Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, San Diego, CA. November 6-8, 2013   The 6th International IEEE EMBS   NEURAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE  

6th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering
November 6-8, 2013, Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, San Diego, CA

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday November 7, 2013

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ThAT1 Invited Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Symposium #2 - Brain-Machine Interface - Lee Miller, Tim Denison, Shangkai
Gao, Paul Sajda
Chair: Sanchez, Justin C.Univ. of Miami
08:15-09:45, Paper ThAT1.1 Add to My Program
Symposium #2 - Brain-Machine Interface
Sanchez, Justin C.Univ. of Miami
Miller, LeeNorthwestern Univ
Denison, TimothyMedtronic
Gao, ShangkaiTsinghua Univ
Sajda, PaulColumbia Univ
ThCoT2 Breaks, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Coffee Break - Thursday  
ThBT3 Invited Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Symposium #3 - Neuroprosthesis - Theodore Berger, Nigel Lovell, Gregoire
Courtine, V. Reggie Edgerton
Chair: Denison, TimothyMedtronic
10:00-11:30, Paper ThBT3.1 Add to My Program
Symposium #3 - Neuroprosthesis
Denison, TimothyMedtronic
Berger, TheodoreUniv. of Southern California
Lovell, Nigel H.Univ. of New South Wales
Courtine, GregoireEPFL
Edgerton, V ReggieUniv. of California, Los Angeles
ThCT4 Plenary Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Jerrold L. Vitek - Deep Brain Stimulation - Challenges and Opportunities  
11:30-12:15, Paper ThCT4.1 Add to My Program
Deep Brain Stimulation - Challenges and Opportunities
Vitek, JerroldUniv. of Minnesota
ThLuT5 Breaks, Bayview Lawn Add to My Program 
Lunch - Thursday  
ThDT6 Invited Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Symposium #4 -Neural Control and Modulation - P. Hunter Peckham, Warren
Grill, Brian Litt, Steven Schiff
Chair: Ding, LeiUniv. of Oklahoma
13:30-15:00, Paper ThDT6.1 Add to My Program
Symposium #4 - Neural Control and Modulation
Ding, LeiUniv. of Oklahoma
Peckham, HunterCase Western Res. Univ
Grill, WarrenDuke Univ
Litt, BrianUniv. of Pennsylvania
Schiff, StevenPennsylvania State Univ
ThET7 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Brain-Computer and Brain Machine Interfaces III  
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.1 Add to My Program
Canonical Correlation Approach to Common Spatial Patterns
Noh, EunhoUCSD
de Sa, VirginiaUniv. of California, San Diego
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.2 Add to My Program
Calculation of Causality from Scalp Blood Flow to Conventional NIRS Data Using New High Density Probe Holder
Sugai, MasakoTokyo Denki Univ
Adachi, MasaharuTokyo Denki Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.3 Add to My Program
A Combination of Spatial and Spectral Filters for Mental Condition Discrimination
Yu, KeNational Univ. of Singapore
Shen, KaiquanNUS
Li, XiaopingNational Univ. of Singapore
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.4 Add to My Program
Volitional Regulation of the Supplementary Motor Area with Fmri-BCI Neurofeedback in Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot Study
Buyukturkoglu, KorhanInternational Max Planck Res. School, Univ. of Tuebinge
Rana, MohitInst. for Medical Psychology and BehaviouralNeurobiology, Eb
Ruiz, SergioPontificia Univ. Catolica De Chile
Hackley, Steven AllenUniv. of Missouri, Columbia
Soekadar, SurjoUniv. of Tübingen
Birbaumer, NielsEberhard-Karls-Univ
Sitaram, RanganathaInst. for Medical Psychology and Behavioural Neurobiology, E
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.5 Add to My Program
Listening to the Music of the Brain: Live Analysis of ECoG Recordings Using Digital Audio Workstation Software
Milsap, GriffinJohns Hopkins Univ
Fifer, MatthewJohns Hopkins Univ
Crone, Nathan E.Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
Thakor, NitishJohns Hopkins Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.6 Add to My Program
The Use of Fmri for the Evaluation of the Effect of Training in Motor Imagery BCI Users
Slenes, GabrielUNICAMP
Coco Beltramini, GuilhermeUniv. of Campinas
Oliveira Lima, FabricioCampinas State Univ
Li, Li MinBRAINN - Brazilian Inst. of Neurosciences and Neurotechnolog
Castellano, GabrielaInst. of Physics Gleb Wataghin, Univ. of Campinas
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.7 Add to My Program
Development of an Temperature Measurement System through Impedance to Detect Changes in Single Ionic Channels Using Patch-Clamp Technique
Aguilar Grajales, JhonnyCentro De Investigación Y De Estudios Avanzados Del Inst. Po
Islas Suárez, LeónUniv. Nacional Autonoma De Mexico
Elías-Vińas, DavidCentro De Investigacion Y De Estudios Avanzados Del Inst. Po
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.8 Add to My Program
A Polymer Neural Probe with Tunable Flexibility
Ejserholm, FredrikLund Univ
Vastesson, AlexanderKTH Royal Inst. of Tech
Haraldsson, TommyKTH
van der Wijngaart, WouterKTH
Schouenborg, JensLund Univ
Wallman, LarsLund Univ
Bengtsson, MartinLund Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.9 Add to My Program
Correntropy Kernel Temporal Differences for Reinforcement Learning Brain Machine Interfaces
Bae, JihyeUniv. of Florida
Sanchez Giraldo, Luis GonzaloUniv. of Florida
Francis, Joseph ThachilSUNY Downstate Medical Center
Principe, JoseUniv. of Florida
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.10 Add to My Program
Design of a Low-Cost Wireless Surface EMG Acquisition System
Fu, JiantingChongqing Inst. of Green and Intelligent Tech. Chinese
Chen, JianChongqing Inst. of Green and Intelligent Tech. Chinese
Shi, YizhiChongqing Inst. of Green and Intelligent Tech. Chinese
Li, YaoUniv. of Southern California
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.11 Add to My Program
Discrimination of Right and Left-Wrist Motor Imagery Using Fnirs: Towards Control of a Ball-On-A-Beam System
Naseer, NomanPusan National Univ
Hong, Keum-ShikPusan National Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.12 Add to My Program
Unsupervised Training of Brain-Computer Interface Systems Using Expectation Maximization
Speier, WilliamUCLA
Knall, JenniferUCLA
Pouratian, NaderUniv. of California, Los Angeles
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.13 Add to My Program
Motion Classifier Generation Using EEG for Robot Control
Yoshioka, MasatakaMaebashi Inst. of Tecnology
Zhu, ChiMaebashi Inst. of Tech
Uemoto, Kazuhiro, KazuhiroMaebashi Inst. of Tech
yoshikawa, yuichiroMaebashi Inst. of Tech
Yu, HaoyongNational Univ. of Singapore
Yan, YulingStanford Univ. School of Medicine
duan, fengNankai Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.14 Add to My Program
Mixing Decoded Cursor Velocity and Position from an Offline Kalman Filter Improves Cursor Control in People with Tetraplegia
Homer, MarkBrown Univ
Harrison, MatthewBrown Univ
Black, Michael J.Max Planck Inst. for Intelligent Systems
Perge, JánosBrown Univ
Cash, SydneyMassachusetts General Hospital
Friehs, GerhardBrown Univ
Hochberg, LeighVA / Brown U. / MGH / Harvard Med. School
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.15 Add to My Program
Structural Analysis of Explanted Multielectrode Arrays
Gilgunn, PeterCarnegie Mellon Univ
Schwartz, Andrew B.Univ. of Pittsburgh
Gaunt, RobertUniv. of Pittsburgh
ong, xiao chuanCarnegie Mellon Univ
Flesher, Sharlene NUniv. of Pittsburgh
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.16 Add to My Program
Robust Ultra Low-Cost MMG System for Brain-Machine-Interface Applications
Gavriel, ConstantinosImperial Coll. London
Faisal, A. AldoImperial Coll. London
Vikram, Chandra SenImperial Coll. London
Fara, SalvatoreImperial Coll. London
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.17 Add to My Program
Readily Evoked Forelimb Movement in Rat Via Optogenetic Stimulation of Motor Cortex
He, JiweiUniv. of California, San Francisco
Yazdan-Shahmorad, AzadehUniv. of California San Francisco
Sabes, Philip N.Univ. of California, San Francisco
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.18 Add to My Program
The Effect of Focused Ultrasonic Stimulation on the Activity of Hippocampal Neurons in Multi-Channel Electrode
Choi, JeongbongHanyang Univ
Lim, Seong HwanHanyang Univ
Cho, Kyeong WonHanyang Univ
Kim, Do HyoungHanyang Univ
Jang, DongPyoHanyang Univ
Kim, In-YoungHanyang Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.19 Add to My Program
The Head Mouse -- Head Gaze Estimation "In-The-Wild" with Low-Cost Inertial Sensors for BMI Use
Abbott, William WelbyImperial Coll. London
Sim, Nigel Boon WeiImperial Coll. London
Gavriel, ConstantinosImperial Coll. London
Faisal, A. AldoImperial Coll. London
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.20 Add to My Program
64-Channel ECoG Recording Implant WIMAGINE®: First Results
Mestais, CorinneCEA-LETI
Charvet, GuillaumeCEA/LETI, MINATEC Campus
Costecalde, ThomasCEA-Leti-Clinatec
Foerster, MichaelCEA/LETI, MINATEC Campus
Ratel, DavidCEA/LETI, Minatec Campus
Torres, NapoleonGrenoble Inst. of Neurosciences
Sauter-Starace, FabienCEA
Benabid, Alim-LouisCEA / Clinatec
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.21 Add to My Program
Broadband Wireless Neural Recording System for Freely Moving Subjects
Yin, MingBrown Univ
Borton, DavidEc. Pol. Federale De Lausanne
Komar, JacobBrown Univ
Agha, NaubaharBrown Univ
Li, HaoBroadcom Corp
Bull, ChristopherBrown Univ
Aceros, JuanBrown Univ
Larson, LawrenceBrown Univ
Courtine, GregoireEPFL
Nurmikko, ArtoBrown Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET7.22 Add to My Program
A Wearable Real-Time BCI System Based on Mobile Cloud Computing
Ruiz Blondet, MariaBinghamton Univ
Badarinath, AdarshaBinghamton Univ
Khanna, ChetanBinghamton Univ
Jin, ZhanpengBinghamton Univ. SUNY
ThET8 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Neuroimaging II  
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.1 Add to My Program
Reconstructing Cortical Sources by Exploring Sparseness in Multiple Transform Domains
Zhu, MinUniv. of Oklahoma
Ding, LeiUniv. of Oklahoma
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.2 Add to My Program
Brain Tumor Detection Using Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT)
Taruno, Warsito P.Edwar Tech
baidillah, marlin ramadhanEdwar Tech. Co
iman sulaiman, rommyEdwar Tech
Ihsan, Muhammad FathulCTECH Labs EdWar Tech
yusuf, arbaiEdwar Tech. Co
widada, wahyuEdwar Tech. Co
Aljohani, MohammedKing Abdul Aziz Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.3 Add to My Program
Specific Absorption Rate in an ASTM Phantom Containing a Deep Brain Stimulation Lead at 3 Tesla MRI
bonmassar, giorgioA. A. Martinos Ctr. for Biomedical Imaging
serano, PeterAthinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Department
Angelone, Leonardo M.US Food and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiolog
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.4 Add to My Program
Gamma Power Correlates with Clinical Response to Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for Depression
Pathak, YagnaMarquette Univ
Salami, OludamilolaMedical Coll. of Wisconsin
Baillet, SylvainMcGill Univ
Li, ZhiminMedical Coll. of Wisconsin
Butson, ChristopherMedical Coll. of Wisconsin
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.5 Add to My Program
Automated Quantification of a Weak Signal in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data
