variabilitySaC09.2, SaC09.3, SuB09.2
RF and microwave ablationFrBPo10.15, FrBPo10.16, FrBPo10.17, FrC14.1, FrC14.2, FrC14.3, FrC14.6, FrE14.1, FrE14.2, FrE14.4, FrE14.5
RF coil technologyFrE03.3
RFID, NSF in healthFrE15.2, SaBPo11.24, ThDPo07.11, ThDPo07.12, ThDPo07.17
Rigid-body image registrationFrDPo03.1, FrDPo03.16, FrDPo03.17, SaC18.4, SaDPo03.8, SaDPo04.15, SaDPo04.18, SaDPo04.19, SuA07.6, ThA05.3, ThA05.5, ThA05.6, ThBPo02.17, ThDPo02.18
Risk and safetySuB07.1, SuB07.4, SuB07.6, ThBPo07.36
Robotic orthosesFrA13.4, SaBPo09.3, SaBPo09.4, SaBPo09.5, SaBPo09.7, SaBPo09.8, ThE13.2, ThE13.3, ThE13.5
Robotic prosthesesFrC13.3, SaBPo09.1, SaBPo09.4, SaBPo09.6, SaBPo09.7, SaBPo09.8, SaBPo09.9, ThE13.1, ThE13.2
Robotics in rehabilitationFrA11.2, FrA11.3, FrA11.5, FrBPo09.2, FrBPo09.14, FrBPo09.15, FrDPo11.5, FrDPo11.9, SaBPo13.3, SaBPo13.5, SaDPo08.2, SaDPo10.1, SaDPo10.2, SaDPo10.3, SaDPo10.4, SaDPo10.5, SaDPo10.6, SaDPo10.7, SuB10.1, SuB10.2, SuB10.3, SuB10.4, SuB10.5, SuB10.6, SuB16.6, ThC11.4, ThE17.1
SafetyFrBPo10.2, FrBPo10.22, FrC05.1, FrC05.2, FrC05.5, SuB14.1, SuB14.2, SuB14.3, SuB14.4, SuB14.5, ThBPo07.16, ThBPo07.19, ThBPo07.20, ThBPo07.32, ThBPo07.34, ThC14.2, ThC14.5, ThE14.1, ThE17.4
Scaffold designFrA12.3, FrA12.6, ThE12.2
Sensory enhancement technologiesFrBPo09.2, FrDPo05.6, SaDPo10.3, SuA16.1, SuB16.2, ThBPo03.11, ThC11.4, ThDPo05.9, ThDPo05.11, ThE11.3, ThE17.1
Signals and systemsFrA02.2, FrA02.4, FrBPo01.3, FrBPo01.7, FrBPo01.11, FrBPo01.12, FrBPo01.16, FrBPo01.17, FrBPo01.18, FrBPo01.21, FrBPo01.24, FrBPo01.26, FrBPo01.30, FrBPo01.35, FrBPo01.37, FrBPo01.41, FrBPo01.43, FrBPo01.45, FrBPo01.46, FrBPo01.47, FrBPo01.49, FrBPo01.50, FrBPo02.6, FrC01.3, FrC01.5, FrC01.6, FrC02.2, FrDPo01.10, FrDPo01.11, FrDPo02.4, FrDPo02.6, FrDPo04.40, FrE01.1, FrE01.5, FrE02.2, FrE02.5, SaA01.5, SaA01.6, SaA02.2, SaA02.5, SaBPo01.6, SaBPo01.7, SaBPo01.11, SaBPo01.15, SaBPo01.19, SaC02.5, SaC02.6, SaC12.2, SaC12.4, SaC12.6, SaDPo01.4, SaDPo01.6, SaDPo02.1, SaDPo02.5, SaDPo02.6, SaE01.1, SaE01.2, SaE01.3, SaE01.4, SaE01.5, SuA02.2, SuB01.2, SuB01.4, SuB01.5, SuB05.1, SuB05.2, SuB05.3, SuB09.6, ThA02.6, ThA17.3, ThBPo01.3, ThBPo01.5, ThBPo01.7, ThBPo01.13, ThBPo01.15, ThBPo01.18, ThBPo01.19, ThBPo01.24, ThBPo01.26, ThC01.2, ThC01.3, ThC02.1, ThDPo01.1, ThDPo01.3, ThDPo01.9, ThDPo01.12, ThDPo01.19, ThDPo01.21, ThDPo01.22, ThDPo01.23, ThDPo01.24, ThDPo01.25, ThDPo01.26, ThDPo01.27, ThDPo01.29, ThDPo01.30, ThDPo01.31, ThDPo01.32, ThDPo01.33, ThDPo01.34, ThE01.5, ThE02.3, ThE17.5
Sleep disordersFrBPo08.3, FrBPo09.9, SaBPo08.11
Smart biological and chemical sensor materialsFrBPo05.1, FrBPo05.3, FrDPo05.10, FrE05.1, FrE05.3, ThA06.3, ThBPo06.7, ThC06.5, ThC07.5, ThDPo03.1, ThDPo03.7
