35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in conjunction with 52nd Annual Conference of Japanese Society
for Medical and Biological Engineering (JSMBE)

35th Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference
July 3-7, 2013, Osaka International Convention Center, in Osaka, Japan

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Last updated on June 22, 2015. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

EMBC'13 Keyword Index

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AblationFrB17.1, FrB17.5, FrB17.6, FrB17.8, FrB17.14, SaB10.15, SaC16.1, SaC16.4, SaD04.16, SaD04.18, ThA17.1, ThA17.2, ThA17.3, ThA17.4, ThA17.5, ThA17.6
Acoustic sensors and systemsFrC07.5, SaA07.6, SaB08.13, SaB08.14, SaD02.18, SuA07.6, SuB07.5, ThA07.2, ThB07.4
Adaptive filteringFrC02.2, FrC02.4, FrC03.2, FrC03.3, FrD01.33, FrD04.2, FrD18.1, FrD18.3, FrD18.4, FrD18.5, SaB11.4, SuB03.2, SuB03.3, ThB01.2, ThB18.4
Advances in theory of biological networksFrD09.13, SaD03.12, SaE09.4, ThA18.3, ThA19.2, ThA19.3, ThB06.6, ThE09.3, ThE09.5
Airflow dynamicsFrE09.3, ThB02.1, ThB02.2, ThB02.4
Airflow limitationFrC19.3, FrE09.1, FrE09.3, SuA10.2
Algorithms and computational tools for proteomicsFrA09.6, FrD10.1, SaB09.2, SaB09.11, ThB06.4, ThB08.3, ThE08.2, ThE08.3, ThE08.4, ThE08.5
Algorithms and techniques for systems modelingFrB08.2, FrB08.5, FrB10.2, FrB10.3, FrB10.4, FrB10.5, FrB10.8, FrC09.1, FrC09.3, FrC09.4, FrD09.5, FrD10.1, FrD10.5, SaA09.1, SaA09.5, SaA09.6, SaB09.8, SaB09.9, SaB09.10, SaB09.12, SaD03.8, SaD03.10, SaD03.12, SaE09.6, SuC09.5, ThA09.1, ThA09.2, ThA09.4, ThC09.1, ThC09.2, ThC09.3, ThC09.4, ThC09.5, ThC09.6, ThD08.4, ThE09.5
ALI (acute lung injury)SaD06.20
Ambulatory and ADL technologiesFrC16.1, FrC16.2, SaD04.17, SaE16.1, SaE16.5, SuA16.5, ThB17.1, ThB17.2, ThB17.3, ThB17.4, ThD15.7
Analysis of high-throughput systems biology dataFrA09.1, FrA09.2, FrA09.3, FrA09.4, FrB10.5, FrD10.1, SaB09.5, SaB09.14, SaD03.8, ThB06.3, ThB06.7, ThB08.1, ThB08.6, ThC09.4, ThC09.6, ThD08.6, ThE09.1, ThE09.3
Analysis of microarray dataFrA09.5, FrC09.4, SaB09.1, SaB09.5, SaB09.13, SaD03.3, ThB06.3, ThB06.5, ThB06.7, ThB06.8, ThB06.9, ThB19.3
Analysis of neural signalsFrA13.6, FrB12.19, FrB14.11, FrE11.1, FrE12.2, SaA11.1, SaA11.2, SaA11.3, SaA11.4, SaA11.6, SaA12.5, SaA13.4, SaB06.7, SaB14.1, SaB14.4, SaB16.9, SaB16.14, SaC12.1, SaC12.5, SaD01.1, SaD01.4, SaD01.7, SaD01.10, SaD10.16, SaD10.20, SaD14.7, SaE11.4, SuA08.3, SuA08.4, SuB03.6, ThA12.1, ThA13.1, ThB13.9, ThB13.20, ThC12.5, ThC18.2, ThC18.5, ThC20.1, ThD11.3, ThD11.12, ThD11.14, ThD11.20, ThD11.23, ThE12.3, ThE13.3, ThE18.1
Anesthesia technologiesFrB09.1, FrB17.7, FrD15.7, ThB16.1, ThB16.2, ThB16.12
Angiogenesis and vasculogenesisFrA21.4, FrA21.5, FrA21.6, SaD12.3, SaD12.5, ThC21.2
Applied tissue and organ models and motion analysisFrD21.3, SaB15.5, SuC13.1
ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome)FrE09.4, FrE09.5, SaD06.10, SaD06.15, ThB02.3, ThB02.5, ThE19.1
Arterial impedanceThA10.4
Arterial pressureFrB23.8, FrC10.2, FrC10.6, SaA19.2, SaC19.4, SaD06.22, SaE19.2, ThA10.3, ThA10.6, ThB11.3, ThB11.5, ThB12.1, ThD13.1
Artificial heart and valvesFrC10.3, FrE18.4, SaD06.16, SaD06.26, ThB09.1, ThB09.2, ThB09.3, ThB09.4, ThB09.7, ThB10.7, ThB10.8, ThE10.1, ThE10.2, ThE10.3, ThE10.4, ThE10.5, ThE10.6
Artificial organs (incl heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, retina)FrB09.2, FrB13.2, FrE16.5, FrE20.1, FrE20.2, FrE20.3, SaA17.1, SaA17.2, SaA17.4, SaA17.5, SaB10.16, SaD04.5, SaE16.2, ThD05.1
Assistive and cognitive robotics in aided livingSaD08.5, SaE15.1, ThD20.1, ThD20.2, ThD20.3, ThD20.4, ThE15.1
Assistive and cognitive robotics in rehabilitationFrC15.2, SaD08.2, SaD08.3, SaD08.4, SaD08.18, SuA13.5, ThA21.3, ThB15.1, ThD20.3, ThD20.4, ThD20.5, ThD20.6
AsthmaFrC19.3, SuA10.2
Atrial arrhythmias and ablationFrB18.4, FrB18.6, ThC10.2, ThC10.3, ThC10.5
Autonomic nervous systemFrB18.4, FrB18.8, FrB19.1, FrB19.2, FrB19.3, FrB19.4, FrB23.7, SaA10.1, SaA10.5, SaC10.5, SaD06.1, SaD06.4, SaD06.5, SaD06.6, SaD06.24, SaD06.27, SaE19.2, SaE19.3, SaE19.4, ThE19.3
BaroreflexFrB18.4, FrB19.1, FrB19.2, FrB19.3, FrB23.7, SaD06.5, SaD06.6, SaE19.1, SaE19.2, SaE19.3, SaE19.4, ThD13.2
Bio-MEMS and cell mechanicsFrA21.1, FrC14.1, FrC14.3, SaA14.1, SaA14.2, SaA14.4, SaD12.2, SaD12.5, ThA14.2, ThA22.2, ThE14.1, ThE14.4, ThE14.5
Bio-nano technologyFrA08.5, FrA08.6, FrB01.8, FrD08.1, FrD08.2, FrD08.3, FrD08.4, SaA07.1, SaA14.2, SaB08.3, SaB08.19, SaD02.2, SaD02.13, SaD02.21, SaD02.22, SuA07.3, SuA07.5, SuC06.1, SuC06.2, ThA08.2, ThA20.2, ThB03.2, ThB03.3
Biocompatibility of implantable sensorsFrA08.5, FrA08.6, FrE07.6
Bioelectric sensing methodsFrA07.2, FrA08.1, FrA08.3, FrB07.6, FrB12.28, FrD06.2, FrD06.3, FrE08.3, SaB08.8, SaB08.10, SaB08.12, SaB08.16, SaD02.5, SaD02.12, SaD02.14, SaD02.20, SaD02.24, ThA20.2, ThB05.1, ThB05.2, ThB05.4, ThB05.5, ThB05.7, ThB05.9, ThB05.10, ThB05.11, ThB07.5, ThC08.4, ThC08.5, ThC08.6, ThE07.4
BiofabricationFrA21.1, SaB13.1, SaB13.8, SaC14.5, SaE14.3, ThA22.3, ThC21.1, ThC21.5, ThC21.6, ThC21.7
Biofabrication Micro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringThA14.2
Biofeedback and related technologiesFrA16.2, FrA16.6, FrB13.1, FrC16.6, FrD15.1, SaB10.12, SaB10.21, ThA16.5
Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsFrA08.1, FrA08.2, FrA08.3, FrA08.4, FrB07.8, FrC07.4, FrC14.1, SaA14.2, SaA14.3, SaB08.8, SaB08.10, SaB08.12, SaB08.16, SaB08.22, SaB08.23, SaD02.5, SaD02.14, SaD02.15, SaD02.19, SaD02.20, SaD02.24, ThA08.1, ThA08.3, ThA08.4, ThA08.6, ThA20.3, ThB05.1, ThB05.2, ThB05.3, ThB05.4, ThB05.5, ThB05.6, ThB05.7, ThB05.8, ThB05.9, ThB05.10, ThB05.11, ThC08.1, ThC08.3, ThC08.4, ThC08.5, ThC08.6, ThC14.1, ThD02.6, ThD03.7, ThE05.4, ThE20.2
Biological sensors and systemsFrA07.1, FrA07.4, FrA08.3, FrA08.4, FrB12.1, FrC07.3, FrC07.4, FrC14.3, SaA07.6, SaB08.7, SaB08.10, SaB08.13, SaB08.14, SaB08.18, SaB08.22, SaB08.24, SaB08.25, SaD02.1, SaD02.8, SaD02.14, SaD02.15, SaD02.16, SaD02.20, ThA08.1, ThA08.2, ThA08.5, ThA08.6, ThA20.2, ThA20.3, ThC08.2, ThC08.3, ThD02.1, ThD02.2, ThD02.3, ThD02.4, ThD02.5, ThD02.6
Biologically inspired locomotionFrA15.5, FrD11.1, SuC13.1, ThE20.3
BiologicsFrC14.5, ThA22.6
Biomechanics and robotics in physical exerciseFrC15.3, FrD20.4, SaD08.2, SaD08.3, SaD08.4, SaD08.5, SaD08.12, SaD08.13, SaD08.14, SaD08.18, SaD08.19, SuA11.2, SuB13.5
Biomechanics and robotics in sportsFrD11.6, FrD20.4, SaD08.12, SaD08.19, SuB13.4
Biomechanics and robotics: clinical evaluation in rehabilitation and orthopedicsFrD11.6, FrD19.4, FrD20.2, FrD20.8, SaB15.4, SaB15.12, SaD08.6, SaD08.7, SaD08.8, SaD08.17, SuA13.1, SuA13.3, SuB13.5, ThA15.4, ThB15.5, ThB15.6, ThD20.1, ThD20.4, ThE15.5
Biomechanics modelingFrB08.5, FrB12.9, FrD09.2, FrD09.8, FrD10.2, FrD10.3, FrD10.4, FrD10.5, FrD10.6, SaD03.2, SaD03.11, SuB09.1, SuB09.2, SuB09.3, SuB09.4, SuB09.5, SuB09.6, SuC09.1, SuC09.4, ThA09.2, ThE09.4
Biomedical data-driven modelingFrA09.6, FrB08.1, FrB08.2, FrB08.3, FrB08.4, FrB08.5, FrB08.6, FrB08.7, FrB12.9, FrB23.9, FrC09.1, FrD09.5, FrD09.7, FrD10.5, SaA09.2, SaA09.3, SaB09.4, SaB09.7, SaB09.10, SaE09.5, SaE09.6, SuA09.6, SuB09.1, SuB09.5, SuC09.2, SuC09.6, ThA09.3, ThA19.1, ThA19.4, ThC09.5, ThD08.5, ThE09.1
Biomedical signal classificationFrA02.1, FrA02.4, FrA02.6, FrA03.6, FrA09.2, FrA09.4, FrA22.5, FrB12.30, FrC01.1, FrC03.5, FrD01.1, FrD01.2, FrD01.3, FrD01.4, FrD01.5, FrD01.6, FrD01.7, FrD01.8, FrD01.9, FrD01.10, FrD01.11, FrD01.12, FrD01.13, FrD01.14, FrD01.15, FrD01.16, FrD01.17, FrD01.18, FrD01.19, FrD01.20, FrD01.21, FrD01.22, FrD01.23, FrD01.24, FrD01.25, FrD01.26, FrD01.27, FrD01.28, FrD01.29, FrD01.30, FrD01.31, FrD01.32, FrD01.33, FrD09.10, FrD18.9, FrE01.1, FrE01.2, FrE01.3, FrE01.4, FrE01.5, FrE01.6, FrE02.5, FrE02.6, FrE03.6, SaA03.1, SaA03.2, SaA03.3, SaA03.4, SaA03.6, SaA22.1, SaA22.2, SaA22.3, SaA22.4, SaA22.5, SaA22.6, SaB01.1, SaB01.2, SaB01.3, SaB01.4, SaB01.5, SaB01.6, SaB02.1, SaB02.4, SaB02.6, SaB02.7, SaB03.1, SaB03.4, SaB11.5, SaB11.6, SaB11.8, SaB11.11, SaB11.18, SaC01.1, SaC01.3, SaC01.4, SaC01.5, SaC01.6, SaC03.1, SaC03.2, SaC03.3, SaD05.2, SaD05.7, SaD05.12, SaD05.13, SaD05.22, SaD05.23, SaD05.25, SuA01.1, SuA01.2, SuA01.3, SuA01.4, SuA01.5, SuA02.4, SuA20.4, SuB01.1, SuB01.2, SuB01.4, SuB01.5, SuB01.6, SuB02.1, SuB02.2, SuB02.3, SuB02.4, SuC01.2, SuC01.3, SuC01.4, SuC01.6, ThA01.5, ThA02.3, ThA02.6, ThA03.3, ThB01.5, ThB01.8, ThB01.9, ThB18.1, ThB18.2, ThB18.8, ThB18.10, ThB18.14, ThB18.16, ThB18.17, ThC02.3, ThC07.7, ThD01.3, ThD10.11, ThD10.14, ThD10.24, ThD10.32, ThD10.33, ThD10.37, ThD10.42, ThD10.44, ThD10.48, ThD10.49, ThE01.1, ThE03.1, ThE03.5, ThE03.6
Biomedical Signal Classification: Multivariate signal processingFrD01.34
Biomedical simulation involving signal processingFrB12.29, FrC02.3, FrC02.5, FrD01.9, FrE03.5, SaA02.3, SaA03.2, SaA20.5, SaB03.2, SaB11.3, SaB11.6, SaD05.10, SaD05.15, SuB03.5, SuC01.3, ThA02.1, ThA02.2, ThA02.3, ThA02.4, ThA02.5, ThA02.6, ThB18.11, ThB18.12, ThB18.13, ThC02.6, ThD09.1, ThD09.2, ThD09.3, ThD09.4, ThD09.5, ThD09.6, ThD09.7, ThD09.8, ThD09.9, ThD09.10, ThD09.11, ThD09.12, ThD09.13, ThD10.26, ThD10.27, ThE02.3, ThE02.4
BioMEMS-based 3D scaffold fabricationFrA21.3, FrA21.4, FrA21.5, SaD12.1
Biomimetic roboticsFrE15.3, FrE15.4, SaD08.22, SuA18.1, ThA14.3, ThE20.5
Biomimetics, bioinspired and patterned biomaterialsThA14.2