Li, MiaofengShanghai Jiao Tong Univ
Sun, JunfengShanghai Jiao Tong Univ
Cheng, LinShanghai Jiao Tong Univ
Li, YaoShanghai Jiao Tong Univ
Tong, ShanbaoShanghai Jiao Tong Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.6 Add to My Program
High Density Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Modulates Broadband Cortical Activity: A Simultaneous Tdcs-EEG Study
Roy, AbhrajeetUniv. of Minnesota
Baxter, BryanUniv. of Minnesota
He, BinUniv. of Minnesota
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.7 Add to My Program
Sustained Thermal Pain Modulates Spontaneous Sensorimotor Rhythms
Zhang, HuishiUniv. OF MINNESOTA
Lu, YunfengUniv. of Minnesota
He, BinUniv. of Minnesota
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.8 Add to My Program
Brain Dynamics of Detour-Planning in Egocentric and Allocentric Navigators
Li, Shih-YuNational Chiao Tung Univ. Brain Res. Center
Tang, Wei-JongNational Chiao Tung Univ. Brain Res. Center
Chiu, Te-ChengNational Chiao Tung Univ. Brain Res. Center
Ko, Li-WeiNational Chiao-Tung Univ
Lin, Chin-TengNational Chiao-Tung Univ
Gramann, KlausInst. of Cognitive Science, Univ. of Osnabrueck
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.9 Add to My Program
EEG Event-Related Potentials in Preparation, Planning and Execution of Arm Isometric Exertions, Localized by Surface Laplacian
Nasseroleslami, BahmanNortheastern Univ
LAKANY, HebaUniv. of Strathclyde
Conway, Bernard AUniv. of Strathclyde
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.10 Add to My Program
Abnormal Neural Activity and Functional Connectivity in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairmet: A Resting State Fmri Study
Liu, RuiyueLanzhou Univ
Hu, BinLanzhou Univ
Yao, ZhijunLanzhou Univ
Ratcliffe, MartynBirmingham City Univ
Wang, WeiLanzhou Univ
Liang, ChuanjiangLanzhou Univ
Cai, QingcuiThe Special Education School, Lanzhou
Yang, JingLanzhou Univ. Second Hopital
Zhao, QinglinLanzhou Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.11 Add to My Program
FMRI Assessment of Load Based Working Memory in Blast TBI and Associated Effects in FDG-PET Signal
Stout, JeffreyIllinois Inst. of Tech
Bolzenius, JacobSaint Louis Univ
Roskos, TylerSaint Louis Univ
Osman, MedhatSaint Louis Univ
Frausto, RandallIllinois Inst. of Tech
Bucholz, RichardSaint Louis Univ
Mogul, DavidIllinois Inst. of Tech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.12 Add to My Program
Discovering Optimal Brain States for Problem Solving with EEG
Wu, Ying ChoonUniv. of California
Jung, MelodyCanyon Crest Acad
Lock, DerrickUniv. of California, San Diego
Chao, EricUniv. City High School
Jung, Tzyy-PingUniv. of California San Diego
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.13 Add to My Program
Identifying Functional Networks Via Sparse Coding of Whole Brain FMRI Signals
Lv, JingleiNothwestern Pol. Univ. China; the Univ. of G
Jiang, XiUniv. of Georgia
LI, XiangUniv. of Georgia
Zhu, DajiangUniv. of Georgia
Chen, HanboThe Univ. of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
Zhang, TuoNorthwestern Pol. Univ. Xi’an, China
Zhang, ShuUniv. of Georgia
Hu, XintaoNorthwestern Pol. Univ. Xi’an, China
Han, JunweiNorthwestern Pol. Univ
Huang, HengUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Zhang, JingYale Univ
Guo, LeiNorthwestern Pol. Univ
Liu, TianmingUniv. of Georgia
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.14 Add to My Program
A Framework of Fmri Data Analysis Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
Faye, ibrahimaDepartment of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Univ. Tekno
yousssofzadeh, vahabUniv. of Ulster
Malik, Aamir SaeedUniv. Teknologi PETRONAS
reza, faruqueDepartment of Neurosciences, School of Medical Sciences, Hospita
Abdullah, Jafri MalinUniv. Sains Malaysia
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.15 Add to My Program
EEG Proprioceptive Steady State Evoked Potentials
Akinin, AbrahamUCSD
Govil, NikhilInst. for Neural Computation, UCSD
Cauwenberghs, GertUniv. of California San Diego
Poizner, HowardUCSD
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.16 Add to My Program
Cortical Activities for Overground Walking, Treadmill Walking, and Foot Stamping : An Fnirs Pilot Study
An, JinungDGIST
Jang, GwangHeeDGIST
Jin, SangHyeonDGIST
Lee, Yang SooKyungpook National Univ. Hospital
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.17 Add to My Program
Biotic Response to Long-Term Implantation of Neural Electrodes in the Mouse Motor Cortex
Wachrathit, KelliannU.S. Food and Drug Administration
Jain, AnjuliFDA
Fernandes, PatrickFDA
Huang, StanleyU.S. Food and Drug Administration
Civillico, Eugene FrancisU.S. Food and Drug Administration
Krauthamer, VictorFood and Drug Administration
Welle, CristinFood and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiologica
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.18 Add to My Program
Combining Holographic Stimulation with Cellular Resolution Imaging in the Rodent Eye
Shoham, ShyTech. Inst. of Tech
Schejter, AdiTech
Reutsky, InnaTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
Farah, NairouzTech
Tsur, LimorTech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.19 Add to My Program
Developing a Wearable Real-World Neuroimaging System to Study Stress
Doty, Tracy JillU.S. Army Res. Lab
Hairston, W. DavidUs Army Res. Lab
Kellihan, BretDCS Corp
Canady, JonroyDCS Corp
Oie, KelvinU.S. Army Res. Lab
McDowell, KalebU.S. Army Res. Lab
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET8.20 Add to My Program
Comparison of ECoG and ECS Language Mapping with High-Density Electrodes
Kapeller, ChristophG.tec Medical Engineering GmbH
Kamada, KyousukeAsahikawa Medical Univ
Ogawa, HiroshiAsahikawa Medical Univ
Kunii, NaotoThe Univ. of Tokyo · Dept. of Neurosurg
Prueckl, RobertG.tec Medical Engineering GmbH
Kawai, KensukeDepartment of Neurosurgery, Graduate School of Medicine, the Uni
Schalk, GerwinWadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health
Guger, ChristophG.tec Medical Engineering GmbH
ThET9 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Neural Computation and Modeling III  
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.1 Add to My Program
Propagation of Epileptiform Activity in the Hippocampus Can Be Driven by Non-Synaptic Mechanisms
Zhang, MingmingCase Western Res. Univ
Durand, DominiqueCase Western Res. Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.2 Add to My Program
Towards the Prediction of Therapeutic Targets for Plateau-Induced Arrhythmias Using a Dominant Scale Analysis of a Computational Model of Mouse Myocyte Action Potentials
Collens, JarodGeorgia State Univ
Chung, BryceGeorgia State Univ
Clewley, RobertGeorgia State Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.3 Add to My Program
Low-Frequency Fluctuations of Plantar Flexion Torque in Force and Position Control Tasks Studied Experimentally and by a Neuromusculoskeletal Model
Watanabe, Renato NavilleBiomedical Engineering Lab. Escola Pol. Univ
Elias, LeonardoBiomedical Engineering Lab. Dept. of Telecommunication An
Kohn, AndreUniv. of Sao Paulo
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.4 Add to My Program
Reflex Stiffness Gain and Dynamics in Spinal Cord Injury: Abnormalities and Underlying Mechanisms
Mirbagheri, MehdiNorthwestern Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.5 Add to My Program
Suppression of Pathological Tremor Using Electrical Stimulation of Afferent Pathways
Dideriksen, JakobDepartment of Neurorehabilitation Engineering
Dosen, StrahinjaAalborg Univ
Romero, JuanUniv. Hospital “12 De Octubre”
Benito-Leon, JulianUniv. Hospital “12 De Octubre”
Pons, Jose LuisInst. De Automática Industrial
Farina, DarioBernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.6 Add to My Program
Modeling of Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation
Danner, Simon M.Vienna Univ. of Tech
Hofstoetter, Ursula S.Medical Univ. of Vienna
Rattay, FrankVienna Tech. Univ
Minassian, KarenMedical Univ. of Vienna
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.7 Add to My Program
Neural Drive Estimation Using the Hypothesis of Muscle Synergies and the State-Constrained Kalman Filter
Rasool, GhulamUniv. of Arkansas at Little Rock
Iqbal, KamranUniv. of Arkansas at Little Rock
Bouaynaya, NidhalUniv. of Arkansas at Little Rock
White, GannonUniv. of Arkansas at Little Rock
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.8 Add to My Program
Forward Estimation of Joint Torque from EMG Signal through Muscle Synergy Combinations
Li, ZhanUniv. of Montpellier
Hayashibe, MitsuhiroINRIA
Guiraud, DavidINRIA
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.9 Add to My Program
Wavelet-Approximated Generalized Matched Filter for the Detection of Multi-Sensor Extracellular Action Potentials
Szymanska, AgnieszkaUniv. of California, Irvine
Nenadic, ZoranUniv. of California Irvine
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.10 Add to My Program
Human Seizure Detection Using Quadratic RÉnyi Entropy
Feltane, AmalUniv. of Rhode Island
Boudreaux-Bartels, G. FayeUniv. of Rhode Island
Boudria, YacineUniv. of Rhode Island
Gaitanis, JohnThe Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown Univ
Besio, W. G.Univ. of Rhode Island
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.11 Add to My Program
The Effect of Inaccurate Targeting of the Left Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex on TMS Response
De Geeter, NeleUniv. of Ghent
Crevecoeur, GuillaumeGhent Univ
Dupré, LucGhent Univ. Dept. Electrical Energy, Systems and Automatio
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.12 Add to My Program
A Comparison of Euclidean and Cortico-Cortical Distance Measures
Turner, JohnUNC Charlotte
Joshi, BharatUniv. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Panday, AshishUniv. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Munbodh, ReshmaUniv. of Pennsylvania
Zaveri, HittenYale Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.13 Add to My Program
A Comparison of Effective Connectivity Methods Using Different Performance Metrics
Kim, Su KyoungUniv. of Bremen
Sanga, Suraj KumarBremen Univ. of Applied Science
Kirchner, Elsa AndreaUniv. of Bremen
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.14 Add to My Program
A Phenomological Model for Capturing Cerebrovascular Reactivity to Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
Dutta, AnirbanINRIA
Roy Chowdhury, ShubhajitInternational Inst. of Information Tech. Hyderabad
Dutta, ArindamGnan Systems LLP
Sylaja, PNSree Chitra Tirunal Inst. for Medical Sciences & Tech
Guiraud, DavidINRIA
Nitsche, Michael A.Georg-August-Univ. Goettingen
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.15 Add to My Program
Modeling of Topology-Dependent Neural Network Plasticity Induced by Activity-Dependent Electrical Stimulation
Ni, RuiyeWashington Univ. in St. Louis
Ledbetter, NoahWashington Univ. in St. Louis
Barbour, DennisWashington Univ. in St. Louis
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.16 Add to My Program
Reliability and Agreement of Manual and Automatic Methods for Single Trial Detection and Estimation of Somatosensory Evoked Potential Features
Biurrun Manresa, José AlbertoAalborg Univ
Arguissain, Federico GabrielAalborg Univ
Medina Redondo, David EnzoUniv. Nacional De Entre Ríos
Mřrch, Carsten DahlAalborg Univ
Andersen, Ole KćselerAalborg Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.17 Add to My Program