Smart BiomaterialsFrA12.4, FrE12.2, SaDPo11.9
Smart fabrics, interactive textileFrE06.5
Smart home technology and service for the elderly with chronic diseasesFrE15.1, FrE15.3, FrE15.4, FrE15.5, FrE15.6, SaBPo11.5, SaBPo11.15, SaDPo13.3, SaDPo13.5, SaDPo13.13, SaDPo13.15, SaDPo13.16, SaDPo13.17, SaDPo13.18, SaDPo13.19, SaDPo13.20, SaDPo13.21, SaDPo13.22, SaDPo13.23, SaDPo13.24, SaDPo13.27, SaDPo14.12, SaE15.2, SuB15.1, SuB15.2, SuB15.5, SuB15.6
Source localizationFrBPo08.6, FrBPo08.9, FrBPo08.10, SaA10.3, ThA04.3, ThDPo06.3
StandardsSuB07.2, ThBPo07.36
Stem Cell DifferentiationSaDPo11.3, SaDPo11.8, ThC12.4, ThE12.1
StrokeFrDPo11.4, FrDPo11.6, SaBPo08.5, SaBPo13.5, SaBPo13.6, SaDPo10.2, SaDPo10.3, SaDPo10.7, SuB16.1, ThA11.4, ThC10.5, ThDPo05.10
Structural bioinformaticsFrA08.1, FrA08.2, FrA08.3, SaBPo06.3, SaBPo06.12, SaBPo06.16
Supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmiasFrDPo10.2, FrE09.1, FrE09.3, FrE09.5, SaA09.3, SaA09.5
Surface potential mappingFrC09.1, FrC09.2, FrC09.5, FrE09.3, FrE09.4, SaA09.4, SaA09.5, ThDPo08.22, ThDPo08.29, ThE09.3
Surgical roboticsSaBPo10.1, SaBPo10.2, SaBPo10.3, SaBPo10.7, SaBPo10.8, SaBPo10.11, SaBPo10.12, SaBPo10.13, SaBPo12.13, SaC13.2, SaC13.4, SaC13.5, SaC13.6, SaDPo12.6, SuA13.1, SuA13.3, SuA13.4, ThA13.1, ThA13.2, ThA13.3, ThA13.4, ThA13.5, ThA13.6, ThC13.3, ThC13.5, ThC13.6
Surrogate dataFrDPo01.13, SaE01.6
Teaching designSaDPo05.1, SaDPo05.2, SaDPo05.3, SaDPo05.4, SaDPo05.5, ThE08.1, ThE08.4, ThE08.5, ThE08.6
Technology and services for ambulatory careFrE15.3, SaA15.5, SaBPo11.4, SaBPo11.6, SaBPo11.21, SaDPo13.2, SaDPo13.25, SaDPo13.26, SaDPo14.3, SuA15.2, ThDPo07.2
Technology and services for assisted-livingFrE15.1, FrE15.5, FrE15.6, SaA06.4, SaBPo11.5, SaBPo11.8, SaDPo13.3, SaDPo13.9, SaDPo13.10, SaDPo13.14, SaDPo13.15, SaDPo13.19, SaDPo13.20, SaDPo13.22, SaDPo13.23, SaDPo13.25, SaDPo13.27, SaDPo13.28, SaDPo13.29, SuB15.1, SuB15.3, SuB15.4, SuB15.5
Technology and services for home careFrE15.1, FrE15.3, FrE15.5, FrE15.6, SaBPo11.5, SaBPo11.9, SaDPo02.10, SaDPo13.1, SaDPo13.2, SaDPo13.3, SaDPo13.4, SaDPo13.5, SaDPo13.6, SaDPo13.9, SaDPo13.10, SaDPo13.11, SaDPo13.13, SaDPo13.15, SaDPo13.19, SaDPo13.20, SaDPo13.22, SaDPo13.23, SaDPo13.24, SaDPo13.25, SaDPo13.26, SaDPo13.28, SaE09.5, SaE15.2, SuA15.6, SuB15.1, SuB15.3, SuB15.5, SuB15.6, ThC17.3, ThDPo07.22
Technology assessmentSuB07.1, SuB07.2, SuB07.4, ThBPo07.36
TeleradiologyThE15.1, ThE15.2, ThE15.3, ThE15.4
TENSFrC05.4, ThE14.4
Textile sensors and actuatorsFrE06.6, SaBPo04.4, SaBPo04.11, ThDPo03.1