BiopsyFrB09.4, FrB13.6, ThA17.2
Bioreactor based translational tissue engineeringSaB13.9, SaC14.1, SaC14.2, SaD12.6
Blind source separationFrD01.2, FrD18.6, SaA22.2, SaB03.4, SaB03.5, SaB03.6, SaC02.1, SaC02.2, SaC02.3, SuA03.1, SuA03.2, SuA03.4, SuA03.5, SuA03.6, SuC01.1, SuC01.5, ThA01.4, ThB01.3, ThC02.4, ThC02.5, ThD09.12, ThD10.2
Blood brain barrier in drug deliverySuA14.4
Blood flowFrB23.3, FrB23.8, FrC10.4, FrC19.5, FrE18.1, ThB10.5, ThB11.5, ThB12.1, ThD13.1, ThE10.3
Blood flow modelsFrB23.1, SaA19.3, ThA10.1, ThB11.2
Blood pressure regulation and variabilityFrB19.3, FrC10.1, FrC10.5, SaD06.5, SaD06.8, SaD06.9, SaE19.1, SaE19.4, ThA10.2, ThD13.2, ThD13.6, ThE22.6
BME and global healthFrA14.6, FrC18.1, FrC18.2, SaE18.5, SuB11.1, SuB11.5, SuB11.6, ThD21.2, ThD21.4, ThD21.5
BME undergraduate researchFrA14.2, SuB11.1, ThD21.2
Body sensor networksFrA19.1, FrD13.8, FrD14.2, SaA21.4, SaD11.7, SaD11.17, SaD11.23, SaE21.1, SaE21.5, SuC15.4, ThB24.1, ThB24.2, ThB24.4, ThB24.5, ThB24.7, ThB24.8, ThB24.9, ThB24.10, ThB24.11, ThB24.12, ThC17.1, ThC17.2, ThC17.3, ThC17.6, ThE17.3
Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsFrB01.2, FrB01.10, FrB07.3, FrB07.6, FrE07.5, FrE08.1, FrE08.2, FrE08.3, FrE08.4, SaA07.3, SaB08.6, SaB08.9, SaC07.3, SuB12.2, ThC08.1, ThC08.3, ThC17.6, ThD06.1, ThD06.2, ThD06.3, ThD07.2, ThE07.4
Brain functional imagingSaD10.14, SaD14.5
Brain functional imaging - ClassificationSaD14.1, ThD11.2, ThD11.9, ThD11.13, ThE12.5, ThE13.5
Brain functional imaging - Connectivity and information flowFrA20.1, SaA20.1, SaC12.4, ThA12.1, ThD11.8
Brain functional imaging - EEGFrA12.5, FrA20.4, FrB11.6, SaA12.1, SaC12.2, SaC12.3, SaC12.6, SaD01.6, SaD01.9, SaD01.11, SaD10.10, SaD10.15, SaD10.22, SaD14.1, SaD14.5, SaD14.6, SaD15.1, SaD15.3, ThC12.3, ThD11.9, ThD11.13, ThD11.16, ThD11.21, ThD11.22, ThD11.24, ThD11.26, ThD11.27, ThE12.3, ThE12.5
Brain functional imaging - Evoked potentialsFrB11.6, SaA11.6, SaA20.3, SaB16.11, SaC11.2, SaD10.11, SaD10.15, SaD14.8, ThE13.6
Brain functional imaging - fMRISaD14.3
Brain functional imaging - MappingSaA11.5, SaD14.7, SaE12.4
Brain functional imaging - MEGSaA20.2, SaA20.3, SaB16.15, SaB16.16, SaC12.4, SaC12.5, SaD10.1, SaD14.4, SuA12.1
Brain functional imaging - MultimodalFrB11.4, SaA20.4, SaC12.4, SaD14.8, ThE13.5
Brain functional imaging - NIRFrB11.5, SaC12.1, SaD10.5, SaD14.2, SaE20.1, ThD11.2
Brain functional imaging - Source localizationSaA20.2, SaA20.3, SaA20.4, SaC12.6, SaD01.9, SaD14.5, ThB13.24
Brain functional imaging - Spatial-temporal dynamicsSaA20.4, ThC11.1
Brain image analysisFrB03.5, FrB04.6, FrB04.8, FrC04.4, FrC06.5, FrD03.8, FrE05.2, FrE05.6, FrE06.6, SaB12.3, SaB12.4, SaB12.8, SaB12.9, SaB12.11, SaB12.24, SaE08.3, SaE08.4, SaE08.5, SaE08.6, SuB04.6, SuC07.2, ThA04.1, ThA04.2, ThA04.4, ThA04.6, ThB04.1, ThB04.2, ThB04.5, ThB04.7, ThB20.5, ThB20.8, ThC04.3, ThC04.5, ThD04.3, ThD04.4
Brain machine interfaces and robotics applicationFrE15.5, SaE15.3, SuA11.5, SuA11.6, ThA21.1, ThA21.4
Brain machine interfaces and robotics application in robot-aided livingThA21.3
Brain physiology and modelingSaB06.1, SaB06.3, SaB06.4, SaB06.10, SaB16.11, SaD10.19, SuA08.1, SuA08.4, SuA12.5, ThA11.1, ThA12.6, ThB13.13, ThB13.19, ThB13.20, ThC14.3, ThC20.2, ThE13.1, ThE13.3
Brain physiology and modeling - Neural circuitsFrD22.10, FrD22.12, SaB06.2, SaB06.6, SaB06.7, SaB06.9, SaD10.13, ThB13.17
Brain physiology and modeling - Neural dynamics and computationFrD22.12, FrE11.1, FrE11.4, SaB06.1, SaB06.2, SaB06.6, SaB06.9, SaB06.10, SaB16.14, SuA08.4, ThD11.19
Brain physiology and modeling - Neuron modelingFrD22.12, FrE11.4, FrE11.5, SaB06.1, SaB06.2, SaB06.9, ThB13.11
Brain physiology and modeling - Neuron modeling and simulationFrD02.9, FrD22.10, FrE11.2, FrE11.4, SaA11.1, SaB06.5, SaB06.8, SaB14.3, SaB16.5
Brain physiology and modeling - Nonlinear couplingFrD02.9, SaB06.6, SaB16.14
Brain-computer/machine interfaceFrA12.1, FrA12.2, FrA12.3, FrA12.4, FrA12.5, FrA12.6, FrA20.1, FrA20.3, FrA20.4, FrB12.12, FrB12.19, FrD22.11, FrE12.1, FrE12.2, FrE12.3, FrE12.4, FrE12.5, FrE12.6, SaA11.4, SaA12.1, SaA12.2, SaA12.3, SaA12.4, SaA12.5, SaA12.6, SaB16.1, SaB16.3, SaB16.7, SaB16.8, SaC17.1, SaC17.2, SaC17.3, SaD01.5, SaD10.5, SaD10.11, SaD10.14, SaD10.16, SaD10.17, SaD10.18, SaD10.20, SaD10.21, SaD10.22, SaD14.2, SaD14.6, SaD15.3, SaE11.6, SaE12.1, ThA11.6, ThA12.1, ThA12.2, ThA12.3, ThA12.4, ThA12.6, ThA13.1, ThA13.2, ThA13.4, ThA13.5, ThA13.6, ThB13.1, ThB13.2, ThB13.5, ThB13.9, ThB13.15, ThB13.22, ThB13.24, ThC12.1, ThC12.2, ThC12.3, ThC12.5, ThC12.6, ThC13.1, ThC13.5, ThC20.3, ThD11.1, ThD11.2, ThD11.3, ThD11.4, ThD11.5, ThD11.6, ThD11.7, ThD11.8, ThD11.9, ThD11.10, ThD11.11, ThD11.12, ThD11.13, ThD11.14, ThD11.15, ThD11.16, ThD11.17, ThD11.18, ThD11.19, ThD11.20, ThD11.21, ThD11.22, ThD11.23, ThD11.24, ThD11.25, ThD11.26, ThD11.27, ThE11.1, ThE11.3, ThE11.4, ThE12.1, ThE12.2, ThE12.3, ThE12.4, ThE12.5, ThE12.6, ThE13.3, ThE13.4, ThE13.5, ThE13.6, ThE18.5
Calcium cyclingFrC19.5
Cardiac catheterizationSaD06.11
Cardiac developmentFrB19.5, ThC14.5
Cardiac imaging and image analysisFrA05.1, FrD03.1, FrD03.2, FrD03.3, FrD03.4, FrD03.5, FrD03.6, FrE05.4, SaE08.1, SaE08.2, ThB21.6, ThC05.3, ThC14.5, ThD19.9
Cardiac modelingFrA18.1, FrB18.7, FrE18.4, SaA19.1, SaC19.2, SaD06.4, SaD06.19, SaE10.2, ThB09.6, ThB10.8, ThC10.1, ThC10.3, ThC10.4, ThC10.6
Cardiac MRISaD06.11
Cardiac muscle mechanicsFrC19.2, SaC19.2, SaD06.23
Cardiac muscle modelingSaC19.2, SaD06.19, ThB10.8
Cardiopulmonary modelsFrB19.6, ThA18.4
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - in the ICU and EMT settingsSaD06.20, ThB02.6
Cardiorespiratory modelsFrB19.6, FrB22.1, SaC18.4, SaE10.2, ThA18.4, ThB02.7, ThB02.8, ThE19.3
Cardiovascular and lung diseases in apneaSaC18.2
Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesFrB17.9, SaB10.5, SaB10.6, SaB10.9, SaB10.10, SaB10.17, SaD04.2, SaD04.12, SaD04.13, SaD04.15, SuA16.1, SuA16.2, SuA16.3, SuA16.4, SuA16.5, SuA16.6, SuB16.2, SuB16.3, SuB16.4, ThD05.2, ThD05.3, ThD05.8
Cardiovascular flow and hemodynamicsFrB12.8, FrB23.2, FrC10.4, FrC10.5, FrE18.1, FrE18.2, FrE18.3, SaA19.1, SaA19.2, ThA10.4, ThB02.9, ThB10.1, ThB10.2, ThB10.6, ThB11.2, ThB11.4
Cardiovascular modelsFrB19.1, FrB23.6, FrC10.2, FrE18.3, SaA19.3, SaD06.28, ThB02.9, ThB10.6, ThB11.1
Cardiovascular regenerationFrB19.4, FrC19.4
Cardiovascular signal processingFrB18.3, FrB18.5, FrB18.7, FrB18.8, FrB19.2, FrB19.5, FrB22.4, FrB22.5, FrC10.2, FrC10.3, SaA10.6, SaC10.1, SaC10.2, SaC10.3, SaD06.24, SaD06.27, SuA10.6, ThA10.6, ThA23.1, ThC18.1, ThD01.5, ThD13.2, ThD13.3, ThD13.4, ThD13.5, ThD13.6
Cardiovascular stem cellsFrB19.4, FrC19.4
Cardiovascular structureSaD06.16, SaD06.21, SaD06.23, ThB10.4
Cardiovascular system modelingFrB12.8, FrB19.6, FrC10.1, FrE18.2, SaD06.19, SaD06.28, SaE19.5, ThA10.2, ThA18.4, ThB02.7, ThB09.6, ThB10.5, ThB10.9
Career development in BMEFrA14.5, FrC18.2, SaE18.2, SaE18.5, SuB11.2
CatheterizationFrE16.1, FrE16.2, ThA17.1
CausalityFrA03.2, FrA03.3, FrC03.2, FrD02.1, FrD02.2, FrD02.3, FrD02.7, FrE02.4
Cell modelingFrD09.5, FrD09.7, FrD09.11, SaA09.6, SaB09.3, SaD03.11, SaE09.3, SuA09.4, ThA22.6, ThE08.1
Cell motility and force transductionThB14.1
Cell polarity and spatial patterningThE14.4
Cell seeding and viability issues in tissue engineering scaffoldsSaB13.2, SaC14.1, SaC14.3, SuA14.3, ThA22.7, ThC21.2
Cell seeding in engineered scaffoldsFrA21.6, SaC14.1, SaC14.3, SuA14.5, ThA22.4, ThA22.7
Cell spreading and adhesionSaC14.6, SaD12.6, SuA14.6, ThC14.1, ThC14.2, ThC14.3, ThC14.5
Cell-matrix mechanical interactionsSaC14.4
Cellular arrhythmia mechanismsFrC19.1
Central sleep apneaFrB22.1, SaE10.3, SaE10.4, ThA23.2
Chemical and electrochemical sensorsSaB13.9, ThE14.2
Chemical sensors and systemsFrB01.9, FrE07.1, SaB08.1, ThB07.1, ThB07.6, ThD02.2, ThE05.4, ThE07.1
Chemo/bio-sensing techniquesFrD08.3, FrD08.4, SaA14.1, SaB08.25, SaD02.22, ThA08.2, ThD02.1, ThD03.4, ThE05.4, ThE07.2
Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseFrB22.5, FrC19.3, FrE09.1, SuA10.2, ThB02.1
Circulation modelsFrB12.8, FrB23.6, SaA19.2, SaD06.28, ThA10.4
Clinical applications of biological networksFrB08.6, SuC09.7, ThA09.5, ThA19.4, ThB06.7, ThD08.6
Clinical engineeringFrA16.1, FrD15.5, FrD15.8, FrD16.1, FrD16.4, FrE16.1, FrE16.3, SaB10.15, SaB10.19, SaC16.6, SaD04.3, SaD04.4, SaD04.10, SaE16.4, ThA16.1, ThA16.2, ThA16.3, ThA16.4, ThA17.1, ThB16.3, ThB16.4, ThB16.9, ThB16.15, ThC16.2, ThC16.3, ThC16.4, ThD05.4, ThD15.9
Clinical laboratory, assay and pathology technologiesFrB17.9, ThB16.5, ThD15.1, ThD15.10
Clinical neurophysiologyFrA11.4, SaB14.4, SaD01.1, SaD01.2, SaD01.8, SaE11.3, SuA08.1, SuA08.3, ThB13.18
Clinical neurophysiology - AnesthesiaSaB06.4, ThC12.5
Clinical neurophysiology - SleepSaC11.6, SaC12.2, SaD01.2, SaD15.5
Clinical neurophysiology - Transcranial magnetic stimulationSaC11.5, SaD01.3, SaD15.1
Clinical resource managementFrA18.2, SaD11.26, SaD11.29, SuA15.6, ThB26.7
Clinical robotsFrD19.3, FrD19.6, FrD19.9, SaB15.2, SaD08.24, SaE15.2
Clinical testing/clinical trialsFrB17.12, FrD15.8, FrE16.1, FrE16.3, FrE17.4, SaD04.9, SaD04.15, SaD04.19, SaE16.3, ThB16.5, ThB16.15, ThD15.2, ThD15.8, ThD15.9, ThD16.6
Clinical trialsFrB17.12, FrB17.13, FrD15.8, SaB10.17, SaB10.18, SaE16.6
Closed loop systems in physiological systemsFrC02.1, FrC02.3, SaC17.4, SuB02.4, SuB03.4, ThD09.6, ThD10.1, ThD10.17, ThE20.5
