29th Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Aug 23-26, 2007, Lyon, France

EMBC07 Paper Abstract


Paper SaA01.4

Shoeb, Ali (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Bourgeois, Blaise (Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School), Treves, S. Ted (Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School), Schachter, Steven (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School), Guttag, John (MIT)

Impact of Patient-Specificity on Seizure Onset Detection Performance

Scheduled for presentation during the Oral Session "Signal Pattern Classification in Biomedical Signals II" (SaA01), Saturday, August 25, 2007, 09:15−09:30, Gratte Ciel 1

29th IEEE EMBS Annual International Conference, August 23-26, 2007, Citť Internationale, Lyon, France

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Keywords Biomedical signal classification, Neural networks and support vector machines


In this paper we quantify the degree to which patient-specificity affects the detection latency, sensitivity, and specificity of a seizure detector using 536 hours of continuously recorded scalp EEG from 16 epilepsy patients. We demonstrate that a detector that knows of an individualís seizure and non-seizure EEG outperforms a detector limited to knowledge of an individualís non-seizure EEG, and a detector limited to knowledge of population seizure and non-seizure EEG.