Cerebral Vasculature, Alzheimer’s Disease and Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: What Is the Connection? a Mathematical Model
Kyrtsos, ChristinaUniv. of Maryland
Baras, JohnUniv. of Maryland
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.18 Add to My Program
A Computational Model of the Rat Spinal Cord: Multipolar Electrical Epidural Stimulation with Multi-Electrode Arrays
Capogrosso, MarcoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Wenger, NikolausEPFL
Gandar, JeromeEPFL
Courtine, GregoireEPFL
Micera, SilvestroScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET9.19 Add to My Program
Simulating Lesions in Multi-Layer, Multi-Columnar Model of Neocortex
Strack, BeataVirginia Commonwealth Univ
Jacobs, KimberleVirginia Commonwealth Univ
Cios, KrzysztofVirginia Commonwealth Univ
ThET10 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Neural Prostheses III  
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.1 Add to My Program
A Learning-Based Approach to Artificial Sensory Feedback: Intracortical Microstimulation (ICMS) Replaces and Augments Vision
Dadarlat, MariaUniv. of California, San Francisco
O'Doherty, JosephUniv. of California, San Francisco
Sabes, Philip N.Univ. of California, San Francisco
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.2 Add to My Program
Effect of Ultrasound Stimulation on Excised Brain Tissue Impedance
Gulick, DanielArizona State Univ
Towe, BruceArizona Sate Univ
Blazer, JeremyArizona State Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.3 Add to My Program
Drug Eluting Coating for 3D Parylene Sheath Electrode
Lee, CurtisUniv. of Southern California
Yu, LawrenceUniv. of Southern California
Kuo, Jonathan T.W.Univ. of Southern California
Kim, Brian J.Univ. of Southern California
Hoang, TuanUniv. of Southern California
Meng, EllisUniv. of Southern California
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.4 Add to My Program
Temporal Patterns of Pudendal Afferent Stimulation Modulate Reflex Bladder Activation
McGee, MeredithDuke Univ
Grill, WarrenDuke Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.5 Add to My Program
Integrated Reliability Modules Used in the Implantable IMES2 Wireless EMG Sensor
DeMichele, GlennSigenics Inc
Hu, ZheIllinois Inst. of Tech
Troyk, PhilipIllinois Inst. of Tech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.6 Add to My Program
A Real Time Performance Assessment of Simultaneous Pattern Recognition Control for Multi-Functional Upper Limb Prostheses
Wurth, Sophie MarieSwiss Federal Inst. of Tech. Lausanne, Center for Bioni
Hargrove, LeviRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.7 Add to My Program
Investigating Ocular Movements and Vestibular Evoked Potentials for a Vestibular Neuroprosthesis: Response to Pulse Trains and Baseline Stimulation
Nguyen, Thuy Anh KhoaEPF Lausanne
Gong, WangsongMEEI
Poppendieck, WigandFraunhofer Inst. Für Biomedizinische Tech
DiGiovanna, JackEPFL
Micera, SilvestroScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.8 Add to My Program
Stability and Selectivity of a Chronic, Multi-Contact Cuff Electrode for Sensory Stimulation in a Human Amputee
Tan, DanielCase Western Res. Univ
Schiefer, Matthew A.Case Western Res. Univ
Tyler, DustinCase Western Res. Univ
Keith, MichaelMetroHealth Medical Center
Anderson, RobertUH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.9 Add to My Program
Towards an Implantable Intelligent CMOS Neurotrophic Factor Delivery Micro Neural Prosthetic for Parkinson’s Disease
Poustinchi, MohammadMcGill Univ
Musallam, SamMcGill Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.10 Add to My Program
Exploring the Limits of Helium Spray Tests
Boretius, TimUniv. of New South Wales
Mintri, ApoorvUniv. of New South Wales
Suaning, GreggThe Univ. of New South Wales
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.11 Add to My Program
Silicone Rubber and Thin-Film Polyimide for Hybrid Neural Interfaces –a MEMS-Based Adhesion Promotion Technique –
Ordonez, Juan SebastianUniv. of Freiburg
Boehler, ChristianUniv. of Freiburg
Schuettler, MartinUniv. of Freiburg
Stieglitz, ThomasUniv. of Freiburg
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.12 Add to My Program
Biomimetic Non-Linear CMOS Adder for Neuromorphic Circuits
Zhou, XiahanUniv. of Southern California
Guo, YimuUniv. of Southern California
Parker, AliceUniv. of Southern California
Hsu, Chih-ChiehUniv. of Southern California
Choma, John, Jr.Univ. of Southern California
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.13 Add to My Program
Proposed Intracortical Vision Prosthesis System for Phosphene Mapping and Psychophysical Studies
Kaskhedikar, GayatriIllinois Inst. of Tech
Hu, ZheIllinois Inst. of Tech
Dagnelie, GislinJohns Hopkins Univ
Troyk, PhilipIllinois Inst. of Tech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.14 Add to My Program
Partial Hearing Cochlear Implant User’s Frequency Discrimination Ability
Benovitski, YuriBionics Inst
Blamey, PeterBionics Inst
Rathbone, GraemeBionics Inst
Fallon, JamesBionics Inst
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.15 Add to My Program
Specific Vagal Nerve Stimulation Paradigms Differentially Engage the Neurons in the Medulla (NTS) vs the Cortex: Treatment of Epilepsy
Beaumont, EricEast Tennessee State Univ
Sabesan, ShivkumarCyberonics
Andresen, MichaelOregon Health & Science Univ
Hoover, DonaldEast Tennessee State Univ
Maschino, SteveCyberonics Inc
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.16 Add to My Program
Investigating Cortical Stimulation for Treating Tinnitus
Markovitz, CraigUniv. of Minnesota
Hogan, PatrickUniv. of Minnesota
Wesen, KyleUniv. of Minnesota
Lim, HubertUniv. of Minnesota
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.17 Add to My Program
A Novel Failure Analysis Method for Encapsulated Neural Prostheses
Suh, SungjaeIllinois Inst. of Tech
Troyk, PhilipIllinois Inst. of Tech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.18 Add to My Program
Microfabricated Auditory Brainstem Implant on Polyimide Film
Guex, AmelieEPFL
Lacour, StéphanieEPFL
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET10.19 Add to My Program
Wide-Field Retinal Prosthesis with Three-Dimensionally Contoured Hybrid Silicone/Polyimide Substrates
Zhang, YiUniv. of Southern California & Doheny Eye Inst
Rauen, StaceyUniv. of Southern California
Koss, MichaelDoheny Eye Inst
Calle, AlejandraUniv. of Southern California
Brant, RodrigoDoheny Eye Inst
Swenson, StephenUniv. of Southern California Keck School of Medicine
Markland, FrankUniv. of Southern California Keck School of Medicine
Ufer, StefanPremitec Inc
Eckhardt, HelmutPremitec, Inc
Humayun, MarkUSC / Doheny Eye Inst
Weiland, JamesUniv. of Southern California
ThET11 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Neural Robotics  
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.1 Add to My Program
A Novel Framework for Predicting the Effectiveness of Sensory Feedback Information During Powered Upper Limb Prosthesis Control
Johnson, RevaNorthwestern Univ
Sensinger, Jonathon W.Northwestern Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.2 Add to My Program
Relating Improvements in Step Trajectory to Ankle Flexor Activity During Training
Sanchez, PatriciaCal State Univ. Los Angeles
kamgar, parisaCalifornia State Univ. Angeles
Sarhadi, MonalisaCalifornia State Univ. Los Angeles
Agarwal, AnkitCalifornia State Univ. Los Angeles
Chao, TekangStudent, California State Univ. Los Angeles
Won, Deborah SoonmeeCalifornia State Univ. Los Angeles
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.3 Add to My Program
Role of Trunk Sensorimotor Cortex in Promoting Cortical Plasticity Associated with Successful Robot Rehabilitation Training in Adult Rats Spinalized As Neonates
Giszter, SimonDrexel Univ. Coll. Medicine
Oza, ChintanDrexel Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.4 Add to My Program
Effect of Kinesthetic Force Feedback and Visual Sensory Input on Writer's Cramp
Atashzar, Seyed FarokhEc. Department at Western Univ. (UWO), and Canadian Surgica
Shahbazi, MahyaThe Univ. of Western Ontario, Canadian Surgical Tech
Rahimi, FariborzLondon Health Sciences Centre
Delrobaei, MehdiLondon Health Sciences Centre
Lee, JackLondon Health Sciences Centre
Patel, RajniLondon Health Sciences Centre
Jog, MandarUniv. of Western Ontario - London Health Sciences Centre
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.5 Add to My Program
3D Printers May Reduce Animal Numbers to Train Neuroengineering Procedures
Pohl, B. MatthiasUniv. of Luebeck
Gasca, FernandoUniv. of Lübeck
Christ, OlafUniv. of Luebeck
Hofmann, Ulrich G.Univ. of Freiburg
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.6 Add to My Program
Series Elastic Element Is Critical for Stabilizing a Tendon-Driven Robotic Joint Controlled by Physiologically Realistic Models
Rocamora, JohnUniv. of Southern California
Niu, C. MinosUniv. of Southern California
Sanger, Terence DavidUniv. of Southern California
Valero-Cuevas, FranciscoUniv. of Southern California
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.7 Add to My Program
Conditioned Behavior in a Robot Controlled by a Spiking Neural Network
Helgadottir, Lovisa IrpaFreie Univ. Berlin
Haenicke, JoachimFreie Univ. Berlin
Landgraf, TimFreie Univ. Berlin
Rojas, RaúlFreie Univ. Berlin
Nawrot, Martin PaulFreie Univ. Berlin
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.8 Add to My Program
Structural MRI Identifies Precise Location of Intramuscular Electrode Recording Site Based on Presence of Micro-Hematoma
Reyes, AlexanderUniv. of Southern California
Nayak, KrishnaUniv. of Southern California
Loeb, GeraldUniv. of Southern California
Valero-Cuevas, FranciscoUniv. of Southern California
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.9 Add to My Program
Closed-Loop Control for Precise Positioning of Microelectrodes in the Brain
Anand, SindhuArizona State Univ
Sampath Kumar, SwathyArizona State Univ
Muthuswamy, JitArizona State Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.10 Add to My Program
Force-Velocity Property of Muscle Is Critical for Stabilizing a Tendon-Driven Robotic Joint Controlled by Neuromorphic Hardware
Niu, C. MinosUniv. of Southern California
Rocamora, JohnUniv. of Southern California
Sohn, Won JoonUniv. of Southern California
Valero-Cuevas, FranciscoUniv. of Southern California
Sanger, Terence DavidUniv. of Southern California
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.11 Add to My Program
Passive Robot Assistance in Arm Movement Decoding from EEG Signals
Ubeda, AndresUniv. Miguel Hernandez De Elche
Hortal, EnriqueUniv. Miguel Hernandez De Elche
Ianez, EduardoUniv. Miguel Hernandez De Elche
Planelles, DanielUniv. Miguel Hernandez De Elche
Azorin, Jose M.Univ. Miguel Hernandez De Elche
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.12 Add to My Program
Embodied Neuronal Assemblies: A Closed-Loop Environment for Coding and Decoding Studies
Tessadori, JacopoIIT - Italian Inst. of Tech
Venuta, DanieleItalian Inst. of Tech. (IIT)
Kumar, SreedharUniv. of Freiburg
Bisio, MartaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Pasquale, ValentinaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Chiappalone, MichelaItalian Inst. of Tech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.13 Add to My Program
Can a Competitive Neural Network Explain Selective Attention in Insect Target Tracking Neurons?