Cochlear implantFrB13.2, SaA17.3
Coherence in biomedical signal processingFrD01.5, FrD04.2, FrD18.5, SaA02.1, SaA02.2, SaA02.3, SaB03.5, SaB11.2, SaB11.12, SaC01.2, ThE01.3
Comparative effectiveness researchSaB09.4, ThB08.2, ThD08.2
Compartmental modelsFrC10.5, SaC19.3
Complexity in cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory signalsSaA10.1, SaA10.2, SaA10.3, SaA10.4, SaA10.6, SaC10.1, SaC10.2, SaC10.3, SaC10.4, SaC10.6, ThB11.1, ThC18.1, ThD01.5
Computational anatomyFrA05.1, FrA05.3, FrA05.4, FrA05.5, FrA05.6, FrB04.11, FrC04.4, FrD05.7, SaC06.2, SaC21.2, SaC21.4, SaD07.4, SaD07.18, SuB04.3, SuC04.2, ThA04.5, ThB22.9, ThD14.16
Computer-aided decision makingFrA09.3, FrA17.1, FrA17.4, FrA17.6, FrB12.22, FrD17.8, SaD11.25, SuA15.2, SuB15.3, ThB23.1, ThB26.4, ThB26.6, ThB26.9, ThB26.11
Computer-aided diagnosis for imagingFrA05.3, FrA05.4, FrA05.5, FrA05.6, FrB12.16, FrB15.2, FrB15.4, FrB16.2, FrC04.1, FrC04.2, FrD03.1, FrD05.1, FrD05.2, FrD05.4, FrD05.5, FrD05.6, FrD05.7, FrE04.4, FrE05.1, FrE05.3, SaA01.1, SaA05.4, SaA06.3, SaA06.6, SaB04.1, SaB04.4, SaB12.4, SaB12.5, SaB12.30, SaC05.4, SaC06.4, SaC21.1, SaC21.2, SaC21.3, SaC21.4, SaC21.5, SaC21.6, SaD07.13, SuB04.1, SuB04.3, SuC04.1, SuC04.2, SuC04.3, SuC04.4, SuC04.5, SuC04.6, ThB20.2
Computer-assisted surgeryFrA05.2, FrD11.4, FrD19.2, FrD19.4, FrD19.10, FrD19.11, FrD21.1, FrD21.3, FrD21.5, FrD21.6, SaA15.3, SaA15.6, SaB15.11, SaD08.16, SaD08.27, SaE15.5, SuA18.2, SuA18.3
Confocal microscopySaB12.19, SaD07.3, SaD07.15, ThA06.1, ThA06.3, ThA06.4, ThA06.5, ThA22.6, ThC06.2
Connectivity measurementsFrA03.1, FrA03.2, FrA03.3, FrA03.4, FrA03.5, FrA03.6, FrD02.1, FrD02.2, FrD02.3, FrD02.4, FrD02.5, FrD04.2, SaB02.5, ThB18.3
Consumer healthFrD14.3, SaD11.28, SuB07.1, SuC15.2, ThB23.4, ThB23.6, ThB24.4, ThC22.1, ThD12.1, ThE17.6
Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIFrB04.13, FrD03.2, FrE14.2, FrE14.3, SaB12.4, ThE04.1, ThE04.2, ThE04.3, ThE04.6
Contrast-enhanced X-ray imagingFrC04.6, SaD07.2
Controlling embryonic cell differentiationFrC14.6, SaA14.5, SaB13.12, SaD12.4, SaE22.2, ThC14.6
Coronary artery diseaseFrB23.4, FrB23.5, SaD06.17, SaD06.18, SaD06.21
Coronary blood flow measurementFrB23.2, SaD06.11
Coronary blood flow modelFrB23.1, FrB23.3, FrB23.4, FrB23.6, SaA19.3
Cryopreservation of cell-based constructsSaB13.4, SaC14.3
Data miningFrA09.3, FrA09.4, FrA17.1, FrA17.2, FrA17.3, FrA17.4, FrA17.5, FrC17.1, FrD13.9, SaD11.5, SaD11.15, SaD11.19, SaD11.24, SuA15.2, SuA17.6, SuB17.6, SuC03.1, SuC03.4, SuC15.2, SuC15.3, SuC15.4, ThB25.1, ThB26.3, ThB26.5, ThB26.6, ThC22.2, ThE17.1, ThE17.3
Data mining in biosignalsFrD01.15, FrD01.20, FrD01.23, FrD01.25, FrE01.2, SaB02.4, SaB02.6, SaB03.7, SaB11.1, SaB11.18, SaC01.3, SaC01.5, SaC02.4, SaC03.6, SaD05.22, SuA01.3, SuA02.4, SuA20.3, SuB02.1, SuB02.2, SuB02.3, SuB02.4, SuB02.5, SuC01.2, ThA02.6, ThB01.8, ThC07.7, ThD01.1, ThD09.10
Decision support methods and systemsFrA09.3, FrA17.1, FrA17.2, FrA17.4, FrA17.5, FrA17.6, FrC17.1, FrD13.1, FrD13.7, SaA21.1, SaD11.5, SaD11.15, SuA15.5, ThB25.1, ThB26.1, ThB26.2, ThB26.4, ThB26.5, ThB26.6, ThB26.7, ThB26.9, ThB26.10, ThB26.11, ThD12.2, ThE22.1
Deep brain stimulationSaB16.5, SaC11.1, SaC11.2, ThB13.10
Deep brain stimulation - Clinical evidenceSaB16.5, ThB13.10
Deep brain stimulation - Closed-loop controlSaC11.1
Deformable image registrationFrA06.1, FrB06.8, FrC05.5, FrC05.6, FrD03.6, FrE04.3, FrE06.5, SaA01.1, SaD07.4, ThB22.7, ThB22.13, ThD14.14, ThE04.3
Design and developmentFrA16.1, FrA16.2, FrA16.3, FrB09.3, FrB13.1, FrB13.3, FrB17.1, FrB17.11, FrB17.13, FrC16.4, FrC16.5, FrD15.2, FrD15.3, FrD15.5, FrD16.1, FrD16.3, FrE16.4, FrE17.4, SaA16.3, SaA16.5, SaB10.4, SaB10.14, SaB10.20, SaC11.3, SaD04.1, SaD04.8, SaD04.9, SaD04.11, SaD04.14, SaD04.19, SaE16.3, SaE16.4, SaE16.5, SaE16.6, ThA16.4, ThA16.5, ThA17.2, ThA18.2, ThA18.5, ThB16.5, ThB16.10, ThB16.11, ThB16.13, ThC16.2, ThD05.5, ThD05.6, ThD15.1, ThD15.2, ThD15.3, ThD16.3, ThD16.4
Design and development of robots for human-robot interactionFrC15.1, FrD20.3, SaB15.2, SaD08.11, SaD08.15, SaD08.16, SaD08.18, SaD08.19, SuA13.2
Design controlsFrB17.13, FrD15.6, SaB10.20, SaD04.14, ThB16.6
Deterministic chaos in biomedical signal analysisFrB02.1, FrD02.6, FrE10.3
Device alarm, alert, and communication systemsFrA16.4, FrD15.4, SaD04.7, ThB16.2, ThB16.7, ThC16.4, ThC16.5
Diffuse optical tomographyThD04.7, ThD04.11, ThE06.5
Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingFrA04.2, FrD03.8, SaB12.3, SaB12.12, SaE04.4, SaE08.6, ThA04.1, ThA04.2, ThA04.3, ThA04.4, ThA04.5, ThA04.6, ThB04.1, ThB04.2, ThB04.3, ThB04.4, ThB04.5, ThB04.6, ThB04.7, ThB04.8, ThC04.6
Directed assemblySaE14.1, ThA14.1, ThA22.1
DirectionalityFrA02.3, FrA03.1, FrD02.7
DNA sensorsFrC14.2
Doppler ultrasonic imagingSaD07.6, SaD07.19, ThA05.3, ThA05.4, ThB22.11, ThC05.1
Dual-energy X-ray imagingFrC04.3
Dynamics in musculoskeletal biomechanicsFrD11.6, FrD20.1, FrD20.12, SaB15.3, SaB15.7, SaD08.9, SaD08.20, SaD08.21, SaD08.23, SaE15.1, SuA11.1, SuB13.3, SuC13.2, SuC13.3, SuC13.4, ThB15.7, ThD20.1, ThD20.3
EEG imagingFrB03.1, FrB03.2, FrB03.3, FrB03.5, FrB03.6, FrB12.18, FrD18.7, FrE04.5, SaA04.1, SaA04.4, SuB04.4, SuC07.1, SuC07.4, SuC07.5, SuC07.6
EHealthFrA22.1, FrC17.4, FrD13.4, FrD17.6, SaD11.3, SaD11.6, SaD11.20, SuA15.1, SuA19.1, SuA19.2, SuA19.3, SuA19.4, SuB15.1, SuB15.2, SuB17.5, SuC15.6, ThB23.3, ThB23.5, ThB23.7, ThB26.9, ThB26.10, ThD12.3
ElastographySaA01.3, SaC21.6, ThA05.5, ThA05.6, ThB22.4, ThB22.6, ThB22.7, ThB22.8, ThC05.2
Electrical fields in tissue regenerationFrA21.2, SaA14.5, ThC14.4
Electrical impedance imaging techniquesFrB03.4, SaB12.15, SaB12.20, SaD07.5, SaE04.1, SaE04.2, SaE04.3, SaE04.4, SaE04.5, SaE04.6
Electrical source brain imagingFrB03.2, FrB03.5, FrB03.6, FrD04.1, FrD04.4, SaA04.1, SaA04.2, SaA04.3, SaA04.4, SuB04.4, SuC07.1, SuC07.2, SuC07.5, ThC04.2
Electrical source imaging techniquesFrB03.2, FrB03.6, FrB06.1, FrD04.5, FrD18.7, SaA04.1, SaA04.3, SaA04.4, SaA04.6, SuB04.4, ThB20.4
Electromagnetic field effects and cell membraneThE14.5
Electronic health recordsFrC17.3, FrC17.5, FrD13.3, FrD17.4, FrD17.10, SuC03.2, SuC03.3, ThB26.8
ElectroporationThC14.3, ThE14.5
Emergency medical servicesFrA18.3, FrA18.4
Emergency telemetry and telemedicineFrA18.5, FrE22.1
Emerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryFrD07.3, FrD13.4, SaD11.26, SuB15.3, SuC15.1, SuC15.5, ThB23.6, ThB25.3, ThC17.5, ThD12.1, ThD12.5, ThE17.5, ThE17.6
Empirical mode decomposition in biosignal analysisFrB22.7, FrC01.1, FrC01.2, FrC01.3, FrD01.12, SaA02.4, SaA22.3, SaB03.6, SaB11.1, SaB11.10, SaB11.22, SaC01.5, SaD05.8, SaD05.17, SaD05.18, SaD05.19, SaD05.20, SaD05.24, SuA03.6, SuB02.5, ThB18.1, ThB18.2, ThB18.3, ThB18.4, ThB18.5, ThB18.6, ThC18.4, ThD10.29, ThD10.39
Endoscopic devicesFrD15.5, SaA16.1, SaA16.2, SaA16.3, SaA16.4, SaA16.5, SaB10.14
Engineered matrices for ES and stem cell maintenanceFrC14.6, SaD12.4, SaE14.6, ThA14.4, ThE14.6, ThE18.4
Enterprise risk managementFrC17.2
Evolution of biological networksSaD03.12, ThA19.4, ThB19.3, ThC09.3
Fabrication of cell seeded scaffoldsSaD12.1, SuA14.2, ThA14.5
Fluorescence microscopyFrA06.1, FrA06.2, FrA06.3, FrA06.4, FrB06.7, SaA05.1, SaB12.14, SaC05.1, SaC06.3, SaE08.1, ThA06.1, ThA06.2, ThA06.4, ThC06.3
FNIR and near-infrared scanning and assessmentSaB10.22, ThD15.4, ThD15.9
Functional biomaterialsFrA21.2, FrC14.4, SaB13.2, SaC14.5, SaD12.2, SuA14.1, SuA14.2, SuA14.3, SuA14.4, ThA22.6
Functional image analysisFrA05.5, FrB12.25, FrB15.9, FrD03.7, FrD04.4, FrD04.5, FrD05.7, SaA04.2, SaB12.8, SaB12.14, SaE08.2, SaE08.3, SaE08.4, SuC07.3, ThB20.2, ThB20.3, ThC04.1, ThC04.3, ThD04.5, ThD19.6, ThE04.1
Fundus cameraSaB04.7, SuB05.1, SuB05.4
Fuzzy appoaches to signal pattern classificationFrD01.6, SaA02.4, SaB02.3, SaB11.20, SaD05.22, ThD10.38
Gas exchange modelsFrB22.3, SaA19.4, ThB02.5
Genetic algorithms in signal pattern classificationSaC03.5, SuA01.1, ThB01.9
Glaucoma screeningSaB04.6, SaB04.8, SuC05.3
Glucose monitoringSaA14.3
Gradient biomaterialsSuA14.1, ThB14.1
Haptic interfacesFrC15.2, FrC15.3, FrC15.4, FrC15.5, FrC15.6, SaB15.1, SaE15.2, ThA21.2, ThD20.5
Haptics in robotic surgeryFrD19.5, FrD19.10, FrD21.6, SaC15.2, SaC15.3
Hardware and control developments in rehabilitation roboticsSaD08.10, ThA15.4, ThA21.3, ThB15.1, ThB15.2, ThB15.3, ThD20.5, ThE15.4
Health information networks and architecturesFrC17.1, FrD17.1, FrD17.4, SaD11.9, SuA15.1, SuC03.3, ThB26.8, ThC17.2, ThC22.3, ThD12.4
Health information system integrationFrD17.8, SaD11.8, SaD11.9, SuC03.2, ThB25.3, ThE22.3, ThE22.5, ThE22.6
Health information system interoperabilityFrA19.2, FrA19.4, FrC17.6, FrD17.4, FrD17.5, FrD17.9, SaD11.9, ThB25.3, ThB26.2, ThC17.5
Health technology management and assessmentFrA16.4, FrA16.5, FrB12.23, FrB13.4, FrC16.4, FrD15.3, FrD16.4, SaD04.13, SaE16.1, ThA16.3, ThB16.3, ThB16.4, ThB16.9, ThB16.14, ThC16.3, ThD05.7, ThD15.10
Heart and circulatory support devicesFrD15.4, SaA17.2, SaA17.4, SaA17.5, SaB10.8, SaD04.5, SaD04.6, SaD04.7, ThD05.1, ThD05.2, ThD15.6
Heart failureSaD06.1, SaD06.4, SaD06.6, SaD06.7, SaD06.14, SaD06.16, SaD06.23, SaE19.1, ThA23.2, ThA23.4, ThB09.5, ThB10.2, ThB10.3, ThE10.4, ThE10.5, ThE10.6
Heart rate variabilityFrB18.8, FrB19.5, FrB23.7, SaA10.1, SaA10.2, SaA10.4, SaA10.5, SaA10.6, SaC10.1, SaC10.4, SaC10.5, SaD06.1, SaD06.24, SaE10.1, SaE10.5, SaE19.3, ThC10.1, ThC18.1, ThD13.3, ThE19.3
