2022 IEEE Healthcare Innovations and Point of Care Technologies (HI-POCT)
March 10-11, 2022, Texas University A & M EnMed

Last updated on March 9, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday March 10, 2022

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ThWR Event Room - 17th Floor
Welcome & Introduction: Dr. Roderic I. Pettigrew, Dr. Metin Akay,
ThK1N Event Room - 17th Floor
Keynote Lecture: Rebecca Richards-Kortum, PhD - Rice University Plenary Session
ThA1 Event Room - 17th Floor
Session 1 - Global and Precision Health
Co-Chair: Gurkan, Umut A.Case Western Reserve University
09:20-09:40, Paper ThA1.1 
Capillary Flow Dynamics of Blood with Varied Hematocrit in Microfluidic Platforms

Nunna, Bharath BabuWeber State University
Wang, YudongNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Talukder, NiladriNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Lee, Eon SooNew Jersey Institute of Technology
09:40-10:00, Paper ThA1.2 
First Integrated Point-Of-Care Test for Malaria and Anemia

An, RanCase Western Reserve University
Zhang, QiaochuCase Western Reserve University
Sekyonda, ZoeCase Western Reserve University
Lind, MatthewHemex Health Inc
Bledsoe, DarenHemex Health Inc
Gurkan, Umut A.Case Western Reserve University
10:00-10:20, Paper ThA1.3 
Clinical Evaluation of a Paper HPV DNA Test in Mozambique

Newsham, EmilieRice University
Chang, MeganRice University
Smith, ChelseyRice University
Mavume, CeldaEduardo Mondlane University
Lorenzoni, CesaltinaEduardo Mondlane University
Baker, EllenThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Schmeler, KathleenThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Richards-Kortum, RebeccaRice University
10:20-10:40, Paper ThA1.4 
S2Edge: Mobile Edge for Smart and Secure Interaction of Precision Health Big Data

Zhang, QingxuePurdue University
ThAM_Br Foyer - 17th Floor
Morning Break
ThB1 Event Room - 17th Floor
Session 2 - Community Medicine Technology/Tele-Medicine and Health
10:50-11:10, Paper ThB1.1 
A Virtual/digital Pet Point-Of-Care System for Self-Management of COPD Patients

Arvind, D KUniversity of Edinburgh
11:10-11:30, Paper ThB1.2 
A Novel Smartphone-Based & Personalized Atrial Fibrillation Detection: A Preliminary Study

Tabei, FatemehsadatWest Texas A&M University
Abohelwa, MostafaTexas Tech University
Davis, DanielTexas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Sethi, PoojaTtuhsc
Nugent, KennethTexas Tech University University Health Sciences Center
Chong, Jo WoonTexas Tech University
11:30-11:50, Paper ThB1.3 
Explainability Analysis of Black Box SVM Models for Hepatic Steatosis Screening

Deo, RidhiPurdue University
Panigrahi, SuranjanPurdue University
11:50-12:10, Paper ThB1.4 
LibreHealth Cost-Of-Care Explorer: Mobile Application for Patient-Friendly Access to Hospital Chargemasters

Merine, ReginaIndiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Pinnamraju, JahnaviIUPUI
Singh, DarshpreetGuru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Gichoya, JudyIndiana University
Purkayastha, SaptarshiIndiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Lunch (on Own)
ThK2N Event Room - 17th Floor
Keynote Lecture - Bijan Najafi PhD - Baylor College of Medicine Plenary Session
Chair: Romero-Ortega, MarioUniversity of Houston
ThC1 Event Room - 17th Floor
Session 3 - Mobile and Personalized Health
Chair: Faghih, Rose T.University of Houston
14:00-14:20, Paper ThC1.1 
A Wearable Exam Stress Dataset for Predicting Grades Using Physiological Signals

Amin, Md. RafiulUniversity of Houston
Wickramasuriya, DilranjanUniversity of Houston
Faghih, Rose T.University of Houston
14:20-14:40, Paper ThC1.2 
CoughNet-V2: A Scalable Multimodal DNN Framework for Point-Of-Care Edge Devices to Detect Symptomatic COVID-19 Cough

Rashid, Hasib-AlUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
M. Sajadi, MohammadInstitute of Human Virology, School of Medicine, University of M
Mohsenin, TinooshUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County
14:40-15:00, Paper ThC1.3 
Explainable Fall Risk Prediction in Older Adults

Mishra, Anup KumarBlessing Health System
Skubic, MarjorieUniversity of Missouri
Despins, LaurelUniversity of Missouri
Popescu, MihailUniversity of Missouri
Keller, James MUniversity of Missouri
Rantz, MarilynUniversity of Missouri
Abbott, CarmenUniversity of Missouri
Enayati, MoeinMayo Clinic
Shalini, ShradhaMayo Clinic
Miller, StevenUniversity of Missouri
ThPM_Br Foyer - 17th Floor
Afternoon Break
ThD1 Event Room - 17th Floor
Session 4 - Machine and Deep Learning - Big Data
Chair: Fei, BaoweiUniversity of Texas at Dallas and UT Southwestern Medical Center
Co-Chair: Zhang, QingxuePurdue University
15:30-15:50, Paper ThD1.1 
Machine Learning Model Deployment Using Real-Time Physiological Monitoring: Use Case of Detecting Delayed Cerebral Ischemia