Shoemaker, PatrickTanner Res. Inc
Wiederman, StevenUniv. of Adelaide
O'Carroll, DavidUniv. of Adelaide
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.14 Add to My Program
Input Coding for Neuro-Electronic Hybrid Systems
Baby George, JudeIndian Inst. of Science
Amrutur, BharadwajIndian Inst. of Science
Sikdar,Kumar, SujithIndian Inst. of Science
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.15 Add to My Program
Neuromorphic Network Implementation of the Somatosensory Cortex
Joshi, JonathanUniv. of Southern California
Parker, AliceUniv. of Southern California
Celikel, TansuDonders Inst. Radboud Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET11.16 Add to My Program
Sensorimotor Gaussian Fields Integrate Visual and Motor Information in Premotor Neurons
Agarwal, RahulJohns Hopkins Univ
Sarma, Sridevi V.Johns Hopkins Univ
Thakor, NitishJohns Hopkins Univ
Schieber, MarcUniv. of Rochester
Massaquoi, SteveMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
ThET12 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.1 Add to My Program
Functionalized Polyethylene Glycol Hydrogels Optimized for 3D Neurite Outgrowth of Cortical and Hippocampal Neurons
Broguiere, NicolasETH Zürich
Palazzolo, GemmaETH Zurich
Zenobi-Wong, MarcyETH Zčrich
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.2 Add to My Program
Durability of High Surface Area Platinized Platinum Microelectrodes
Márton, GergelyInst. of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, RCNS, HAS
Bakos, IstvánInst. of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Res. Cen
Fekete, ZoltánMicrotechnology Department, Inst. for Tech. Physics And
Ulbert, IstvánHungarian Acad. of Sciences
Pongrácz, AnitaMicrotechnology Department, Inst. for Tech. Physics And
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.3 Add to My Program
Intravascular Micro String Electrode Array for Monitoring the Myocardial Electrophysiology Via a Coronary Artery
Watanabe, HirobumiColumbia Univ
Morley, GregoryNew York Univ. School of Medicine
Llinas, RodolfoNYU Medical Center
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.4 Add to My Program
Fabrication of Flexible Electrode Array Based on PDMS for Long-Term In-Vivo Use
Jeong, JinmoGwangju Inst. of Science and Tech
Chou, NamsunGwangju Inst. of Science and Tech. (GIST)
Kim, SoheeGwangju Inst. of Science and Tech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.5 Add to My Program
Bi-Directional Optrode for Quantitative Prediction of Neural Interface Failure
McLaughlin, BryanDraper Lab
Kampasi, KomalUniv. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Le Blanc, JohnDraper Lab
Perlin, Gayatri, E.Univ. of Michigan
Segura, Carlos AlejandroDraper Lab. Boston Univ
Achyuta, AnilDraper Lab
Kumar, ParshantDraper Labs
Cook, EugeneDraper Lab
Mittal, VikramDraper Lab
Kipke, DarylUniv. of Michigan
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.6 Add to My Program
In Vitro Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Interconnected Neuronal Cultures: Exploring Expressed Dynamics and Functional Connectivity
Martinoia, SergioUniv. of Genova
Massobrio, PaoloUniv. of Genova
Tedesco, MariateresaUniv. of Genova
Kanagasabapathi, Thirukumaran T.Philips Res. Lab. Eindhoven
Marcoli, ManuelaUniv. OF GENOVA, ITALY
Cervetto, ChiaraUniv. OF GENOVA, ITALY
Nowak, PrzemyslawUniv. of Genoa
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.7 Add to My Program
Selective ENG Recordings Using a Multi-Contact Cuff Electrode
Bonnet, StéphaneCEA Léti MINATEC
rubeck, christopheCEA
Agache, VincentCEA/LETI, MINATEC Campus, Department DTBS, Grenoble, France
Bourgerette, AlainCEA
Fuchs, OlivierCEA
gharbi, sadokCEA/LETI/MINATEC
Sauter-Starace, FabienCEA
Maciejasz, PawelLIRMM
Divoux, Jean-LouisMXM Neuromedics
Bourquin, NolwenNeuromedics, MXM Group F 06224 Vallauris, France
Henry, ChristineSORIN
Maubert, SandrineCEA
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.8 Add to My Program
Biocompatibility Studies for a Novel Intraoperative Approach Based on Electrochemical Monitoring at the Brain-Electrode Interface
Romero-Mangado, JaioneNASA Ames Res. Center
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.9 Add to My Program
Ultra-Flexible and Brain-Conformable Micro-Electrocorticography Device with Low Impedance PEDOT-Carbon Nanotube Coated Microelectrodes
Castagnola, ElisaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia - RBCS
Maiolo, LucaInst. of Microelectronics and Microsystems; Consiglio Nazion
Maggiolini, EmmaItalian Inst. of Tech. Robotics, Brain and Cognitive S
Minotti, AntonioInst. of Microelectronics and Microsystems; Consiglio Nazion
Marrani, MarcoInst. of Microelectronics and Microsystems; Consiglio Nazion
Maita, FrancescoInst. of Microelectronics and Microsystems; Consiglio Nazion
Pecora, AlessandroInst. of Microelectronics and Microsystems; Consiglio Nazion
Angotzi, Gian NicolaIIT, Genova
Ansaldo, AlbertoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia - RBCS
Fadiga, LucianoUniv. Degli Studi Di Ferrara, Ferrara, Italia
fortunato, GuglielmoInst. of Microelectronics and Microsystems; Consiglio Nazion
Ricci, DavideIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia - RBCS
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.10 Add to My Program
Chip-Scale Packaging for Bioelectronic Implants
Weiland, JamesUniv. of Southern California
Kimock, Fred MichaelFour Circle, Incorporated
Yehoda, JosephMorgan Advanced Materials - Diamonex
Gill, Emma ClaireMorgan Tech. Ceramics
McIntosh, BenUniv. of Southern California
Nasiatka, PatrickUniv. of Southern California
Tanguay, ArmandUniv. of Southern California
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.11 Add to My Program
Convection Enhanced Drug Delivery Capabilities of Silicon-Based Multielectrode Arrays with Fluidic Channels
Márton, GergelyInst. of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, RCNS, HAS
Bérces, ZsófiaMicrotechnology Department, Inst. for Tech. Physics And
Fekete, ZoltánMicrotechnology Department, Inst. for Tech. Physics And
Ulbert, IstvánHungarian Acad. of Sciences
Pongrácz, AnitaMicrotechnology Department, Inst. for Tech. Physics And
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.12 Add to My Program
Novel PETA-PEDOT: PSS Hydrogel Nanofibers for Electrode-Tissue Interfaces
Kim, GloriaPennsylvania State Univ
Fattahi, PouriaThe Pennsylvania State Univ
Johns, RaymondPennsylvania State Univ
Abidian, Mohammad RezaPennsylvania State Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.13 Add to My Program
Organic FET Device As a Novel Sensor for Cell Bioelectrical and Metabolic Activity Recordings
Martinoia, SergioUniv. of Genova
Spanu, AndreaUniv. of Genoa, Italy
Lai, StefanoUniv. of Cagliari
Cosseddu, PieroUniv. of Cagliari
Bonfiglio, AnnalisaUniv. of Cagliari
Tedesco, MariateresaUniv. of Genova
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.14 Add to My Program
Dielectrophoretic Trapping of P19 Cells on Indium Tin Oxide Based Microelectrode Arrays
Gangopadhyay, AveekGeorge Mason Univ
Minnikanti, SaugandhikaGeorge Mason Univ
Reyes, Darwin R.National Inst. of Standards and Tech
Mulpuri, RaoGeorge Mason Univ
Peixoto, NathaliaGeorge Mason Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.15 Add to My Program
Long Term Observation of Propagating Action Potentials Along the Axon in a Microtunnel Device
Shimba, KentaUniv. of Tokyo
Sakai, KojiUniv. of Tokyo
Arimatsu, KazuyukiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Kotani, KiyoshiUniv. of Tokyo
Jimbo, YasuhikoUniv. of Tokyo
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.16 Add to My Program
Implantable Neural Device Integrated with Regenerative Scaffold for Neural Signal Sensing from Damaged Spinal Cord
Jeong, JinwooKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Kim, TaehyungKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Han, SungminKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Youn, InchanKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Suh, Jun-KyoKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Kim, JinseokKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.17 Add to My Program
The Effect of Neuronal Interactions with Nano-Topographical Cues on the Morphology and Network Formation
Baranes, KobyBar Ilan Univ
Zion, ErezBar Ilan Univ. Physics Department
Sharoni, AmosBar Ilan Univ
Shefi, OritFaculty of Engineering, Bar Ilan Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.18 Add to My Program
Preferential Neural Growth and Surface Treatment-Based Toxicity on Carbonized Nanofibers
Franca, EricUniv. of Florida
Rapazzetti, ValentinaUniv. of Florida
Jao, PitfeeUniv. of Florida
Yoon, Yong-Kyu 'YK'Univ. of Florida
Wheeler, BruceUniv. of Florida
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.19 Add to My Program
Various Size of Magnetic Nanoparticles Influences Cellular Uptake in Primary Schwann Cells
Kim, DongHweeKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Chu, Jun-UkKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Choi, KuiwonKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Park, Jong WoongKorea Univ
Youn, InchanKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.20 Add to My Program
Next Generation Nanoptrodes
Chamanzar, MaysamrezaUniv. of California Berkeley
Borysov, MykhailoWhite Matter LLC
Maharbiz, MichelUniv. of California, Berkeley
Blanche, TimUniv. of California at Berkeley
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.21 Add to My Program
Electromodulated Delivery of BACE1 Sirna to Primary Neurons in Culture Restores Electrical Function in Alzheimer’s Disease Models
Sridharan, AratiArizona State Univ
Muthuswamy, JitArizona State Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.22 Add to My Program
Chemical Stimulation of Single Neurons in an in Vitro System: Coupling a Force-Controlled Nanopipette with a MEA Recording System
Dermutz, HaraldETH Zürich
Aebersold, Mathias JonasETH Zürich
Saenz Cogollo, JoseETH Zürich
Demko, LaszloETH Zürich
Zambelli, TomasoETH Zürich
Voros, JanosETH Zurich
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.23 Add to My Program
Characterization of the Size, Shape, and Drug Encapsulation Efficiency of PLGA Microcapsules Produced Via Electrojetting for Drug Delivery to Brain Tumors
Fattahi, PouriaThe Pennsylvania State Univ
Borhan, AliThe Pennsylvania State Univ
Abidian, Mohammad RezaPennsylvania State Univ
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.24 Add to My Program
Spatial Distribution of Functional Connection Strengths in Patterned Neuronal Networks of Varying Convergence
Alagapan, SankaraleengamUniv. of Florida
Franca, EricUniv. of Florida
Pan, LiangbinUniv. of Florida
DeMarse, Thomas B.Univ. of Florida