HemodynamicsFrB23.1, FrB23.3, FrB23.4, FrC10.3, FrC19.5, FrE18.1, SaD06.22, ThA10.1, ThA10.3, ThA10.5, ThA10.6, ThB02.7, ThB10.1, ThB10.2, ThB10.5, ThB11.1, ThB11.3, ThB11.4, ThB12.1, ThE10.6
HIFUFrB17.2, FrB17.3, FrB17.4, SaC16.1, SaC16.2, SaC16.3, SaC16.4, SaC16.5, SaC16.6, ThE18.3
High-frequency ultrasound technologyFrE05.5, SaC21.5, ThA05.1, ThA05.2, ThB22.2, ThB22.3, ThB22.12, ThB22.13
Home and portable dialysisSaA17.6
Home robotsSaD08.11
Hospital information systemsFrC17.2, FrC17.6, FrD13.3, FrD17.2, FrD17.3, FrD17.7, FrD17.10, SaD11.20, SaD11.24, SuC03.4
HRV and blood pressure monitoringFrC10.6, SaA10.3, SaC10.2, SaC10.3, SaD06.27, ThD13.3, ThD13.5
HRV and respiratory variability in sleep apneaFrB22.3, SaE10.1, SaE10.2, SaE10.3, SaE10.4
Human factorsFrB12.15, SaD04.10, ThA16.5, ThB16.4, ThB16.6, ThD05.6
Human factors engineeringFrC18.3, FrD14.3, FrD17.3, FrD17.6, ThE17.4
Human machine interfaces and robotics applicationsFrC15.1, FrC15.3, FrC15.6, FrD11.1, FrD11.2, FrD11.3, FrD11.5, FrD21.1, FrE15.4, SaB15.2, SaC15.4, SaD08.11, SaD08.24, SuA11.6
Human performanceFrB12.11, SaB16.2, SaB16.6, SaC12.3, SaD10.3, SaD10.6, SaD14.3, SaD15.1, SaD15.10, SaD15.13, SuA12.3
Human performance - Activities of daily livingFrB12.5, FrB12.10, FrB12.11, FrD12.1, FrD12.2, SaB16.4, SaC13.6, SaD01.12, SaD10.19, SaD15.2, SaD15.6, SaD15.7, ThA15.2
Human performance - Attention and vigilanceSaB16.15, SaC12.5, SaE12.1, SaE12.2, SaE12.5, SaE12.6, SuA12.6, ThD11.24
Human performance - CognitionFrE11.2, SaA11.5, SaA20.1, SaB16.8, SaB16.12, SaB16.15, SaB16.16, SaC12.3, SaD10.1, SaD10.11, SaD15.7, SaE12.1, SaE12.2, SuA12.1, SuA12.4, SuA12.5, ThD11.23, ThE13.1
Human performance - DrivingSaB16.12, SaE12.4, SaE12.5, SaE12.6, SuA12.2, ThD11.11
Human performance - Drowsiness and microsleepsSaD15.8, SaE12.3, ThD11.7
Human performance - EngineeringFrA11.1, FrB12.10, FrB12.11, SaD15.6, SuA12.3
Human performance - Ergonomics and human factorsFrD22.9, SaA13.4
Human performance - FatigueFrB14.6, FrD22.13, SaD15.3, SaD15.9, SaE12.4, SaE12.5, SaE12.6, ThE15.3
Human performance - GaitFrB12.4, FrD22.14, FrE11.3, SaA12.2, SaB05.1, SaC13.6, SaD01.12, SaD10.4, SaD10.6, SaD15.6, SaD15.7, SaD15.10, SaD15.11, SaD15.12, SuA12.3, SuA12.4
Human performance - Modelling and predictionFrD12.4, FrD22.7, SaB05.4, SaC13.2, SaD10.6, SaD15.13, SaE11.1, SaE13.1, SaE13.3, SuA12.5
Human performance - OculomotorFrB12.10, SaA13.2, SaB16.8, SaD10.22, SaD15.9
Human performance - Sensory-motorFrE11.3, SaA13.6, SaD10.10, SaD14.3, SaD15.4, SaD15.11, SaE11.3, SaE20.2, ThE13.4, ThE13.6
Human performance - SleepSaD15.5
Human performance - SpeechThE13.4
Human performance - Vestibular functionsSaD10.18
Humanoid roboticsFrE15.3, SaB15.10, SuA13.2, SuA18.1
Hybrid biomaterials for engineered vascular tissueThE14.1, ThE20.4
Hydrogels for BioMEMS and NEMSFrA21.3, FrA21.5, SuA14.2
Hypertensive retinopathy screeningSaB04.3
Image classificationFrB03.4, FrB04.3, FrB04.5, FrB04.10, FrB05.7, FrB12.16, FrB15.1, FrB15.3, FrB15.4, FrB15.5, FrB15.6, FrB15.7, FrB15.8, FrB15.9, FrB16.2, FrB16.3, FrB16.5, FrB16.8, FrB16.9, FrC04.1, FrC04.5, FrD03.7, FrD05.4, FrD05.6, SaA05.2, SaA06.1, SaA06.2, SaA06.3, SaA06.4, SaA06.5, SaA06.6, SaB04.8, SaB12.18, SaB12.25, SaC05.6, SaC06.1, SaC06.2, SaC06.4, SaC06.5, SaC21.1, SaC21.3, SaE06.5, SaE08.6, SaE22.1, SuB04.2, SuB05.2, SuC04.3, SuC05.1, SuC05.7, ThA06.3, ThA06.5, ThC06.3, ThD19.8
Image compressionFrB05.4, FrB05.5, SaD07.7, SaE05.3, SaE05.4, ThB20.8
Image denoisingFrB06.1, FrB06.2, FrB06.3, FrB06.4, FrC06.1, FrC06.4, FrC06.6, SaA05.6, SaB12.9, SaB12.23, SaB12.28, SaD07.7, ThA05.4, ThB21.7, ThC06.1, ThD19.5
Image enhancementFrB06.3, FrB06.5, FrB06.6, FrB12.20, FrC06.1, FrC06.2, FrC06.3, FrC06.6, SaB12.2, SaB12.13, SaB12.23, SaD07.3, SaE05.5, ThA05.4, ThB04.6, ThC05.3, ThC06.1, ThD04.7, ThD14.4, ThD19.1, ThE06.5, ThE06.6
Image feature extractionFrA06.1, FrA06.2, FrB04.3, FrB04.7, FrB12.17, FrB15.1, FrB15.3, FrB15.6, FrB15.7, FrB16.1, FrB16.2, FrB16.3, FrB16.4, FrB16.5, FrB16.7, FrB16.8, FrB16.9, FrC04.3, FrC04.5, FrD03.7, FrD05.1, FrD05.5, FrD05.6, FrE04.4, FrE05.1, SaA05.2, SaA06.2, SaA06.5, SaA06.6, SaB04.8, SaB12.3, SaB12.6, SaB12.11, SaB12.18, SaB12.25, SaB12.30, SaC06.1, SaC06.2, SaC06.3, SaC06.4, SaC06.5, SaC06.6, SaC21.4, SaC21.6, SaD07.14, SaD07.19, SaE04.3, SaE06.1, SaE06.2, SaE06.3, SaE06.4, SaE06.5, SaE06.6, SaE08.1, SuC04.3, SuC04.6, ThA06.1, ThA06.5, ThB20.3, ThB21.7, ThB22.5, ThB22.6, ThB22.10, ThC04.5, ThC05.1, ThC05.6, ThD14.14, ThD14.16, ThD14.17, ThE04.1, ThE04.2, ThE06.3
Image filteringFrA06.4, FrA06.5, FrB06.2, FrB06.5, FrC06.3, FrC06.4, FrC06.5, FrC06.6, SaB12.2, SaB12.28, SaC05.1, ThA04.6, ThB04.6, ThB22.11, ThC06.4, ThD19.3
Image guided surgeryFrD21.4, SaB15.11, SaD08.25, SuA18.3
Image reconstruction - fast algorithmsFrB06.7, FrD05.3, FrE06.1, FrE06.3, FrE14.1, SaB12.10, SaB12.27, SaE05.4, SaE06.1, ThD04.7, ThE04.6, ThE06.5
Image reconstruction - performance evaluationFrA06.3, FrC05.3, FrE04.1, FrE06.2, FrE06.4, FrE06.5, FrE06.6, SaB12.13, SaB12.27, SaB12.28, SaB12.29, SaD07.14, SaE04.3, ThB21.1, ThB22.5, ThD14.4, ThD19.7
Image retrievalFrB04.5, FrB05.1, FrB05.4, FrB15.1, SaD07.1, SaD07.14, SaE05.1, SaE05.2
Image security and forensicsSaB12.7, SaD07.1
Image segmentationFrA06.2, FrA06.5, FrB04.1, FrB04.2, FrB04.3, FrB04.4, FrB04.5, FrB04.6, FrB04.7, FrB04.8, FrB04.9, FrB04.10, FrB04.11, FrB04.12, FrB04.13, FrB12.17, FrB12.20, FrB15.2, FrB15.5, FrB15.6, FrB16.6, FrC05.1, FrC05.2, FrC05.6, FrE05.1, FrE05.2, FrE05.3, FrE05.4, FrE05.5, FrE05.6, SaA05.1, SaA05.2, SaA05.3, SaA05.4, SaA05.5, SaA05.6, SaA06.4, SaB04.2, SaB04.4, SaB12.2, SaB12.6, SaB12.25, SaC05.1, SaC05.2, SaC05.3, SaC05.4, SaC05.5, SaC05.6, SaC06.3, SaC06.6, SaE05.3, SaE06.2, SaE06.6, SaE08.5, SuB04.6, SuC04.6, ThB04.2, ThB22.10, ThB22.13, ThC05.4, ThC06.5, ThD04.2, ThD14.9, ThD14.17
Image visualizationFrA05.2, FrA05.2, FrB05.2, FrB05.3, FrB06.4, FrB06.8, FrB12.13, FrB12.14, FrB16.3, SaA05.5, SaB12.10, SaC05.6, SaD07.1, SaD07.13, SaE05.6, SaE06.1, SuC04.1, ThD14.13, ThE06.4
Implantable sensorsFrA08.1, FrA08.6, FrC07.1, FrE07.1, FrE07.5, FrE07.6, SaA14.2, SaA14.3, SaB08.6, ThB05.3, ThB07.6, ThD02.5, ThD07.1, ThD07.2
Implantable systemsFrA08.5, FrC21.1, FrC21.2, FrE07.2, FrE07.3, FrE07.4, FrE07.6, SaB08.15, SaD02.11, SaD02.23, SuB07.4, ThB03.4, ThC08.2, ThD07.1, ThD07.3, ThD07.4, ThD07.5
Implantable technologiesFrB01.5, FrC21.2, FrE07.4, SaA07.5, SuA07.4, ThD07.3, ThD07.4, ThD07.5
Independent component analysisSaA22.2, SaB03.3, SaB03.4, SaB03.6, SaB03.7, SaB03.8, SaB03.9, SaC02.1, SaC02.2, SaC02.3, SaC02.5, SaC03.3, SuA01.4, SuA02.2, SuA03.1, SuA03.3, SuA03.4, SuA03.5, SuA03.6, SuB01.5, SuC01.1, SuC01.5, ThA02.4, ThC02.2, ThC02.3, ThC02.4, ThC02.5, ThD01.1, ThD09.2, ThD09.7, ThD09.12, ThD10.18
Information and communication technologies for teachingFrA14.6, SaE18.4, SuB11.1, SuB11.3, ThD21.1
Information and communication technology for disaster medicineFrA18.3, FrA18.5, FrA19.3, FrE22.1, FrE22.2, SuB07.6, ThC16.1
Infra-red imagingFrB05.3, FrB06.2, SaB12.1, SuB04.2, ThD04.5
Injectable scaffoldsThB14.5
InnovationFrA16.1, FrA16.2, FrB12.15, FrD15.6, FrD16.2, SaA16.3, SaA17.6, SaD04.8, ThB16.8, ThB16.14, ThC16.2, ThD16.1
Instruction and learningFrA14.1, FrA14.3, FrA14.4, SaE18.1, SaE18.3, SaE18.4, SaE18.5, SuB11.3
Instrumentation of cell-substrate and cell-cell interactionsSaB13.7, SaE14.6, ThE18.4
Integrated sensor systemsFrA07.4, FrB01.1, FrB01.2, FrB01.4, FrB01.9, FrB07.7, FrC07.6, FrC14.1, SaA07.4, SaA07.5, SaD02.10, SaE07.1, SuB12.6, ThA20.3, ThB05.8, ThC07.4, ThE05.1, ThE05.2, ThE05.3, ThE05.5, ThE07.5
Intensive care unitThB02.3, ThB02.5, ThD13.6, ThE19.4
Interoperability, technology management, qualityThA16.3, ThB16.9, ThC16.4
Interstitial thermal therapyFrB17.3, FrB17.5, FrB17.6, SaB10.15, SaC16.5, SaD04.21, ThA17.3
Interventional MRIFrA04.1, FrA04.2, FrA04.3, FrA04.4, FrA04.5, FrB05.6
Inverse problems in biologyFrB08.3, FrB08.7, FrD09.3, FrD09.9, FrD09.11, SuB09.5
Inverse problems in cardiac electrophysiologyFrB18.3, FrB18.7, SaD06.2
Ionic modelingFrD09.11, FrD09.12, SaE09.1, SaE09.2, SaE09.3, SuA09.2, SuA09.4, ThE18.2
Iterative image reconstructionFrB03.4, FrB06.3, FrB06.6, FrC05.1, FrE04.1, FrE04.6, FrE06.1, FrE06.3, SaE04.1, SuC04.1, ThB21.1, ThD14.10, ThD14.11
Joint biomechanicsFrA15.1, FrA15.2, FrD20.1, FrD20.3, FrD20.5, FrD20.6, FrD20.12, FrD20.13, SaB15.7, SaB15.8, SaB15.12, SaD08.9, SaE15.5, SuA11.1, SuA11.2, SuC13.3, SuC13.7, ThB15.7
Kalman filteringFrC03.1, FrC03.3, FrC03.4, FrD18.2, FrD18.6, FrD18.8, FrD18.9, FrE03.4, SuB03.2, SuB03.3, ThA01.6, ThD01.2
Knowledge discovery and managementFrA17.3, FrA17.5, FrB12.22, FrC17.3, FrD17.5, SaD11.5, SaD11.24, SuA15.6, SuC03.1, SuC03.4, SuC15.2, SuC15.3, ThB26.1, ThB26.2, ThB26.3, ThB26.5, ThB26.11, ThC22.4, ThE22.3
Logistics in disaster medicineFrA18.2, ThC16.1
Low cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiologySuA19.5, ThB25.4, ThC17.4, ThC17.5
Low power, wireless sensing methodsFrA22.2, FrB01.3, FrB01.4, FrB07.4, FrB07.8, FrC07.6, FrE07.2, FrE07.3, FrE07.5, FrE08.4, FrE08.5, SaA07.1, SaA07.3, SaB08.6, SaC07.4, SuB12.4, ThC17.6, ThD06.2, ThE05.1, ThE05.3
LVADSaA17.2, SaA17.5, SaB10.7, SaB10.8, SaD04.5, ThD05.1
Machine learning theory applied to computer-aided diagnosisFrA05.4, FrA05.6, FrB04.2, FrB05.1, FrB12.16, FrB15.2, FrB15.5, FrB15.7, FrD05.1, SaA06.1, SaA06.3, SaA06.4, SaB04.1, SaB04.9, SaC21.1, SaC21.2, SaC21.3, SaE05.3, SuB04.3, SuB04.5, SuB04.6, SuC05.5, ThB04.8, ThD19.8