Cao, HanqingNew York-Presbyterian Hospital
Finer, JoshuaNewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Megjhani, MuradUniversity of Houston
Nametz, DanielColumbia University Medical Center
Lorenzi, VirginiaNew York-Presbyterian Hospital
Mamykina, LenaColumbia University
Meyers, RichardNewYork-Prebyterian Hospital
Rossetti, SarahColumbia University
Park, SoojinColumbia University
15:50-16:10, Paper ThD1.2 
Normalizing Flow for Synthetic Medical Images Generation

Hajij, MustafaSanta Clara University
Zamzmi, GhadaUniversity of South Florida
Paul, RahulUniversity of South Florida , Tampa
Thukar, LokendraHarvard Medical School
16:10-16:30, Paper ThD1.3 
Enabling Clinically Relevant and Interpretable Deep Learning Models for Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Data

Jablonski, JamesUniversity of Virginia
Siddhartha Angadi, SidUniversity of Virginia
Brown, DonaldUniversity of Virginia
Sharma, SuchethaUniversity of Virginia
16:30-16:50, Paper ThD1.4 
Inter-Organ Neuronal Network Features Revealed by High Throughput Data Analysis

Lloyd, DavidThe University of Houston
Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Maria AlejandraUniversity of Houston
Carlos Ordonez, CarlosUniversity of Houston
Romero-Ortega, MarioUniversity of Houston
ThE1 Foyer - 17th Floor
Poster Session Poster Session
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.1 
Smartphone IoT-Based Method for Arrhythmia Detection

Boggs, Andrew, BoggsWest Texas a & M
Chapman, HannahWest Texas A&M University
Askarian, BehnamAssistant Professor
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.2 
Universal Estimation of an Intercity Social Distancing in Covid-19 Epochs

Nieto Chaupis, HuberUniversidad Autónoma Del Perú
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.3 
Leapfrogging Medical AI in Low-Resource Contexts Using Edge Tensor Processing Unit

Sinha, PriyanshuIndiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Gichoya, JudyIndiana University
Purkayastha, SaptarshiIndiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.4 
Intraoperative Tumor Margin Evaluation: Point of Care Precision Cancer Surgery

Razmi, SamuelTexas A&M College of Medicine - EnMed
Ladani, LeilaArizona State University
Paul, KoushikArizona State University
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.5 
Examining Effects of Signal Filtering on Photoplethysmography Feature Extraction with Synthetic Waveforms*

Fine, JesseTexas A&M University
McShane, MikeTexas A&M University
Coté, Gerard L.Texas A&M
Scully, Christopher G.US Food and Drug Administration
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.6 
First Point-Of-Care Diagnostic Test for Beta-Thalassemia

An, RanCase Western Reserve University
Anne Rocheleau, AnneHemex Health
Avanaki, AlirezaHemex Health Inc
Thota, PriyaleelaHemex Health Inc
Mehta, AmrishApple Diagnostics
Gurkan, Umut A.Case Western Reserve University
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.7 
Single-Molecule Detection of SARS-CoV-2 by Plasmonic Sensing of Isothermally Amplified Nucleic Acids

Ye, HaihangUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Nowak, ChanceUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Liu, YaningUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Li, YiUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Zhang, TingtingUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Bleris, LeonidasUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Qin, ZhenpengUniversity of Texas at Dallas
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.8 
Measurement of Neuronal Signal Pre-To-Post Intravenous Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Injection

Bu, YifengUniversity of California, San Diego
Prince, JacobUniversity of California, San Diego
Kimball, DonaldUniversity of California, San Diego
Rao, Ramesh R.UC, San Diego, Qualcomm Institute Calit2
Huang, MingxiongUniversity of California, San Diego
Schwindt, PeterSandia National Lab
Borna, AmirSandia National Laboratories
Lerman, ImanuelUniversity of California San Diego, InflammaSense
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.9 
Nanodot Blot: An Alternative Technique to Measure Putative Biomarkers in Serum before and after Brain Traumatic Injury

Morales-Villagran, AlbertoMexbio Research Innovations S.a. De C.v
Medina-Ceja, LauraUniversity of Guadalajara
Ortega-Ibarra, JorgeMexbio Research Innovations S.a. De C.v
Chipres-Tinajero, GustavoMexbio Research Innovations S.a. De C.v
Salazar-Sanchez, Juan-CarlosUniversidad De Guadalajara
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.10 
Development of a Lateral Flow Assay for Detection of TBI Biomarkers

Niu, SunnyRice University
Biswal, Sibani LisaRice University
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.11 
Smartphone PPG-Based Feature Importance Estimation for Biometric Authentication Process Using Random Forest

Ortiz, BengieTexas Tech University
Dallas, TimTexas Tech University
Chong, Jo WoonTexas Tech University
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.12 
A Reusable Universal Sensor Platform for Sensitive and Specific Detection of Bacteria in Complex Media

Xia, XinThe University of Tennessee
Jiang, YuThe University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Eda, ShigetoshiThe University of Tennessee
Wu, JayneThe University of Tennessee
17:00-18:00, Paper ThE1.13 
Mobile Technologies for Monitoring Real World Human Ambulatory Brain, Muscle, and Body Dynamics

Song, SeongmiTexas A&M University
Long, AlexandraTexas A&M University
Patel, SuhanibenTexas A&M University
Peters, BlaineTexas A&M University
Treece, MadisonTexas a & M University
Nordin, Andrew D.Texas A&M University




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