Therapeutic devicesFrBPo10.4, FrBPo10.5, FrBPo10.11, FrBPo10.12, FrBPo10.14, FrBPo10.15, FrBPo10.16, FrBPo10.17, FrBPo10.21, FrBPo10.23, FrC14.3, FrC14.5, SaA14.1, SaA14.2, SaA14.5, SaA14.6, SaE14.5, SuB14.3, ThA14.2, ThA14.3, ThA14.6, ThBPo07.2, ThBPo07.3, ThBPo07.11, ThBPo07.14, ThBPo07.26, ThBPo07.28, ThC14.6
Therapeutic roboticsFrA13.1, FrA13.2, FrA13.3, FrA13.5, FrA13.6, SaBPo09.2, SaBPo09.3, SaBPo09.10, SaBPo09.11, SaBPo09.13, SaC13.5, SaDPo12.5, SuA13.2, SuA13.5, ThE13.3, ThE13.5
Therapeutics and PK/PD modelsFrDPo08.4, FrDPo08.7, SaBPo06.10
Time-frequencyFrA01.2, FrA01.5, FrA02.3, FrA02.5, FrBPo01.5, FrBPo01.19, FrBPo01.24, FrBPo01.25, FrBPo01.33, FrBPo01.38, FrBPo01.43, FrC01.4, FrE01.1, FrE01.3, SaA01.2, SaC01.2, SaC12.2, SaC12.3, SaC12.4, SaC12.5, SaC12.6, SaDPo01.3, SaE01.3, SuB01.3, SuB09.6, ThA01.2, ThA01.3, ThA01.4, ThA01.5, ThA01.6, ThA02.5, ThA02.6, ThA17.2, ThBPo01.3, ThBPo01.12, ThBPo01.13, ThBPo01.14, ThBPo01.15, ThBPo01.16, ThBPo01.17, ThBPo01.18, ThBPo01.19, ThBPo01.20, ThC01.4, ThC01.5, ThDPo01.7, ThDPo01.10, ThDPo01.14, ThDPo01.27, ThE06.6
Time-frequency, time-scale analysis of cardiovascular variabilitySaA09.3, SaA09.5, SaE09.1, SuA09.3, SuA09.6, SuB09.5, ThDPo08.5, ThDPo08.20, ThDPo08.21, ThDPo08.22, ThDPo08.25
Time-frequency, time-scale analysis of respiratory variabilitySaE09.1
Time-scaleFrBPo01.12, FrBPo01.26, FrBPo01.32, FrBPo01.45, SaBPo01.18, SaE02.3, ThA01.6, ThBPo01.10, ThBPo01.18, ThBPo01.19, ThBPo01.21, ThBPo01.22, ThBPo01.23, ThBPo01.24, ThBPo01.25, ThDPo01.6, ThDPo01.10, ThDPo01.26, ThE18.4
Tissue engineeringFrA12.3, FrE12.1, SaDPo11.5, SaDPo11.12, SaE12.4, SaE12.6, ThE12.2, ThE12.3, ThE12.4, ThE12.5
Tissue-electrode interfaceFrE10.3, SaDPo09.1, SaE11.5, SuB11.3, SuB11.4, SuB11.5, ThBPo03.3, ThBPo04.13, ThBPo04.20, ThC10.6, ThC17.1, ThDPo05.11, ThE10.4
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)SaE11.6, ThBPo04.17, ThBPo04.18, ThBPo04.19
Traumatic brain injuryFrC10.6, FrE10.3, ThC10.2, ThC10.3, ThC10.5, ThC10.6
Treatment methodologies for neurological disordersFrC10.2, FrC10.5, FrC10.6, FrE11.3, FrE11.4, SaBPo08.5, SaBPo13.3, ThA11.3, ThBPo03.12, ThBPo04.12, ThDPo04.6, ThDPo05.12
Ultrasonic interventional imagingFrDPo04.17, SaBPo02.2, SaBPo02.3, SaDPo04.20, ThBPo02.1, ThBPo02.2, ThBPo02.9, ThBPo02.10, ThBPo02.11, ThBPo02.12, ThBPo02.17, ThE03.3, ThE05.2
Ultrasonic prenatal imagingThBPo02.7
Ultrasound molecular imagingSaBPo02.1, SaBPo02.3, ThBPo02.8, ThE05.6
UsabilityFrBPo10.8, SaBPo01.23, SaBPo11.2, SaBPo11.14, SaC14.4, SaC14.5, SaDPo14.5, SuB07.5, ThBPo07.4, ThBPo07.6, ThBPo07.9, ThBPo07.16, ThBPo07.29, ThBPo07.31, ThBPo07.34, ThBPo07.35
User InterfaceFrBPo10.1, SaBPo01.23, SaBPo11.2, SaC14.5, SaDPo14.5, SuA09.1, SuA14.2, SuB07.5, ThBPo07.4, ThBPo07.8, ThBPo07.22, ThBPo07.29, ThBPo07.30, ThE14.1