Magnetic sensors and systemsFrB01.6, FrB01.7, FrD08.1, SaA07.2, SaB08.9, SaB08.20, SaD02.3
Management, systems and systems engineeringFrA16.6, FrB09.1, FrB12.23, FrB13.4, FrB17.7, SaB10.2, SaB10.19, SaD04.19, ThB16.10, ThD05.7
Markov models in signal pattern classificationFrC01.1, FrC03.5, FrC03.6, FrD01.5, FrD02.4, FrD18.9, FrD18.10, FrE10.3, SaA03.3, SaB02.2, SuB03.4, ThD10.11
Mass transferThC09.5
Mechanical sensors and systemsFrB07.5, FrB12.28, FrC07.1, FrC07.2, FrD07.2, SaA08.4, SaB08.20, SaD02.3, SaD02.7, SaD02.9, SaD02.24, SaE07.3, SuA07.2, ThA07.1, ThA07.2, ThA07.3, ThA07.4, ThA22.1, ThB07.2, ThB07.5
Mechanical stimuli and mechanotransductionSaB13.5, SaB13.6, SaD12.6, ThB14.1, ThB14.2, ThB14.3, ThB14.4
Mechanics of locomotion and balanceFrD20.6, FrD20.10, FrD20.11, SaD08.2, SaD08.3, SaD08.4, SaD08.12, SaD08.17, SuA13.4, SuB13.1, SuC13.1, SuC13.2, SuC13.3, SuC13.4, SuC13.5, SuC13.6, SuC13.7
Medical decision makingFrB08.4, FrB10.1, FrC09.3, FrC09.4, SaA09.5, SaB09.9, SaD03.10, ThA09.1, ThA09.2, ThA09.3, ThA09.4, ThA09.5, ThA09.6, ThB06.1, ThB06.4, ThD08.1, ThE08.5
Medical device modelingSaE09.5, SuA09.1, SuA09.6, ThC14.3, ThD08.2, ThD08.3, ThD08.5
Medical error reductionFrD13.3, FrD17.1, FrD17.2, FrD17.3
Medical vocabularies and ontologiesFrA17.2, FrC17.6, FrD17.7
MEG imagingFrD04.1, FrD04.3, FrD04.4, FrD04.5, FrD18.7, SaA04.3, SaB12.17, SaE05.1, SuC07.2
MEMS for drug deliveryFrC21.1, FrC21.2, FrC21.3, ThA07.5, ThA07.6
Micro- and nano-sensorsFrA07.1, FrB01.7, FrB12.1, FrC14.2, FrC14.3, FrC21.3, FrD07.1, FrD07.2, FrD08.4, SaA14.1, SaB08.22, SaB08.24, SaD02.2, SaD02.18, SaD02.21, SuA07.2, SuA07.3, SuA07.6, ThA07.3, ThA08.6, ThB03.2, ThB07.6, ThD02.1, ThD02.5
Micro- and nano-technologyFrB01.8, FrC14.2, FrD06.3, FrD07.1, FrE07.2, SaA08.2, SaA08.3, SaA14.1, SaB08.3, SaB08.7, SaB08.8, SaB08.19, SaB08.20, SaB08.21, SaD02.2, SaD02.4, SaD02.13, SaD02.18, SaD02.21, SaD02.22, SuA07.2, SuA07.3, SuA07.4, SuA07.5, SuC06.1, SuC06.5, ThA07.5, ThB03.3, ThD06.1
Micro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringFrA21.1, FrA21.2, SaB13.10, SaD12.1, SaD12.3, SaE14.2, SaE14.3, SaE14.4, SaE14.5, SaE14.6, SuA14.6, ThA14.4, ThC21.1, ThC21.5, ThC21.6, ThC21.7, ThE14.1, ThE14.2, ThE14.3, ThE14.4, ThE14.5, ThE18.4
Micro-and nano-bioroboticsFrD21.2, FrE15.1, FrE15.2, SaD08.1, ThE20.1
Micro-CTFrB16.4, SaD07.17, SaE05.2, ThD14.1, ThD14.7, ThD14.8, ThD14.14
Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsFrC21.3, FrD06.1, FrD06.2, FrD06.3, FrD06.4, FrD06.5, FrD06.7, SaA08.1, SaA08.2, SaA08.3, SaA08.4, SaA08.5, SaB08.1, SaB08.5, SaB08.21, SaD02.4, SaD02.17, SuA07.5, ThD02.3
Microfluidics in biological applicationsFrD06.2, FrD06.4, FrD06.5, FrD06.6, FrD06.7, FrD08.3, FrE07.1, SaA08.1, SaA08.2, SaA08.3, SaA08.5, SaA08.6, SaB08.1, SaB08.3, SaB08.5, SaB08.21, SaD02.17, ThA08.5, ThD02.3
Micromachines for drug deliveryFrC21.1, SaD02.17, ThA07.5, ThA07.6
Micrototal analysis and lab-on-chip systemsFrA08.4, FrB12.1, FrD06.4, FrD06.5, SaA08.5, SaB08.5, SaD02.1, SuA07.1, ThA07.3, ThA08.5, ThC14.1, ThC14.2
Mining clinical dataFrB08.6, FrB10.1, FrB10.2, FrB23.9, FrD09.9, SuA09.6, ThA09.1, ThB08.2
Mobile and wearable technologies for elderlyFrD13.6, FrD14.2, FrD14.3, FrD14.4, FrD14.9, FrD14.10, FrD14.11, SaD11.1, SaD11.2, SaD11.4, SaD11.7, SaD11.22, SaE21.6, SuB07.1, SuB07.2, SuB15.4, SuB15.5, SuB17.4, ThB23.1, ThB23.2, ThB23.7, ThB23.10, ThB24.5, ThB24.6, ThB24.11, ThC17.1, ThD12.3, ThE17.2
Mobile healthFrA18.4, FrA22.1, FrA22.3, FrA22.4, FrD14.11, SaA21.1, SaA21.2, SaA21.3, SaD11.4, SaD11.14, SaD11.25, SaD11.27, SaE21.6, SuA19.2, SuA19.3, SuA19.4, SuB15.1, SuB15.2, SuB15.3, SuB15.4, SuB15.5, SuB15.6, SuC15.1, SuC15.6, ThB23.2, ThB23.3, ThB23.5, ThB23.6, ThB23.7, ThB23.8, ThB23.10, ThB24.6, ThB24.7, ThC22.1, ThD12.1, ThD12.2, ThD12.3, ThD12.4, ThD12.5, ThE17.1, ThE17.3, ThE17.5, ThE17.6
Modeling and simulation in biomechanics : prostheticsFrA15.1, FrA15.2, FrA15.5, FrA15.6, SaB15.9, SaD08.6, SaD08.7, SaD08.8, SaD08.20, SaD08.21
Modeling and simulation in biomechanics: orthoticsFrA15.3, FrA15.4, FrD20.9, FrD20.12, FrD20.13, SaB15.10, SaD08.6, SaD08.7, SaD08.8, SaD08.20, SaD08.21, SaD08.26, SaE15.6, SuC13.5, ThA15.1, ThE15.2
Modeling and simulation in musculoskeletal biomechanicsFrA15.2, FrA15.5, FrB12.21, FrD20.5, FrD20.10, FrD20.11, FrD20.13, SaB15.3, SaB15.5, SaB15.7, SaB15.8, SaD08.9, SaD08.23, SuA13.1, SuA13.2, SuA13.3, SuB13.1, SuB13.2, SuB13.3, SuC13.4, ThB15.1, ThB15.7
Modeling in bioroboticsFrA15.1, FrD19.1, FrD21.2, FrE15.3, SaB15.6, SuA11.5
Modeling of biomolecular system dynamicsFrD09.9, ThB06.2, ThB19.1, ThB19.2, ThC09.3, ThE09.2
Modeling of biomolecular system pathwaysSaB09.2, SaD03.8, ThB06.2, ThE08.2, ThE09.2
Modeling of gene/epigene regulatory networksSaD03.5, SaD03.9, ThB06.1, ThB06.2, ThB06.4, ThB06.6, ThE09.2
Motion cancellation in surgical roboticsSaA15.1, SaA15.2, SaA15.3, SaA15.4, SaA15.5, SaA15.6
Motor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemFrA20.3, FrB14.1, FrB14.2, FrD22.1, FrD22.4, FrD22.8, FrD22.9, FrE12.5, FrE19.4, FrE19.6, SaA13.1, SaA13.2, SaA13.3, SaA13.4, SaA13.5, SaA13.6, SaB05.1, SaB05.6, SaB16.10, SaC13.1, SaC13.2, SaD10.10, SaE20.3, ThA12.2, ThA13.5, ThB13.24, ThC13.4, ThC13.6, ThD11.3, ThD11.12
Motor neuroprosthesesFrA11.2, FrB14.1, FrB14.3, FrB14.4, FrB14.9, FrE12.1, SaD10.17, SaD10.20, SaD15.2, ThA13.2, ThA13.3, ThA13.4, ThA13.6, ThC12.2, ThC13.1, ThC13.5, ThC13.6
Motor neuroprostheses - Neuromuscular stimulationFrB14.2, FrB14.4, FrB14.5, FrB14.6, FrB14.7, FrB14.9, FrD22.5, FrE19.1, FrE19.4, FrE19.5, FrE19.6, SaB16.10, SaC13.4, SaD14.2, ThA12.5, ThB13.23
Motor neuroprostheses - ProsthesesFrB14.3, FrB14.8, FrB14.9, FrB14.10, FrE12.1, SaA12.1, SaA12.5, SaB05.5, SaC13.5, SaC17.3, SaE13.6, ThA13.3, ThA13.6, ThA18.1, ThC12.4, ThC13.2, ThC13.3, ThC13.4
Motor neuroprostheses - RoboticsFrA12.3, FrB14.2, FrB14.12, FrB14.13, SaC13.1, SaC13.5, SaD14.4, SaE13.6, ThA13.5, ThC13.1, ThC13.3, ThC20.3
MR angiographic imagingThA05.3
MR molecular imagingSaB12.13, SaB12.27, SaD07.10, SaD07.12, SaE05.5, ThB20.5
MR neuroimagingFrA04.6, FrB03.3, FrB04.6, FrB04.13, FrC05.5, FrC06.3, FrE05.6, SaB12.8, SaB12.9, SaB12.11, SaB12.12, SaB12.16, SaD07.9, SaD07.11, SaD07.20, SaE05.6, SaE06.2, SaE08.3, SaE08.4, ThA04.2, ThA04.4, ThA04.5, ThB04.3, ThB04.7, ThB04.8, ThB20.1, ThB20.2, ThB20.3, ThB20.4, ThB20.6, ThB20.7, ThB20.8, ThC04.1, ThC04.2, ThC04.3, ThC04.4, ThC04.5, ThD04.9, ThE06.1
MR spectroscopyFrA04.6, FrB15.9, ThB04.5, ThB21.4
MR-specific image reconstructionFrA04.3, FrD03.5, FrE14.2, FrE14.3, FrE14.4, FrE14.5, SaB12.12, SaD07.7, SaD07.10, SaE04.4, SaE05.1, SaE05.6, ThB20.1, ThB21.5, ThE04.5
MRI pulse sequenceFrA04.4, SaD07.11, ThB20.4, ThB21.2, ThB21.6, ThB22.1, ThE04.4, ThE04.5
MRI RF coil technologyFrA04.2, SaD07.9, ThB21.2, ThE04.4
MRI-compatible instrumentation and device managementFrB09.4, FrB17.3, FrD15.2, FrE16.4, SaA16.2, SaA16.4, ThD15.6
Multi photon imagingFrA06.4, ThA06.2
Multi-scale materialsThA22.1
Multimodal image fusionFrB04.8, FrB05.3, FrB05.6, FrB05.7, FrB06.8, FrC05.4, SaA01.2, SaE05.5, SuC04.5, ThB22.3, ThC04.4, ThD14.5, ThD19.5
Multimodal imagingSaA01.2, SaA04.2, SaB12.14, ThE06.1
Multimodal molecular imagingSaD07.12
Multiorgan involvment in apneaSaC18.2, SuA10.1
Multiscale analysisFrB15.8, FrB16.9, SaA05.5, SuC04.4, ThD14.7
Multiscale biomechanicsThA22.5
Multiscale modelingFrB23.9, FrD09.1, FrD09.3, FrD09.4, FrD10.2, SaA09.2, SaA09.3, SaA09.4, SaA09.5, SaD03.1, SaD03.11, SaE09.3, SuA09.1, SuA09.2, SuA09.3, SuA09.5, SuC09.4, SuC09.5, SuC09.7, ThD08.2, ThD08.4
Multiscale studies in tissue engineeringThA14.5, ThC21.1
Multispectral retinal imagingSuC05.4
Multivariate image analysisFrB15.3
Multivariate signal processingFrA03.1, FrA03.4, FrA22.5, FrC02.4, FrD01.4, FrD01.32, FrD02.8, FrD18.2, FrE01.1, FrE01.3, FrE01.6, FrE02.4, FrE03.1, FrE10.3, SaA02.1, SaA02.4, SaA02.5, SaA02.6, SaA03.6, SaA20.5, SaB02.2, SaB03.1, SaB03.2, SaC01.1, SaC02.2, SuA01.4, SuA02.1, SuA02.3, SuA03.2, SuA20.4, SuB01.1, SuB03.4, ThC02.1, ThD01.1, ThD01.2, ThD01.3, ThD01.4, ThD09.13, ThD10.2, ThD10.21, ThD10.34, ThD10.35, ThD10.41
Muscle stimulationFrB13.6, FrE17.1, FrE17.2, FrE17.5, ThE20.4
Nature-inspired materialsFrC14.4, SaE14.5, SaE22.2, ThA14.3, ThC21.3
Near infra-red spectroscopyFrB12.18, SaB12.1, SaB12.24, SuC07.3, ThC04.4, ThD04.3, ThD04.4, ThD04.5, ThD04.6, ThD04.9, ThD04.11, ThE06.1, ThE06.2
Network modelingFrB10.3, FrB10.4, FrD09.13, SaD03.4, SaD03.5, SaD03.7, SaD03.9, SaE09.6, ThA18.3, ThA19.1, ThA19.2, ThB06.1, ThB08.2, ThB19.3
Neural control of movement and robotics applicationsFrC15.4, FrD20.10, FrE15.5, SaB15.6, SaD08.24, SuA11.1, SuA11.2, SuA11.3, SuA11.4, SuA11.5, SuA11.6, SuA13.1, SuA13.3, ThA21.4, ThE20.5
Neural engineering - Bioelectric sensorsFrA12.6, FrB12.27, FrE13.1, SuA12.2, ThB13.5, ThB13.6
Neural engineering - BiomaterialsFrE13.6, SaB16.13, SaD10.9, ThB13.4
Neural engineering - Body interfacesFrA11.1, FrA11.2, FrA20.5, FrB11.2, FrB12.27, SaD15.2, ThA18.1, ThC12.6, ThC13.2, ThC20.3
Neural engineering - Brain stimulationFrA11.3, FrA11.4, FrA13.1, FrB14.11, FrD02.9, SaA14.4, SaA20.1, SaB16.12, SaC11.5, SaD01.3, SaE11.5, ThA11.1, ThA11.2, ThA11.3, ThA11.4, ThA11.5, ThB13.3, ThB13.10, ThB13.12, ThB13.13, ThB13.14, ThB13.15, ThB13.18, ThB13.19, ThB13.20, ThC11.2, ThD11.4, ThD11.5, ThE11.3, ThE13.2