Brewer, GregoryUniv. of California Irvine, Southern Illinois Univ
Wheeler, BruceUniv. of Florida
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.25 Add to My Program
Feed-Forward Propagation of Information between Neuronal Assemblies in Defined InVitro Cortical Networks
DeMarse, Thomas B.Univ. of Florida
Alagapan, SankaraleengamUniv. of Florida
Pan, LiangbinUniv. of Florida
Franca, EricUniv. of Florida
Leondopulos, StathisRutgers Univ
Brewer, GregoryUniv. of California Irvine, Southern Illinois Univ
Wheeler, BruceUniv. of Florida
15:00-16:30, Paper ThET12.26 Add to My Program
3D Engineered Neural Networks Coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays: Development of an Innovative In-Vitro Experimental Model for Neurophysiological Studies
Frega, MonicaUniv. of Genova
Tedesco, MariateresaUniv. of Genova
Massobrio, PaoloUniv. of Genova
Pesce, MattiaItalian Inst. of Tech
Williamson, AdamUniv. of Tech. Ilmenau
Schober, AndreasUniv. of Tech. Ilmenau
Martinoia, SergioUniv. of Genova
ThFT7 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Brain-Computer and Brain Machine Interfaces IV  
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.1 Add to My Program
Real-Time Control of a Clinical Brain-Computer Interface Using Continuous Wideband Multiunit Activity
Malik, Wasim Q.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech
Donoghue, JohnBrown Univ
Hochberg, LeighVA / Brown U. / MGH / Harvard Med. School
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.2 Add to My Program
Development of Biomimetic Cortical Interfaces for the Restoration of Sensorimotor Function
Tomlinson, TuckerNorthwestern Univ
London, BrianNorthwestern Univ
Ethier, ChristianNorthwestern Univ
Miller, LeeNorthwestern Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.3 Add to My Program
Implantable Sensor for Longitudinal Recording of Spontaneous and Voluntary-Evoked EMG and NAP in Untethered Animals
Bercich, RebeccaPurdue Univ
Wang, GrantPurdue Univ
Kevin, SeburnJackson Lab
Irazoqui, PedroPurdue Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.4 Add to My Program
Electrochemical Sensing Via Selective Surface Modification of Iridium Microelectrodes to Create a Platinum Black Interface
Patel, ParasUniv. of Michigan
Gibson, MatthewUniv. of Michigan
Ludwig, KipNIH
Langhals, Nicholas B.Univ. of Michigan
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.5 Add to My Program
Puggle: A Miniature, Real-Time Data Acquisition and Processing System for Closed-Loop Electrophysiology
Newman, Jonathan P.Georgia Inst. of Tech
Patel, YogiGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Potter, SteveGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Butera, RobertGeorgia Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.6 Add to My Program
An Optimal Control Analysis of Motor Strategies in a Brain-Computer Interface Task
Haddock, AndrewUniv. of Washington
Matlack, CharlieUniv. of Washington
Moritz, ChetUniv. of Washington
Chizeck, HowardUniv. of Washington
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.7 Add to My Program
State and Trajectory Decoding of Upper Extremity Movements from Electrocorticogram
Wang, Po T.Univ. of California Irvine
Puttock, Eric J.Univ. of California Irvine
King, Christine E.Univ. of California, Irvine
Schombs, AndrewUniv. of California, Irvine
Lin, Jack J.Univ. of California, Irvine
Sazgar, MonaUniv. of California, Irvine
Hsu, Frank P. K.Univ. of California, Irvine
Shaw, Susan J.Univ. of Southern California
Millett, DavidUniv. of Southern California
Liu, Charles Y.Keck Hospital of the Univ. of Southern California
Chui, Luis A.Univ. of California, Irvine
Do, An H.Univ. of California Irvine
Nenadic, ZoranUniv. of California Irvine
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.8 Add to My Program
Electrophysiological Monitoring of Cerebellar Evoked Potentials Following Fluid Percussion Injury
Ordek, GokhanNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Groth, JonathanNew Jersey Inst. of Tech. Newark
Pfister, BryanNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Sahin, MesutNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.9 Add to My Program
Comparing Tremor Detection Algorithms Using Acceleration Data from an Android Smartphone
Hylton, LydiaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Sanders, TeresaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Clements, Mark A.Georgia Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.10 Add to My Program
Online Co-Adaptive Brain-Computer Interfacing: Preliminary Results in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
Faller, JosefGraz Univ. of Tech
Solis-Escalante, TeodoroInst. for Knowledge Discovery, Graz Univ. Oftechnology
Costa, UrsulaGuttmann Rehabilitation Hospital
Opisso, EloyGuttmann Inst
Medina Casanovas, JosepGuttmann Rehabilitation Hospital
Scherer, ReinholdGraz Univ. of Tech
Müller-Putz, GernotGraz Univ. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.11 Add to My Program
Using a Neural Network Classifier to Predict Movement Outcome from LFP Signals
Zhang, SimengUniv. of Minnesota
Fahey, PatrickUniv. of Minnesota
Rynes, MathewUniv. of Minnesota
Kerrigan, StephenUniv. of Minnesota
Ashe, JamesUniv. of Minnesota
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.12 Add to My Program
A Smart Cage for Behavioral Experiments on Small Freely Behaving Animal Subjects
McMenamin, PeterGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Jow, Uei-MingGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Kiani, MehdiGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Manns, JosephEmory Univ
Ghovanloo, MaysamGeorgia Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.13 Add to My Program
A Fully Wireless Platform for Correlating Behavior and Neural Data from an Implanted, Neural Recording Device: Demonstration in a Freely Moving Swine Model
Agha, NaubaharBrown Univ
Komar, JacobBrown Univ
Yin, MingBrown Univ
Borton, DavidEc. Pol. Federale De Lausanne
Nurmikko, ArtoBrown Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.14 Add to My Program
Extraction of Error Related Local Field Potentials from the Striatum During Environmental Perturbations of a Robotic Arm
Geng, ShijiaUniv. of Miami
Prins, Noeline W.Univ. of Miami
Pohlmeyer, Eric A.Univ. of Miami
Prasad, AbhishekUniv. of Miami
Sanchez, Justin C.Univ. of Miami
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.15 Add to My Program
Unsupervised Decoder Initialization for Brain-Machine Interfaces Using Neural State Space Dynamics
Badreldin, IslamMichigan State Univ
Southerland, JoshuaUniv. of Oklahoma
Vaidya, MuktaUniv. of Chicago
Eleryan, AhmedElectrical and Computer Engineering Department, Michigan State U
Balasubramanian, KarthikeyanUniv. of Chicago
Fagg, AndrewUniv. of Oklahoma
Hatsopoulos, NicholasUniv. of Chicago
Oweiss, KarimMichigan State Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.16 Add to My Program
Data Acquisition System for High Resolution, Multiplexed Electrode Arrays
Bink, HankUniv. of Pennsylvania
Wagenaar, JoostUniv. of Pennsylvania
Viventi, JonathanPol. Inst. of New York Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.17 Add to My Program
Stability of Thin-Film Wireless Recording and Stimulation Devices for Epilepsy Monitoring
Troyk, PhilipIllinois Inst. of Tech
Cogan, StuartEIC Lab. Inc
DeMichele, GlennSigenics Inc
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.18 Add to My Program
A Compact Wireless Multi-Channel System for Real-Time Intracortical Microstimulation of Behaving Rodents
Angotzi, Gian NicolaIIT, Genova
Boi, FabioFondazione Istituto Italiano Ditecnologia
Zordan, StefanoUniv. of Genoa
Vato, AlessandroFondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.19 Add to My Program
Reliability Investigations and Improvements of Interconnection Technologies for the Wireless Brain-Machine Interface – ‘BrainCon‘
Kohler, FabianUniv. of Freiburg
Ulloa Suarez, Miguel AngelUniv. of Freiburg
Ordonez, Juan SebastianUniv. of Freiburg
Stieglitz, ThomasUniv. of Freiburg
Schuettler, MartinUniv. of Freiburg
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.20 Add to My Program
Comparison of Neural Activity During Closed-Loop Control of Spike or LFP-Based Brain-Machine Interfaces
Orsborn, AmyUniv. of California Berkeley
So, KelvinUniv. of California, Berkeley
Dangi, SiddharthUniv. of California, Berkeley
Carmena, Jose M.Univ. of California, Berkeley
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.21 Add to My Program
Towards a Brain Computer Interface Based on the N2pc Event-Related Potential
Awni, HaniUniv. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Norton, James JSUniv. of Illinois
Umunna, StephenUniv. of Illinois
Federmeier, KaraUniv. of Illinois
Bretl, TimothyUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.22 Add to My Program
Improving Participant Performance on Mu Rhythm-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces
Corbit, VictoriaLafayette Coll
Schlussel, MauraLafayette Coll
Yu, Yih-ChoungLafayette Coll
Gabel, Lisa A.Lafayette Coll
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.23 Add to My Program
Classification of Auditory Steady-State Responses to Speech Data
Nakamura, TakashiWaseda Univ
Namba, HironaoWaseda Univ
Matsumoto, TakashiWaseda Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.24 Add to My Program
The Parallel-BCI Speller Based on the P300 and SSVEP Features
Xu, MinpengTianjin Univ
Qi, HongzhiTianjin Univ
Zhang, LixinTianjin Univ
Cheng, XiaomanTianjin Univ. of Tech
Wan, Bai-kunTianjin Univ
Ming, DongTianjin Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.25 Add to My Program
A New Online Event Related Potential Based Brain-Computer Interfaces Using an Ensemble Classifier
Onishi, AkinariKyushu Inst. of Tech
Natsume, KiyohisaKyushu Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.26 Add to My Program
Glutamate, GABA and Dopamine Hydrochloride Concentration Effects on the Conductivity and Impedance of Cerebrospinal Fluid
Xing, PaulÉcole Pol. De Montréal
Miled, AmineEc. Pol
Sawan, MohamadPol. Montreal
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.27 Add to My Program
Chroma Speller: Isotropic Visual Stimuli for Truly Gaze-Independent Spelling
Acqualagna, LauraBerlin Inst. of Tech
Treder, Matthias SebastianTech. Univ. Berlin
Blankertz, BenjaminBerlin Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.28 Add to My Program
Patterned Visual Stimuli for Enhancement of SSVEP-Based BCI Performance
da Cruz, Janir NunoUniv. of Macau
Wong, Chi ManUniv. of Macau
Cao, TengUniv. of Macau
Wan, FengUniv. of Macau
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.29 Add to My Program
How Fast Can F-VEP BCIs Ever Be?