VentilatorsFrBPo10.19, ThA14.4, ThBPo07.19, ThC14.5
Ventilatory assistSaC09.5, SaDPo14.13
Ventricular assist devicesFrBPo07.7
Ventricular elastanceFrBPo07.15, ThA09.5, ThE09.1
Ventricular fibrillationFrE09.1, FrE09.5, SaA09.2, SaE03.6, SuA09.2, SuA09.3
Ventricular modelsFrA09.1, FrA09.3, FrA09.6, FrBPo07.14, FrBPo07.15, FrBPo07.18, FrDPo10.4, ThA09.6
Virtual reality in bio-roboticsFrA13.5, SaA13.6, SaDPo12.2, SaE13.5
Virtual reality in rehabilitationFrA11.1, FrA11.2, FrA11.3, FrA11.4, FrA11.5, FrA11.6, SaDPo10.5, ThBPo03.12, ThBPo03.23, ThC11.1, ThC11.2, ThC11.3, ThC11.4, ThC11.5
Virtualized reality for robotic surgerySaBPo10.5, SaBPo10.7, SaBPo10.9, SaBPo10.12, SaBPo12.10, ThA13.6, ThC13.1, ThC13.4
Volterra Wiener modelsFrDPo01.1, SaA02.2, SaA02.4, SaC01.1
Volume renderingFrDPo04.44, SaDPo03.6, SaDPo04.4, ThBPo02.13
WaveletsFrBPo01.8, FrBPo01.19, FrBPo01.21, FrBPo01.33, FrBPo01.39, FrBPo01.48, FrDPo01.5, FrE02.3, SaBPo01.9, SaBPo01.14, ThA01.6, ThBPo01.2, ThBPo01.8, ThBPo01.24, ThBPo01.25, ThBPo01.26, ThBPo01.27, ThC01.1, ThC01.2, ThC01.3, ThC01.4, ThC01.5, ThC02.5, ThDPo01.11, ThE06.6, ThE18.5
Wearable robotic systemsFrA13.4, SaA13.4, SaBPo09.5, SaBPo09.6, SaBPo09.7, SaBPo09.8, ThE13.2
Wireless sensors and systemsFrC06.1, FrC06.3, FrC06.4, FrC06.5, FrC06.6, FrDPo06.1, FrDPo06.2, FrDPo06.3, FrDPo06.4, FrDPo06.5, FrDPo06.6, FrE06.1, FrE06.2, FrE06.3, SaBPo04.1, SaBPo04.3, SaBPo04.7, SaBPo04.8, SaBPo04.9, SaBPo04.10, SaBPo04.11, SaBPo04.12, SaBPo04.13, SaBPo05.1, SaBPo05.4, SaBPo05.5, SaC06.1, SaC06.2, SaC06.3, SaC06.5, SaC07.4, SaE07.2, SaE07.4, SaE07.6, ThBPo06.2, ThBPo06.9, ThBPo06.14, ThC06.4
Wireless/ubiquitous medical devicesFrA15.1, FrA15.3, FrE15.2, FrE15.4, SaA15.5, SaBPo11.1, SaBPo11.6, SaBPo11.8, SaBPo11.11, SaBPo11.18, SaBPo11.19, SaBPo11.20, SaBPo11.22, SaBPo11.23, SaBPo11.24, SaDPo13.1, SaDPo13.7, SaDPo13.8, SaDPo13.11, SaDPo13.26, SaDPo14.14, SaE15.1, SaE15.2, SaE15.3, SaE15.4, SuA15.1, SuA15.2, SuA15.3, SuA15.4, SuA15.5, SuA15.6, ThBPo05.1, ThBPo05.2, ThBPo05.5, ThBPo05.7, ThC17.3, ThDPo07.7, ThDPo07.15, ThDPo07.17, ThDPo07.21
X-ray CTFrDPo03.3, FrDPo03.4, FrDPo03.5, FrDPo03.6, FrDPo03.8, FrDPo03.9, FrDPo03.10, FrDPo03.17, FrDPo03.18, FrDPo04.9, FrDPo04.33, SaDPo03.3, SaDPo04.15, SaDPo04.22, SaE04.3, SaE05.2, SaE05.4, SuA03.2, ThA05.4, ThC03.1, ThC03.2, ThC03.3, ThC03.4, ThC05.5
X-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)FrBPo04.3, FrDPo03.4, FrDPo03.7, FrDPo03.8, FrDPo03.9, FrDPo03.10, FrDPo03.13, FrDPo04.11, FrDPo04.16, FrDPo04.25, SaDPo04.3, ThA05.1, ThA05.3, ThC03.2, ThC03.3, ThC03.5, ThC03.6, ThE03.1
X-ray radiographyFrDPo03.10, FrDPo03.11, SaDPo04.20, ThA05.3, ThC03.6




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