Neural engineering - CellularFrE19.2, SaB16.13, ThB13.16, ThB13.17, ThC20.2
Neural engineering - Implantable systemsFrA13.4, FrB11.1, FrB11.8, FrB14.5, SaB06.5, SaB14.3, SaC11.1, SaC11.4, SaD10.2, SaD10.7, SaD10.21, ThA11.3, ThA11.4, ThA11.5, ThA13.1, ThB13.1, ThB13.4, ThB13.6, ThB13.7, ThB13.8, ThB13.11, ThB13.12, ThB13.14, ThB13.21, ThB13.22, ThC11.2, ThC11.3, ThC11.4, ThD11.1, ThE11.1, ThE11.2, ThE11.4, ThE11.6, ThE20.2
Neural engineering - MEMS methods for guided growthThC20.1
Neural engineering - Microelectrode technologyFrA13.1, FrB11.1, FrE13.6, SaA12.6, SaB06.7, SaC11.4, SaD10.8, SaD10.9, SaD10.13, ThA11.5, ThB13.14, ThB13.16, ThB13.17, ThC11.1, ThC11.2, ThC11.3, ThC11.4, ThC11.5, ThC11.6, ThE11.3
Neural engineering - Microfabrication technologiesSaD10.8, ThB13.4, ThB13.6, ThB13.7, ThC11.3
Neural engineering - MicrosystemsFrA13.6, FrD22.11, SaD10.2, ThA11.3, ThB13.23, ThE11.2, ThE11.6
Neural engineering - RegenerationFrB14.11, SaB16.13, ThB13.7, ThE11.2
Neural engineering - RF coil technologyThB13.2, ThB13.8
Neural engineering - Tissue-electrode interfaceFrA20.5, FrB11.9, SaC11.4, SaD10.9, ThB13.3, ThB13.12, ThC11.4, ThC11.5, ThE11.5
Neural engineering - Wireless telemetric systemsFrA11.3, FrA11.5, FrA12.6, FrB14.5, SaA14.4, SaD10.21, SaD14.6, ThA11.6, ThB13.2, ThB13.21, ThB13.22, ThD11.1
Neural microsystems and interface engineeringFrA11.3, SaA12.6, SaA14.4, ThA11.4, ThA11.6, ThB13.1, ThB13.3, ThB13.9, ThB13.16, ThC20.1, ThE11.1, ThE11.6, ThE20.2
Neural networks in biosignal processing and classificationFrC03.5, FrD01.10, FrD01.13, FrD01.14, FrD01.35, SaA03.1, SaA03.2, SaA03.3, SaA03.4, SaA03.5, SaA03.6, SaB11.6, SaC03.1, SaD05.1, SaD05.23, ThB18.2, ThB18.7
Neural rehabilitation - Auditory prosthesesFrA13.1, FrB11.6, FrE11.5, FrE13.4, FrE13.5, SaB14.2, ThC11.5, ThE13.2
Neural rehabilitation - Sensory prosthesesFrA13.2, FrA13.3, FrA13.4, FrA13.5, FrB11.3, SaB05.8, SaB16.1, SaC17.1, ThE13.2
Neural rehabilitation - Somatosensory stimulationFrA12.2, FrA13.5, FrB11.4, FrB11.5, FrB11.7, FrE19.3, FrE19.6, SaB05.8, SaC17.2, SaC17.3, SaC17.5, SaD10.17, SaE20.1, ThE12.2
Neural rehabilitation - Vestibular stimulationFrA13.4, SaD10.18
Neural rehabilitation - Visual prosthesesFrA13.2, FrA13.6, FrB11.1, FrB11.2, FrB11.3, FrB11.8, FrB11.9, FrE12.5, FrE13.2, FrE13.3, FrE13.6, SaD10.2, SaD10.12, SaD15.11, SuA12.6, ThB13.8, ThE11.5
Neural signals - Blind source separation (PCA, ICA, etc.)SaA11.5, SaB14.1, SaC12.1, SaD10.14, SaE13.3, SuA08.2, ThD11.7
Neural signals - CodingFrD22.1, FrE11.5, SaA11.6, SaB14.2, SaC17.1, ThA13.4, ThC11.1, ThE13.1
Neural signals - Information theoryFrB14.10, SaA11.3, SaA11.4, SaB14.2, ThC18.2
Neural signals - Nonlinear analysisFrE11.1, SaA11.1, SaB14.3, SaB14.4, SaB16.11, SaC12.2, SuA08.2, ThD11.19
Neural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)FrB13.1, FrB13.3, FrB13.4, FrB13.5, FrB13.6, FrE17.3, FrE17.4, SaA17.6, SaB10.8
Neural-robotic interfacesFrC15.4, FrE15.5, SaE15.3, SuA11.4, ThA21.4, ThE20.4
Neurological disordersFrB14.6, FrE19.3, SaD01.1, SaD01.8, SaD01.9, SaD01.10, SaD15.10, SaE11.1, SaE11.2, ThB13.15
Neurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniquesFrB11.5, SaD01.7, SaD01.10, SaE11.2, SaE11.3, SuA12.4, SuB03.6, SuB07.3, ThE18.1
Neurological disorders - EpilepsySaA11.2, SaB06.4, SaC11.2, SaC12.6, SaD01.4, SaD01.5, SaD01.11, SaD10.13, SaD14.7, SaE11.4, ThC18.5
Neurological disorders - MechanismsSuB03.6
Neurological disorders - Sleep disordersSaC11.6, SaD15.5
Neurological disorders - StrokeFrB14.1, FrD12.2, FrD12.3, FrD22.3, FrD22.14, FrE19.1, SaB05.3, SaB16.9, SaC11.5, SaD01.12, SaD15.12, SaE11.5, SaE11.6, ThA12.2, ThA12.5, ThC12.3, ThD11.14, ThD11.16
Neurological disorders - Traumatic brain injuryFrD12.4, SaD01.6, SuA08.1, ThD11.27
Neurological disorders - Treatment methodologiesFrA13.3, FrB11.4, FrD22.4, FrE19.1, FrE19.3, SaB05.7, SaD01.6, SaD01.7, SaD14.4, SaE11.5, SuA08.3, ThA11.1, ThA12.4, ThB13.19, ThE18.1
Neuromorphic engineeringFrD22.10, FrD22.11, FrE13.1, ThB13.11
Neuromuscular systems - Computational modelingFrD22.5, FrD22.8, SaA13.1, SaA13.2, SaA13.6, SaC13.3, SaC13.4, ThC20.2
Neuromuscular systems - EMG modelsSaE13.1, SaE13.2
Neuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsFrA11.2, FrA20.2, FrA20.3, FrB14.10, FrD22.1, FrD22.2, FrD22.3, FrD22.7, FrD22.13, SaB05.7, SaC13.1, SaC13.2, SaD15.4, SaE11.2, SaE13.1, SaE13.2, SaE13.3, SaE13.4, SaE13.5, SaE13.6, ThA15.2, ThA18.1, ThC13.2, ThC13.4, ThE15.3
Neuromuscular systems - Learning and adaptionFrD22.8, SaE20.3, ThC12.4
Neuromuscular systems - LocomotionFrB14.7, FrD22.7, SaD10.4, SaD15.12, ThC12.4
Neuromuscular systems - Peripheral mechanismsFrD22.13, SaB16.10, SaC13.3, SaC13.4, SaC13.5
Neuromuscular systems - Postural and balanceFrD22.14, FrE11.3, SaA13.1, SaB05.6, SaB16.2, SaC13.3, SaC13.6, SaD10.3, SaD10.4, SaE20.1, SaE20.2
New sensing techniquesFrA07.2, FrB01.6, FrB01.7, FrB07.5, FrB12.3, FrE08.2, FrE08.5, FrE08.6, SaA07.1, SaA07.4, SaB08.2, SaB08.4, SaB08.19, SaB08.24, SaB08.25, SaD02.3, SaD02.6, SaD02.7, SaE07.2, SaE07.4, SuB12.4, SuC06.3, SuC06.5, ThA07.1, ThA07.2, ThA07.4, ThA08.1, ThA08.3, ThA08.4, ThB03.1, ThB05.2, ThB05.9, ThB07.1, ThB07.3, ThB07.5, ThC07.1, ThC07.2, ThC07.3, ThC08.1, ThD02.2, ThD03.8, ThE07.1, ThE07.6
New technologies and methodologies in human movement analysisFrA15.6, FrD11.5, FrD20.1, FrD20.2, FrD20.4, FrD20.5, FrD20.6, FrD20.7, FrD20.8, FrD20.11, SaB15.3, SaB15.12, SaD08.5, SuA11.3, SuA13.4, SuB13.1, SuC13.2, SuC13.5, SuC13.6, ThD20.6
New technologies and methodologies in medical robotics and biomechanicsFrA15.6, FrD11.1, FrD19.2, FrD19.3, FrD19.7, FrD19.9, FrD20.2, FrD20.3, FrD20.8, FrD21.3, SaA15.1, SaA15.2, SaA15.4, SaA15.5, SaB15.5, SaC15.1, SaC15.2, SaC15.6, SaD08.10, SaD08.17, SaD08.22, SaD08.27, SaE15.4, SuA18.1, SuB13.6, ThA21.2, ThB15.3
Next generation sequencingSaB09.6, ThA20.1, ThB08.1, ThB08.4, ThB08.5, ThB08.6, ThE08.6
Non-linear cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory relationsSaC10.6, SaC18.4, SaE10.5, ThB02.8
Nonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsFrA01.5, FrB02.1, FrB02.2, FrC01.2, FrC02.5, FrD01.10, FrD01.11, FrD02.6, FrE01.6, FrE02.1, FrE02.3, FrE02.5, FrE02.6, FrE03.6, FrE10.2, SaA04.5, SaB01.3, SaB11.8, SaB11.14, SaD05.10, SaD05.12, SaD05.18, SuA20.2, SuA20.3, SuB02.5, ThA02.3, ThA03.1, ThA03.2, ThA03.3, ThA03.4, ThA03.5, ThA03.6, ThB01.1, ThB18.7, ThB18.15, ThC18.3, ThD10.3, ThD10.20, ThD10.23, ThE02.2, ThE02.3, ThE02.6, ThE03.1, ThE03.2
Nonlinear coupling of biomedical signalsFrA02.3, FrA03.6, FrB02.3, FrC02.5, FrD01.17, FrD02.7, FrE02.4, SaA03.4, ThA03.1, ThE02.6
Nonlinear dynamics in biomedical signalsFrB02.1, FrC03.1, FrC03.6, FrD02.6, FrE02.1, FrE02.2, FrE02.3, SuA20.1, SuA20.2, SuB02.1, SuB03.5, ThA03.2, ThA03.4, ThA03.6, ThD10.5, ThD10.38, ThE01.5, ThE03.2, ThE03.3, ThE03.4, ThE03.5, ThE03.6
Nonlinear filteringFrB12.30
Nonlinear synchronization of biomedical signalsFrA02.3, SuB01.3, ThD10.38
Nonstationary processing of biomedical signalsFrA01.4, FrA03.5, FrB12.30, FrC01.3, FrC02.4, FrC03.2, FrD01.2, FrD01.17, FrD01.30, FrD01.31, FrE10.1, SaA02.1, SaB01.2, SaB11.8, SaB11.16, SaB11.22, SaD05.5, SaD05.8, SaD05.20, SaD05.24, SuB03.2, ThA01.1, ThA01.2, ThA01.3, ThA01.4, ThA01.5, ThA01.6, ThB01.1, ThB01.2, ThB01.3, ThB01.4, ThB01.5, ThB01.6, ThB01.7, ThB18.5, ThC01.2, ThC01.3, ThC01.6, ThD01.2, ThD01.3, ThD10.1, ThD10.19, ThD10.20, ThD10.37, ThE01.4, ThE02.1
Novel approaches to BME educationFrA14.1, FrA14.2, FrA14.3, FrA14.4, FrA14.5, FrA14.6, FrC18.1, SaE18.2, ThD21.2, ThD21.3, ThD21.4
Nursing careFrD13.2, FrD14.5, FrD14.6, SaD11.1, SaD11.2, SaD11.12, SaD11.13, SaD11.28, SaD11.29, SaE21.2, SaE21.6, ThB24.3
Nursing care managementFrD14.5, SaD11.21, SaD11.23, SaD11.29, SaE21.1, SuB17.2, ThB25.2, ThB26.10
Obstructive sleep apneaSaC18.1, SaC18.2, SaC18.3, SaC18.4, SaE10.1, SaE10.3, SaE10.4, SuA10.3, SuA10.4, SuA10.5, ThA23.3
Optical and photonic sensors and systemsFrA07.1, FrA07.3, FrA07.4, FrA07.5, FrA07.6, FrC07.3, FrE08.6, SaB08.4, SaB08.17, SaD02.1, SaD02.6, SuC06.4, SuC06.5, ThA08.4, ThB03.1, ThB03.2, ThB03.3, ThB03.4, ThD03.1, ThD03.4, ThD07.2, ThE07.1, ThE07.2, ThE07.3, ThE07.5, ThE07.6
Optical breast imagingFrB15.4
Optical coherence tomographySaB12.26, SaD07.15, SaD07.16, ThA05.6, ThC06.4, ThC06.5, ThC06.6
Optical imagingFrA06.3, FrA06.5, FrA06.6, FrB04.2, FrB05.7, FrB16.5, FrC05.3, FrD05.4, FrD05.5, SaA05.1, SaA06.5, SaB12.21, SaD07.8, SaD07.15, SuC04.2, SuC04.4, ThA06.3, ThC06.1, ThC06.2, ThC06.5, ThC14.5, ThD04.1, ThD04.2, ThD04.3, ThD04.4, ThD04.8, ThD04.10, ThD04.11, ThE06.6
Optical molecular imagingSaD07.12, ThC06.3
Optical neuroimagingFrB12.18, SaB12.1, SaB12.24, SaD07.16, ThD04.8, ThD04.9, ThD04.10
Optical vascular imagingFrA06.6, SaD07.16, ThB22.3, ThD04.8, ThD04.10, ThE06.3, ThE06.4
Optimization in musculoskeletal biomechanicsFrD20.9, SaB15.8, SaD08.23, SuB13.3
OximetryFrC16.2, ThC16.6
PacemakersSaA10.4, ThC10.2
Parallel MRIFrE06.6, FrE14.2, FrE14.4, ThB21.3, ThB21.5, ThB21.7, ThE04.5
Parameter estimationFrB08.7, FrB10.1, FrB10.2, FrB10.3, FrB10.4, FrB10.6, FrD09.7, FrD09.12, SaB09.9, SaE09.1, SuC09.5, ThD08.1, ThE09.4, ThE18.2
Parametric filtering and estimationFrC02.2, FrD01.12, FrE03.1, FrE03.2, FrE03.3, FrE03.4, FrE03.5, SaA04.5, SaB11.4, SaC03.4, SuA20.1, SuB03.3, ThC18.3, ThD10.5, ThE02.2
Parametric image reconstructionFrA05.1, FrE06.2, ThB21.5, ThB22.7, ThD19.3, ThE04.2
