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EMBC 2020 Technical Program Monday July 20, 2020     Monday  Top  
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EMBC 2020 Technical Program Monday July 20, 2020
516C (289) 516b (156) 516d (146) 519a (144) 519b(144) 524a (133) 524c (133) 520a (130) 520b (130) 520c (130) 520d (130) 520e (130) 520f (130) 524b (128)

Oral Session MoAT1

Theme 01. Biomedical Signal Processing
43 sub-sessions  MoAT1-01, MoAT1-02, MoAT1-03, MoAT1-04, MoAT1-05, MoAT1-06, MoAT1-07, MoAT1-08, MoAT1-09, MoAT1-10, MoAT1-11, MoAT1-12, MoAT1-13, MoAT1-14, MoAT1-15, MoAT1-16, MoAT1-17, MoAT1-18, MoAT1-19, MoAT1-20, MoAT1-21, MoAT1-22, MoAT1-23, MoAT1-24, MoAT1-25, MoAT1-26, MoAT1-27, MoAT1-28, MoAT1-29, MoAT1-30, MoAT1-31, MoAT1-32, MoAT1-33, MoAT1-34, MoAT1-35, MoAT1-36, MoAT1-37, MoAT1-38, MoAT1-39, MoAT1-40, MoAT1-41, MoAT1-42, MoAT1-43

Oral Session MoAT2

Theme 2. Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing
47 sub-sessions  MoAT2-01, MoAT2-02, MoAT2-03, MoAT2-04, MoAT2-05, MoAT2-06, MoAT2-07, MoAT2-08, MoAT2-09, MoAT2-10, MoAT2-11, MoAT2-12, MoAT2-13, MoAT2-14, MoAT2-15, MoAT2-16, MoAT2-17, MoAT2-18, MoAT2-19, MoAT2-20, MoAT2-21, MoAT2-22, MoAT2-23, MoAT2-24, MoAT2-25, MoAT2-26, MoAT2-27, MoAT2-28, MoAT2-29, MoAT2-30, MoAT2-31, MoAT2-32, MoAT2-33, MoAT2-34, MoAT2-35, MoAT2-36, MoAT2-37, MoAT2-38, MoAT2-39, MoAT2-40, MoAT2-41, MoAT2-42, MoAT2-43, MoAT2-44, MoAT2-45, MoAT2-46, MoAT2-47

Oral Session MoAT3

Theme 3. Micro/Nano-Bioengineering; Cellular/Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials
3 sub-sessions  MoAT3-01, MoAT3-02, MoAT3-03

Oral Session MoAT4

Theme 4. Computational Systems & Synthetic Biology; Multiscale Modeling
11 sub-sessions  MoAT4-01, MoAT4-02, MoAT4-03, MoAT4-04, MoAT4-05, MoAT4-06, MoAT4-07, MoAT4-08, MoAT4-09, MoAT4-10, MoAT4-11

Oral Session MoAT5

Theme 5. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Engineering
12 sub-sessions  MoAT5-01, MoAT5-02, MoAT5-03, MoAT5-04, MoAT5-05, MoAT5-06, MoAT5-07, MoAT5-08, MoAT5-09, MoAT5-10, MoAT5-11, MoAT5-12

Oral Session MoAT6

Theme 6. Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering
44 sub-sessions  MoAT6-01, MoAT6-02, MoAT6-03, MoAT6-04, MoAT6-05, MoAT6-06, MoAT6-07, MoAT6-08, MoAT6-09, MoAT6-10, MoAT6-11, MoAT6-12, MoAT6-13, MoAT6-14, MoAT6-15, MoAT6-16, MoAT6-17, MoAT6-18, MoAT6-19, MoAT6-20, MoAT6-21, MoAT6-22, MoAT6-23, MoAT6-24, MoAT6-25, MoAT6-26, MoAT6-27, MoAT6-28, MoAT6-29, MoAT6-30, MoAT6-31, MoAT6-32, MoAT6-33, MoAT6-34, MoAT6-35, MoAT6-36, MoAT6-37, MoAT6-38, MoAT6-39, MoAT6-40, MoAT6-41, MoAT6-42, MoAT6-43, MoAT6-44

Oral Session MoAT7

Theme 7. Biomedical Sensors and Wearable Systems
33 sub-sessions  MoAT7-01, MoAT7-02, MoAT7-03, MoAT7-04, MoAT7-05, MoAT7-06, MoAT7-07, MoAT7-08, MoAT7-09, MoAT7-10, MoAT7-11, MoAT7-12, MoAT7-13, MoAT7-14, MoAT7-15, MoAT7-16, MoAT7-17, MoAT7-18, MoAT7-19, MoAT7-20, MoAT7-21, MoAT7-22, MoAT7-23, MoAT7-24, MoAT7-25, MoAT7-26, MoAT7-27, MoAT7-28, MoAT7-29, MoAT7-30, MoAT7-31, MoAT7-32, MoAT7-33

Oral Session MoAT8

Theme 08. Biorobotics and Biomechanics
11 sub-sessions  MoAT8-01, MoAT8-02, MoAT8-03, MoAT8-04, MoAT8-05, MoAT8-06, MoAT8-07, MoAT8-08, MoAT8-09, MoAT8-10, MoAT8-11

Oral Session MoAT9

Theme 9. Therapeutic & Diagnostic Systems and Technologies
13 sub-sessions  MoAT9-01, MoAT9-02, MoAT9-03, MoAT9-04, MoAT9-05, MoAT9-06, MoAT9-07, MoAT9-08, MoAT9-09, MoAT9-10, MoAT9-11, MoAT9-12, MoAT9-13

Oral Session MoAT10

Theme 10. Biomedical & Health Informatics
28 sub-sessions  MoAT10-01, MoAT10-02, MoAT10-03, MoAT10-04, MoAT10-05, MoAT10-06, MoAT10-07, MoAT10-08, MoAT10-09, MoAT10-10, MoAT10-11, MoAT10-12, MoAT10-13, MoAT10-14, MoAT10-15, MoAT10-16, MoAT10-17, MoAT10-18, MoAT10-19, MoAT10-20, MoAT10-21, MoAT10-22, MoAT10-23, MoAT10-24, MoAT10-25, MoAT10-26, MoAT10-27, MoAT10-28

Oral Session MoAT11

11. Biomedical Engineering Education and Society
1 sub-session  MoAT11-01

Oral Session MoAT12

Theme 12. Translational Engineering for Healthcare Innovation and Commercialization
5 sub-sessions  MoAT12-01, MoAT12-02, MoAT12-03, MoAT12-04, MoAT12-05

Oral Session MoAT13

COVID-19 Late Breaking Research Abstracts
2 sub-sessions  MoAT13-01, MoAT13-02

Poster Session MoAT14

1 Page Research Abstracts




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