Sengelmann, MalteUniv. Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf; Dept. of Neurophysi
Engel, Andreas KarlUniv. Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Maye, AlexanderUniv. Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.30 Add to My Program
Towards a General Architecture for a Co-Learning of Brain Computer Interfaces
Kosmyna, NataliyaGrenoble INP
Tarpin-Bernard, FranckUniv. Alpes
Rivet, BertrandGrenoble Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.31 Add to My Program
Envelope Detection Based on Online ICA Algorithm and Its Application to Motor Imagery Classification
Guo, XiaojingAnhui Univ
Wu, XiaopeiAnhui Univ
Gong, XiaoxiaoAnhui Univ. Key Lab. of Intelligent Computing & S
Zhang, LeiAnhui Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.32 Add to My Program
Optimizing P300-Speller Sequences by RIP-Ping Groups Apart
Thomas, EoinINRIA
Clerc, MaureenINRIA
Daucé, EmmanuelINSERM, UMR 1106 "Inst. De Neurosciences Des Systemes", Facul
Carpentier, AlexandraSequel Project-Team, INRIA Lille Nord Europe
Devlaminck, DieterAthena Project-Team, INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranee,
Munos, RémiSequel Project-Team, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, France
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.33 Add to My Program
EEG Band Powers for Characterizing User Engagement in P300-BCI
Liu, YichuanDrexel Univ
Ayaz, HasanDrexel Univ
Onaral, BanuDrexel Univ
Shewokis, Patricia ADrexel Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.34 Add to My Program
Development of a Robust Method for an Online P300 Speller Brain Computer Interface
Tahmasebzadeh, AlirezaImperial Coll. London
Bahrani, MasihSharif Univ. of Tech
Setarehdan, Seyed KamaledinUniv. of Tehran
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.35 Add to My Program
Volitional Phase Control of Neural Oscillations Using a Brain-Machine Interface
Khanna, PreeyaUniv. of California, Berkeley
So, KelvinUniv. of California, Berkeley
Carmena, Jose M.Univ. of California, Berkeley
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.36 Add to My Program
Design and Optimization of Microscale Magnetic Probes for Multi-Site Neural Stimulation
Fan, BinMichigan State Univ
Li, WenMichigan State Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.37 Add to My Program
Analytic Common Spatial Pattern and Adaptive Classification for Multiclass Motor Imagery-Based BCI
Nicolas-Alonso, Luis FernandoBiomedical Engineering Group, E.T.S. Ingenieros De Telecomunicac
Corralejo, RebecaUniv. of Valladolid, CIF: Q4718001C
Álvarez, DanielUniv. of Valladolid, CIF: Q4718001C
Hornero, RobertoUniv. of Valladolid
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.38 Add to My Program
Pilot Study on the Use of Audio Feedback for Semg-Based Brain-Machine-Body Interface
Dao, CindyUniv. of California Davis
Skavhaug, Ida-MariaUniv. of California Davis
Vernon, BenjaminUniv. of California at Davis
Randolph, DavidUniv. of California Davis
Joshi, SanjayUniv. of California, Davis
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.39 Add to My Program
Integrating Interference Frequency Components Elicited by Monitor Refresh Rate to Enhance Frequency Detection of SSVEPs
Nakanishi, MasakiKeio Univ
Wang, YijunUniv. of California, San Diego
Wang, Yu-TeUniv. of California San Diego
Mitsukura, YasueKeio Univ
Jung, Tzyy-PingUniv. of California San Diego
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT7.40 Add to My Program
Collaborative Brain-Computer Interfaces for the Automatic Classification of Images
Matran-Fernandez, AnaUniv. of Essex
Poli, RiccardoUniv. of Essex
Cinel, CaterinaUniv. of Essex
ThFT8 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Neural Computation and Modeling IV  
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.1 Add to My Program
Effect of Surrounding Conditions on In-Vitro Magnetic Neural Stimulation
RamRakhyani, AnilUniv. of Utah
Kagan, ZackUniv. of Utah
khan, FaisalUniv. of Utah
Warren, DavidUniv. of Utah
Normann, RichardUniv. of Utah
Lazzi, GianlucaUniv. of Utah
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.2 Add to My Program
The Paxon - a Physical Axonal Mimic
Latorre, Malcolm AustinLinkoping Univ
Chan, AdrianCarleton Univ
Wĺrdell, KarinLinköping Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.3 Add to My Program
Simulation of Maturating Neuronal Networks Derived from Hpscs
Lenk, KerstinTampere Univ. of Tech
Priwitzer, BarbaraLausitz Univ. of Applied Sciences
Ylä-Outinen, LauraNeuroGroup, Inst. of Biomedical Tech. Univ
Tietz, LukasTampere Univ. of Tech
Narkilahti, SusannaNeuroGroup, Inst. of Biomedical Tech. Univ
hyttinen, jariTampere Univ. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.4 Add to My Program
State-Space Analysis of Hodgkin-Huxley Axonal Neural Mass Model During Subthreshold High Frequency Alternating Current Stimulation
Dutta, AnirbanINRIA
Nitsche, Michael A.Georg-August-Univ. Goettingen
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.5 Add to My Program
Biophysical Modeling of Alpha Rhythms During Halothane-Induced Unconsciousness
Vijayan, SujithBoston Univ
Ching, ShiNungWashington Univ. in St. Louis
Purdon, Patrick LMassachussetts General Hospital
Brown, Emery NMGH-Harvard Medical School-MIT
Kopell, NancyDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston Univ. Bos
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.6 Add to My Program
Electric Stimulation of Neurons and Neural Networks in Retinal Prostheses
Schmid, ErichUniv. of Tuebingen
Fink, WolfgangUniv. of Arizona
Wilke, RobertUniv. of New South Wales
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.7 Add to My Program
FEA Modeling of Temperature Elevation in Neural Tissue Illuminated by a Laser: Transient Effects
Yucel, Atabek CanNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Sahin, MesutNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Al-Smadi, YahiaNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.8 Add to My Program
Using Spatial Summation of Multi-Site Stimulation Electrodes to Improve the Capability of a Sensory Neural Interface
Williams, AaronUniv. of Virginia
Gerling, GregoryUniv. of Virginia
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.9 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Elastic Brain Tissue Model for Neural Probe-Tissue Mechanical Interaction
Hamzavi, NaderNational Univ. of Singapore
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.10 Add to My Program
Network Model of the Effects of Spinal Cord Stimulation
Zhang, TianheDuke Univ
Janik, JohnStryker
Grill, WarrenDuke Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.11 Add to My Program
Quantifying Neural Coding Noise in Linear Threshold Models
Meyer, Arne FreerkUniv. of Oldenburg
Diepenbrock, Jan-PhilippLeibniz Insitute for Neurobiology
Ohl, Frank W.Leibniz Inst. for Neurobiology (LIN)
Anemüller, JörnUniv. of Oldenburg
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.12 Add to My Program
Challenging the Optimality of Rectangular Pulse Stimulation for Neuroprosthetic Devices
Tahayori, BahmanUniv. of Melbourne
Dokos, SocratesUniv. of New South Wales
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.13 Add to My Program
Effect of Soma Polarization on Electrical Stimulation Thresholds of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Sergeev, Evgeni NikitichThe Univ. of Melbourne
Meffin, HamishNational ICT Australia
Tahayori, BahmanUniv. of Melbourne
Grayden, David B.The Univ. of Melbourne
Burkitt, Anthony NevilleThe Univ. of Melbourne
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.14 Add to My Program
Effect of the Nerve Fiber Path Eccentricity on the Single Fiber Action Potential
Horn, RyneIndiana Univ. Purdue Univ. Indianapolis
Qiao, ShaoyuPurdue Univ. West Lafayette
Yoshida, KenIndiana Univ. Univ. Indianapolis
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.15 Add to My Program
A Probabilistic Model Predicting Retinal Ganglion Cell Responses to Natural Images
Ivzan, NadavUniv. of Southern Califronia
Grzywacz, Norberto MauricioUniv. of Southern California
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.16 Add to My Program
Closed-Loop Modeling of the Hippocampus and Design of Neurostimulation Patterns for Suppressing Seizures
Sandler, RomanUniv. of Southern California
Shin, DaeUniv. of Southern California
Song, DongUniv. of Southern California
Hampson, RobertWake Forest School of Medicine
Deadwyler, SamWake Forest Univ
Berger, TheodoreUniv. of Southern California
Marmarelis, VasilisUniv. of Southern California
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.17 Add to My Program
The Effects of NMDA Receptor Model Time Dynamics Over the Short and Long Term When Set to Striatal Dorsolateral and Ventromedial Medium Spiny Neurons
Biddell, KevinBiosynesi LLC
johnson, jeffreyUniv. of Cincinnati
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.18 Add to My Program
Computational Model of Seizure Suppression by Deep Brain Stimulation for Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Ahn, SoraEwha Womans Univ
Lee, Hyang WoonEwha Womans Univ
Lee, SeungjunEwha Womans Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT8.19 Add to My Program
Multivariate Spectral Analysis of Electroencephalography Data
Lainscsek, ClaudiaThe Salk 
 Inst. for Biological Studies
Hernandez, ManuelUniv. of California, San Diego
Poizner, HowardUCSD
Sejnowski, Terrence J.The Salk Inst
ThFT9 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Neural Prostheses IV  
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.1 Add to My Program
Intramuscular EMG after Targeted Muscle Reinnervation for Pattern Recognition Control of Myoelectric Prostheses
Smith, LaurenNorthwestern Univ
Hargrove, LeviRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.2 Add to My Program
A Pre-Clinical Framework for Neural Control of a Therapeutic Upper-Limb Exoskeleton
Blank, AmyRice Univ
O'Malley, Marcia K.Rice Univ
Francisco, GerardUniv. of Texas Health Science Center
Contreras-Vidal, JoséUniv. of Houston