Partial and total coherenceFrA03.2, FrA03.3, FrD02.2, FrD02.3, FrD02.8, SaB11.12
Patient specific approaches to treatment of heat dieseaeFrB18.5, FrE18.3, ThB02.9, ThB10.6, ThB10.7, ThC10.3
Patient stratificationFrD09.8, SaD03.10, SuC09.3
Patterened 3D scaffoldsSaB13.11, SaD12.3, SaE14.1, SaE14.2, SuA14.1, SuA14.3, ThA14.5, ThC21.5, ThC21.7
Pattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignalsFrC03.6, FrD01.1, FrD01.13, FrD01.16, FrD01.20, FrD01.25, FrD01.27, FrD18.10, FrE01.3, FrE01.4, FrE02.2, SaA03.5, SaA22.4, SaB01.4, SaB02.1, SaB02.2, SaB02.3, SaB02.4, SaB02.7, SaB03.7, SaB11.5, SaC03.1, SuA02.1, SuA02.2, SuA02.3, SuA02.4, SuA02.5, SuC01.2, SuC01.6, ThB01.8, ThD10.18, ThD10.24, ThE03.6
Patterning of biomatreialsSaD12.2, ThB14.6
Peptide and protein functionalization of biomaterialsFrC14.5, ThC21.3, ThC21.4
Periodic breathingFrB22.2, SaC18.1, SaC18.3, SuA10.5
Periodic breathing mechanicsFrE09.6, SuA10.6
Personal health informaticsFrB12.24, FrD17.5, FrD17.6, FrD17.8, SaD11.3, SaD11.10, SaD11.27, SuA15.6, SuA17.1, SuB15.6, ThB23.3, ThC22.1, ThE17.4, ThE22.2
Personal health recordsFrC17.3, FrC17.5, FrD13.1, FrD14.5, SaD11.4, SaD11.10, SaD11.16, SaD11.28, SuB07.2, ThB23.9, ThB23.11, ThB24.2, ThC17.4, ThC22.3, ThC22.4, ThD12.4, ThE22.2, ThE22.4, ThE22.6
Personal health systemsFrC18.3, FrD13.7, FrD17.9, FrD22.6, SaA21.3, SaD11.3, SaD11.8, SaD11.10, SaD11.15, SuA15.3, SuA15.4, SuA15.5, SuB07.1, SuB07.2, SuB17.3, ThB23.5, ThB23.10, ThB23.11, ThB24.2, ThB24.3, ThC17.2, ThC17.3, ThD12.6, ThE22.1, ThE22.2, ThE22.4, ThE22.5
Personalised healthFrC17.4, SaA21.2, SaD11.11, SaD11.25, SuA15.1, SuA15.2, SuA15.3, SuA17.3, SuA19.5, SuB15.6, ThB23.8, ThB26.1, ThC17.4, ThC22.2, ThD12.5, ThE22.3, ThE22.4
Personalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsFrB09.2, FrB12.23, FrB17.7, FrB17.14, SaB10.4, SaC11.3, SaD04.12, SuB16.1, ThB17.1, ThC16.5
PET and SPECT imagingFrB05.6, SaA05.6, SaC05.5, SaD07.20, ThD14.4, ThD19.1, ThD19.2, ThD19.3, ThD19.4, ThD19.5, ThD19.6, ThD19.7, ThD19.8, ThD19.9
PET and SPECT Imaging applicationsFrB04.7, ThC05.5, ThD19.2, ThD19.4, ThD19.6, ThD19.7
Phase locking estimation in biosignal analysisFrD01.29, SaB02.5, SaD05.4, ThB18.3, ThE01.3
Physiological monitoringFrA07.2, FrA07.5, FrB01.2, FrB01.3, FrB07.6, FrB12.3, FrC07.1, FrC07.2, FrC07.3, FrC07.4, FrC07.5, FrC07.6, FrD06.6, FrE07.3, FrE08.3, FrE08.5, FrE08.6, SaB08.4, SaB08.14, SaB08.16, SaB08.23, SaC07.1, SaD02.5, SaD02.6, SaD02.8, SaD02.11, SaD02.19, SaE07.1, SuA07.6, SuB07.4, SuB12.2, SuB12.4, SuC06.3, ThA08.3, ThB05.1, ThB05.5, ThB05.7, ThB05.11, ThB07.1, ThB07.3, ThC07.2, ThC07.5, ThC08.6, ThC14.1, ThC14.2, ThD03.1, ThD03.2, ThD03.3, ThD03.4, ThD03.5, ThD03.6, ThD03.7, ThD03.8, ThD03.9, ThD03.10, ThD03.11, ThD03.12, ThE05.2, ThE05.5, ThE07.2, ThE07.3, ThE07.4
Physiological monitoring devicesFrA16.5, FrB17.9, FrC16.3, FrC16.5, FrC16.6, FrD15.3, SaB10.1, SaB10.12, SaB10.16, SaB10.22, SaD04.12, SaD04.17, SaE16.1, SaE16.4, SaE16.5, SaE16.6, SuA16.3, SuA16.4, SuA16.5, SuA16.6, SuB16.2, SuB16.3, SuB16.4, SuB16.5, ThA16.6, ThB17.2, ThB17.3, ThB17.4, ThC16.6, ThD05.2, ThD05.3, ThD16.1, ThD16.2, ThD16.3, ThD16.4, ThD16.5, ThD16.6
Physiological systemsFrB10.8, FrD09.1, FrD09.4, FrD09.12, FrD09.13, FrD10.4, FrD10.6, SaA09.4, SaB09.7, SaD03.1, SaD03.6, SaE09.1, SaE09.2, SaE09.5, SuA09.3, SuA09.5, SuB09.6, SuC09.1, SuC09.2, SuC09.4, SuC09.7, ThA18.3, ThD08.1, ThE18.2
Physiome modelingFrD09.1, FrD09.3, SaA09.1, SaA09.4, SaB09.7, SaD03.1, SaE09.2, SuA09.3, SuA09.5, ThC09.2, ThD08.3
PK/PDFrB10.6, ThA09.3
Planning and execution in surgical roboticsFrD21.1, FrD21.5
PlethysmographySaB10.11, SuB16.5, ThB16.11
Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesFrA16.4, FrC16.1, FrC16.4, FrC16.5, FrC16.6, SaB10.17, SaD04.15, ThD15.5, ThD15.7
Portable miniaturized systemsFrB01.3, FrB01.9, FrB07.1, FrB07.2, FrB07.4, FrB07.8, FrB12.6, FrE08.4, SaA07.2, SaB08.11, SaC07.5, SaD02.19, SuB12.3, SuB12.5, ThA07.1, ThC07.4, ThC07.5, ThC07.6, ThC14.2, ThD03.5, ThD03.11, ThE07.5
Pressure-volume relationshipFrB23.8, FrC19.2, SaD06.3, ThB10.3, ThE19.4
Principal component analysisFrA02.6, FrD01.9, FrE01.5, FrE03.1, SaA03.5, SaB03.1, SaB03.2, SaB03.3, SaB11.23, SaC02.4, SaD05.1, SuA03.1, SuC01.5, ThA01.2, ThA02.4, ThC02.1, ThC02.6, ThD10.9, ThD10.35
Product development processFrA16.3, FrB12.26, FrD16.2, SaD04.1, SaD04.14, SaE22.1, ThB16.8, ThD15.10
Prosthetic devicesFrA08.2, FrB01.5, FrE08.2, SaB08.11, SaD02.11, ThD07.1
Prosthetic limbs, devices, and related appliances and aidesFrA16.6, ThB17.1
Protein conformation and force transductionSaB13.6
ProteomicsFrB10.7, SaB09.2, ThE08.2, ThE08.3, ThE08.5, ThE09.1
Psychophysics of human-robot interactionsFrC15.5, FrE15.4, SaC15.4
Pulmonary assist devicesFrE09.1, SaD06.10, SaD06.15, SaD06.25, ThB02.3, ThB09.7, ThE19.1
Pulmonary diseaseFrE09.2, SaD06.10, SaD06.15, ThE19.2
Pulmonary hemodynamicsFrE18.2, FrE18.4, SuA10.6, ThB09.7, ThE19.2
Pulmonary mechanicsFrE09.4, ThB02.1
Pulmonary modelsSaA19.4, ThB02.2, ThE19.2
Pulmonary rehabilitationThB02.8
Pulse transit timeFrC10.6, ThD13.4, ThD13.5
Pulse wave velocityThB11.3, ThD13.1
Rapid prototyping for scaffold fabricationSaC14.5, SaE14.1
Regularized image reconstructionFrB06.6, FrE04.6, FrE06.1, FrE14.1, FrE14.3, SaD07.10, SaE04.1, ThB21.1, ThD14.8, ThD14.11
Regulatory issuesFrE17.2, SaB10.1, ThB16.8
Remote surgery systems / telesurgeryFrD19.1, FrD19.11, SaC15.1, SuA18.3
Resilient information and communication technology for disaster medicineFrA18.3, FrE22.3, SuB07.6
Respiratory modelsFrB22.6, FrE09.2, FrE09.3, FrE09.4, FrE09.5, SaA19.4, SaC18.1, SaC18.3, SaD06.25, ThB02.2, ThB02.4
Respiratory variabilityFrB22.2, FrB22.6, FrE09.6, ThA23.1, ThA23.4
Retinal computer aided diagnosisSaB04.2, SaB04.3, SaB04.5, SaB04.6, SaB04.9, SuB05.2, SuB05.3, SuB05.4, SuC05.1, SuC05.3, SuC05.4, SuC05.5
Retinal image analysisFrA06.6, FrB04.12, SaB04.1, SaB04.2, SaB04.3, SaB04.5, SaB04.6, SaB04.9, SuB05.1, SuB05.2, SuB05.4, SuC05.1, SuC05.2, SuC05.4, SuC05.6, SuC05.7, ThD14.7
Retinal image registrationSaB04.7
Retinal OCTFrB04.12, SaB04.4, SuC05.3, SuC05.5, ThC06.4, ThC06.6
RF and microwave ablationFrB17.8, FrB17.12, SaB10.13, SaC16.5, ThA17.4, ThA17.5, ThA17.6
RFID and NFC in healthFrA22.3, FrD14.4, SaD11.17, SaD11.23, SuB15.5, ThB24.13
Rigid-body image registrationFrC05.1, FrC05.2, FrC05.3, FrC05.4, SaD07.20, ThC05.6
Robot-aided mobility: wheelchairs, canes, crutches etc.FrD11.3, ThB15.4
Robotics: orthoticsSaD08.13, SaD08.14, SaD08.26, ThA15.1, ThE15.2, ThE15.4, ThE15.5
Robotics: prostheticsFrC15.6, FrD11.2, SaB15.4, SuA11.4, ThB15.5
SafetyFrB17.10, FrD15.6, FrD16.3, FrE17.2, FrE17.5, SaA17.3, SaB10.1, SaB10.13, SaC16.4, SaD04.7, SaD04.10, SaD04.11, SaE22.1, ThB16.10, ThD15.6, ThD16.4
Scaffold degradation productsThB14.5, ThC21.2
Scaffolds in tissue engineeringThA14.2
Security, privacy and safety in eHealthFrC17.4, FrC17.5, FrD17.2, SuB17.2, ThB24.12, ThB26.8, ThD12.6
Self-assembled biomaterialsFrC14.4, FrC14.5, ThA14.3, ThA22.5, ThC21.4
Sensors for evaluation of drug activityFrA21.6
Signal and vision processing for neuroprosthesesFrA13.2, FrB11.3, FrB11.8, FrE12.2, FrE13.2, FrE13.3, FrE13.4, ThE11.5
Signal processing in physiological systemsFrA01.4, FrA02.1, FrA02.2, FrA02.4, FrA02.5, FrA22.5, FrB12.29, FrB22.7, FrC01.4, FrC01.5, FrC01.6, FrC02.2, FrC02.6, FrC03.1, FrD01.3, FrD01.4, FrD01.19, FrD01.23, FrD01.26, FrD01.28, FrD01.29, FrD01.30, FrD01.32, FrD01.34, FrD01.35, FrD02.1, FrD02.8, FrD18.5, FrD18.8, FrE01.1, FrE01.2, FrE02.3, FrE02.6, FrE03.2, FrE03.3, FrE03.4, FrE03.5, SaA02.3, SaA02.5, SaA02.6, SaA03.1, SaA04.5, SaA20.5, SaA22.1, SaA22.4, SaA22.5, SaB01.5, SaB03.8, SaB11.2, SaB11.3, SaB11.7, SaB11.13, SaB11.14, SaB11.15, SaB11.17, SaB11.18, SaB11.20, SaB11.21, SaC01.2, SaC01.3, SaC03.4, SaD05.2, SaD05.9, SaD05.10, SaD05.11, SaD05.13, SaD05.15, SaD05.23, SuA01.2, SuA01.3, SuA01.5, SuA02.5, SuA20.1, SuA20.2, SuA20.4, SuB01.3, SuB02.3, SuB03.1, SuB03.5, SuC01.4, SuC01.6, ThA01.2, ThA01.3, ThA01.5, ThA01.6, ThA02.1, ThA02.5, ThA03.1, ThA03.3, ThA03.4, ThB01.1, ThB01.3, ThB01.6, ThB18.1, ThB18.4, ThB18.9, ThB18.16, ThC01.1, ThC01.2, ThC01.3, ThC01.4, ThC01.5, ThC02.2, ThC02.3, ThC02.4, ThC02.5, ThC02.6, ThC07.7, ThC18.3, ThD01.4, ThD09.2, ThD09.5, ThD09.7, ThD09.8, ThD09.10, ThD09.11, ThD10.1, ThD10.3, ThD10.6, ThD10.8, ThD10.9, ThD10.10, ThD10.11, ThD10.12, ThD10.14, ThD10.15, ThD10.17, ThD10.19, ThD10.20, ThD10.21, ThD10.22, ThD10.23, ThD10.24, ThD10.25, ThD10.26, ThD10.27, ThD10.28, ThD10.29, ThD10.30, ThD10.31, ThD10.32, ThD10.33, ThD10.34, ThD10.35, ThD10.36, ThD10.37, ThD10.39, ThD10.40, ThD10.41, ThD10.42, ThD10.43, ThD10.44, ThD10.45, ThD10.46, ThD10.47, ThD10.48, ThD10.49, ThD10.50, ThD10.51, ThE01.2, ThE01.5, ThE02.3, ThE02.4, ThE02.5, ThE03.2, ThE03.3, ThE03.4
Signaling pathwaysSaC19.3, SaD06.12, SaD06.13
Signals and systemsFrA02.5, FrB12.29, FrC01.5, FrC02.3, FrC03.4, FrC09.2, FrC14.3, FrD01.1, FrD01.19, FrD18.2, FrE03.2, FrE03.3, SaA02.5, SaA02.6, SaB03.5, SaB11.3, SaB11.7, SaB11.13, SaB11.15, SaB11.16, SaB11.17, SaB11.20, SaD05.2, SaD05.3, SaD05.13, SaD05.14, SaD05.15, SaD05.17, SaD05.19, SaD05.25, SuC01.3, ThA01.3, ThA03.6, ThB01.6, ThB18.9, ThB18.11, ThB18.12, ThB18.13, ThC01.1, ThD01.4, ThD09.6, ThD09.13, ThD10.2, ThD10.4, ThD10.5, ThD10.7, ThD10.8, ThD10.13, ThD10.15, ThD10.16, ThD10.18, ThD10.21, ThD10.22, ThD10.23, ThD10.25, ThD10.27, ThD10.30, ThD10.31, ThD10.32, ThD10.34, ThD10.41, ThD10.43, ThD10.45, ThD10.47, ThD10.49, ThE01.1, ThE02.1, ThE02.2, ThE02.4, ThE03.3, ThE03.4
