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Last updated on November 13, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

HI-POCT'17 Keyword Index

C   E   G   I   L   M   P   R   T  

Clinical Use and Acceptance of POC TechnologiesMLunch_Break.14, MLunch_Break.29, MLunch_Break.37, TPO.33, WAT2.3, WAT2.5
Compliance and Acceptance of POC TechnologiesTPO.9, TPO.16, TPO.19, TPO.33, TSPS.1
Comprehensive Evaluation and Validation of POC TechnologiesMIII-PS.2, MLunch_Break.14, TPO.7, TPO.8, WAT2.3
Evidence-based MedicineMLunch_Break.24, MLunch_Break.25, MLunch_Break.29, TPO.15, WAT4.1
Global clinical translationMLunch_Break.26, MLunch_Break.33, MLunch_Break.36, TPO.19, WAT1.1
Global Healthcare ChallengesMII-PS.2, MKN.1, MLunch_Break.7, MLunch_Break.8, MLunch_Break.12, MLunch_Break.31, MLunch_Break.41, TKN.1, TPO.1, TPO.9, TPO.18, TPO.25, TPO.28, TPO.31, TPO.34, TPO.36, TV-PS.2, TV-PS.3, WAT1.2, WAT1.3, WAT1.5, WAT2.4, WAT3.1, WAT3.4, WAT4.6, WPS.1
Implementation and dissemination research studiesMIII-PS.2, MKN.1, MLunch_Break.1, MLunch_Break.3, MLunch_Break.7, MLunch_Break.17, MLunch_Break.19, MLunch_Break.25, TPO.2, TPO.7, WAT2.4, WAT3.4, WAT4.1
Information Communications, data security and privacyMIII-PS.2, MLunch_Break.2, MLunch_Break.26, MLunch_Break.35, WAT3.2
Integration of innovations and point of care diagnostic devices into systems of healthcareMLunch_Break.4, MLunch_Break.12, MLunch_Break.15, MLunch_Break.20, MLunch_Break.25, MLunch_Break.35, MLunch_Break.41, TPO.3, TPO.11, TPO.12, TPO.17, TPO.35, TPO.37, TSPS.2, WAT2.1, WAT3.3, WAT3.4, WAT3.6, WAT4.1
Lab-on-a-chipMLunch_Break.15, MLunch_Break.31, MLunch_Break.36, MLunch_Break.42, TPO.10, TPO.26, TPO.30, TPO.31, WAT1.1, WAT1.2, WAT3.3, WAT4.2
MHealth InnovationMIV-PS.1, MLunch_Break.2, MLunch_Break.5, MLunch_Break.8, MLunch_Break.9, MLunch_Break.10, MLunch_Break.13, MLunch_Break.17, MLunch_Break.22, MLunch_Break.23, MLunch_Break.27, MLunch_Break.28, TPO.1, TPO.3, TPO.6, TPO.9, TPO.13, TPO.14, TPO.38, TPO.39, TPO.40, TV-PS.2, WAT2.6, WAT3.3, WAT3.6, WAT4.2, WAT4.5
POC device data control and fusionMIV-PS.1, MLunch_Break.5, MLunch_Break.35, TPO.13, TPO.16, TPO.37, WAT3.2, WAT4.6
POC device data storageTPO.5, TPO.16, TPO.37, WAT3.2
POC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare FacilitiesMLunch_Break.1, MLunch_Break.5, MLunch_Break.9, MLunch_Break.10, MLunch_Break.11, MLunch_Break.12, MLunch_Break.16, MLunch_Break.18, MLunch_Break.21, MLunch_Break.22, MLunch_Break.24, MLunch_Break.30, MLunch_Break.32, MLunch_Break.34, MLunch_Break.40, MLunch_Break.41, MLunch_Break.42, TPO.2, TPO.4, TPO.5, TPO.11, TPO.14, TPO.15, TPO.18, TPO.22, TPO.26, TPO.32, TPO.38, WAT1.4, WAT1.5, WAT1.6, WAT2.2, WAT2.5, WAT3.5, WAT3.6, WAT4.3, WAT4.5
POC Technologies for Intensive-Care ApplicationsMLunch_Break.6, MLunch_Break.10, MLunch_Break.11, MLunch_Break.30, MLunch_Break.34, TPO.5, TPO.21, TPO.34, WAT4.6
POC Technologies for Personalized, Preventive, and Precision MedicineMII-PS.1, MKN.1, MLunch_Break.1, MLunch_Break.7, MLunch_Break.9, MLunch_Break.11, MLunch_Break.13, MLunch_Break.15, MLunch_Break.16, MLunch_Break.18, MLunch_Break.19, MLunch_Break.20, MLunch_Break.22, MLunch_Break.24, MLunch_Break.29, MLunch_Break.42, TPO.2, TPO.4, TPO.8, TPO.10, TPO.11, TPO.12, TPO.13, TPO.14, TPO.17, TPO.22, TPO.23, TPO.25, TPO.26, TPO.30, TPO.39, TPO.40, TSPS.1, WAT1.6, WAT2.1, WAT2.2, WAT2.3, WAT2.4, WAT2.5, WAT2.6, WAT3.5, WAT4.4
POC Technologies for Slightly Trained OperatorsMLunch_Break.19, MLunch_Break.38, MLunch_Break.40, TPO.4, TPO.15, TPO.21, TPO.25, TPO.28, TPO.30, TPO.38, TPO.39, WAT1.4, WAT1.5, WAT2.2, WAT4.4, WAT4.5
POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsMII-PS.2, MLunch_Break.2, MLunch_Break.6, MLunch_Break.16, MLunch_Break.18, MLunch_Break.31, MLunch_Break.32, MLunch_Break.33, MLunch_Break.36, MLunch_Break.38, MLunch_Break.39, MLunch_Break.40, TPO.1, TPO.3, TPO.7, TPO.8, TPO.12, TPO.19, TPO.21, TPO.24, TPO.27, TPO.28, TPO.29, TPO.31, TPO.33, TPO.34, TPO.35, TPO.36, TV-PS.1, TV-PS.2, TV-PS.3, WAT1.1, WAT1.2, WAT1.3, WAT1.4, WAT1.6, WAT3.1, WAT4.2, WAT4.3, WAT4.4
Regulatory challenges (US and International)MIII-PS.1, TSPS.1, TSPS.2
Taking POCT interventions to scaleTPO.36, TV-PS.3, WAT4.3
Translation of new medical devices to clinical practiceMLunch_Break.6, MLunch_Break.8, MLunch_Break.14, MLunch_Break.21, MLunch_Break.23, MLunch_Break.26, MLunch_Break.33, MLunch_Break.37, MLunch_Break.38, TPO.22, TPO.40, TSPS.2, WAT1.3, WAT2.1, WAT3.1




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