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.3 Add to My Program
Differential Measure of Matched Linear Accelerometers As a Sensing Strategy for the Development of a Vestibular Prosthesis
Challa, PrashanthGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Töreyin, HakanGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Bhatti, PamelaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.4 Add to My Program
Verification and Validation of an Electrode Array for a Blink Prosthesis for Facial Paralysis Patients
McDonnall, DanielRipple LLC
Askin, Robert E.Ripple LLC
Smith, Christopher FarandRipple, LLC
Guillory, Kenneth ShaneRipple LLC
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.5 Add to My Program
Comparison of State of the Art Myoelectric Controllers for Advanced Prosthetic Hands Using SHAP Test
Segil, JacobUniv. of Colorado at Boulder
Weir, RichardRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Cipriani, ChristianScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.6 Add to My Program
Mechanical Characterization of a Novel Multilayer Nerve Cuff Electrode with Regionally Patterned Stiffness
Stone, MatthewLouis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Ce
Tyler, DustinCase Western Res. Univ
Triolo, Ronald J.US Dept of Veterans Affairs/Case Western Res
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.7 Add to My Program
Characterization of Multisite Spinal Cord Stimulation to Improve Locomotion in Rats with Complete Spinal Cord Injury
Wenger, NikolausEPFL
Martin Moraud, EduardoEpfl Bm 3110
Gandar, JeromeEPFL
Musienko, PavelEPFL
Micera, SilvestroScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Courtine, GregoireEPFL
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.8 Add to My Program
Development of an Electrode Array for Transcutaneous Stimulation of Lumbar Posterior Roots
Krenn, MatthiasMedical Univ. of Vienna
Toth, AndreaMedical Univ. of Vienna
Schweiger, AndreasMedical Univ. of Vienna
Minassian, KarenMedical Univ. of Vienna
Mayr, WinfriedMedical Univ. of Vienna
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.9 Add to My Program
Educational Model for Training Doctoral Students in Systems Neuroengineering
Johnson, MatthewUniv. of Minnesota
Lim, HubertUniv. of Minnesota
Netoff, TayUniv. of Minnesota
He, BinUniv. of Minnesota
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.10 Add to My Program
Longitudinal Changes to Neural and Vascular Morphology Near an Implanted Neural Electrode
Abliz, ErkinayUs Fda
Kim, Do-HyunUS Food and Drug Administration
Zhang, WenhuiFood and Drug Administration
Hammer, Daniel X.Office of Science and Engineering Lab. Center for Devices
Agrawal, AnantFDA
Krauthamer, VictorFood and Drug Administration
Welle, CristinFood and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiologica
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.11 Add to My Program
Electrochemical Characterization of Boron-Doped Nanocrystalline Diamond Electrodes for Neural Stimulation
Meijs, SuzanCenter for Sensory-Motor Interaction, Aalborg Univ
Taylor, AndrewInst. of Physics, ASCR, Prague, Czech Republic and Nano6 S.r
Pennisi, Cristian PabloAalborg Univ
Rijkhoff, NicoAalborg Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.12 Add to My Program
Traceable Chitosan Implants with Controllable Protein Release
Mikhailov, AndreyUniv. of Tsukuba
Saotome, KousakuUniv. of Tsukuba
Matsushita, AkiraUniv. of Tsukuba
Sankai, YoshiyukiUniv. of Tsukuba
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.13 Add to My Program
Laser-Fabrication of Neural Electrode Arrays with Sputtered Iridium Oxide Film
Schuettler, MartinUniv. of Freiburg
Ulloa Suarez, Miguel AngelUniv. of Freiburg
Ordonez, Juan SebastianUniv. of Freiburg
Stieglitz, ThomasUniv. of Freiburg
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.14 Add to My Program
Poly(3, 4-Ethylenedioxythiophene)/graphene Composite Neural Microelectrodes
Li, MingzheWuhan Univ
Duan, Yvonne YanwenWuhan Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.15 Add to My Program
Pilot In-Vivo Study of Chronically Implanted Bi-Directional Optrodes in Rat Cerebral Cortex
Kampasi, KomalUniv. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
McLaughlin, BryanDraper Lab
Perlin, Gayatri, E.Univ. of Michigan
Le Blanc, JohnDraper Lab
Segura, Carlos AlejandroDraper Lab. Boston Univ
Kipke, DarylUniv. of Michigan
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.16 Add to My Program
Alginate Sulfate Provides Molecular and Physical Cues for the Induction of a 3D Neuronal Network
Palazzolo, GemmaETH Zurich
Broguiere, NicolasETH Zürich
Dermutz, HaraldETH Zürich
Becher, JanaInnovent E.v
Matthias, SchnabelrauchINNOVENT E. V
Zenobi-Wong, MarcyETH Zčrich
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.17 Add to My Program
Powered Prosthesis Control During Walking, Sitting, Standing, and Non-Weight-Bearing Activities Using Neural and Mechanical Inputs
Simon, AnnRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Fey, NicholasThe Rehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Ingraham, KimberlyRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Young, AaronNorthwestern Univ
Hargrove, LeviRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.18 Add to My Program
EMG Control of Robotic Reaching by People with Tetraplegia Improved through Proprioceptive and Force Feedback
Corbett, ElaineNorthwestern Univ
Sachs, NicholasNorthwestern Univ
Perreault, EricNorthwestern Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT9.19 Add to My Program
MLP and HMM Synergistic Use in an EMG-Based Control Algorithm for a Bidirectional Prosthetic Hand
Bonizzato, MarcoEPFL
Petrini, FrancescoUniv. Campus Biomedico Di Roma
Capogrosso, MarcoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Raspopovic, StanisaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Rossini, Paolo MariaCampus Biomedico Univ
Micera, SilvestroScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
ThFT10 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Deep Brain Stimulation II  
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.1 Add to My Program
Simulation of PID Control Schemes for Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulation
Dunn, EleanorUniv. Coll. Dublin
Lowery, MadeleineUniv. Coll. Dublin
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.2 Add to My Program
Computational Finite Element Model to Compare Voltage and Current Controlled Deep Brain Stimulation Systems
Wardell, KarinLinkoping Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.3 Add to My Program
Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation on Mismatch Negativity in Parkinson's Disease
Sun, ChenhuiTsinghua Univ
Zhou, JiTsinghua Univ
Li, LumingTsinghua Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.4 Add to My Program
Brain Stimulation by Network Resonance with Weak Electric Fields Probed by Optogenetics in Vitro
Schmidt, StephenUniv. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Foulser, Anna AlbanUniv. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Frohlich, FlavioUniv. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.5 Add to My Program
Static Magnetic Field Modulates Excitatory Activity in Layer II/III Pyramidal Neurons of the Rat Motor Cortex
Klein, RebeccaDuke Univ
Goetz, StefanDuke Univ
Liedtke, WolfgangDuke Univ
Moore, ScottDuke Univ
Peterchev, Angel VDuke Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.6 Add to My Program
New Coil Designs for Deep Brain Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Using Halo Coil Configurations
Kaul, RachanaIowa State Univ
Hogan, Bridget N.Iowa State Univ
Hadimani, Ravi L.Iowa State Univ
Crowther, Lawrence J.Iowa State Univ
Jiles, David C.Iowa State Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.7 Add to My Program
An Automatic Classifier of Pain Scores in Chronic Pain Patients from Local Field Potentials Recordings
Zhang, SuyiNational Inst. for Information and Communications Tech
Green, Alexander LUniv. of Oxford
Probert Smith, Penny JUniv. of Oxford
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.8 Add to My Program
Chronic, Multi-Contact, Neural Interface for Deep Brain Stimulation
Tooker, AngelaLawrence Livermore National Lab
Madsen, TeresaEmory Univ
Crowell, AndreaEmory Univ
Shah, KedarLawrence Livermore National Lab
Felix, SarahLawrence Livermore National Lab
Mayberg, HelenEmory Univ
Pannu, SatinderpallLawrence Livermore National Lab
Rainnie, DonaldEmory Univ
Tolosa, VanessaLawrence Livermore National Lab
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.9 Add to My Program
Beta and Low Gamma Cortical Waves During Different States of Motion in 6-OHDA Hemi-Parkinsonian Rats
Polar, ChristianUniv. of Utah
Gupta, RahulMedtronic, Inc
Lehmkuhle, MarkUniv. of Utah
Dorval, AlanUniv. of Utah
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.10 Add to My Program
A Method to Quantitatively Evaluate Changes in Tremor During Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
Shah, AsheshUniv. of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerlan
Coste, JérômeCentre Hospitalier Univ. De Clermont-Ferrand, Image-Guid
Lemaire, Jean-JacquesCentre Hospitalier Univ. De Clermont-Ferrand, Image-Guid
Schkommodau, ErikInst. for Medical and Analytical Tech. Univ. Of
Hemm, SimoneUniv. of Applied Sciences
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.11 Add to My Program
A Dosimetric Study Comparing Intra-Operatory Microelectrode and Chronic Macroelectrode in the DBS Technique
Paffi, AlessandraICEmB@La Sapienza Univ. Rome
Apollonio, FrancescaICEmB@La Sapienza Univ. Rome
Puxeddu, Maria GraziaSapienza Univ. of Rome
Parazzini, MartaConsiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche
D'Inzeo, GuglielmoICEmB@"La Sapienza" Univ. of Rome
Ravazzani, PaoloCNR
Camera, FrancescaSapienza Univ. of Rome
Liberti, MicaelaICEmB at Sapienza Univ. of Rome
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.12 Add to My Program
Stimulation Location within the Substantia Nigra Pars Reticulata Differentially Modulates Gait in Hemiparkinsonian Rats
McConnell, GeorgeDuke Univ