Simulation method developments for cardiac arrhythmia studiesFrB18.1, SaC19.1, SaD06.2, ThB10.4, ThC10.2, ThC10.5
Simulation, learning and trainingFrB09.4, FrB12.26, FrB17.4, FrB17.10, FrD15.7, FrD16.3, SaA16.5, SaA16.6, SaB10.16, ThA17.4, ThA17.5, ThA17.6, ThB16.2, ThB17.2, ThC16.3, ThD15.2, ThD15.7
Smart home technologyFrD14.1, FrD14.9, FrD14.11, SaE21.3, SaE21.4, SuA17.1, SuA17.2, SuA17.6, SuB17.1, SuB17.2, SuB17.6, ThE17.2
Smart textile and clothesFrB01.1, SaB08.23, SaE07.1, SaE07.2, SaE07.3, SaE07.4, ThB05.8, ThD06.1
Stem cell nicheFrC14.6, SaE22.3, ThC14.6, ThC21.3, ThE14.4
Stem cellsSaA09.6
Stem cells and tissue morphogenesisFrA21.4, SaA14.5, SaB13.3, SaB13.9, SaC14.6, SaD12.5, SaE22.3, ThA22.5, ThB14.3, ThC14.6
Stimuli-sensitive biomaterialsSaB13.6, SuA14.5, ThC21.4
Structural bioinformaticsFrB12.31, FrC09.2, SaB09.3, SaB09.11, SaD03.2, SaD03.6, ThB06.6, ThC09.4, ThE08.6
Structural disease in the heartSaA19.1
Structured data visualizationFrD10.2, SaB09.5, SaB09.11, SaD03.2, ThD08.4, ThE08.6
Support vector machines (SVM) applied to biosignal analysisFrA02.4, FrD01.14, FrD01.26, FrD01.28, FrD18.10, FrE01.5, SaB01.1, SaB01.2, SaB01.3, SaB01.4, SaB01.5, SaB01.6, SaB02.7, SaB11.9, SaB11.11, SaC01.6, SaC03.2, SaC03.3, SaC03.4, SaC03.5, SaC03.6, SaD05.9, SaD05.24, SuA01.1, SuB01.1, SuB01.3, SuB01.6, SuC01.4, ThE01.6
Surface functionalizationFrB12.2, SaB13.8
Surface modification of biomaterialsFrB12.2, SaB13.2, SaB13.7, SaB13.11, SuA14.6, ThB14.2
Surgical roboticsFrD19.1, FrD19.2, FrD19.3, FrD19.4, FrD19.5, FrD19.7, FrD19.8, FrD19.9, FrD19.10, FrD19.11, FrD21.2, FrD21.5, FrD21.6, SaA15.1, SaA15.2, SaA15.4, SaA15.5, SaA15.6, SaB15.11, SaC15.1, SaC15.2, SaC15.3, SaC15.4, SaC15.5, SaD08.1, SaD08.16, SaD08.22, SaE15.5, SaE15.6, SuA18.2
Synthetic gene networksSaD03.5
Systems physiologyFrB10.8, FrD09.4, FrD09.6, FrD09.8, SaA09.1, SaB09.8, SaD03.4, SaD03.6, SaD03.7, SuB09.4, SuB09.6, ThA19.2, ThC09.2, ThD08.6, ThE09.3
Tactile displays and perceptionFrC15.5, FrD11.4
Teaching designFrA14.1, FrA14.2, FrA14.3, FrA14.4, FrA14.5, FrC18.2, SaD09.1, SuB11.3, SuB11.4, ThD21.3, ThD21.4
Technology and services for assisted-livingFrA19.1, FrB12.24, FrD13.6, FrD14.1, FrD14.8, FrD14.9, FrD14.10, FrD22.6, SaA21.2, SaD11.1, SaD11.2, SaD11.22, SaE21.1, SaE21.3, SaE21.5, SuA17.2, SuA17.3, SuA17.4, SuB17.1, SuB17.3, SuB17.6, ThB23.1
Technology and services for home careFrA19.4, FrD14.1, FrD14.2, FrD14.7, FrD17.1, FrD17.9, SaD11.8, SaD11.18, SaE21.3, SaE21.4, SaE21.5, SuA17.1, SuA17.2, SuA17.4, SuA17.5, SuB17.4, SuB17.5, ThB23.8, ThC22.2, ThE22.1
TelehealthFrA17.6, FrA18.4, FrA19.1, FrA19.4, FrA22.1, FrA22.3, FrB12.22, FrD13.4, SaD11.6, SaD11.18, SaD11.20, SaD11.26, SuA15.3, SuA15.4, SuA15.5, SuA17.3, SuA17.5, SuA19.1, SuA19.2, SuA19.5, SuC15.3, SuC15.4, ThB24.8, ThC22.3
TelemedicineFrD13.5, FrD13.8, FrD14.7, SaD11.6, SaD11.18, SuA17.5, SuA19.1, SuA19.3, SuA19.4, SuB15.1, SuB17.4, SuB17.5
Telemedicine and cyber-care in disaster medicineFrE22.1
Therapeutic roboticsSaD08.10, ThB15.6
Therapeutic ultrasoundThB22.1
Thermal sensors and systemsSaB08.2, SuA07.1, SuC06.3, ThB07.3, ThB07.4, ThD03.12
Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsFrA01.1, FrA01.2, FrA01.3, FrA02.2, FrA02.6, FrA03.5, FrA09.1, FrA09.2, FrC01.2, FrC01.3, FrC01.4, FrC01.6, FrC03.3, FrD01.31, FrD01.36, FrD18.4, FrD18.6, FrE01.4, SaA22.5, SaB02.1, SaB02.3, SaB02.5, SaB02.6, SaB11.7, SaB11.11, SaB11.12, SaB11.16, SaB11.19, SaB11.22, SaC01.2, SaD05.1, SaD05.4, SaD05.7, SaD05.8, SaD05.9, SaD05.16, SaD05.17, SaD05.20, SaD05.21, SuA20.3, SuB01.6, ThA01.4, ThB01.2, ThB01.4, ThB18.5, ThB18.6, ThB18.7, ThB18.8, ThB18.9, ThB18.11, ThB18.12, ThB18.13, ThB18.14, ThB18.15, ThB18.16, ThB18.17, ThC01.1, ThC01.2, ThC01.3, ThC01.4, ThC01.5, ThC01.6, ThC18.4, ThD09.1, ThD09.5, ThD09.8, ThD10.9, ThD10.13, ThD10.25, ThD10.26, ThD10.28, ThD10.29, ThD10.33, ThD10.39, ThD10.46, ThD10.47, ThE01.1, ThE01.2, ThE01.3, ThE01.4, ThE01.5, ThE01.6, ThE02.5, ThE03.5
Time-frequency, time-scale analysis of cardiovascular variabilityFrB18.1, FrB18.6, FrB22.4, FrE10.2, SaA10.3, SaC10.4, SaC10.6, SaE10.5, ThD01.5
Time-frequency, time-scale analysis of respiratory variabilityFrB22.4, FrE09.6, SuA10.3, ThA23.3
Time-scale and waveletsFrA01.1, FrA01.2, FrA01.3, FrA01.4, FrA01.5, FrA09.1, FrB22.7, FrC01.5, FrD01.3, FrD01.27, FrD01.33, FrD02.4, FrE10.1, SaB03.3, SaC03.5, SaD05.6, SuA01.5, SuA02.5, ThA01.1, ThB18.6, ThB18.8, ThB18.10, ThB18.17, ThB18.18, ThC18.4, ThD10.12, ThD10.13, ThE01.6
Transdermal drug deliveryFrB09.3, FrB09.5, ThA18.5
Translational modelsSaC14.2
Two photon microscopyFrB12.14, SaD07.3, SaD07.8, ThA06.2
Ultrasonic breast imagingSaC05.4, SaC21.5, ThB22.6, ThB22.8, ThC05.1, ThC05.2
Ultrasonic cardiac imagingFrB04.1, SaB12.22, SaB12.29, ThA05.3, ThB22.10, ThC05.4
Ultrasonic interventional imagingSaA01.2, ThB22.9, ThC05.5, ThC05.6
Ultrasonic vascular imagingFrB04.9, FrE05.5, SaD07.19, SaE06.4, ThA05.1, ThB22.5, ThB22.8, ThC05.3
Unstructured data visualizationFrB08.3
UsabilityFrB12.7, FrB13.2, SaB10.20, ThB16.13, ThD05.6
User experienceFrC18.3, FrD14.4, SaA21.4, SaD11.11, SuA15.4, SuB15.4, SuB17.1, SuB17.3, SuC15.1, ThB23.9, ThB25.1, ThB26.7, ThE17.4
User interfaceFrA16.3, FrB12.7, FrB13.3, FrB13.5, SaB10.3, SaB10.11, SaB10.21, ThB16.13
Vascular impedanceFrB22.1, FrC10.1, ThA10.2, ThA10.3
Vascular mechanicsFrB23.5, FrC19.4, SaD06.22, ThB10.7, ThB11.4, ThB11.5
VentilatorsFrB17.11, ThA18.2, ThB16.12, ThD05.3
Ventricular arrhythmia mechanismsFrB18.1, FrC19.1, SaC19.1, SaD06.2, ThC10.1, ThC10.4
Ventricular assist devicesFrC10.4, SaD06.20, SaD06.26, ThB09.1, ThB09.2, ThB09.3, ThB09.5, ThB09.6, ThE10.3, ThE10.4, ThE10.5
Ventricular elastanceSaD06.3, ThE19.4
Ventricular mechanicsFrC19.2, SaD06.3, ThB10.1, ThB10.3, ThB10.4
Ventricular modelsSaC19.1
Verification and validationFrE16.3, FrE17.5, SaD04.4, SuA16.6, ThB16.6, ThB16.11, ThB16.14, ThD15.1, ThD16.5, ThD16.6
Virtual reality in rehabilitationFrA12.5, FrD12.1, FrE11.2, SaE13.4, SaE20.2, SaE20.3, ThD11.22
Virtual reality in rehabilitation - RehabilitationFrD12.1, FrD12.2, FrD12.3, FrD12.4, SaD10.19, SaD15.4, SuA12.6
Virtualized reality for robotic surgeryFrD20.9
Volterra-Wiener models in physiological systemsThE03.1
Volume renderingFrB12.13, FrB12.14, SaB12.10, ThB22.9
Wearable robotic systems: orthoticsSaB15.10, SaD08.13, SaD08.14, SaD08.26, SaE15.1, SuA13.5, ThA15.1, ThA15.2, ThA15.3, ThA15.4, ThE15.1, ThE15.2, ThE15.3, ThE15.4, ThE15.5
Wearable robotic systems: prostheticsFrD11.2, SuA13.5
Wearable systemsFrA22.2, FrB01.1, FrB01.10, FrB07.1, FrB07.2, FrB07.3, FrB07.5, FrB07.7, FrB12.6, FrD06.6, FrE08.1, SaA07.4, SaA08.1, SaB08.13, SaC07.1, SaC07.2, SaC07.3, SaC07.4, SaC07.5, SaD02.10, SaE07.2, SaE07.3, SaE07.4, SuB12.2, SuB12.3, SuB12.5, SuB12.6, ThA07.4, ThB05.4, ThC07.5, ThC07.6, ThC08.4, ThC08.5, ThD03.5, ThD03.6, ThE05.2, ThE05.3
Wearable systems for neurorehabilitationFrA13.3, FrA20.1, FrA20.2, FrB14.4, SaB05.1, SaB05.2, SaB05.3, SaB05.4, SaB05.5, SaD10.3, SuB07.3, ThA15.2, ThB13.21, ThD11.8
Wearable systems for neurorehabilitation - BiofeedbackFrA11.1, FrA12.2, FrB12.27, FrD22.4, SaB05.6, SaB16.1, ThA12.5
Wearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Decoding algorithmsSaA12.2, SaB05.7, SaB05.9, SaD14.1, ThC12.2, ThC12.6
Wearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Functional assessmentSaB05.2, SaB05.4, SaD10.7
Wearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Reaching and graspingFrE19.4, SaB05.3, SaB05.5, SaB05.8
Wellness monitoring technologiesFrA16.5, FrC16.2, FrC16.3, FrD16.2, SaB10.11, SaB10.12, SaB10.21, SaD04.17, SaD04.20, ThA16.6, ThB17.3, ThB17.4, ThC16.5, ThC16.6, ThD16.1, ThD16.7
Wireless sensors and systemsFrA08.2, FrA22.2, FrB01.4, FrB01.5, FrB01.10, FrB07.1, FrB07.2, FrB07.3, FrB07.4, FrB07.7, FrB12.6, FrE08.1, SaA07.3, SaA07.6, SaB08.15, SaC07.1, SaC07.2, SaC07.3, SaC07.4, SaC07.5, SaD02.9, SaD02.23, SuB07.4, SuB12.1, SuB12.3, SuB12.5, SuB12.6, ThB05.6, ThC07.4, ThC07.6, ThC08.2, ThC17.6, ThD02.6, ThD03.12, ThD06.2, ThD06.3, ThD07.3, ThE05.1, ThE05.5
Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsFrB12.24, FrD13.1, FrD13.6, FrD13.7, FrD13.8, FrD13.9, FrD14.7, FrD17.10, FrD22.6, SaA21.1, SaA21.3, SaD11.7, SaD11.16, SaD11.17, SaD11.27, SaE21.4, SuA17.6, SuC15.5, SuC15.6, ThB23.2, ThB23.9, ThB24.1, ThB24.4, ThB24.6, ThB24.7, ThB24.8, ThB24.9, ThB24.10, ThB24.11, ThB24.12, ThB24.13, ThC17.1, ThC17.3, ThC22.4, ThD12.2, ThD12.6, ThE17.1, ThE17.2
Work of breathingFrB22.2, FrB22.6, FrE09.2, SaD06.25, ThA23.3, ThB02.4
X-ray CTFrA05.2, FrB03.3, FrB04.10, FrB05.4, FrB12.20, FrB16.1, FrC04.2, FrC04.3, FrC04.4, FrC04.6, FrC06.1, FrE04.1, FrE04.5, FrE04.6, FrE05.2, FrE06.3, SaA06.2, SaC05.5, SaC06.1, SaC06.6, SaD07.2, SaE05.2, SaE05.4, SaE08.5, ThC05.5, ThD14.10, ThD14.11, ThD14.12, ThD14.13, ThD14.16, ThD14.17
X-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)FrB04.11, FrB12.17, FrB15.8, FrC04.2, FrC04.5, FrC04.6, FrC05.2, FrC06.2, FrD03.1, FrD05.2, FrE04.2, FrE04.3, FrE04.4, FrE04.5, FrE05.3, SaA06.1, SaB12.5, SaB12.23, SaD07.2, SaE06.5, ThD14.2, ThD14.3, ThD14.5, ThD14.9, ThD14.12, ThD14.15, ThE06.4
X-ray molecular imagingThD14.10
X-ray radiographyFrB06.4, FrC04.1, FrC06.2, SaE06.6, ThD14.3, ThD14.6




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