Grill, WarrenDuke Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.13 Add to My Program
A Magnetic Field Projector for Deep Brain Modulation
Fan, JieNational Univ. of Singapore
Wu, TiechengNational Univ. of Singapore
Ye, YanNational Univ. of Singapore
Bui, Ha DucNational Univ. of Singapore
Li, XiaopingNational Univ. of Singapore
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.14 Add to My Program
Global Sensitivity Analysis of the Probabilistic Volume of Tissue Activated in a Volume Conductor Model for Deep Brain Stimulation
Schmidt, ChristianUniv. of Rostock
van Rienen, UrsulaUniv. of Rostock
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.15 Add to My Program
Modulations in Pallidal Local Field Potentials in the Systemic 1-Methyl-4-Phenyl-1, 2, 3, 6-Tetrahydropyridine Nonhuman Primate Model of Parkinson’s Disease During a Voluntary Reaching Task
Hendrix, ClaudiaUniv. of Minnesota
Agnesi, FilippoMayo Clinic
Connolly, AllisonUniv. of Minnesota
Baker, KennethUniv. of Minnesota
Johnson, MatthewUniv. of Minnesota
Vitek, JerroldUniv. of Minnesota
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.16 Add to My Program
Deep Brain Stimulation Electric Field As a Predictor of Activation for Various Neuronal Elements
Diczfalusy, ElinLinköping Univ
Ĺström, MattiasDepartment of Biomedical Engineering, Linköping Univ
Hubert, MartensSapiens Steering Brain Stimulation B.V
Wĺrdell, KarinLinköping Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.17 Add to My Program
Suppression of Parkinsonian Tremor with Deep Brain Stimulation and Auditory Cueing
Heida, TjitskeUniv. of Twente
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.18 Add to My Program
Synchronized Body and Acoustic Stimulation Induces Auditory Plasticity: Implications for a New Noninvasive Tinnitus Treatment
Gloeckner, CoryUniv. of Minnesota
Smith, BenjaminUniv. of Minnesota
Markovitz, CraigUniv. of Minnesota
Lim, HubertUniv. of Minnesota
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.19 Add to My Program
An Research System for Chronic Exploration of Novel Stimulation Patterns
Isaacson, BenjaminMedtronic Inc
Buse, NicholasMedtronic, Inc
George, BillMedtronic Inc
Denison, TimothyMedtronic
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT10.20 Add to My Program
Characterizing Oscillations in Childhood Dystonia Using Deep Brain Stimulation Evoked Potentials
Bhanpuri, NasirUniv. of Southern California
Bertucco, MatteoUniv. of Southern California
Nishida, JeffreyUniv. of Southern California
Ferman, DianaUniv. of Southern California
Sanger, Terence DavidUniv. of Southern California
ThFT11 Poster Session, Pavilion Room Add to My Program 
Rehabilitation Engineering II  
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.1 Add to My Program
Lower-Limb Muscle Synergies in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Li, FeiUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
Wang, QianUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
Cao, ShuaiUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
Wu, DeAnhui Medical Univ
Wang, QuanAnhui Medical Univ
Chen, XiangUniv. of Science & Tech. of China
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.2 Add to My Program
The Functional Role of Automatic Body Response in Shaping Voluntary Actions Based on Muscle Synergy Theory
Alnajjar, Fady SKBtcc, Riken
Berenz, VincentBtcc, Riken
Shimoda, ShingoRIKEN
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.3 Add to My Program
Motor Unit Structural Change Post Stroke Examined Via Surface Electromyography: A Preliminary Report
Jeon, BrianRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Suresh, NinaRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Suresh, AneeshaNorthwestern Univ
Rymer, William ZevNorthwest. & Rehab Inst. of Chicago
Hu, XiaogangRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.4 Add to My Program
Alterations of Neuromuscular Signals As a Result of Vestibular Stimulation
Androwis, GhaithNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Michael, PeterNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Strongwater, AllanSt. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
Foulds, RichardNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.5 Add to My Program
Importance of Avoiding DC in KHFAC Nerve Block Applications
Franke, ManfredCase Western Res. Univ
Bhadra, NiloyCase Western Res. Univ
Bhadra, NarendraCase Western Res. Univ
Kilgore, KevinMetroHealth Medical Center
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.6 Add to My Program
Prescreening Seizure-Like Events in a Rat Model of Epilepsy B: A 3D Online Video Processing Method
Christ, OlafUniv. of Luebeck
Somerlik-Fuchs, Karin HAlbert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg
Stieglitz, ThomasUniv. of Freiburg
Schulze-Bonhage, AndreasUniv. Hospital Freiburg
Hofmann, Ulrich G.Univ. of Freiburg
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.7 Add to My Program
'Looking' Better: Designing an At-Home Gaze Training System for Children with ASD
Chukoskie, LeanneUniv. of California, San Diego
Soomro, AhmadUniv. of California: San Diego, Swartz Center for Computati
Townsend, JeanneUniv. of California, San Diego
Westerfield, MarissaUniv. of California San Diego
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.8 Add to My Program
Heuristic Evaluation of User Interface for Point-Of-Care Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Subbian, VigneshUniv. of Cincinnati
Wilsey, PhilipUniv. of Cincinnati
Beyette, Fred RUniv. of Cincinnati
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.9 Add to My Program
An Evaluation of Clustering Techniques to Classify Dexterous Manipulation of Individuals with and without Dysfunction
Lawrence, EmilyUniv. of Southern California
Fassola, IsabellaInst. De La Main, Clinique Jouvenet
Dayanidhi, SudarshanUniv. of Southern California
Leclercq, CarolineInst. De La Main, Clinique Jouvenet
Valero-Cuevas, FranciscoUniv. of Southern California
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.10 Add to My Program
Extraction of Listening Effort Correlates in the Oscillatory EEG Activity: Investigation of Different Hearing Aid Configurations
Bernarding, CorinnaSaarland Univ. Hospital
Hannemann, RonnySiemens Audiologische Tech
Herrmann, David PeterSaarland Univ. of Applied Sciences
Strauss, Daniel J.Saarland Univ. Medical Faculty
Corona-Strauss, Farah I.Saarland Univ. Hospital
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.11 Add to My Program
Kinematic Measures of Upper-Extremity Performance in the Home Setting for an Individual Post--Stroke: A Case Report
Wade, EricUniv. of Southern California
Justin, FanUniv. of Southern California
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.12 Add to My Program
A Forearm Pronation/supination Assessment Method Integrated into Haptic Knob for Stroke Rehabilitation
Zhou, LongjiangInst. for Infocomm Res. Agency for Science, Tech
Ang, Kai KengInst. for Infocomm Res
Wang, ChuanchuInst. for Infocomm Res
Phua, KoksoonInst. for Infocomm Res
Guan, CuntaiInst. for Infocomm Res
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.13 Add to My Program
Center of Pressure Velocity Autocorrelation As a New Measure of Postural Control During Quiet Stance
Hernandez, ManuelUniv. of California, San Diego
Stevenson, CoryUniv. of California, San Diego
Snider, JosephUC San Diego
Poizner, HowardUCSD
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.14 Add to My Program
HARMONIE: A Multimodal Control Framework for Human Assistive Robotics
Katyal, KapilJohns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
Johannes, MatthewThe Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
McGee, TimothyJohns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
Harris, AndrewJohns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
Armiger, RobertJohns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
Firpi, Alexer H.JHU
McMullen, DavidJohns Hopkins Univ
Hotson, GuyJohns Hopkins Univ
Fifer, MatthewJohns Hopkins Univ
Crone, Nathan E.Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
Vogelstein, R. JacobJohns Hopkins Univ
Wester, BrockJohns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.15 Add to My Program
Wireless Kinematic Body Sensor Network for Low-Cost Neurotechnology Applications “in-The-Wild”
Gavriel, ConstantinosImperial Coll. London
Faisal, A. AldoImperial Coll. London
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.16 Add to My Program
A Vibrotactile-Based Brain-Computer Interface for Assessment and Communication in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness
Kapeller, ChristophG.tec Medical Engineering GmbH
Guger, ChristophG.tec Medical Engineering GmbH
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.17 Add to My Program
Hand Aperture Decreases with Increased Should Abduction Loading in Individuals with Chronic Stroke
Lan, YiyunNorthwestern Univ
Yao, JunNorthwestern Univ
Dewald, Julius P. A.Northwestern Univ
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.18 Add to My Program
Using Prefrontal Cortex Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Autonomic Nervous System Activity for Identifying Music-Induced Emotions
Moghimi, SabaUniv. of Toronto
Chau, TomUniv. of Toronto
Guerguerian, Anne MarieUniv. of Toronto
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.19 Add to My Program
Accelerating the Initial Learning of a Motor-Imagery Based Brain-Computer Interface through Mind-Body Awareness Training
Cassady, KaitlinUniv. of Minnesota
Doud, AlexanderUniv. of Minnesota
Alwis, EmalUniv. of Minnesota
You, AlbertUniv. of Minnesota
Shahriar, ArmanUniv. of Minnesota
He, BinUniv. of Minnesota
16:30-18:00, Paper ThFT11.20 Add to My Program
Biocompatible, Adhesive and Small Sized Electrode for EEG Signal Measurements Made of CNT and Adhesive PDMS
Lee, Seung MinKorea Univ
Byeon, Hang JinKorea Univ
Kim, Jeong HunKorea Univ
Lee, Joong HoonKorea Univ
Hong, Joung SookSoongsil Univ
Lee, Sang HoonColl. of Health Science, Korea Univ




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